Astral Pet Store Chapter 339

Chapter 339: Defeat

At the moment when this Ice Wars World appeared, some people stood up suddenly.

"This is impossible!"

"Here, what is the realm of this dragon beast?"

"Ice Wars World... This skill will directly absorb its energy. In other words, can the energy reserve in its body persist until the last moment of the release of this skill?"

The children of Ye Family, Liu Family, Pastoral Family and other major families are all shocked.

Even Ye Longtian, Mu Chen, Liu Qingfeng and others all stood up from their chairs. The power of this dragon beast was far beyond their imagination. They asked themselves that Qin Shaotians **** demon was horrible enough. I didnt expect it to be the opponent of this dragon beast!

And now, this guy still has to exert the top skills of the ice system. Is this to completely bombard the entire stadium? !

In the front row seats.

The powerful families and municipal government officials are extremely dignified. If they dont know the age of the two contestants on the field, they will not believe that this is actually a battle for the younger generation!

The lethality of this battle is completely title level!

Qin Shaotian alone has made them extremely stunning, but did not expect another to hide deeper, it is simply a monster!

"The owner of this dragon beast seems to be the one who was escorted to the championship?" Zhou Jiayi said with a tone of doubt and inquiries, but there was a hidden smile in the eyes of the speaker, yes, he was in Deliberately pick things up!

If it were not for your Liu family, how could our Zhou family be found by the more terrifying guy?

Now its your turn,

Let you taste this suffocating taste!

Hearing this person's words, the others looked away and looked towards Liu's house.

In their view, although the fighting strength of this dragon beast cannot be said to be absolute for the time being, it must be second if not the first!

Although there are still many people who didn't do it, they didn't believe it, and three such monsters could suddenly appear in the base city of Longjiang!

With the fighting power of this dragon beast, this Liu family... really have the ability to stop?

Feeling the surrounding eyes, the old Liu family who came to sit in the town looked very gloomy, but he did not want others to read the joke, he could only endure his anger, but the fist in his sleeve was clenched tightly, and his heart was extremely angry.

At the moment in his heart, he already hated that little naughty shop!

Liu Yuan was also annoyed by him.

This is not a good thing!

There are so many ways of publicity and competition, you have to keep up with that store!

Even if you want to be on the bar, you dont know to investigate the details of the people first!

Now if they are really won by the owner of this dragon beast, they have been running the extraordinary pet beast shop for decades, they dont have to open it anymore, they must have fallen into fame, and then they were stepped on by the shop to rise up!

At that time, they were laughed at together, as well as their Liu family.

With the terrifying power of this silver frost star moon dragon, his confidence in his young master was reduced to only 30%.

The only thing I can rely on now is that this is also the monster level Qin Shaotian!

Kill it!

This is the first time in the life of the Liu family, cheer for the people of the Qin family, or the young master of the Qin family!


Next to his neighbor, the old man of the Qin family, at this moment he was not in the mood to pay attention to the Liu family old man next to him, the hidden smile on his face was gone, his brows were frowned, and his eyes were fixed on the field. in.

He didn't expect that it was just a battle for the top ten places. He actually let the young master expose the **** demon waiter, and even unexpectedly, after the **** devil's waiter was exposed, he was still invincible!

This ice world...

He didn't know if this dragon beast was going to show up, would it be a complete world of ice prison, or that it just simulated a prototype?


On the field.

Qin Shaotian has recovered, and his complexion is extremely complex.

How could he not figure out, how can he demonstrate this skill with the seventh-order dragon body?

Is it just a semi-finished product?

However, judging from the sharp breath implied by the dozens of sharp ice guns, even semi-finished products are enough to kill ordinary title monsters!

He secretly gritted his teeth, is he going to use that secret technique here?

But if it is used, even if he can win, is it worth it...

As his thoughts turned fast, the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon did not wait for him, nor did he give him the opportunity to admit defeat. The ice guns that had condensed out countlessly burst out in an instant when the construction was completed!

Swish swish...

Along with it, there was a roar of the dragon beast. In front of the golden silver frost star moon dragon, the energy was chaotic and gathered like boiling water. In front of it, the skill of the arrow of the wind **** appeared again. This is not a dragon. The beast is good at skills, but at the moment it is skillfully used.

However, this time the phantom standing behind the "Aeolus of Wind God" gazed a lot, but that was not the appearance of the former blue **** of wind, but a golden figure of holiness.

This holy figure exudes a hazy golden light, like the radiance of the gods. His half-empty hands slowly lifted up, pulling the curved bow, and a golden arrow emerged, solidifying little by little.

And those ice guns have already arrived at this moment, instantly covering Qin Shaotian's area!

At the moment when the ice gun resisted, a black vortex suddenly appeared around Qin Shaotian, and then his body was submerged by the ice gun!

