Astral Pet Store Chapter 330

Chapter 330: Group Fight

In addition to the low-key Qin Shaotian, there is another person.

Liu Jianxin.

Ranked third in the top ranking!

The true identity is the genius of the Liu family.

Liu Jianxin participated in the last elite battle, entered the top ten, and performed well. Now, three years later, this is his last time to participate in the elite league. After that, he reached the age limit and can no longer participate.

This time, he could be said to be menacing, and he was much in the spotlight before the war.

In addition to the extraordinary pet shop known to everyone in the base city, he publicly promised that he will enter the top five!

This made his fame unprecedentedly high, and has attracted much attention since the sub-field, becoming a hot topic to win the championship!

And Liu Jianxin's performance all the way, indeed did not disappoint everyone's expectations, almost all of them simply ended the opponent neatly, either spike or opponent directly admit defeat!

If it weren't for the hunting battle, there were two other murderers whose performances were too explosive, and they almost killed half of the people in the trial competition. It is very likely that his heat will occupy the first place.

When Qin Shaotian and Liu Jianxin were assigned to the same group, deafening cheers erupted from the audience. Everyone was looking forward to the next battle, and felt that this group reached the top ten decisive battle, even as much as the top ten. Battle!

Under the smoothness of these two hotspots, Su Lingyue, who is also hot, appeared a bit bleak, but it also attracted the attention of some people. After all, the people who noticed Su Lingyue almost knew that this girl Another powerful pet shop that has recently emerged, claiming to be a champion!

This slogan is extremely loud, but whether it can really be done depends on the battle.

If you can't even advance to the top ten, this store's slogan of champions is a joke!

Waiting area.

Liu family.

It was not Liu Jianxin but Liu Qingfeng, the younger generation of the Liu family, who sat among the Liu family.

He was dressed in a green shirt, and his temperament was elegant and calm. He was not as good as Liu Jianxin around him in the ranking of winning championships, but it seemed that he didn't care about his expression.

And everyone in the Liu family sitting next to him respected him, including Liu Jianxin, and it seemed that the result of the vote was not taken seriously.

After all, the right to vote is for everyone. In their eyes, the eyes of the masses have been foolish since ancient times. They can only see what others want them to "see clearly." Can they really look at it without standing on the top of the mountain by themselves? Clear all the outlines of this vast world, and countless'small gaps'?

"Jian Xin, Qin Shaotian is so deeply hidden that even me, I am not sure that I can overcome him. If you can't do it, you can admit defeat." Liu Qingfeng said with a warm and calm voice, with a calm and relaxed attitude.

Liu Jianxin's face changed slightly.

He also knows that this Qin Shaotian is the younger generation of the Qin family, and it is said that he directly replaced his dad. His talent is scary. He has seen this Qin Shaotian fighting in the sub-field and the trial battle, but it is not at all fine. Look out.

"Young Master, do you want me to test his hole cards for you? At least I also need to know what his main favorite is." Liu Jianxin thought a little and said.

Liu Qingfeng glanced at him and said, "Our Liu family is not a stepping stone for anyone. This kind of hard-to-bite bone is thrown to others.

Dont forget, you still have the heavy responsibility of making the top five on your shoulders. This was originally Liu Yuans thing, but since you agreed, now our Liu familys competition with that store is well known. If you lose, it is not only Liu Yuan, but our entire Liu family! "

"Yes." A young Liu family next to him focused his head.

Liu Jianxin's face changed a bit, he took a deep breath and said, "I know."

"If necessary, to maintain strength, we must win the top ten sprints." Liu Qingfeng said indifferently.

Liu Jianxin nodded.

the other side.

Qin family.

Only four of the Qin family advanced to the top 100 this time.

This includes Qin Shaotian.

"Young Master, that Liu Jianxin is a little difficult to deal with. He is one year older than you, and this time he is heading for the top five, you have to be careful!" a young man whispered.

The other person also had some worries. He didnt worry that the young master would lose to Liu Jianxin, but he was worried that he was consumed too much. After all, there were several hard-to-get guys in the group. Ten's opponent is also unlucky.

Qin Shaotian looked around twenty-three, his face was just childish, his cheeks were slanted and long, but he was aloof and arrogant for the sake of unsmiling.

He sat in the position and said, "It is interesting to hear that this man also uses a sword."

The three people next to each other looked at each other with a wry smile, knowing that his young master was not only a terrible war pet master, but also a sword fool.


"My opponent, they are..."

Su Lingyue sat alone in a chair, and she looked pale after seeing the group she was assigned to on the big screen.

She was very impressed with Qin Shaotian. When she was shortlisted before the thousand finalists, the huge noise made her fresh in her memory.

In addition to this Qin Shaotian, another Liu Jianxin, who ranked third in the championship, is also a rival she has been observing. Unexpectedly, these two guys she cares most about have encountered in the group stage.

"I can, I can..."

"Oh no, Xiaolong can, Xiaolong can..."

"I can't hold back, I want to calm down, calm down..."

Su Lingyue whispered her thoughts, decompressed herself and kept herself calm.

If she hadn't seen the true combat strength of Yinshuang Xingyue Dragon yesterday, she was crying at the moment.

Now, although she is nervous, she still has some confidence.

Well, as long as you don't drag your legs, there should be no problem.


Suddenly a voice came out.

Su Lingyue was startled and turned around to find out that it was the guy who claimed to be Su Ping's apprentice.

"Little Master." Xu Kuang smiled, not ashamed or ashamed.

Su Lingyu was amazed, "Sister-in-law?"

"Yeah, you are the master's sister, isn't it my little aunt?" Xu Kuang said seriously.

Su Lingyue reacted and immediately rolled his eyes and said: "Don't yell, I asked him, you are not his apprentice, at most half a student."

Although this "Guru" called her very useful, but she knows that different from the past, some cheap is still not as good, otherwise it is called by some people who have conspiracy, and once she admits, the latter can play Su Ping. 'S signboard, bluffing and cheating everywhere, this is equivalent to discrediting Su Ping.

"Sister Aunt, you don't understand, half of the students are also students." Xu Kuang said, but did not continue to study on this, but whispered quietly: "Speaking, Aunt, you are a little tricky in this group match. After two hard stubble, did the master give you any secret weapon?"

Su Lingyue was immediately vigilant, "What are you asking?"

Xu Kuang was taken aback for a moment, only to realize that what he asked was too confidential, and quickly said: "Nothing, Master, don't get me wrong, I'll just ask."

"Humph," Su Lingyue froze, and said, "No, I rely on myself."


Xu Kuang was dumb, and his mouth twitched slightly.

"You go back to prepare for the battle yourself, and be careful yourself." Su Lingyue glanced at him. Although the latter asked a little offense, she could see that the other party should not have deliberately inquired about anything.

Xu Kuang saw her face softening, relieved in her heart, nodded and smiled: "I will definitely not embarrass my aunt!"

After Xu Kuang left, there were a few more figures beside him.

Su Lingyue turned his head and found that it was Ye Hao and Su Yanying. In addition, there were two other people, Luo Fengtian and Yu Weihan of Jianlan Academy who had previously met.

The four of them didn't seem to expect that they would come to Su Lingyue at the same time. They were all stunned, but since they all came, they turned around and staggered.

Ye Hao glanced at Luo Fengtian, who had trampled him on the ground before, and in front of the whole college, let him lose his face. Unexpectedly, the narrow path of the enemy was met again.

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