Astral Pet Store Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Comprehendthird More

Small skull

Attribute: Demon Beast

Level: first-order median

Combat strength: 2.8

Qualification: Inferior

Ability to control: reorganization of broken limbs

It is still a very simple attribute panel, and the ability is only a racial basic ability of a skeleton.


Compared with the previous ones, the change of the small skull is very huge.

The first is that the combat power has increased from weak to **** 1.1 to 2.8, which is a huge leap.

You know, 1.1 is equivalent to the fighting level of ordinary humans, but 2.8 can easily hunt tigers and beasts!

The gap between them is self-evident.

Secondly, in the place where the undead of Chaos Necromancer survived, the little skeleton did not practice much, but the level was raised from the first-order lower position to the median position, which is also a small progress.

"Qualifications have been upgraded from inferior to inferior, and at the first-order median level, the outbreak of nearly three-tier combat power can be regarded as very good and excellent, but under the strict standards of the system, it can only be regarded as poor."

Su Ping smiled bitterly and felt a bit of frustration at the thought of the middle and upper-level mission requirements.

However, I thought of the teleportation to the Chaos Undead Realm. Although they died many times repeatedly, so far, they have only stayed here for two or three hours.

It has been very good to increase to this level in such a short time.


Suddenly, the Lightning Mouse ran back from a distance, sending a signal of vigilance and tension.

Su Ping immediately recovered, his eyes narrowed, and he saw a pile of bones behind the Lightning Mouse, chasing a huge crawling skeleton.

The skeleton is nearly five meters long, looks like a beast, and looks like a twisted person. The body is made up of the skeletons of various creatures. Its limbs crawl quickly, chasing the Lightning Mouse.

Seeing the monster, Su Ping was not nervous. Instead, he quickly became serious and immediately displayed his "killing intention" skill, "Go!"

The fled Leiguang mouse suddenly turned red, his teeth grinned, a sudden brake stopped, and he turned on the whole body to generate electricity, and rushed back towards the huge skeleton.

Su Ping turned his head to look at the small skull at his feet. It was still standing blankly, but unlike the previous sluggishness, it seemed to be immersed in a comfortable enjoyment, and the gray mist around its body was wrapped in **** ability , Flowing in all the bones of the body, these bones become more and more dense under the spread of gray energy and blood gas.

Feeling that the small skull seemed to be digesting the blood ruby, Su Ping thought for a while, instead of sending it to fight, he let the Lightning Rat fight alone.

The fighting power of this huge crawling skeleton is obviously better than that of the human-shaped skeleton encountered earlier. The speed of the lightning mouse is obviously too late to respond, but fortunately it has mastered the ten secret skills of "Thunder Flash", which gives it a leapfrog enemy The possibility, coupled with the infinite resurrection of Su Ping, weakened little by little, and played a protracted war of attrition.


Under hundreds of consecutive resurrections, the Lightning Mouse suddenly ejected a beam of thunder, like a thunder. When it was several meters apart, the Lightning had already split on the crawling skeleton.

Su Ping was taken aback for a moment, this attack trick, he had never seen it before.

After losing his appraisal technique, Su Ping suddenly saw that there was a new ability called "Flying Thunderbolt" in the Lightning Mouse's ability column.

"Medium thunder ability is usually mastered by thunder flying beasts, this little guy actually forced it out..." After seeing it, Su Ping couldn't help but smile, although it is of medium ability, but it is very capable of long-range attacks. Not bad.

It can be seen from this that this little guy was really forced to hurry under the situation of continuous close-up attack by Thunder Flash before he came up with such a long-range attack.

Under the circumstance of mastering "Flying Thunderbolt", the Lightning Mouse's combat power has also reached 4.3, which is comparable to many Tier 4 pets.

About an hour later, the crawling skeleton finally fell to the ground, the dark turbidity of his body was exhausted, and there was no energy to repair the broken bone, and the Lightning Mouse disassembled the entire body.

