Astral Pet Store Chapter 331

Chapter 331: Sorry Spike

"This time, I won't lose to you again." Ye Hao gritted his teeth slightly.

Luo Fengtian's face was indifferent and said, "You still pray first, and you can come to me before you talk."


Ye Hao was angry.

The next Yu Weihan looked at Ye Hao curiously and said to Luo Fengtian: "Fengtian, is this this?"

Luo Fengtian didn't want to say much, but thinking of her identity, she glanced at Ye Hao and said, "He is the annual champion of Fengshan College, the one I told you last time."

"It turned out to be him..." Yu Weihan suddenly felt strange looking at Ye Hao.

She heard from other students that the annual champion of Fengshan College was stomped by Luo Fengtian, and she had no power to fight back. She did not expect that the champion of Fengshan College was the one in front of her.

Ye Hao shivered when he saw Yu Weihan's eyes.

He wouldn't be so angry to be an ordinary person, but the shame and humiliation of the defeat last time was heard by such a beautiful woman. He felt that his face had been lost, and he wanted to find a place to get in.

"This time, I am waiting for you in the top ten!"

Ye Hao gritted his teeth and stared at Luo Fengtian, and then glanced at Su Lingyue again. Before he came, he wanted to talk to Su Lingyue. After all, he was also from Fengshan College and Su Ping. Sister, but now Luo Fengtian is beside him, he can't wait any longer.

After throwing away the harsh words, Ye Hao turned and left.

Su Yanying wanted to pull him, but he didn't hold it. He smiled bitterly in his heart and turned to look at Luo Fengtian and the woman beside him, knowing that this woman was also a member of Jianlan Academy.

Su Yanying didn't like this Luo Fengtian. After all, if Su Ping hadn't played, their dignity at Fengshan College would be trampled down by Jianlan College.

"What are you doing with our classmate Su?" Su Yanying asked, there was a meaning of protecting Su Lingyue. After all, looking at Su Ping's face, she also had to take care of Su Lingyue.

Seeing her behavior, Luo Fengtian said indifferently: "We are not malicious, we just watch Su alone, and want to come over and take care of her."

"Caring?" Su Yanying looked at him suspiciously. Last time, he was the opponent.

"Huh, what do you mean, our teacher knows her brother, is it wrong for us to take care?" Yuwei Han next saw Su Yanying not convinced, and her face was not very good.

Women in particular are not used to women.

Su Lingyue saw that they seemed to be arguing because of themselves, and quickly said: "Sit down and say, Sister Su, they are not malicious."

Su Yanying glanced at her, and when she said that, she said nothing, and the other party mentioned Su Ping, she already believed in seven or eight points.

After all, since knowing that Su Lingyue is Su Ping's sister, she should not dare to provoke her with the courage of Luo Fengtian.

Several people sat down, and when they first took their seats, the following game just started.

With the excitement of the commentator, the first two players in Group A played.

With the salute roaring, the audience gradually calmed down and the two players took the stage.

The players who can sprint all the way from the sub-field and squeeze into the top 100 are undoubtedly the elites of the younger generation in the base city of Longjiang!

"That's the Ye family!" Su Yanying's pupil suddenly shrank slightly.

Luo Fengtian beside him also squinted.

Yu Weihan and Su Lingyue's face slightly changed. I saw a young black man in a black suit jumped onto the stage below. He was burly and had a height of about one meter and nine meters, but he was not a muscular man. After standing on the field, it looks like a beast lying dormant on the field.

The deep sense of oppression radiated from the whole body, even Su Lingyue outside the field, can clearly feel it.

What a terrible momentum!

And without concealment, wild and wanton!

This is the person who defeated half of the battlefield in the previous trial battle!

Ye Longtian is currently the second most popular champion!

With Ye Longtian's debut, the audience cheered.

On the other side of the field, Ye Longtian's opponents also took the stage.

This is an ordinary looking young man, with a normal height of about one meter and seven, plus a normal appearance, and a common... hairstyle, the only unusual thing is that he wears a firearm in his waist, and there is a It seems that both weapons are very skilled.

"With a hot weapon, is this a foul?"

Some people questioned.

But some people see that this firearm is not a technological weapon, but a strange treasure.

Sure enough, when there were more doubts, the instructor spoke, explaining that the weapon was tested, and there was no violation, and it was a treasure weapon.

