Astral Pet Store Chapter 349

Chapter 349: Rent A Dark Dragon Dog


Su Ping did not say much and brought Xu Kuang to the test room.

In the room, Su Lingyue was sitting upright in the middle of the field, practicing cross-legged, sweating all over her body, her white skin turned red, like the crayfish that had been heated in the pan, but her skin was steamed red with star power Underneath, there is a very light blue green gloss, very obscure.

This is an introductory phenomenon of not moving the glass.

Su Ping, regardless of Su Lingyue, came to the other side with a surprised Xu Kuang, raised his hand and stroked, summoned the vortex to emerge, and a figure of black hair jumped out of it.

As soon as he landed, this figure was like a tiger roaring in the woods, sending out a fierce and powerful roar: "Wang!"


Xu Kuang looked stunned.

Dark dragon dog?

Su Ping thought of the loan appraisal in his heart and reported the dark dragon dog to the system.

Soon, the rental price of the dark dragon appeared in his mind.


Five thousand energy per hour.

Su Ping nodded slightly. When the small skull's combat strength had just broken 10, the energy rented per hour was 10,000, which is one million stars.

While the dark dragon can now have half of it, Su Ping is quite satisfied.

"Well, that's it, it's rented to you, half an million star coins an hour." Su Ping turned to Xu Kuang.

Xu Kuang: "???

A dog, sorry, a dark dragon, renting half a million stars? And it's still calculated on the hour? ? !

Xu Kuang really doubted whether Su Ping was wrong, or he heard it wrong, or that he had pretended to be too good, so Su Ping misunderstood that he was really good, so he hurt him and became a fat cow. Ruthless!

However, even if I have money, I am not an idiot!

Xu Kuang looked suspiciously at Su Ping. He also thought of a possibility. Could this be Su Ping's tentative test for him, or a test for his entry? !

"Master, is this... a dark dragon dog?"

Xu Kuang asked in a low voice, he seemed to be asking, but actually reminded Su Ping, this is a dark dragon dog, just a dark dragon dog!

The cost of renting for two hours is enough to buy one!

Although this is a devil's pet, it is only of medium descent, and selling one million is considered a god!

Su Ping was surprised for a moment, but Xu Kuang asked such a mentally retarded question. He subconsciously showed his gaze like an idiot: "Of course, aren't you high-ranking students of the Ares Academy, which can't be recognized?"


Xu Kuang's mouth twitched to twist.

I am a talented student, but you are fooling me like a fool!

"Master..." Xu Kuang took a deep breath and felt that he should still be honest. "A dark dragon dog seems to, should, probably, seems to be...not worth the price?"


Su Ping reacted, it was too low-end for the dark dragon dog.

Also, from the appearance, the dark dragon is really not worth the price.

"Lazy dog, come show your hand."

Su Ping kicked a dark dragon dog lying on the ground and tumbling comfortably. These two goods are the laziest of the few beasts. They will be lazy when they find a chance.

The dark dragon dog was kicked by Su Ping, tumbling and climbing, and looked around cautiously. When he heard Su Pings words, this came back. He looked around and looked a little confused, didnt see the enemy, and showed his claws. What?

Xu Kuang also looked at Su Ping with a puzzled face. What could a dark dragon dog show?

Su Ping was too lazy to speak, and commanded with his mind to let these two goods casually lose a few advanced skills.

The dark dragon dog didn't understand Su Ping's meaning even more, but it still followed the power of the contract. He had to obey Su Ping's words. He tilted his head and thought for a while, and immediately selected a few labor-saving advanced skills from his mind.

Earth Guardian!

Aeolus Shield!

Dark flames!

Two advanced defense skills appeared on it, completely covering its body, and then opened its mouth, a dark flame energy gathered in its mouth, fired like a cannonball, and shot straight at the wall of the test room.

With a bang, the walls did not tremble, and the energy was completely cancelled out. After all, the defensive strength here, but the enchantment on the playing field is also many times stronger, and the legendary power can not shake half a point.

However, although the impact is offset, Xu Kuang recognized this skill.

Not only did he recognize the skill of the dark flame, he also recognized the guardian of the earth and the shield of the wind god!

At the moment this dog, oh no, the dark dragon dog exhibited the guardian of the earth and the shield of the **** of the wind, his mouth had already opened into an "O" shape.

What is this dark dragon dog?

He stared at his eyes. If it werent for the dark flames to be a demon-based energy skill, he really doubted that this was a high-level dragon beast covered in dark dragon dog skin!

Su Ping saw this lazy dog throwing such a small trick, he couldn't help glancing at it, this one was full of "deep meaning".

Although the two guardian skills are all ninth-order, the guardian skills can be recovered again without being impacted by energy, and the energy loss is not large. The only loss is the eighth-order dark flame bomb.

Let this guy play twice, and the result is lazy, he feels that it is necessary to find the opportunity to adjust it, to go lazy.


