Astral Pet Store Chapter 354

Chapter 354: Rub The Sky

"Xiaohei, let's go!"

Su Ping snorted.

Xiaohei is the nickname he gave to the dark dragon dog. Its hair is black, and it is also deserved to be called Xiaohei.

The Dark Dragon Dog was a little puzzled, but this time he didn't dare to hesitate anymore, suddenly a thick thunder burst out of his body, covering the whole body, crackling, especially on its limbs, where the thunder light converged, as if stepping on a thunder.


Its body burst out suddenly, its speed soared, and almost turned into a shadow of thunder!

Seventh-order thunder skills, thunder away!

In less than a tenth of a second, the dark dragon appeared on the other side of the field, hundreds of meters away!

This is a thunder sprint technique, can quickly approach the opponent, is a must-have skill for melee beasts.

Su Ping's eyes narrowed.

The moment the Dark Dragon Dog exhibited "Lei Zuo", his eyes were like a precision high-definition camera, and the whole process of releasing it from Lei Zuo was recorded.

Lightning control, energy circuit...

Su Ping closed his eyes slightly, and the feeling of thunder from the thunder in his heart came to his mind. Suddenly, a flash of electric light rushed across his closed eyes. At the next moment, he suddenly burst out of the thunder and attached it to his whole body.

Heel lifted slightly and exerted force instantly!


Almost instantaneously, a sound of impact sounded, and I saw a Raymond passing through the body of the dark dragon dog and directly hit the wall of the test room.

At the moment of impact, Su Ping's body was bounced back and turned out seven or eight heels, and the whole body dissipated.

"it hurts!"

Su Ping sat up all at once, covering his nose and face, feeling that the bridge of his nose was about to be broken.

He didn't control his power, and his speed was too fast!

Feeling the fierce pain on his face, Su Ping hurriedly took out the mirror and took a picture, which relieved her breath. Fortunately, the face value was not damaged.

It seems that the thick skin is still beneficial.

He sighed softly, stood up, looked back at the dark dragon dog in the distance, and then looked at where he was, his eyes suddenly glowed, he actually learned!

Dignified seventh-order advanced thunder skills can be mastered at a glance!

Through the understanding of Lei Dao in his heart, Su Ping found that the principle of thunder walk is not complicated. It only stimulates the body through thunder and lightning, but the stimulation method is a bit elaborate, but as long as it is copied according to the energy circuit, it can be copied.

Even, he feels that this energy circuit can be adjusted again to strengthen the increase of this thunder away skill!

"It turns out that this is the true nurturing skills!"

Su Ping marveled in his heart that he was nurturing the world before, although the skills of the Dark Dragon Dog and the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast were also strengthened, but it was obtained through a thousand hammers!

And it depends on the environment of the nurturing plane and the "resurrection" BUG.

If it is in reality, although it can be achieved, it will take longer and more difficult!

But the point is.

What is the purpose of a thousand hammers? It is nothing more than a deeper understanding of skills and a deep understanding of skills!

And his perception of Lei Dao now means that he has done so many times!

"It's just a low-level mine experience, there is such an understanding of mine..."

Su Ping suddenly twitched his lips, and there was a bitter smile in his heart.

He was once again defeated by the perverted vision of the system.

Shaking his head, Su Ping turned to the dark dragon dog, and suddenly looked at it. "Your eyes just laughed at me?"

The dark dragon dog's strange eyes suddenly stiffened, and Hanmao erected slightly, immediately shaking his head like a rattle.

Su Ping glanced at it and said, "Continue, this time to the thunder cloud storm of order nine!"

He wanted to try what the upper limit of his experience.

Thundercloud Storm is a range attack skill in the ninth-order thunder skill. It is extremely powerful and is a ninth-order upper-level skill. This is also the third thunder skill realized by the dark dragon dog.

As for the other, it is the Ninth Order Thor Guardian.

Hearing Su Ping didn't investigate, the dark dragon dog seemed to be relieved, and immediately jumped on the field, growling with a thunder, and the whole body of thunder and light gathered in just three seconds, and suddenly a thick thunder cloud condensed on top of it, and the dull thunder rolled. Outgoing.

The scene of the test room switching is the seaside. In addition to the sea, the sky is also very high. At this moment, this thundercloud appears above the sea, with a sense of depression and terror.

Su Ping's eyes revealed a dignified color, and thunder flashed in his eyes, staring at the dark dragon dog.

Soon, the Thunder Cloud Storm of the Dark Dragon Dog was completely formed. The majestic dark cloud was suspended in a high altitude like a black mountain, and the thunder light flashed inside, like a thunder beast fighting fiercely inside, sending out a low thunder like a drum.

Su Ping found that the structure of this thunder cloud storm was much more complicated than that of thunder.

He walked through the whole body of thunder, imitating and simulating.

After a while, a small dark cloud gradually gathered above him, and there was also a thunderlight gathering in it.

"No, the energy output is not enough, and the loop is too small."

Su Ping frowned, his thoughts moved, and the dark cloud above his head dissipated, but then, he threw a thick thunder light all over again. This time he borrowed the power of the prism star core. After all, his original energy intensity was only sixth order. .

Although he was frantically fighting to cultivate planes before, his energy is more abundant and concentrated than that of the general Tier 6 pet mentor, and deeper than that of the general Tier 7 pet mentor. Too much effort.

Through the increase of the prism star core, the lightning light shrouded on Su Ping suddenly exploded and spread to a few meters away. Within the four or five meters he was standing, it was a lightning field!

