Astral Pet Store Chapter 332

Chapter 332: Qin Shaotian

In the air, there were still hot tracks.

The impact of this explosion caused the entire audience to fall into a moment of silence!

Many players in the waiting area all showed shocking colors. Even a few of them were slightly changed in face, showing a little dignity.

On the field, Yu Weihan's brain buzzed, leaving an extremely shocking scene on her retina, causing her brain to fall into a short blank space.

After froze for a few seconds, she recovered and looked again at the beautiful shadow on the other side of the arena. At this moment, she suddenly felt a sense of grievance.

She was really scared.

Souls are almost scared away!

At that moment, she thought she was going to die. If that attack were not distorted, she knew she could never survive under this terrifying energy.

"What kind of attack is this?"

"Isn't it just a dragon beast, how can there be such an energy intensity?"

Yuwei Han looked at the girl across the field with a daze in her eyes.

In this battle, she thought it was June 4th, she was six, and the opponent was four.

But the result is 10:0.

No suspense-like crushing!

If it weren't for the other party's mercy, she was killed by a second.

This gap is so incredible!

"Are you OK?"

A figure appeared quickly and flew to Yu Weihan. It was the referee on the court. The title level was able to stop some out-of-control battles in time and rescue the players.

After all, the players who can get to this point are almost elites. They are the mainstay of the base city in the future. It is too worthwhile to sacrifice for a trial.

As for those who were accidentally killed in the sub-zone, it is another matter.

Seeing the title-level referee, Yu Weihan recovered, and found a sense of security in her mind. She shook her head and said, "I'm fine."

When she saw the referee, she knew that it was the referee who shot the previous dozen super-strength star shields.

For the latter, she was very grateful.

"Do you want to admit defeat, your gap is too big." The referee asked, this is an opportunity he gave, if Yu Weihan chose to continue, then he would only watch the next battle.

After all, a blind and ignorant idiot is not an elite.

Hearing the referee's so straightforward words, Yu Weihan's face paled slightly, some humiliation, and a bit of pain in her heart, but recalling the horrific scene before, she felt a little trembling in her heart.

Next time, she was not sure to catch it with her own ability.

"I surrender"

Her voice was hoarse and she spoke hard.

This sentence seemed to have exhausted her whole body strength. After she finished speaking, her whole body's spirit was a little collapsed.

The referee's face softened slightly and nodded. He rose into the air and announced the result of Yu Weihan's defeat.

This sound passed through Star Power. Although there was no speaker, it still spread throughout the audience.


The audience is boiling, cheers!

Waiting area.

Liu family.

All of them had a dignified face, especially Liu Jianxin, frowning, and unexpectedly, in this group, in addition to a hidden Qin Shaotian, this woman who had been neglected by him before was also a tricky character.

"The seventh-order dragon beast, the ninth-order skill..." Liu Qingfeng whispered to himself, glanced deeply at the girl who came down from the field, and suddenly a corner of her mouth showed a radian. "

Liu Jianxin next to him heard this and froze for a moment, and also reacted. The haze in his heart suddenly disappeared, and a smile appeared on his face.

The stronger the girl is, the better it will be. They can test out Qin Shaotian's more cards.

"Young Master, isn't this Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon an ice dragon, how can he use light skills?" a Liu family's child doubted, and some couldn't figure it out.

You know, it is not so easy to display skills across departments.

The bones of the ice dragon beast are pure ice elemental energy. If you want to display other skills, rely on strong spiritual power to fabricate a few low-level skills, but like this ninth-level skill, you need to have a deep self. The energy storage uses its own energy as a medium to communicate the energy in the void.

That is to say, this silver frost star moon dragon must have extremely deep light energy in its body, and this way, it will also weaken its ice ability.

"This is a silver frost star moon dragon with a mutated head. The comprehension skills cannot be reasonably speculated." Liu Qingfeng said indifferently.

From the appearance alone, it is known that this silver frost star moon dragon has not mutated lightly. The gold scales and silver scales of the whole body are almost fifty-five, and the degree of variation is extremely serious.

"It turns out so." Several Liu family children suddenly.


the other side.

Qin family.

Qin Shaotian smiled a little on his face and said, "It's getting more and more interesting. She should be in the top ten. The first five can do it. I don't know who she and Liu Jianxin can compete for the loser's sprint."

The losers of each group of decisive battles have the opportunity to fight the losers of the decisive battles of other groups to compete for the sprint.

Originally in their D group, he and Liu Jianxin will definitely be the winners and losers, and in his view, the loser must be the latter, but did not expect that now Cheng Chengjin was killed halfway.

