Astral Pet Store Chapter 351

Chapter 351: Exercise Upgrade

"Troubled two."

Before the danger, Su Ping said politely to the two gods.

"Brother Su said well, if you go, if the dark star flame beast living here dares to come out, we will come to "entertain" it." A blond young **** will laugh and groan.

This danger was only slightly uncomfortable for the two gods, and they were not in danger.

Su Ping nodded.

With these two gods guarding, he is also more at ease, and immediately let the purgatory candle dragon beast take the lead and step into this dangerous place.

Soon after entering the dangerous area, Su Ping encountered a monster, and it was legendary from the top. It was a bloated body, like a group of meaty monsters, radiating a fiery flame all over, just standing a kilometer away from its body Inside, it feels like being in boiling water.

Ordinary people will die directly.

Su Ping guarded himself with star power, and began to attack the dark dragon dog and the purgatory candle dragon beast. As for the purple and green dragon and the abyss starry sky worm, he stayed with him. This time mainly to cultivate the purgatory candle dragon beast, followed by the dark dragon Dogs, after all, although the dark dragon is a devil, but also masters some dark flame skills, in this hot land, maybe it can also play a training effect.

"Previously, cultivating customers' fire beasts in some flame places greatly improved the fire resistance of the fire beasts, and also inspired the potential of the beasts to understand some advanced flame skills."

"Environment has a great relationship with the skills that pets understand."

"I don't know if they can strengthen their original skills again..."

Su Ping was sitting on the head of the purple and green squirrel python, and his mind was turning fast. When he came to cultivate this time, he combined the previous experience of cultivating other beasts and found some directions through the comparison of big data.

The beasts of those customers were not cultivated in vain, but they still accumulated a lot of experience for him.

"The nurturing planes that took them before have different styles, including the chaotic necromancer world, the fire world, and the divine plane. The complex environment leads to the skills that they comprehend, which are also available in all departments."

"For now, it is very powerful, but it has reached the bottleneck, and there is no super skill that can really finalize it."

"When I first cultivated the Lightning Mouse, the system automatically matched me with the ancient Thunder Cloud Sea Realm, saying that it is the best plane to breed the Lightning Mouse. It can be seen what pets to breed, or to find the most suitable plane. The rat is a thunder system, and it is the most suitable to go to the ancient thunder cloud sea world, which can maximize its thunder system skills."

"And what the Lightning Mouse learned there is indeed a Thunder skill, but it was only after going to the Chaos Necromancer that it became crooked..."

Su Ping's eyes flickered, and when he thought about it, the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast and the Dark Dragon Dog also fought with the monster of the Red Flame Meat Mountain, but the latter was a legendary level, and it could easily explode the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast with all its strength. And the dark dragon dog was killed, Su Ping's thoughts were also interrupted, and they were immediately resurrected.

As they were resurrected, Chiyan Roshan was stunned for a moment, and immediately rushed towards them again.

Su Ping watched the battle, watched the Dark Dragon Dog and the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast performing all kinds of skills. The ninth-order skills of each department emerged endlessly, and they were constantly thrown out. There are all kinds of skills, attack skills, group injuries, deterrence skills, etc. .

Only the dragon roar deterrence can cause some effects to this red flame meat mountain monster, making its attack a little pause. After all, this dragon roar is a dragon clan roaring above the legend. Although the purgatory candle dragon beast has not fully learned, but There is also a shadow.

Seeing this dazzling battle, Su Ping suddenly moved his heart, and he seemed to find the problem.

"Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, Flame Dragon Slash!"

"Dark Dragon Dog, Hell Black Flame!"

Two instructions were issued, with the idea of no protest.

These are two fire attack skills, both of which are level nine. They are exhibited at this moment and have little effect. [Biquge www.sbiquge.me] The Red Flame Roshan monster is a fire monster, its own flame The resistance is extremely high, and ordinary flames are even completely immune.

Normally, such a command is obviously wrong, but Su Ping still issued it very resolutely, and was extremely serious, making the two pets irresistible.


Along with a low roar, the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast roared out, and the flames of the body suddenly rushed out, condensed into a dragon composed of flames, and roared and threw up.

At the same time, the dark dragon dog also snarled lowly, igniting a dark flame that turned into a flaming fiery flame, and rushed out along the ground quickly, climbing onto the red flame meat monster.


