Astral Pet Store Chapter 350

Chapter 350: Intensive Cultivation

"This is a lease contract. One can last for eight hours. How long do you have to rent?"

Su Ping fetched several Xingli constructed symbols from his pocket, which he reached out and touched into his pocket, and purchased them from the system store.

A piece of 100 energy is equivalent to 10,000 star coins.

When the store develops a rental loan service, this thing automatically appears in the store, mainly for rent. After all, the pets are rented out, some large pets cannot always be carried around, and they need to be collected into the calling space, and customers When in use, command or something must also be passed through the contract.

This has the existence of a lease contract.

This thing, like a temporary contract, can maintain a contract in a short time, but the level of authority of this contract is inferior to the real contract.

Moreover, there are many regulations and restrictions on the lease contract.

In most cases, the leased beast will obey the lease owners instructions, but if the owner let the beast die to death, it will violate the lease contract, and the beast will be aware that it will threaten the safety of his life. , Will directly abandon the Lord and run away!

Therefore, if you want to explore with a rented pet, it will be a bit unreliable, and will only be betrayed by the pet, causing a worse situation and self-eating.

In other beast shops, there is also a leased pet service, but they do not have this lease contract, so all they rent out are pets without the owner, and a real contract is concluded with the leased customer.

However, although there is no system-based energy structure lease contract to limit it, they have paper leasing contracts formulated by humans to regulate. During the pet beast leasing process, if the pet beast is killed in battle, the customer will have to pay three times the price of the pet beast. The amount!

If it is just an injury and a serious injury range of more than five levels is detected, you will need to pay for the treatment.

The entire lease contract is very perfect, the regulations have no loopholes to drill, and are recognized by the Federation. Therefore, once the breach of contract, no matter where it is, it will be sanctioned by the law. The effect is not much different from that of the systems lease contract. More safe.

After all, in case someone is not bad, it is really possible to buy a batch of pets who are temporarily sent to death to explore the way.

"Lease contract?"

Xu Kuang saw something in Su Ping's hand, and was a little puzzled. Suddenly, he suddenly thought that this beast was summoned by Su Ping, and it was Su Ping's darling. Then if he wanted to rent it...how to rent it?

Let Su Ping terminate the contract? How is this possible? It is necessary to know that if you terminate the contract with a beast, even a very weak beast, it will make the war pet master within three days, like the girls relatives, so weak and weak, and enter the most weak. status!

In this state, less than one tenth of the combat power can be exerted. This is also the reason why the general war pet master will not easily terminate the contract with the beast, unless he can guarantee the absolute safety of his environment in a short period of time.

"This thing allows you to temporarily build a contractual relationship with the beast, which is equivalent to temporarily becoming your second owner, basically having the effect of all contracts." Su Ping said, adding in the end, "Ten thousand coins One, if you want to rent it, this should be a must buy."

Xu Kuang stunned: "Temporary construction contract? Is there such a thing?"

"It's not in my hand."

When confronted with such nonsense, Su Ping couldn't help but said a word.

However, Su Ping also knows that this thing should be the only one here, and he is not afraid to expose it. After all, this is a must-have for renting a service. If you want to rent a beast, you must use this. The shop will never do a rental business.

"Uh..." Xu Kuang was a little puzzled, but he had seen the test room in the Suping store, which was very magical. Now that he hears such a magical thing again, he also has some adaptability and asks, "How is this used?"

"Don't worry about this first. You can rent it for a few hours. I will show you a few." Su Ping said.

Xu Kuang thought for a while and said, "Then rent it for eight hours first. I will come here tomorrow morning to rent it, and then I will catch up with the game."

Su Ping nodded slightly, that's fine. Now let him rent it back. He doesn't play today. It's no use leaving the dark dragon dog beside him.

"Remember to come early tomorrow, and wait for you to use it later." Su Ping said, and finally reminded, "This one is 10,000, but it is not free."

Xu Kuang smiled bitterly, "I know."

"Okay, then you go back first, and I'm closing the store too." Su Ping said as he put away the dark dragon dog and walked out of the test room.

Xu Kuang came out and saw Su Ping chasing away customers. He smiled bitterly again and said, "Then I will go back and prepare first. I will come tomorrow morning."



Sending Xu Kuang away, Su Ping turned off the TV in the store. Some customers who stayed in the store heard that Su Ping was going to close the store and had to leave in regret.

After all the customers left, Su Ping called Su Lingyue, who was practicing in the test room, and hurried back home.

He was going to cultivate the world later. It was inconvenient to stay in Su Lingyue to practice in the store, and to the same extent as she is currently practicing.

Su Lingyue left the shop indignantly.

Su Ping ignored it and closed the door.

"Go inside yourself." Su Ping shook the scroll away.

Tang Ruyan pouted, "God is mysterious."

She felt that there must be something extremely mysterious in the Suping shop, otherwise she would not lock herself in after driving people away every time, clearly not wanting people to see his secret.

She hummed secretly in her heart, and waited for my Tang family to come to the door and tear down your broken shop. See what secrets you have!

After Tang Ruyan entered the picture scroll, Su Ping took the picture scroll into the storage space, then came to the foster home, turned out the registration book, and selected the beasts that needed professional cultivation.

When the selection was finished, he called Joanna, opened the demigod, and sent it directly.

This time he came to the semi-goddess, Su Ping did not intend to continue to soak in the Shenquan. He gave Joanna the customer's pet** and asked her to arrange to take some dangerous places to exercise.

Even, her men can teach these beasts what despair and fear are.

For these ordinary beasts, the stimulation of despair and fear is enough to constitute the fastest nutrition for them to grow.

Su Ping himself took four guys except the small skull, and then asked Joanna to be accompanied by the two gods, and went to a hot and dangerous place near this **** city.

The realm of this **** will be higher than the god. In the concept of Su Ping, the **** is above the legend, and this **** will be above it!

However, this **** will be far worse than Joanna.

The reason why God will accompany him is because Su Ping does not want to die by himself, and wastes unnecessary energy to resurrect himself. In this half-god, Su Ping is in a semi-clearance state. It is convenient for Joanna to do the internal response and do anything. very.

Soon, they came to this dangerous place.

It looks like an erupting active volcano, covered with lava. It is said that there are extremely fierce fire monsters inhabiting here. This is its territory.

Su Ping chose this dangerous place mainly because he wanted to strengthen the fire skills of Infernal Candle Dragon Beast.

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