Astral Pet Store Chapter 333

Chapter 333: Enter The Decisive Battle


As the battle ended, the audience burst into cheers, and everyone was boiling!

They never imagined that such a warrior master who had always stood behind the pet beast could also erupt such an extreme combat power!

Although there are blessings from the "Blade of Wind", the ghostly speed still shocks countless people!

They never thought that with human flesh and blood, they could do this!

Waiting area.

Everyone's face changed, and he was shocked by this terrifying speed.

Ye Family.

Ye Longtian's eyes narrowed tightly, flashing a dangerous light, his fingers clenched into a fist somehow, and the corners of his mouth also showed a slightly greasy arc.

Liu family.

Several of the Liu family's children were all horrified, and Liu Jianxin also looked distracted.

Although Qin Shaotian did not show any powerful beasts in this battle, and the battle ended with the herdsman's defeat, the terror speed erupted at this instant, but Liu Jianxin felt a kind of cold sweat.

In other words, if he is not surprised, he may not even be able to resist!

too fast!

You know, Qin Shaotian on the field is only the sixth-order war pet division. How can such a speed erupt? !

Liu Qingfeng's face was also unprecedentedly dignified, his lips closed tightly and he said nothing.


"So fast!"

"Me, I didn't see clearly..."

Luo Fengtian and Su Yanying's faces changed in unison, and they were a little ignorant.

Su Lingyue and Yu Weihan were also dumbfounded. They didn't expect the battle to end so quickly. After all, this Qin Shaotian's opponent, but the man from the herdsman, also played well in the front. The result is that even a few back and forth did not hold up, and was killed by a second!

"Qin Shaotian..."

Su Lingyue's face changed, and it was a bit ugly.

She took a deep breath and calmed her mind.

The next Yu Weihan reacted and couldn't help but glance at Su Lingyue around her. She suddenly felt some sympathy. Then she might fight such a monster, and it would be scary to think about it!

At this time, as Qin Shaotian came to an end, a new round of fighting continued.

Soon, Liu Jianxin arrived at the Liu Family!

As the third most popular champion, Liu Jianxin's appearance immediately aroused cheers from the audience. When Su Lingyue had not previously shown the dreadful blow of the dragon beast, everyone thought that the winner of Group D would be in Qin Shaotian and Liu Jianxin II. Between people.

After all, they are two hot favorites.

But then Su Lingyue suddenly appeared, showing extremely strong performance, which made the final battle of Group D full of suspense.

And this battle, just by Liu Jianxin's performance, see who is more likely to win from the D group and win the top ten in advance!

However, in anticipation, Liu Jianxin's opponent chose to admit defeat as soon as he played.

Lien Chan did not summon and surrendered directly.

There is no other reason to admit defeat, because this man is also named Liu.

Expectations turned into disappointment. The audience could not help but condemn and express dissatisfaction, but even dissatisfaction would not help. After all, if people want to admit defeat, can you still obstruct it?

The failure to see Liu Jianxins performance was a bit disappointing. After complaining and cursing, the audience gradually calmed down. After all, the game continued, and Liu Jianxin would come back again, but this suspense could not be announced in advance, so that they felt a little bit It's just uncomfortable.

It didnt take long for Group D to enter the second round of selection.

The previous ten people have already decided the victory and defeat, ten out of five.

Now these five will be selected again by lottery. The two will face each other. The two winners will have a final match. The winner will get the top ten seats directly!

In the middle round, the first one is to randomly choose the loser in the second round. After winning, you can challenge the one who failed in the final battle. Once you win, you will get the chance to sprint in the top ten places.

And if you lose, then another person will get a chance to sprint in the top ten, and hopefully choose any other top ten seats. Once you win, they will be squeezed into it and cannot be selected by others!

This kind of competition system, to a great extent, ensures fairness, and will not let the strong meet in advance, resulting in premature loss.

Even if Liu Jianxin and Qin Shaotian confronted each other in the second round, the loser could still challenge the one who was in the bye. Once he wins, he can still challenge the winner again. If he wins again, he can directly challenge the top ten seats, as long as he is strong enough, You can advance all the way!

On the big screen, the names and avatars of the five people scrolled.

The audience, including these five people, watched with breathless breath.

Soon, Su Lingyue's eyelids jumped and saw his opponent appear.

There is no bye.

There was a slight regret in her heart.

But when she saw that her opponent was neither Qin Shaotian nor Liu Jianxin, she was relieved.

On the other side, Qin Shaotian didn't meet Liu Jianxin. In this second round, Liu Jianxin was actually in a bye!

This result surprised everyone a bit. Liu Jianxin's opponent in the first round automatically conceded defeat, but in the second round he got the bye, which is equivalent to no effort to advance into the third round!

This is too European!

Many viewers even feel that this matter is shady, and this lottery should be cancelled!