The dark dragon dog suddenly felt cold on his back, his hair covered with cold hair instantly.

It feels that Su Ping behind him seems to be exuding a terrible breath, looking down at it, especially the looking down eyes, like two huge lanterns, just like to swallow it... This devil is thinking about terrible again thing!


It made a whimper, and its strong desire to survive was instantly stimulated, and it jumped into the field violently.

Roar! !

Its dark hair roots erected, and a strong flame poured out of its body. At this moment, its body was expanding, and the whole flame was like rushing out of hell, exuding a violent momentum!

At this moment, it showed its true attitude!

Killing intentions, tyranny, grim, murderous! !

Roar! !

It roared upward in the sky, sending out a pure dragon roar, awakened Su Lingyue in cultivation, and looked at it with a small face in consternation.

Ice, flames, thunder and lightning!

Three different levels of ninth-level skills condensed in an instant, gathered around the dark dragon dog, and torn the air, creating an apocalyptic scene.

The air in the entire venue quickly divided, and then all the skills instantly bombarded the walls.

With a loud bang, there was a burst of smoke on the wall, but there were no cracks or tremors.

It felt like condensing great power and suddenly punched the air.

But this is not the case, only the power has been offset.

Outside the court, Xu Kuang's mouth was already open to swallow four or five eggs. He looked at the dark dragon dog with a dull face, and could not believe the scene he saw in front of him.

After a while, he reacted and immediately looked at Su Ping.

At this moment he knew why this dark dragon dog could rent such a high price!

With such fighting power, let alone 500,000 yuan per hour, even if it is multiplied, it is worth it!

At this moment, his awe of Su Ping is a five-body cast. Before that, he saw that this dark dragon dog was summoned by Su Ping, indicating that he was his favorite pet!

Such a terrible pet, Su Ping rented it to him, obviously this is just Su Ping's deputy.

He dare not imagine how terrifying Su Ping's main pet will be.

"Master, you're wrong!" Xu bent violently, bowing ninety degrees, regretting his heart, and fearing that he would offend Su Ping and leave a bad impression on him.

He finally got closer to Su Ping. If it was destroyed like this, he would cry to death!

Su Ping was shocked by Xu Kuang's move, and did not expect him to respond so much, but he didn't care about his previous doubts. After all, if he had questions, it was normal, and it was the same for him.

"Speaking, I am not your master. Also, I still have to rent it. If you rent, do you have enough?" Su Ping said.

Xu Kuang listened to Su Ping's tone, and didn't seem to be angry, immediately raised his head carefully and said, "Master, have you forgiven me?"

Su Ping said silently: "You didn't provoke me, I can't forgive this kind of saying."

Suddenly relieved in his heart, Xu Kuang smiled and said with a smile: "Master is worthy of being a master, so I will say, how can there be ordinary pets in the hands of the master, I am stupid."

Su Ping called back the dark dragon dog that he was about to display in the distance, lest it continue to disturb Su Lingyue's cultivation, and at the same time recalling it, he also waved to Su Lingyue, who was blank in the distance, to signal her to continue, Don't care about these.

"Master, the money I brought may only be enough to rent for two or three hours."

Xu Kuang saw the dark dragon dog running happily, rubbing Su Ping's trousers, and stepped back subconsciously. The kind of extremely brutal killing intention that the latter exuded at the moment was unforgettable for a while. The horror dragon beast had a profound experience.

"That should be a little less." Su Ping thought, after all, he had to go to the field early in the morning to prepare, and he might stay in the field for four or five hours before it was his turn to play.

"It's okay, I will call my sister immediately. My performance in the league this time shocked my sister and my dad. If I ask them for money, they will definitely give it."

Xu Kuang said at once, and at the same time reached out the communicator and dialed the number.

The communication was quickly connected.

Xu Kuang immediately talked to him about borrowing money. He behaved extremely well. From time to time, he hanged up the communication and hung up the communication. He turned to Su Ping and grinned: "Master, the money has been settled. By the way, my sister made me 20 million yuan, and she said, if I can really enter the top five, she will give me another 20 million as a reward!"

"Oh, let's do that."

Su Ping was relieved to see that things were done.

"That master, I have rented your dark dragon dog?"

Xu Kuang said cautiously, fearing that Su Ping would refuse, and with the dark dragon dog's just demonstrated, no less than the terrifying power of the ninth order, tomorrow will definitely be a big help for him, and his chances of entering the top five are higher. Even meeting Liu Qingfeng again, he felt able to fight one.

Su Ping nodded slightly.

He is still not used to renting out his pets. It is like his family and close friends. It is a bit uncomfortable and uneasy to give to others.

But now that something happened suddenly, he could only do so.

Saying that the first five of the **** must be escorted, Xu Kuang has the financial ability to cooperate, which also pleased him.

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