At this moment, the energy increase in his body reached the ninth level!

Comparable to the title level!

This is the power of the secret treasure!

Su Ping opened his eyes, and there seemed to be thunder in his eyes, which turned into a strange pattern. Then, a thunder suddenly exploded from the sky above him!

The thunder thundered so that the surrounding sea was rough, and the dark dragon dog in the distance was frightened and turned his head in amazement.

A thick dark cloud like ink was born from the void, followed by a rapid expansion like cotton, expanding, and in a blink of an eye, it turned into a deep black giant cloud, very dark, and there was a dark cloud of thunder inside. Countless thunderbolts are imprisoned, and they are trying to break through the cages of the dark clouds.

Under this dark cloud, the thundercloud storm gathered by the dark dragon dogs in the distance on the sea surface was actually pulled over and seemed to be assimilated!


Su Ping shouted suddenly.

Thousands of thunderlights suddenly erupted in the dark clouds and suddenly fell into the distant sea.

With a loud bang, the sea caused a huge wave, and the entire test room seemed to tremble. This was the vibration in the environment. In fact, if it was outside the test room, it could not be felt at all, even a little vibration. There will be.


Among the countless sea waters, huge water vapors are emitted.

Although water can conduct electricity, but the lightning is too strong, some of the seawater that was exploded by the explosion was directly evaporated by high temperature!

Su Ping felt that the energy in the body had been quickly hollowed out halfway, and was a little shocked. This thunder cloud storm was too strong, and the thunder light inside was blazing like fire. If it is split on a creature, it is estimated that it can be turned into fly ash in an instant!

Su Ping's idea turned and recovered energy.

The thunderstorm that had gathered above his head gradually dissipated.

In an instant, the sky was clear.

Su Ping exhaled lightly, and his mood was a little complicated.

This low-level Lei Dao experience is better than countless skills!

He feels that this thundercloud storm is not his own limit. Although it is also close, he feels that if he gives himself time to study, he should be able to strengthen the intensity of this thundercloud storm with his own perception of thunder. Let the brewing time of this skill be shortened.

After all, it needs to be released, at least about three seconds to be fully formed!

If it is lower than this time, the power of this skill is greatly reduced, and even the prototype cannot be constructed.

In single combat, how can the enemy give you three seconds to brew?

After a little calmed down, Su Ping looked at the frightened dark dragon in the distance and called it over.

After a moment of thought, Su Ping passed the previous enhanced understanding of Lei Zou to the Dark Dragon Dog directly through consciousness through a contract.


After the transfer was over, Su Ping looked at the dark dragon dog motionless, his eyes a little dull, and seemed to be caught in the message in his mind. He did not disturb and waited for it to digest quietly.

"The seventh-order thunder skill, with my understanding of Thunder Road, can easily be strengthened a little bit, but if you want to strengthen it a second time, you need to think carefully."

"And the ninth-order thunder skill requires a lot of energy to strengthen the optimization. At present, I can only vaguely see some enhancement directions. It is not yet known whether the success can be enhanced."

"This low-level Lei Dao experience... is enough for me to master all the ninth level, including the thunder skill under the ninth level!"

Su Ping took a deep breath, and even he felt that this was a bit terrible.

No wonder even Joanna was surprised when she entered the Tao.

What he comprehends is the road of thunder.

The dark dragon dogs understand that they are only a single skill, which can only be regarded as a small shunt in his low mine channel system.

After waiting for a while, the dark dragon dog had recovered from his daze.

Su Ping seemed to digest it almost, and immediately let it show off again.

The dark dragon dog is very obedient and released again, and this time it exploded faster than before, although not much faster, within 100 meters, it increased by about 0.1 second, but this also It's quite amazing.

Su Ping is quite satisfied with this result. When he has time to go back, he can go to see some other thunder skills and collect all the thunder skills.

"Go, exercise first."

Su Ping didn't test the room anymore and stayed there for a long time. It was rare that no one would patronize him at night. He could train the world to exercise well.

At present, his junior cultivator task has only been completed by 10%. He has just completed the strengthening of his skills. In terms of strengthening, there are also attribute strengthening and energy strengthening.

"This time I try to strengthen the energy. I have learned more skills and need to consume more energy."

Su Ping secretly said.

However, if the energy is strengthened, he has no direction.

If it is a skill, he can still think of relying on a thousand hammers, but if the energy... can only be absorbed and compressed?

Su Ping recalled the past cultivation. Those brutal cultivation methods also made the energy intensity of the pet's body much deeper than that of ordinary pets.

This is the case with the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon. Although the 7th order is not available, the 9th order skill is not a problem. This is the benefit of large energy storage.

However, if this is considered to be energy enhancement, the system should prompt that it has been completed.

It can be seen that the large amount of energy stored does not represent energy enhancement.

In this case, Su Ping can only start from the other direction, that is refining!

But, how should energy be refined?

Su Ping thought for a long time, without any clue, had to find Joanna and let her guide her.

"Energy refinement?"

Joanna was sitting in the foster position, her body shrunk to only a dozen centimeters tall, like a large hand, she looked up at Su Ping in surprise, thinking for a while, said: "Energy refining is more difficult. Generally speaking, When breaking through the legend, under the baptism of Heavenly Tribulation, energy can be refined, impurities can be eliminated, and it becomes more pure and thick."

Su Ping was dumb, "Heavenly Tribulation is definitely impossible, my beast is still early from the legend."

"Your pet beast can't lead to Heaven Tribulation, but you can go to Heaven Tribulation." Joanna said.

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