What a treasure is, ordinary people do not have much concept, but know that it is a special weapon. The construction principle of these weapons is strange, even with the highest federal technology, they may not be all cracked.

"This man is a pioneer." Luo Fengtian said.

That cold temperament and dress, he can recognize at a glance, if Ye Longtian is a evil beast, then this person is like an old hunter hidden in the jungle.

However, at this moment, no one would think that this "old hunter" can win, because the evil beast opposite him is really terrible, it is simply not able to be hunted!

Su Yanying and Yu Weihan both stared at each other, for fear of missing details.

Su Lingyue also watched with concentration.


Game start.

In the huge game field, the transparent enchantment around is enveloped and can be used to the fullest.

"Recognize your defeat and save yourself from injury." Ye Longtian raised his eyelids and looked down at each other indifferently.

"Oh, I was hurt enough. I don't care about this." The pioneer youth sneered slightly, but his eyes were very dignified. He knew that the latter was the young master of the Ye family and was very dangerous.


After sneering, he shot suddenly, preemptively, and quickly opened the calling space.

Roar! Roar!

Two roars sounded, and two war pets were drilled from the summoning space, one wind-type demon wolf and one fire-type bird and beast, all of which were of the agile type.


The young pioneers screamed and passed on their ideas. The two pets rushed out instantly. They cooperated in perfect harmony. A hurricane swept out. In this hurricane, flame flowers suddenly appeared. The original hurricane turned into flames instantly. Hurricane, lethality surged!

This is the skill combination of the wind monster and the fire bird and beast!

Obviously, the pioneers chose these two different elements to fight, not to choose at random, but to see the increase in the "fire and fire" attribute after their matching.

In the moment when the two war pets shot, the pioneers quickly pulled their guns.


The star power inside him suddenly pulled out, compressed into an energy bomb, and shot out.

This is a mysterious treasure firearm, with Xingli as a bullet, it has great lethality, comparable to armor-piercing bullets!

Even if a 7th-order upper-level monster is shot, it will open up and the tank can penetrate directly!

The physique of the war pet master is completely incomparable with that of the monster monster. The physical defense of the seventh-order war pet master is not as good as that of a fifth-order monster, unless it exhibits special defensive star skills.


The sound of a flame burst, Ye Longtian's figure was swept by the hurricane flames, and the energy bomb was not in it.

But just before the audience screamed, a figure suddenly rushed out from inside, and it was Ye Longtian!

Beside him, there is no pet of war!

"Take shame on yourself!"

Ye Longtian's cold eyes showed a bit of cruelty.

The young pioneers were horrified. He did not expect the latter to withstand so many attacks from him. ! Moreover, the other party did not even summon a beast!

how did you do that? !

When he was shocked, Ye Longtian had strode to him in stride.

The rich combat experience of the pioneer pioneer made him react instantly, and his face quickly retreated under the sudden change of his face. At the same time, there was a summoning space behind him. He wanted to summon the third war pet.

"Mystery, inch step-cut!"

A deep voice sounded, Ye Longtian, who was still more than ten meters away, suddenly flashed his body, and he approached the pioneers instantly.

Boom! !

The huge fist smashed **** the pioneer's face, smashing his entire body out and hitting the enchantment.

The battle ends instantly!

Only one blow defeated the opponent.

The third pet of this pioneering youth hasn't had time to be summoned yet, and it's unknown what skills he has.


Waiting area.

"So strong!"

"This guy, is it a monster?"

The ninety-eight people waiting behind all changed their faces slightly, and were shocked by this wild power.

The most important thing is that Ye Longtian did not summon the beast, and defeated the opponent with his own power!

The pastoral, Liu's, Qin's, and other large family gathering places, all of them have a dignified look, and the only one who can maintain a calm look is only three or four.

Qin Shaotian was one of them, but a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

The other person is the Liu family. Liu Qingfeng narrowed his eyes slightly, and his expression returned to indifference.

At the herdsman's place, a young man with a thin figure had an indifferent expression and was indifferent.



Around Su Lingyue, including Su Lingyue, several people were stunned.

This scene is too impactful. One punch KO opponent is obviously a beast war, but even the beast is useless, and the game is won by itself!

Is this the big family?

Luo Fengtian's eyes showed a shocking color. The latter's domineering fighting style had a great impact on him. So far, most of him has relied on his own beast, the Dark Dragon.