The Red Flame Roaring Mountain Monster groaned strangely, lifted his thick and fat arm, and shattered the flaming dragon of the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, causing no harm.

And the black flame of **** climbed on it, and was swallowed by the scarlet flames coming out of it, leaving no more than half.

Both the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast and the Dark Dragon Dog felt a strong oppression of life. If Su Ping was behind, they even wanted to turn their heads and run.

"carry on!"

"Flame Dragon Slash! Hell Black Flame!"

Su Ping still issued the same order.

The eyes of the purgatory candle dragon beast and the dark dragon dog both show a daze. In their impression, Su Ping was not like this before. With Su Pings command, they tend to solve their opponents in the fastest and most efficient way, but now Even if they issued this command, they could all realize that it was wrong. Why should they be allowed to do so?

However, they could not violate it, because the order was passed through the contract. If they violated the contract, either they would die, or they would bite back, hurting Su Pings mental strength.

If the pets of warfare are bitter, the first one injured is the owner.

If war pets do not want their masters to be injured in violation of the contract, they can only pay their own lives. This is the irreversible pet contract.

Roar! Roar!

The Infernal Candle Dragon Beast and the Dark Dragon Dog roared again, exhibiting the same skills, but with the same effect, but only tickling the Red Flame Meat Monster.

"carry on!"

Su Ping roared.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and the Dark Dragon Dog are a little dazed and very frightened. They don't know what's wrong with Su Ping. Why do they keep issuing such brain-destructive instructions?

They also have many other skills that can be used, and the damage and effects they cause are definitely not worse than these two skills!

Why use this skill all the time?

Despite the fear, they can only obey.

Once, once, under Su Ping's low roar, they kept on exhibiting the same skills until they were approached by the Red Flame Roaring Mountain Monster and grabbed and shredded.

But soon, their bodies were resurrected, and Su Ping's same order came again.

Both the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast and the Dark Dragon Dog are a little numb, and they can only follow Su Ping's orders, show them again and again, and then be quickly killed.

In the gap where they were killed, the Red Flame Meat Monster also noticed Su Ping in the distance, and suddenly fired a roar of fire, which shocked Su Ping's mind.

When he came back to God, he was already killed.


Su Ping was immediately resurrected, and as soon as he was resurrected, he also resurrected the Ziqing Gun Python and let it take him farther away.

At the same time, Su Ping's orders are still issued, or the same skills!

The purgatory candle dragon beast and the dark dragon dog can only be displayed non-stop, but like a pile of soft cotton, hitting the red flame meat mountain monster, they can only watch the scary figure approaching.

Su Ping knows that death is painful, but he has no other choice now. The only way he can think of to strengthen skills is to let them continue to exert the same skill.

Thousands of times.

Su Ping hopes that they will burst into potential and improve their skills under repeated release and desperate pressure.

"carry on!"

After they were resurrected again, Su Ping's voice was as cold as the devil.

The dark dragon looked at the red flame meat monster that turned around and was so frightened that his limbs were shaking. His favorite defense skills were limited by Su Ping!

It cannot be used, it can only use the attack techniques it least likes, and it is a ninth-order attack technique that consumes a lot of energy.

Its guts are much smaller than those of the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast next to it. Its limbs are trembling and shaking, and it even wants to crawl on the ground, hoping that the other party can bypass it.

But Su Ping's order came.

To attack.

It knows that an attack will only make it die faster, which will anger the other party.

But it cannot violate Su Ping's words.

Don't want to die! Don't want to die! !

Roar! !

The dark dragon dog roared wildly, like a hysterical mad dog, his eyes became extremely red, kill! kill! !

A strong dark flame burst forth from it, rising several meters high, like a burning black hair fluttering, and then suddenly turned into a giant wolf figure of a dark flame.

Roar! !

The dark flaming wolf roared violently, bursting out of it suddenly, just like the flaming dragon chop of the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast next to it, and rushed to the Red Flame Roar Mountain Monster.

Su Ping in the distance saw this scene and his eyes widened instantly.

Changed! !

Really changed! !

He was very pleasantly surprised. Time and time again and again and again and again. The dark dragon's black flames in **** had undergone great changes. It was like the offensive of the flaming dragon that combined with the nearby purgatory candle dragon beast. Slowly covered from the ground.

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