After crawling the skull down, the small skull trot over and picked it up in the pile of bones, but this time it did not pick the bones to replace itself, but selected a sharper bone in it and grabbed it back. .

Su Ping saw the appearance of the small skull holding the sharp bone knife, and seemed to wear it as a battle sword. Surprised, he couldn't help but feel funny.

"I don't know what this thing does for it. It seems that it takes a lot of time to digest." Su Ping glanced at the blood ruby in the skull of the small skull, and was a little curious. The blood gas in this blood ruby was constantly absorbed by the small skull, which seemed to be slightly Shrinked a little.

Su Ping didn't have a rest, and let the Lightning Mouse go to the neighborhood to find its prey and seduce it.

The Lightning Mouse dragged his body reluctantly and left. It didnt take long before he ran back in panic. He suddenly attracted two strange-looking skulls, one like a beast and the other a human-shaped skull, but the volume Huge, four or five meters high, awkward, and holding a huge skeleton in his hand, it serves as a shield.

These skeletons obviously also have simple wits, some of which may be the residual consciousness in the bones, so they know how to use equipment.

Su Ping immediately let the small skeleton and the Lightning Mouse play together.

The small skeleton waved the small bone knife and rushed towards the sensitive crawling skeleton.

When they saw the little skull, the two skeletons seemed to be attracted by something. At the same time, they gave up the attack on the Lightning Mouse and turned their heads to rush towards the little skeleton.

The small skeleton brandished a small bone knife and hacked on the crawling skeleton, but failed to cut its bones. Instead, it was hit by the skeleton that swept over. The body flew out suddenly, but its body seemed to be much tougher than before. fall apart.

Su Ping threw out his appraisal technique and saw that the fighting strength of this crawling skeleton reached 5.2, which was far better than that of the small skeleton and the Lightning Mouse.

I saw that the crawling skeleton rushed to the small skull in a hurry, biting its whole body with its mouth open, chewing and shaking it with a big mouth, and seemed to want to eat it.

But the giant skeleton followed, the skeleton shield in his hand hit the crawling skeleton heavily, and rescued the small skeleton from his mouth. Then, the giant skeleton stepped on the foot and threw the body of the small skeleton about to fall apart In the entrance, the whole body was dark and turbulent, and it seemed to assimilate the entire body of the small skeleton!


The small skull's body shattered, and the blood rubies in its skull also fell out, floating into the head of the giant skull.

At the same time, Su Ping also received a reminder of resurrection.

He froze for a moment, but he didn't expect that after the death of the small skull, this blood ruby would fall out. Was it not caused by complete absorption?

Without much thought, Su Ping quickly resurrected the small skeleton and let it cooperate with the lightning rod to focus on the giant skeleton.

In fact, in addition to the small skull and the thunderbolt, the crawling skeleton hit by the shield also turned and rushed to the giant skeleton to compete for the blood ruby.

"With Thunder Flash, drill directly into its brain and bring the gems out!" Su Ping conveyed his meaning to the Lightning Mouse.

The Lightning Mouse received his meaning, and his body flashed continuously, directly appearing in the giant skull of the giant skull, biting the gemstone, and then flashing on his body, leaving the skull, flashing twice in a row, and appeared in front of the Su plane.

Su Ping took the blood ruby in his mouth and directly collected it into the storage space.

Although this thing is useful for small skulls, with the current constitution of small skulls, it seems that it is not a matter of time and effort to absorb this thing. In case they suddenly die, this thing is fancy by other powerful existence, then grab it again. Not coming back.

"You can only wait until you are free, and then slowly absorb it. By the way, let the system identify it. What the **** is this?" Su Ping thought inwardly, he looked up, without blood rubies, two crawling skeletons The melee also stopped, and their eyes fell on Su Ping and Lei Guangshu again, and immediately threw them fiercely.


Su Ping let the Lightning Mouse and the small skeleton kill at the same time.

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