As a result, he was quite looking forward to the result of the two men fighting each other.

The three people beside him saw that the young master was so calm, they all smiled bitterly, and did not expect that the competition in this group to which the young master was assigned would be so fierce.

Both this girl and that Liu Jianxin, in their view, have the power to compete for the top ten or even the top five.

However, being in the same group is destined to eliminate one person.

Although there is a sprint protection mechanism challenged by the loser, it can only protect one person.


The Qin family thought about the problem, and other contestants who were present soon thought about it, including some audiences who knew the rules of the game.

For a time, the final of Group D made everyone look forward to it.

In the waiting area, Su Lingyue and Yu Weihan both returned to their previous seats.

Seeing Su Lingyue returning, whether it was Ye Hao sitting in the distance, or Su Yanying and Luo Fengtian, the expression was a little complicated, but Luo Fengtian's face was more shocking and incomprehensible doubts than complicated.

How long has it been since the previous exchange battle between colleges?

Not even a month!

In the college exchange battle, he had seen the young girl's combat strength, but he tried his best and was defeated.

But now, I can easily kill Yu Weihan in seconds.

This growth rate is simply the speed of light!

However, he realized that the crux of the problem was. At the time of the college exchange battle, he remembered that Su Lingyue didn't use the dragon beast, but now he does.

Combined with Su Lingyue's previous performance, all her combat power and dependence are obviously on the dragon beast.

Of course, it is not ruled out that she also hides other fighting pets, but this is extremely unlikely. After all, this dragon beast's combat power is too transcendent and unlikely to be a secondary pet.

Only the prestigious ninth-order light skills of the past, few people could catch it, enough to send her to the top ten, or even the top five.

Of course, the premise is that there are no other two monsters in Group D.

Thinking of this, his eyes flashed slightly different colors, and some looked forward to the battle behind this D group.

"Your dragon beast...it really is not ordinary."

When Su Lingyue sat down, Su Yanying smiled bitterly.

She was not too shocked, but a relief.

Because she knew that Su Lingyue was Su Ping's younger sister, so she could tell a lot of things at once.

Even one of her thunder-light rats can cultivate such a terrible combat power in Suping shop, not to mention a rare dragon beast in the top ten of the dragon order.

If the growth of this dragon beast is as exaggerated as the Lightning Mouse, she feels that the next game is almost unnecessary, even in her mind, even the two hot guys won the championship, there is no way to stop it force!

However, she knew that this was unlikely. The reason why the increase in the power of the Lightning Mouse was terrifying was because of its low level and low bloodline, so the multiple of the increase was high.

The dragon beast itself is a powerful creature, and it is very difficult to want a super strength increase.

Su Lingyue sat down and saw someone in the distance beckoning. Looking up, it was Xu Kuang. The latter grinned and gave her a thumbs up. It seemed to be saying that it was my aunt.

Su Lingyue gave him a white look, his expression calmed down, and turned to look at the directions of the Liu and Qin families, but they saw that the two they cared about were talking to their clan, or watching other families, and no one looked. she was.

Suddenly, she was taken aback, and she became more serious.

At this time, Yu Weihan also slowly walked back, lowering his head, his expression hidden in the shadows.

Luo Fengtian felt the depression in her body and comforted: "It's good to come here, I'll probably come to accompany you later, and go back and practice again."

Yu Weihan shuddered slightly, looked up at him, bit his lip slightly, and nodded.

However, despite Luo Fengtian's comfort, the pain in her heart has not alleviated much. If it is lost to Qin Shaotian, Liu Jianxin's winning championship is popular, she can bear it. After all, she has never thought of really fighting with these monsters before ten.

But losing to such a college student as Su Lingyue is still in the first grade.

She felt her self-esteem was completely lost.

"Sorry." A soft voice came.

Yu Weihan looked up and found that it was the winner Su Lingyue, but she didn't have the slightest sense of pride on her face. This "sorry" didn't feel arrogant at all, but was very sincere.

sincere? Yu Weihan gritted her teeth slightly.

"Nothing, I can afford it!" Yu Weihan took a deep breath and said: "Su Xuemei is cheering, I heard that you are going to win the championship, I will cheer you up."

Su Lingyue glanced at her, not knowing whether her words were true or mocking.

Since she couldn't tell, she nodded and said seriously, "I will."

In the bottom of her heart, she said silently: I will definitely!

She knows what failure means, not loss of honor, but life. Although she cant do anything on the field, she shoulders the safety of the whole family on her shoulders!

Seeing that Su Lingyue was so serious and determined, Yu Wei Han twitched slightly, turning her head, and said nothing more.

