Astral Pet Store Chapter 346

Chapter 346: It's Just A Sixth Order

"Professional training?"

Qin Shaotian looked at Su Ping and felt that he was not perfunctory. After thinking about it, he said, "Okay, then I will also have a professional nurturing. Can any kind of beast be nurtured?"

"Well, all types."

When Qin Shaotian heard the words, he wanted to summon his darling, but suddenly he thought of something. Yu Guang glanced around. There were still many people standing in line behind him, and he seemed to wait a little impatiently, thinking he was too long. time.

He gestured, thought for a moment, then suddenly raised his hand, opened a few meters high summoning space, and jumped out from inside a voluptuous pet, which was the blast banshee he used yesterday.

The appearance of the Temptress Banshee made the people in the queue a little quieter, a little surprised.

Everyone who watched the D League yesterday knows that this is the favorite pet of Qin Shaotian.

In the first few battles, Qin Shaotian used this tempest banshee to easily kill opponents along the way, which was a real eye-catcher.

Unexpectedly, here again.

"This is an adult blast banshee, is there a seventh order?"

"So, is this person at least a Tier 5 pet master?"

"Should he be that Qin Shaotian?"

"How is it possible, what kind of person is Qin Shaotian, how come he came here, and he still queues here just like us?"

"Is the imitator popping up so quickly? Gee, I said that I also plan to raise a succubus first, but we can't afford the dragon beast. The succubus can still be extravagant."

"The tempest banshee has recently increased its price, or it will be adjusted after a while, and experts are not saying that this tempest banshee is suitable for melee pets, unless you can be like the monster of Qin Shaotian, and it is more terrible than melee pets."

The team whispered that the hot succubus, which had been hot since yesterday, made people think of yesterday's war again, and their hearts were boiling.

"Is this all right?"

Qin Shaotian ignored the surrounding discussion and asked Su Ping in a low voice.

Su Ping glanced at it, sighing in his heart, and refused: "Not for the time being, this shop cannot currently cultivate high-level war pets, only accepts low-level war pets."

He was also helpless.

If he wants to cultivate advanced war pets, he must first cultivate a superior war pet to achieve superior war pets in order to unlock the advanced war pet breeding service.

According to the system, it is produced by our shop and must be fine. If you can't even cultivate superior pets, how can you be embarrassed to accept the cultivation of higher pets?

Su Ping would like to say that he is very embarrassed, he is thick enough!

However, it was useless to say this. The system has been dealing with him for a long time, and it has started to improve, not to talk to him.

"Can't cultivate advanced pets of war?"

Qin Shaotian was stunned for a while, showing a little dissatisfaction, and said, "Did you just say that the dragon beast was still cultivated by you? Isn't the dragon beast counted?"

"Of course."

"that is not"

Su Ping glanced at him silently and said, "Who tells you that the dragon beast is a pet of advanced warfare?"

Qin Shaotian stunned.

What do you mean?

Could it be said that the dragon beast is not an advanced darling? !

What a joke!

How can that level of energy strength and combat power not be a high-end darling, even if it reaches the eighth level, it is normal. If it just reaches the seventh level, it is not normal, it is evil!

But now, Su Ping said, this dragon beast is not a high-end fighting pet?

Could this mean that it doesn't even have a seventh order? !

Qin Shaotian wanted to take off his sunglasses and let Su Ping look at his expression. At the moment, his face was written with the words "Are you a fool?" and three strong exclamation marks.

"It's just the sixth-order limit. When we reach the seventh-order, our store can't be cultivated." Su Ping said.

He also had some headaches about this nurturing matter.

With the recent opening of the league and a series of advertisements, his shop has a large number of customers, and come from various fields, not only school students, but also some people who have long been in the society, such as pioneers, or some private companies. A member of the adventure group.

Most of the darlings brought by these people are around level 7, and he can only regret to say that he can't cultivate it for now!

Every time he finished speaking, he felt that a large sum of money had passed in front of his eyes, and his heart hurt so badly.

But rules are rules.

The system is dead.

To earn the nurturing cost of advanced war pets, you must first cultivate high-quality war pets.

And he tried it in the cultivation field, it is difficult!

At present, he has cultivated to the highest level, that is, middle and upper class. It seems that as long as it is shocked again, it is first class, but it is very difficult to shock it!

It's even harder than a title-level breakthrough to legend!

According to Su Ping's estimate, if you want to achieve the first-class qualification, the increase in combat power will be extremely exaggerated. Perhaps the legendary-level combat power has erupted in the sixth-order realm to be rated as the first-class qualification!

And the seventh-order realm, reaching the legendary combat power, can still only be regarded as a middle-class qualification.

This can be seen from the small skeleton that has reached the seventh-order median.