Bang Bang Bang Bang! !

A ten-meter ice gun smashed down like a meteorite impact, the entire stadium ground collapsed, a violent tremor, and even the entire venue was trembling violently, and some walls were cracked with large traces, causing many audiences to panic. Call.

Everyone felt the chair under the buttocks trembling violently, like sitting on a bumpy bus.

This is simply catastrophic destructive power!

In fact, it is indeed the case. If it is not the limit of enchantment, this ice world skill is enough to destroy half of the city, let alone this venue!

After a round of launching, the shock took a short break, and a thick icicle appeared on the field, inserted diagonally on the ground, freezing the entire ground of the field into a world of ice.

In the middle area, the ground is frozen, but there is an area free of ice and gravel.

Three huge figures stood together, the **** demon waiter, and the natural asylum seeker, and a... dragon beast!

But this dragon beast is not a melting-wing tyrannosaurus, but an earth dragon!

The dragon beast of the ninth-order upper lineage, the rock dragon, is the existence of the first-class defense in the ninth-order dragon beast.

Seeing the figures of the three pets, everyone in the audience widened their eyes and actually... resisted? !

In the face of such a terrible attack, actually survived?

Moreover, what is even more confounding is that Qin Shaotian even has two dragon beasts? !

What's so special...

After some audience members were shocked, they suddenly wanted to scold their mother.

Not to mention the dragon beast, they didnt even touch a dragon hair, of course, they didnt care if they had a dragon hair, anyway, they didnt touch it anyway, the result is now good, people come directly with two ends!

Moreover, based on the ranking of the fighting strength of several pets, the **** demon is undoubtedly the first, and it must be the main pet, unless this guy is mad and stronger, but there are no two Dragon beast, obviously can only be regarded as deputy war pet!

Thinking of this, some people were jealous and cursed in their hearts.


On the field, the earth dragon that just appeared, the body shook slightly, suddenly tilted, and collapsed heavily.

On its dark yellow rock-like body, a large amount of blood permeated through the crevices of the scales. In its dragon wings, chest and other locations, there were deep bone wounds, and the wounds were frozen, and the dragon blood was boiling hot. At this moment, it stopped flowing and could not heal!

When the earth dragon fell, the natural asylum behind was also crumbling.

The green fluorescent light on it was dimmed, the crown of the tree was broken, and many branches and leaves and vines were frozen. The previous treatment of the Winged Tyrannosaurus had already consumed a lot of its energy, and now it was unable to heal immediately. The earth dragon, if there was a **** demon chopped more than half of the ice gun, they could not resist...

Qin Shaotian, who was behind the three pets, was relieved when he heard the crackling sound disappear.

Finally it was... resisted.

Looking at the falling earth dragon, he took a deep breath and prepared to take it back like the melting-wing tyrannosaurus beast, recovering space. Although he was a little adventurous, he was ready to use that ability.

Next, it will be his counterattack!

Just as he raised his hand to take back the earth dragon, his eyes also looked at the opposite side, over the body of the earth dragon, but at this glance, his heart slammed fiercely!

The golden light appeared in sight.

At that moment, he felt soul away!


The feeling of death!

The burning, holy golden arrow made him feel the first time he encountered death. It was the deepest impression of his childhood, but at this moment, he recalled it again.

In front of this golden arrow, he seemed to return to his childhood when he was so weak...


Suddenly, there was a roar outside the court, and a figure of a black shirt flew violently out of the enchantment, roaring loudly.

"We confess!"

Full of angry voice, he gritted his teeth and said.

The referee on the court was stunned. I didn't expect that the people of the Qin family would surrender directly out of the court, and it was the older generation of the Qin family who was also the most famous among the several family members!

The other party, but a powerful person with a title!

The referee was shocked and reacted quickly. He appeared in front of Qin Shaotian in an instant. He was not sure if he could only use his voice to say whether the girl in the guardian of the goddess of ice could hear it, so he had to use spiritual energy to dope it in and put himself in The announced results were passed in.

"Qin Shaotian, defeat!"

This voice spread throughout the audience and made countless audiences stunned.

After the sentence was pronounced, the referee was relieved, but then his hair suddenly stood up and his pupils contracted!

He found that at the same time he finished speaking, the arrow was launched! !


Just found that the two books "The Dark King" and "Restarting the Last Days" have been unsealed! ! Surprise is not enough, um, from super-favored new friends, Shuhuang can see, these two are science fiction eschatology novels, both are high-quality books, in the eschatology book scores good.

Um, but you have to watch it secretly, dont say anything, and Gu Gu is really afraid of giving it another seal.

By the way, "Dark King" is a curative system. If there is any discomfort in the two books, do not report, do not report, do not report! Say the important thing three times!

In addition, this number of words is stuck and not charged~!

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