Astral Pet Store Chapter 335

Chapter 335: Roaring

Roar! !

Meltwing Tyrannosaurus came out, stepped out of the red line area, toward the audience, and the opposite side of the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon, suddenly burst out like a roar to promote the territory!

It seems that the entire stadium will be dominated by it!

A strong scorching breath swept from it, and the rapidly frozen field in front of its feet quickly stopped its momentum, and the ice quickly melted and turned into white mist-like steam.

At the same time, a drop of magma-like hot body fluid flowed down from the body of the winged tyrannosaurus, sliding down the gap between the scales and falling to the ground, burning the floor of the stadium with black marks.

This intense high temperature changed everyone's face.

"This is... Tier 8 Meltwing Tyrannosaurus!"

"It's not just a grown-up, but it's nearing the end of growth!!"

"This is the real favorite of Qin Shaotian? It's terrible!"

Everyone was shocked, no matter from the physique or the momentum, this melt-winged tyrannosaurus was not the seventh order, but it had reached the eighth order!

The difference of this order is a big realm, enough to crush the sweep!

However, on the field, Qin Shaotian who summoned the Winged Tyrannosaurus Beast, but his expression did not relax, still showing a serious look. "Amplification", the strong wind elements surround one person and one dragon.


Qin Shaotian's eyes were cold, his body suddenly flashed, and he rushed out!

Roar! !

The Winged Tyrannosaurus is also roaring, and the cruel dragon eyes reflect the dragon beast that is smaller than it in front, screaming and rushing out, tramping down the place along the way, the ice is broken, and the hot lava flows from it. The scales infiltrated through the body, flicked down while running, and burned a lot of rock pits around the ground!

Under the fierce collision of this melting-wing tyrannosaurus beast, the ice previously covered on the field was quickly broken through a path to the silver frost star moon dragon.

Yinshuang Xingyuelong also slowly raised his head at this moment.

This is a pair of cold silver eyes like an abyss!

The coldness in these eyes seems to condense the surrounding space!

At the next moment, the chill in this eye slowly converged, and was gradually replaced by the cruel and grimace!


The strong voltage rushed in the space around its body. Under this strange pressure field, the gravel on the ground flew away from the ground, was hit by the rushing electric snake, and turned into powder!

At the same time, the dark energy flickered, mixed with thunder and lightning, and seemed to tear the void!

At the foot of the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon, the playing field centered on its body is constantly collapsing and shattering, unable to bear the energy field released by it! !

This is a mixed force field of several different energies, full of destruction.

Qin Shaotian, who was just about to burst into the side of this silver frost star moon dragon, his pupils shrank, suddenly stopped, and the calm face was a little shocked.

This is... Thunder, Demon energy? !

If you add the ice energy of your life, don't you have three kinds of energy to control? !

The cruel melt-winged tyrannosaurus seemed to be aware of the danger, but the violence in his eyes was thicker, and he roared and killed the past!

Yanlong Roar! !


A scorching energy that was almost incandescent, condensed in the mouth of the melting-wing tyrannosaurus beast, was suddenly launched, and penetrated like a missile!

Boom! !

This ninth-order fire skill has a devastating breath. However, when it hits the silver frost star moon dragon, it is suddenly resisted by invisible things.

Aeolian Wall! !

A translucent cyan shield appeared in front of the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon. This shield was huge. Near the void behind the shield, there was a figure with unclear face. It seemed to be holding this shield!

The ninth-order wind guard skills!

The audience was shocked and lost their voice for a while.

The cruel and terrifying silver frost Xingyue dragon seemed to be completely irritated by this, suddenly opened the dragon claws, and a dragon roared out in the sky!

Roar! ! !

The dragon roar, like a shockwave half, penetrated the entire venue, shattering several pieces of glass on the ceiling above the venue.

Everyone in the stadium felt that the eardrums were buzzing, and it seemed that the dragon roar was coming out of their ears. The monstrous breath of the beast contained inside made them feel trembling!

Although there were barriers to resist, sonic energy was reduced by 90%, and failed to cause actual damage to the audience, but many timid people were deterred by this dragon roar, and they were scared to incontinence!

There was an embarrassment in the audience, and there were countless panic-screams.

On the playing field, this dragon roar was not just a deterrent technique. While roaring, it seemed that there was a hurricane sweeping out. The legs of the melting-wing tyrannosaurus were trembling violently, and the body slowly took a step back!

This dragon chant sound is far beyond its dragon rank!

Even if it is as brutal as it is, it is frightening!

Affected by the dragon's roaring deterrence, the scene in front of it also changed. The silver frost star moon dragon, which was smaller than it before, was like an infinitely high dragon body at this moment.

And it seems to shrink into a worm at the foot of the dragon!

Will be trampled to death at any time.

It could not see the other person's face, only the huge figure of the Silver Frost, Xingyue and Dragon, shrouded in the shadows, exuding endless murder.

If it is a worm, it will turn around and run at this moment, but the winged tyrannosaurus is a dragon after all, and the ultimate fear has inspired the dignity of the dragon family at the bottom of his heart. Lava flows from his eyes, and he roars out again almost crazy!

Roar! !

Dragon roar shock!

But this time the purpose is not to deter, but to make it bold!

After roaring, it saw the figure of the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon, shrunk a lot, the horror phantom in front of it gradually dissipated, and returned to the field, the negative effect of the dragon roar deterrent technology was also removed, But the fear brought about by the previous scene still remained in his heart and could not be dissipated.

Hearing the sound of Long Yin, Qing Shaotian's eyes were restored to Qingming. At the previous moment, he was shocked, which made his face change a little.

In the face of the cold-winged ice dragon of the herdsman's children, he was not deterred by the dragon roar because he had heard all kinds of dragon roars since he was a child, and he was often even baptized by the dragon roar at close range. He has no effect, and only makes his heart a little turbulent.

But before this dragon roar, he had never heard of it!

This is not the dragon roar that the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon had previously erupted. Although its previous dragon roar has been very special, this time the dragon roar is even more shocking!

"Lava field!"

Qin Shaotian immediately ordered, his eyes dignified.


Upon receiving the master's order, the Molten Wing Tyrannosaurus suddenly found his direction, immediately screamed, swept the flames, and burned hot lava. At the same time, it spouted a stream of lava, which did not attack the opposite Silver Frost Moon. Dragon, but sprayed towards the arena.

The field suddenly melted a magma gully.

Seeing the behavior of the Molten Wings Tyrannosaurus, some people who are familiar with the dragon beast skills immediately understood that this Molten Wings Tyrannosaurus was preparing to transform the site and create the most suitable lava field for his battle!

This is indeed the most accurate method, just like the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon freezes the field at the beginning and prepares to create the ice field.

Only in the field that he is best at can he exert his strongest fighting power!

However, as the lava field evolved, the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon suddenly took a step forward.

The destructive force field with a variety of energy around it swept in an instant. The entire field, including the lava on the ground, was swept. In the dust and hurricane, and the current was flying, a blue bow and arrow slowly appeared in front of the Silver Frost and Moon Dragon. There seems to be an invisible hand behind this bow and arrow, slowly pulling the bow string!

Arrow of Fengshen!

It is also a ninth-order skill, but it is extremely rare. Generally, only the ninth-order wind dragon beast and some rare element pets can understand it. The ordinary ninth-order wind monsters do not understand it at all.

Along with the formation of arrows, flames and thunderbolt wrapped around the arrow body, and at the front end of the arrow, dark energy flowed out, dyeing the arrow black!

Arrows of Aeolus mixed with energy of various departments!

Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon's own perception, the ninth-order skills of the variant!

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