Therefore, the small skull is no longer able to enjoy the cultivation effect in the demigod meteorite, although it can enter the demigod meteorite, but once it dies there, it is really dead. Su Ping did not dare to let it fight in it. Bubble God Spring came to life like this.

As for the top qualifications above the top, Su Ping dare not even think about it.

This qualification assessment has been evaluated from the chaos until now, among countless likes, wanting to stand out among the billions of billions of ... ten thousand likes, to achieve a superior evaluation is harder than becoming a god!

And his current cultivation situation seems to have reached a bottleneck.

This has little to do with the strength and weakness of the nurturing plane. The semi-goddess is not too bad. It is the leader in the higher nurturing plane, and the top plane is the top.

In the top-level nurturing plane, the mortality rate is extremely high, and he can afford the ticket fee, but as long as he dies a few more times, the energy to buy the number of deaths will immediately exceed the ticket fee, which is too expensive.

Moreover, he feels that with these current legendary darlings, the top level is still in the high level, and the difference is not big.

They were all spiked.

On the contrary, there are more powerful creatures in the top nurturing plane, and they die faster, and even inexplicably killed without even a reaction. This simply does not have the effect of exercise. If there is no infinite number of deaths, go to the top nurturing plane. The benefits from the future are not as good as those of higher education.

At present, there are countless sinister environments in the semi-goddess, which is enough to let the fighting power under the legend die instantly or fall into despair!

Su Ping tried to let Joanna arrange the dark dragon dog and the purple and green scorpion to fight in some fierce and terrible places, and repeatedly died in a sinister environment, constantly stimulating.

However, the effect was minimal.

By the stimulation and squeezing of death alone, their potential seems to have been squeezed out.

Unless suddenly realized an extremely powerful legendary skills, such as the level of [Death Soul Gate] of the small skull.

In this way, the fighting power can be increased by several points directly, and it is easy to break through.

But it depends on chance. It can't be understood by blind fighting, just like a question will not be done, it will not be done if you break your head. Maybe you will relax occasionally, the light flashes, and you suddenly understand it.

The only thing Su Ping can do at the moment is to wait for the Ziqing Gun Python and the Dark Dragon Dog to suddenly become conscious.

It's just not a way to wait like this, especially every time a customer like Qin Shaotian wants to leave and disappointed.


"It has been detected that the host has refused higher education services a hundred times, triggering the side mission!"

"Task sequence: cultivation of the trainer."

"Task 1: Become a junior trainer."

"Mission description: Please host to cultivate as a qualified nurturing teacher as soon as possible, so that you can manage and operate a good pet shop, as the owner, how can you know nothing about nurturing skills, it is too negligent!"

The sound of the system suddenly popped up in Su Ping's mind, he was stunned for a moment, the task of the trainer? Hasn't he already become a trainer?


The system said: "The host has not detected the nurturing skills, not a nurturing teacher, please get started as soon as possible and become an excellent nurturing teacher."

Su Ping froze for a moment, and some black lines appeared on his head.

When you say something, just say something, hell!

He feels that the system is becoming more and more humanized. Is it because he overheard too many thoughts and was infected?

"Cultivating the skills of a teacher, do you mean those sorts of energy?" Su Ping asked, holding back the vomiting.

He has also watched videos of other trainers on the Internet before. Although they are only some low-level trainers who earn extra money by admitting videos, the techniques and techniques shown in it also let him know a lot.

It's just that.

He hasn't thought about borrowing those skills, but he feels that they are used in dark dragon dogs and other pets, and the effect is not great.

For example, use the star power of the trainer to moisturize the local areas of war pets.

Such as sharp claws or limbs, etc., to make it develop stronger...

After reading Su Ping, he said that this is all sorts of ghosts, and it took a lot of star power to train the trainer. The effect is still very general, although under long-term moisture, it can indeed allow some claws, fangs and other parts to be cultivated by star power. The lines become harder and sharper, but progress is too slow.

If he learns this, he might as well continue to torture... Oh no, exercise those pets, although the improvement is also weak, but how is stronger than the set on the Internet, and that set also affects his own cultivation.

"Energy grooming is just entry-level nurturing skills."

The system said: "There are two types of primary training skills: strengthening and spiritual."

"Enhancement includes skill enhancement, power enhancement, energy enhancement..."

"Enlighten the spirit, enlighten the beast's spirituality, increase the chance of comprehending talent..."



While talking about the introduction of the Junior Cultivator systematically, Su Ping suddenly got his thoughts back to reality and looked up at Qin Shaotian. He reacted, and he had just been in deep thought for a while.

"Boss, when will you be able to cultivate advanced pets of war?" Qin Shaotian asked. Su Ping said that he can't be nurtured now. He wants to know when it will be. If the nurturing effect here is so good, he might consider the dragon beast and the bloody. Devil Aides, also handed over here.

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