Astral Pet Store Chapter 35

Chapter 35: I Once Crossed The Skeleton Mountain And The Sea Of blood..

Under countless resurrections, the two skeletons were finally killed by the Lightning Mouse and the small skeleton.

Su Ping did not stop, and took the Lightning Mouse and the small skeleton to continue to look for other prey on this huge skeleton mountain, although they are the weakest existence here.

When the physical strength is not enough, Su Ping relies on the resurrection to get full.

When the spirit feels tired, it recovers by suicide.

One person led a mouse and a skeleton, and fought along the Skeleton Mountain until they encountered a creature that was so strong and unmatched that they had to reincarnate to another place, and then set out to fight again!

Time is running, three days have passed.

Su Ping can't remember how many times he has been resurrected or how many places he has visited randomly. He remembers that there are skeleton mountains piled high, there are black forests consuming life energy, and there are thousands of blood seas full of blood bubbles ...

He has seen all kinds of undead creatures, some are brave and twisted, some are beautiful and charming, some are weak like ordinary skeletons, and their combat power is not more than 5 points, and some are so unimaginable that they are as big as giant mountains. In general, I can't see the whole picture at all.

In such a sinister environment, Su Ping, the Lightning Mouse, and the small skull are also growing rapidly.


The spooky ghosts of the two faces have not yet approached, and the pale and transparent body is suddenly shrouded by a large group of thunder, annihilating on the spot!

A purple figure jumped out, the lightning current rushed in the hair of the whole body, lightly landed, walking the dexterous catwalk, walking through the place where the ghost was annihilated, and continued to move forward.

Behind it, one person and one skeleton followed.

Compared with three days ago, the appearance of the Lightning Mouse has not changed much, but the color of the hair is darker, and the hair also contains rich lightning energy. After all, its own level is only two levels, and in the case of continuously playing many advanced thunder skills, it has a great burden on its own energy.

Therefore, as soon as it realized the "Thunder Break", it has slowly learned a higher and deeper energy storage method, compressing the energy in the body to the extreme, filling every part of the body, only the total storage of lightning energy in the body , It is no less than the thunder beast of the fifth or sixth order!

"Undead Fruit!"

Su Ping suddenly saw a few dark-colored **** fruits hanging on a gray strange tree ahead.

The surface of these fruits has the outline of a human face. It is a favorite of a few demonic beasts. It contains the power of the undead and can be bought in very few places in the Federation. After all, each fruit here represents a life!


Su Ping withdrew his gaze, and did not hesitate to let the Lightning Rat attack the fruit tree.

Upon receiving Su Ping's thoughts, the Lightning Mouse immediately flashed all over his body, gathered a ball of thunder, and suddenly flew at the root of the fruit tree.


At the moment when the thunder ball was approaching, the rhizomes under the fruit tree burst out of the ground, blasting towards the thunder ball, and immediately burst the thunder ball, but a few roots were also burnt and unable to land.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Lightning Rat continued to bomb with thunder and lightning. The roots and stems of this fruit tree were getting fewer and fewer. Finally, it was unable to parry. It was hit by the trunk and smashed a burnt black mark. Hearing a screaming cry under the tree.

Su Ping didn't show any mercy. This undead tree specializes in preying on other lives. Even some skeletons and ghosts will become its fertilizer, and the thunder beast is its nemesis.

Soon, the fruit tree was completely broken, and Su Ping stepped forward to pick up the few undead fruits and collect them in the storage space.

"The space is almost full."

Looking at the storage space that could not be filled quickly, Su Ping frowned slightly. It was the favorite food he had collected in the past three days, and there were two days of cultivation time in the back. I could always collect some more. This space is just afraid Not enough.

"System, can the storage space be upgraded?" Su Ping asked silently.


"How much energy is required?"

"Each cubic meter of expansion requires 100 points of energy."

"it is good."

Su Ping didn't bargain because it didn't work at all. He decisively used the remaining energy to upgrade the storage space. This time he came to the top nurturing plane of 9000 energy tickets to purchase. He didn't want to miss some favors because of insufficient storage space. .

"Unfortunately, the pets collected here are almost all unpopular pets in the devil department. They are not sold in general places, and no one buys them. It takes more time to ship them." Su Ping thought secretly.

Picking good fruits, Su Ping continued to explore forward.

After accidentally being attacked and killed several times, Su Ping also explored this area almost, and chose to resurrect again randomly and switch to another place to continue.

The fifth day.

"Almost over"

In front of a steep cliff, Su Ping looked at the muddy sea of corpses ahead, in which countless bones and corpses were immersed, which rose and fell as the sea water rippled.

Su Ping has long been immune to this purgatory scene.

At his feet, two little figures stood quietly.

Compared with five days ago, their appearance changes are not much different. The change of the small skull is more obvious. The bones of its body have changed from gray and white to a deep dark black, and there is blood flow hidden in the bones, it seems The veins are the same.

The small skull still reached Su Ping's knee and did not grow tall.

In his hand was a sharp bone knife, more precisely a dagger.

And this bone knife comes from a skull monster with a body of nearly ten meters long, built by its fangs!

In just five days of experience, the small skeleton has become like a local skeleton in the world of Chaos Undead. The energy released from it is no longer a thin gray energy, but a deep dark turbidity, surrounding the body and bone knife between.

"No way, let's go."

After blowing the smelly sea breeze for a while, Su Ping slightly withdrew his gaze and turned a sharp tooth from his sleeve.

This sharp tooth is relatively sharp, and there is a faint dark turbidity on it.


Su Ping's expression was natural and he stabbed the sharp blade on his chest.

When he felt the pain, he grinned slightly, "It's miscalculated, it's too light."

His body fell to the ground with a thump, looking at the crimson sky, feeling the rapid flow of blood, Su Ping was sighing in his heart... This is simply delaying time!

The Lightning Mouse and the small skeleton looked at him blankly, anxiously, but they didn't know how to help.

Although such scenes have happened many times, but every time I feel the life of the master is weak, the force from the contract will make them very anxious and want to do something.

It didn't take long for another person, a rat, and a skeleton to appear out of thin air in another place in the Chaos Necromancer. After a brief look, they took a fierce attack on the surrounding undead creatures...



Taohuaxi Street, a small naughty pet shop.

The roller shutter door closed tightly, and the store was dark.

Suddenly, a vortex appeared in the shop out of thin air, and then spit out three figures from inside.

When the whirlpool gradually disappeared, a pair of black eyes opened, and after seeing a store that had long been unfamiliar, smelling an unprecedented fresh air, Su Ping felt that the whole person seemed to be resurrected from the numbness and recovered his life.

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