However, the lottery is calculated by instruments and is supervised by the five major families, including the mayor. Even if it is fraudulent, it is necessary to obtain the permission of all of them. All the lotteries are determined and cannot be changed.

As the result came out, everyone in the Liu family looked at each other and couldn't help looking at Liu Jianxin. They were afraid that in the second round, Liu Jianxin would meet Qin Shaotian. Even if they didn't meet Qin Shaotian, they would also be worried about Su Lingyue.

If they said before, they were still looking forward to meeting this girl in advance, but after seeing the roar of the dragon beast before, they only hoped that Qin Shaotian and Su Lingyue would come into contact first, so that they would fight both defeats and hurt the best.

In this case, Liu Jianxin shot again, the odds are even greater!

"Brother Jianxin, you are too European!"

"Unexpectedly, Brother Jianxin is actually a hidden European Emperor!"

"Huh, it's actually a bye, this is destiny!"

"The general protagonist's script seems to be like this, and it keeps passing by. In the end, it is shot only after the victory, and the world is shocked with one shot!"

"Huh, Xiaomeng, you know a little bit!"

Several Liu family children were amazed.

Liu Jianxin recovered, and he was relieved and smiled bitterly.

He did not expect this to happen, which seemed to be a bit of a lie.

"Jianxin..." Liu Qingfeng turned to look at Liu Jianxin beside him, and was silent for a while, before saying: "You... are very good!"


Liu Jianxin was a little dazed.

What have I done, is it good?

But if you think about it carefully, he also feels that he is lucky today. From the current match, Group D is the most difficult **** group. Among the eyes of their four families, the most vigilant is Qin Shaotian, and he is in Group D. Not to mention, the other funny girl who sent the champion suddenly showed a terrifying combat power, which made Group D suddenly become more fierce.

Under these two threats, he was the first to encounter anyone who was unlucky and would be taken advantage of by another.

But I didn't expect that now it was his turn to take advantage of himself, which is simply destiny!


Another place, the Qin family.

"Damn, actually let this guy take advantage."

"So, what the young master might encounter next is the woman."

"This woman, like Liu Jianxin, is quite threatening. The dragon beast's combat power should not be fully exerted. I don't know if this woman has other defensive battle pets. If not, at the speed of the master , You can also directly spike!"

Several children of the Qin family are thinking about the situation for the young master.

Qin Shaotian leaned back on the chair, his face hanging lightly and casually, but when the result of the lottery came out, he turned to look at the girl in the distance, but he saw the girl's face showing luck.

He couldn't help but draw a smile, and turned his head to glance at Liu's side, and when he saw the excited expression of Liu's family, the smile of his mouth became more curved.


When the draw ends.

The second round of the battle in Group D officially started. The battle was first drawn. It was Su Lingyue and another opponent. This person's surname does not belong to the five major families, nor is it a famous school, but graduated from the ordinary war pet college. A young man who is rising in the barren area.

After the referee called the name, Su Lingyue left the waiting area and came to the arena.

She stood within the red line and summoned the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon in advance.

When the dragon beast appeared, he immediately cheered the audience again.

Su Lingyue's opponent also jumped up from the other side.

The young man heard the name of the other party cheering the audience, his face was indifferent, indifferent, and seemed to carelessly.

He pulled out the war knife behind him, and within the red line, summoned his pet of war.

The two tier 7 pets, both of high descent, have reached their peak.

In other words, such two advanced pets of war will inevitably cause a burst of exclamation, but in front of the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon, plus many of the pets of the 9th rank that have appeared before, the audience of the audience only issued a burst A regretful sigh expressed disappointment.


The young man sneered slightly, these two pets are just his guise.

His real trick is the third hidden pet.

However, he knew that the first thing he had to catch was the dreaded light skills of the other dragon and beast.

"Surface..." The young man meditated.

A white light flashed in the eyes of one of the war pets, the light around them twisted slightly, the change was relatively slight, and it was difficult to see.

But the referee overlooking the battle in the sky saw it, but he just glanced at the young man, but said nothing, release his skills in advance, or summon the pet of war, as long as it is within the red line.

The battle of the war pet division is not a test of the brute force of the war pet, but more of collocation and layout.

Unless it is crushed!

"Huh? Moon Night Demon Star Beast?"

On the other side of the arena, Su Lingyue saw the two war pets summoned by the opponent and immediately recognized the identity of the two war pets. The types they belong to are devil pets and elemental pets.

This elemental pet is an elemental pet of the wind system.

But she listened to the instructor casually during the class. The monster is extremely talented, with a small probability, she can understand the light skills!

Her achievements in the college have always been among the best, and the first grade is by no means infamous.

"Having seen my previous shot, I didn't admit defeat. Instead, I had to fight. Could it be that I was sure to avoid my attack?" Su Lingyue's eyes flashed, and his mind quickly turned.