Su Yanying was also a little surprised, feeling that Su Lingyue was more audacious than when she saw him in the barren area last time.

Sure enough, is fighting and competition the fastest way to grow?

She had some understanding of the college and let them these students must participate in the purpose of the elite league, even if they fail, they can gain a lot.

As Su Lingyue and Yu Weihan came to an end, the second round of fighting in Group D began.

This time it was Qin Shaotian and a shepherd child.

This shepherd's child is the core of the heirloom, and he is of high birth. Although he is not a young master, as long as he does not fall, he will be the backbone of the elders of the shepherd in the future.

At the beginning of the battle, the children of the herdsman lost a few mouth guns, but Qin Shaotian's lack of interest and no reason, summoned the seventh-order war pet used in hunting battles.

This is a darling of the wind, with insect-like wings like an elf, a humanoid body, black eyes with bright paint occupies most of the face, and the upper body is like a human female, with a slightly raised breast, covered by two petals Wrapped, some charm.

Tier VII, the tempest banshee.

In the seventh-order wind pet, the tempest banshee is not particularly excellent, and the skills are not many. The only value is her inheritance skills, which exceeds the increase of blast.

This skill can bring twice the speed increase. If you match it with speed pets, such as super bees, devil blades and other fighting pets, it will bring unimaginable lethality.

This shepherd's child obviously did not expect that Qin Shaotian would actually use a seventh-order pet to face this kind of competition.

He directly called out the three-headed fighting pets, all of which had a ninth-order bloodline, and the main fighting pet among them was the dragon-beast of the ninth-order bloodline, the cold-winged ice dragon.

A kind of ice dragon, but the dragon rank is not in the top ten, but it is also a more popular kind of ice dragon.

Although the increase of the tempest banshee is strong, but in front of this dragon beast, it can be completely ignored.

Just an indiscriminate range deterrent Dragon Roar is enough to restrain all speed-type battle pet lineups. This is the domineering of the Dragon Beast!

In addition to the dragon beast, the other two pets are also gorgeous, with abilities of flying, hiding, group killing, melee melee, etc., and each ability is outstanding and excellent.

In front of the three pet beasts, a seventh-order blast banshee is like a little girl in front of a giant, and can only tremble.

Qin Shaotian smiled slightly.

As the battle began, the tempest banshee beside him immediately sang, surrounded by the storm, quickly compressed into a strange pattern, portrayed on Qin Shaotian.

Super blast increase...... Actually gave Qin Shaotian?

Could it be that he had to fight on his own?

This scene made countless audiences outside the stadium were stunned.

But Qin Shaotian gave the answer at the next moment, his body suddenly flashed, rushed in, and disappeared instantly!

The moment when the children of the herdsman on the opposite side saw Qin Shaotian disappear from the retina, the sneer on his face suddenly disappeared, and he became a little panicked and tense, immediately letting the cold-winged ice dragon release the dragon roar, and the guardian of the ice.

Roar! !

The roar of the dragon roared throughout the game, but it was more than a star and a half from the previous roar of the silver frost star moon dragon. As the saying goes, there is no harm if there is no comparison. Countless audiences have experienced the baptism of the silver frost star moon dragon. There is no feeling of being shocked at all.

Before it was replaced, this Long Yin must be a **** voice.

There was freezing ice, and a wall made of ice protected the children of the herdsman.

Seeing the completion of Bingzhi's guardianship, the shepherd's children were relieved, but at the next moment, his pupils were almost staring apart.

I saw that inside the ice barrier, in front of myself, Qin Shaotian didn't know when the ghost appeared, and looked at him with a smile on his face.

This ice barrier guarding him is like his grave at the moment, completely isolating his pets of war!

When did he... come?

Moreover, why did Dragon Roar not deter him? !

The shepherd's children were frightened.

"Ask for defeat, it's boring to kill you," Qin Shaotian said indifferently.

The body of the shepherd's children shook violently. Although Qin Shaotian didn't show any strength, he felt that he seemed to live in a cage with a fierce beast.

"I, I admit defeat..."

His throat rolled and said hardly.

As the ice barriers resolved, all the audience saw the scene clearly, and they were not very surprised.

Before seeing Binglei overshadow the children of the herdsmen, they also thought about what method Qin Shaotian would use to break it. They did not expect that when Binglei was resolved, Qin Shaotian was already standing in front of the children of the herdsman.

What is the speed of horror? !

And the result of this battle is naturally unquestionable.


Based on his own combat power, he broke through the three pets and came close to the children of the herdsman. No one would think that this younger brother could still fight Qin Shaotian twice.


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