If he is alone, he feels that even one of the pioneers, he may not have been able to fight, let alone ignore the skills of these two pets.

This is the essence of the big family!

Secret skills!

In addition, from this battle, Luo Fengtian also saw a bit of another shadow, which is very different from the general fighting mode of the pet master, and is very similar to the one he met earlier.

Thinking of the man, he couldn't help but glance at Su Lingyue next to him, his eyes complex.

"It's too strong, it's not a grade with us at all!" Su Yanying exclaimed. She felt that Ye Longtian was a monster herself, and it was more terrible than a beast!

Yu Weihan next to her was a little unwilling, but after flashing for a while, she sighed in dismay. She was very good and strong, but she knew that some people were really hard to catch up.

"This is... the one who will fight behind me..."

Su Lingyue murmured in her heart, her face became paler, no matter what her pet was, she felt that she was dozens of times worse than her opponent alone!


With the victory, the audience burst into warm cheers.

Ye Longtian's domineering battle ignited the enthusiasm of the audience. With Ye Longtian stepping down, the second battle of Group A also began, but this time the two sides of the battle seemed to be evenly matched. The victory and defeat were not so direct, but Rely on their respective beasts and fight back and forth.

Although the battle is not as shocking and simple as Ye Longtian, the various thoughts and fighting skills displayed by the two people in the battle are also eye-catching. Many of the eliminated players are even more eye-opening. Less stuff.

With the end of a battle, the cheers kept ebb and flow.

It didnt take long for the battles in Group A to end.

The person who was promoted in Group A was the winner of the championship, Ye Longtian!

Although there were a lot of brilliant people in the back, they still defeated in front of Ye Longtian, but in the subsequent battle, Ye Longtian was not as easy as before, and he summoned the first beast to fight together. By the time of the final game, he summoned two pets.

Both of these two pets are ninth-order bloodline beasts, which is more than enough to be the main battle pet for the average person, but the feeling of these two pets seems to be only the secondary favorite of Ye Longtian.

The reason is that Ye Longtian's fighting stance is too domineering, giving the impression that he is crushed all the way!

First of all, crush by your own strength!

Then it is to summon the beast and crush it again!

One is not enough, another one is still crushed!

The longest fight ended in three minutes!

This is compared to the rest of the world where you come and go and fight for more than ten minutes. It is simply fast!

Everyone can see that Ye Longtian still has spare power. After the battle in Group A, Ye Longtian's call to win the championship was higher, and his name was heard throughout the audience.

And after the end of group A, they went to group B.

Group B also has top favorites, Liu Family and Liu Qingfeng.

With the start of Group B battles, each player came to power, and Liu Qingfeng's play also attracted great attention.

However, Liu Qingfeng's performance is much simpler than Ye Longtian's, using beasts to fight, usually after a few rounds with the enemy, and then defeating it.

At first, everyone felt a little disappointed.

But in the back, as the players kept fighting each other, Liu Qingfeng walked all the way to the final battle of Group B. All the talents suddenly found a problem.

That is, Liu Qingfeng only relied on a beast of the eighth order bloodline and defeated everyone in a row!

When the final game ended, there was not much suspense in the final result. Liu Qingfeng won and won the promotion of Group B, becoming one of the top ten!

After the end of Group B, it is Group C.

The players in Group C are relatively middle-class, all ranked in the top ten or more than twenty in the championship, there is no particularly good, but there is no particularly bad.

The battle in Group C lasted the longest, and eventually competed for a place for promotion. It was a student who graduated from the prestigious School of War and Divinity.

It is said that this person is a reserve member of an S-class team among the pioneers.

Among the S-level teams, the weakest are the eighth-order pet masters, who can be used as reserve players, showing how high the talent and combat power are!


Su Lingyue sat on the chair and watched silently. As the battle went down, she became more and more silent. Here, she saw too many excellent pet masters.

She used to be the first grade in the college.

Here, though, she is the youngest category.

But those who are six or seven years older than her have shown some strength, and she can't understand it. Even if she is given six or seven years, she doesn't think she can catch up with each other.

This feeling of being gradually surpassed by her peers gave her a sense of anxiety. At the beginning, she made excuses for herself in the bottom of her heart. The other party was a big family and had better resources than her.

But then, she thought of Su Ping...