At this time, the referee spoke.

Game start!

Just after the referee's voice fell, Su Lingyue's eyes became extremely calm, and he quickly issued instructions.

"Dragon Roar!"

"Level perception!"

"Light falls through the waves!"

Three distinct skills are released at the same time.

Dragon Roar resounded through the audience again!

The young man had already been prepared to close the sea of knowledge with war pet's skills in advance. This is the spiritual skill of his demon war pet.

Although these two pets are only of high descent, they are very talented, which is why he did not abandon them.

Ignoring the dragon roar, the young man prepared to fight back.

But at this moment, the light in his sight gathered, he saw the world turned blank!

"no problem"

He thought of the curved surface skill, a heart mentioned in the throat.

But the next moment, his pupils squeezed to the extreme.

The light beam rushed directly to his real body!

Boom! !

The whole stadium was suddenly shocked, the enchantment was bombarded again, and the ground shook!

Less than ten centimeters from the side, the scorching airflow was like a flame streamer, making the young man's heartbeat almost static!


The young man turned his head hard, and saw the shimmering arc of the remaining enchantment.

Before he had time to rejoice, he suddenly heard the referee's voice and announced his defeat!

The sound was like a heavy hammer, hitting his chest, he was a little difficult to breathe, could not help saying: "I have not lost!"

The referee glanced at him and said, "It's not that people are merciful, you are dead. Do you think that with your seventh-order'surface' skill, you can conceal the eighth-order'level' perception of dragons and beasts? "

The young man froze.

Hearing his victory, Su Lingyue was relieved, as she had guessed, she didn't say much, summoned the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon back, and turned to step down.

Still a spike.

The audience is boiling again!

The light penetration wave not only defeated the opponent, but also collapsed the curved surface skill in front of the young man, revealing where the real body and pets were.

Some people thought that the dragon beast had missed, but they didn't expect people to aim at the real body.

As for the gap of ten centimeters...just kidding, you can find your true body hiding three meters away, will it be ten centimeters worse? !


Waiting area.

Yuwei Han looked at the returning Su Lingyue with a complex complexion.

At this moment, sitting under the stage to see the skills of this dragon and beast, I realized how gorgeous and shocking it was.

She was directly killed by this skill before!

Su Yanying and Luo Fengtian were happy to Su Lingyue. Although they knew that Su Lingyue had a great chance of winning, they didn't expect it to end with a spike.

The defeated young man, who had watched his previous battles, was extremely fierce. At first glance, it was the barren field, which was brutal and straightforward.

However, in the face of this absolute power rule, these skills simply have no room to play!

"Have a good rest." Su Yanying said to Su Lingyue, with some concern and solemnity in her eyes.

Although Su Lingyue's two battles ended very quickly, but still a little bit of consumption, and the following games, she needs to stay as high as possible.

The face of Luo Fengtian and Yu Weihan changed a little, Su Lingyue won, then...the next game she will play against is naturally the young master of the largest family in Longjiang!

The young master's previous performance was too stunning, and even more eye-catching than that of Yelong. In their eyes, the latter's championship popularity is not only eighth, it should be at least the top three!

at this time.

As Su Lingyue came off the court, Qin Shaotian on the other side also got up.

When he stood up, the eyes of the audience were immediately attracted to him, and became the existence of much attention.

The cheers of the audience had just subsided, and at this moment they became fanatic again.

Qin Shaotian looked calm, left the waiting area, and quickly jumped onto the field.

All the audience is very much looking forward to.

All the players' expressions became dignified.

However, this time Qin Shaotian's battle also ended very quickly, and he still only summoned the Swift Banshee, blessing him with the "super blast increase".

However, this time his opponent was prepared. Before the battle began, he summoned his defensive darlings, filled himself with defensive skills, and arranged all kinds of guarding and blocking skills.

However, the result of this did not save the defeat, but only extended the combat time a little bit.

Holding a single sword, Qin Shaotian, like a ghost, flew and flickered in the bush of thorns that grew on the ground, destroying all the obstacles along the way, and directly approached his opponent.

Except for a handful of players on the scene, most people can only barely see a blurred image, and some ordinary audiences can only see Qin Shaotian's opponents constantly launching skills, but all the skills are strange. Cut off or resist, the attacker is not visible.

In the end, Qin Shaotian flew to the young man who shrunk in front of his defense skills. With just a sword, he cut off all the defenses and marked a blood mark on the young man's chest.

The entire battle seemed to flow through the clouds and ended quickly.

With Qin Shaotian's victory, the audience finally recollected it and suddenly burst into loud cheers.

After the referee announced the result, Qin Shaotian did not end the game, but flicked the blood stain on the sword and looked up to the direction of the waiting area. The following battle was the decisive battle.

Looking at a young girl in the waiting area, the next round of battle is the decisive battle.

The winner, directly advance to the top ten!

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