That guy also has nothing but is as strong as a monster.

Even stronger than the people she saw on this occasion.

Therefore, the excuse of resources can no longer stand in her heart.

She can only boil down to her lack of talent and not enough effort.

Whether a person really works hard, she is the clearest. She thinks that she usually relaxes and rests occasionally. Maybe at this time, others are still trying hard to cultivate?

With this in mind, she felt that time was pressing, and even wished to wait in the waiting area, she began to hurry up to practice time and did not lose a minute and a second!

But she knew she couldn't. Cultivating here would directly expose her realm. Even if someone maliciously interfered with her, her cultivation would only have the opposite effect.

Only then did she know why Su Ping went home as soon as the previous game ended.

If you have time to watch the game here, you might as well go back to exercise.

Speaking of watching other people's games is to accumulate experience, but whether she is using excuses of learning to relax herself, she knows best.

Now, she sees herself as a mid-to-high talent, but not particularly outstanding.

In this case, the only way to catch up with those talented evildoers is to work hard!


When the Group C game ended, the Group D game also began.

The first is the lottery.

The eyes of everyone in Group D were staring closely at the big screen, with a very solemn and serious expression. Only one person was the most relaxed, and that was Qin Shaotian.

With a look in his eyes, he glanced towards the Liu family.

The few people at Liu's place all stared at the screen with their eyes, very concerned about Liu Jianxin's opponent.

Su Lingyue and Yu Weihan also stared at the big screen, they were both in Group D.

"Don't be those two guys..." Yu Weihan whispered. Although she was stronger, she didn't want to meet the two monsters, which would make her have no chance to show.

After seeing the battles of those in front of her, she was superior to her peers' self-confidence, and was slightly hit.

This is the stadium.

A stage of genius, the grave of the weak!

It is the easiest to grow here because it is the most exciting!

Su Lingyue stared at the screen and did not speak. She might pray before switching, but after watching the battles of the previous three groups, her mood changed greatly in this short moment.

Growth is a matter of a moment, and the mentality changes suddenly and grows.

Since the goal is to win the championship, Su Lingyue knows that no matter who he is, he is his own opponent and will meet sooner or later.

Worrying is useless.

What is hidden, what strategy, all is virtual, she cant use anything, because she can only rely on the silver frost star moon dragon that Su Ping gave her.

That is her only capital!

At this time, the duel list on the screen was finalized.

Five groups of people are locked at the same time.

When seeing his opponent, Yu Weihan was a little stunned, but at the same time he was relieved.

She looked at Su Lingyue around her with some luck, condensed the color of luck in her eyes, and smiled, "I didn't expect it to be us, it seemed that we were both lucky and did not meet those two guys."

Su Lingyue withdrew her gaze from the screen and glanced at her, saying: "Please advise."

"You too, come on, don't be merciful." Yu Weihan smiled.

Su Lingyue nodded, "I will, you too."

Su Yanying next to him saw that Su Lingyue was taking this fish, and she was relieved for her. Although she didnt know the details of this fish, because she hadnt seen this woman in the last college exchange, but How about it, it's better to meet her than to meet the other two hot favorites.

The performance so far, those who have won the top ten hotspots, have never shown disappointment.

"Come on, you can." Su Yanying gasped to Su Lingyue.

Su Lingyue smiled slightly and nodded.

When Yu Weihan heard Su Yanying's words, the corner of her mouth slightly tilted, showing a sneer.

Luo Fengtian, who was sitting next to her, saw the arc of the corner of her mouth, her brow furrowed, and whispered: "You are careful, she is not so good to deal with."

Yu Weihan turned his head to look at him. He didn't expect that this arrogant Luo Fengtian would also have people who were afraid, and it wasn't those big families who won the championship, but this first-year student.

She smiled faintly and erected the noise barrier with star power, saying: "It is nothing more than that dragon beast is strong, but no matter how strong it is, it is just entering adulthood. I also want to see that the top ten of this dragon rank How scary are rare species!"

Luo Fengtian frowned and looked at her without saying anything.

He knew what the fish student said was justified, but he didn't know why. He always felt a little uneasy in his heart, and some shadows flashed from time to time in his mind.

the other side.

Liu family.

"Good luck, I avoided it in the first battle." A tense look on the face of a young Liu family suddenly relaxed and said softly.

Liu Jianxin's tight heart also slightly relieved.

In the first battle, he did not meet Qin Shaotian, but another person.

And Qin Shaotian encountered a person he didn't care about.

He didn't meet in the first game, he was somewhat lucky.

"Unfortunately, I didn't meet the guy with the big words," said another Liu's child.

The crowd followed his gaze and landed on a girl in the distance, his face a little cold.

"It's okay, she is in this group, and she is unlucky. Whether it is you or Qin Shaotian, she will let her know that there is a sky outside." Liu Qingfeng said indifferently.

Several Liu family children all smiled, indeed.

At the Qin family.

Qin Shaotian's gaze withdrew with regret from the screen, and some of his interest was missing.

The children of the Qin family beside him were relieved, and they did not want to take the risk of their young master too early.

At this time, as the draw ended, the battle also began.

The playing order is also among the five teams, randomly selected.

When the result came out, Yu Wei froze for a moment. She didn't expect that she was the first person in Group D to play.

Su Lingyue saw the result without expression, and stood up.

Yu Weihan reacted from the screen and glanced at Su Lingyue, but he saw that the girl seemed to have changed her personal appearance, and her face was not half nervous or cramped.

She was slightly irritated, but did not show it.

"Let's go."


The two went on stage together.

The two beauties appeared at the same time, and immediately caused a burst of cheers.

When someone saw Su Lingyue's appearance, her name instantly resounded throughout the audience.

Hearing Su Lingyue's name was calling, Yu Weihan's face changed slightly, and it was a bit ugly. She knew what Su Lingyue was doing, but she just listened to the champion slogan, she only listened as a publicity stunt Well, like everyone else, I didn't take this seriously.

It's just that the warm atmosphere and call at the scene seemed to have Su Lingyue's eyes on the whole audience, which made Yu Weihan very uncomfortable.

As the enchantment opened, the phosphorescence flashed and the two entered the arena from the enchantment entrance.

The enchantment is also closed.

The cheers of the audience instantly became more enthusiastic.

Both Su Lingyue and Yu Weihan walked to the sides of the arena with red lines on the edges, just like the goal line on the football field. Before the battle started, the players did not reach the line.

"Su Xuemei, don't be merciful, I will do my best!" Yu Weihan's eyes were serious, and she said with a cold face.

Su Lingyue nodded when she heard this.


That is natural.

She wants to win, not to lose!

With the referee's announcement on the court, Su Lingyue immediately opened the calling space and summoned the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon.

Along with the twisted space, the frost gas swept out, and the silver frost star moon dragon appeared!

Many players in the waiting area are beating their eyelids. After all, this is the top rare dragon beast. The top ten dragon dragons are rare species and extremely rare.

When Yuwei was cold, Su Lingyue would use this dragon beast, sneer, pull his hands, two vortexes appeared, two war pets drilled out of it.

"Light falls through the waves!"

Su Lingyue's ideas passed on.

After summoning the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon, she knew that half of her task was completed, and the remaining half was to issue attack instructions to it.

Roar! !

Yinshuang Xingyue Dragon suddenly sent out a dragon chant, penetrating the audience!

The two war pets that had just crawled out of Yu Weihan's beast space had not been able to see the surrounding environment before, but they were shocked by Long Yin and their eyes were dim.

At the next moment, an almost transparent light wave gathers and converges in the mouth of the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon!

"not good!!"

The referee standing volley in the field saw the energy gathered in the mouth of the silver frost star moon dragon, his face suddenly changed, the energy gathered in the body between his hands, and a star shield was suddenly erected in front of another player.

There are dozens of star shields stacked on top of each other, making the nearly transparent color a light blue.

Seeing the shield that suddenly appeared in front of her, Yu Wei Han was stunned, and some did not respond.

But the next moment, she saw an extreme scene.

These dozens of star shields are instantly fragmented!

It was like a dozen crystal glass mirrors, which suddenly cracked!

At that moment, she seemed to see the light.

She felt her hair flying backwards.

Immediately afterwards, the earth-shattering loud noise came from the ear, Yu Weihan felt that the stadium underneath his feet, as well as the entire enchantment and venue, were violently shaking! !

The beam of light shocked, not hitting Yu Weihan, but passing by her side, hitting the barrier behind her.

As if there was a grim reaper, passing by.

Yu Weihan's face was dull.

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