Astral Pet Store Chapter 359

Chapter 359: One Thought To Suppress

The staff responsible for the enchantment equipment all awakened and hurriedly manipulated the enchantment equipment, preparing to open the enchantment for rescue.

There was the previous experience of the silver frost star moon dragon, they deliberately spent a lot of money to optimize the opening speed of the enchantment, but this is to prepare for the final decisive battle, I did not expect to use it here .

However, as soon as possible, the enchantment is constantly fluctuating and opening rapidly, but the situation in the field is changing faster.

Roar! !

The dark dragon dog fell into a violent rage, emitting a fierce magic flame all over his body, and his defense skills were released from his body in succession in his instinctive consciousness.

Ninth Order Thor Guardian!

The goddess of the ninth order ice guardian!

Rank 9 Vulcan Shield!

The blessing of the goddess of order nine!

Tier IX Dark Purgatory Shield!

Five consecutive nine-tier defensive skills burst out in an instant, stacking one after another, covering the dark dragon dog inside, guarding it tightly, even the legendary attack may not be able to break open at once!

This dense ninth-order skill, so that the front referee and Liu Qingfeng behind him, all fell into a sluggish.

Almost... the whole department!

And its all... Tier 9! !

Ordinary ninth-order beasts, who can understand their own defensive skills, are already very rare, but the dark dragon dog of medium descent in this area has even released five ninth-level defensive skills in one breath! !

Five whole steps! ! !

In this scene, many title-level powerhouses outside the court were also dumbfounded.

The audience in the audience even stared out. Any one of them appeared to be enough to scream, but the result was five!

It's more gorgeous than watching fireworks!

Roar! !

The dark dragon dog roared, and the dark fiendish giant wolf of more than twenty meters behind him roared with its body posture, and then suddenly rushed towards the referee.

So fast!

The referee's face changed slightly and he hurriedly summoned his favorite pet. He felt that with his own strength, he could no longer resist this dark dragon dog!

If this spreads, it will be enough to shock the chin of many people.

You know, he has not just entered the title level, he is already in the middle of the title level!

The referee in the early stage of the title was almost lost his life under the attack of the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon. In order to avoid such a situation, the municipal government directly found him. The purpose was to guard against the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon in a violent battle Running out of control and killing people, after all, the players who can enter the decisive battle are all extremely valuable talents in human beings.

Unexpectedly, he got it here, and... he felt great pressure!

Roar! !

From a space vortex, a dragon head was suddenly drilled. The hard steel scales covered the head and the long neck. The blue scales were the ninth-order pterosaur beast. Rare dragon beast.

There are thousands of dragon beast promiscuities. Thousands of them. It is rare to be able to enter the top 30 of the dragon rank. It is not possible to get it with financial resources. It also needs channels and contacts.

This is a fully grown Pterodactyl, which has reached the upper level of the ninth order!


The Pterosaur Beast just crawled out of the summoning space half of the body, and the dark magic flame giant wolf was near.

Roar! !

The dark magic flame giant wolf roared violently, waving its claws, and before the wind pterosaur had not responded, it pressed its head to the ground!

With a loud bang, the giant claws gathered by the dark flames stepped on the windwing dragon beast's head, and the flames burned its scales. At this moment, the dragon beast lost its majesty!

The audience was shocked to be silent.

The Liu family old who rushed to the border outside the court, a heart that just relaxed a moment, paused instantly, and his expression became dull.

At this time, the flame black giant flame stepped on the head of the wind pterosaur, and its head suddenly stretched out. The mouth composed of flames opened, and the intense heat and flames approached instantly, bringing the referees The hair is ignited and burned directly to ashes, and the burning process takes only a moment.


The referee's pupils contracted.

Its wind pterosaurs were suddenly suppressed? ! !

This is the ninth-ranked dragon beast! !

The sharp fangs of the flame swallowed down and occupied all his sight. At this moment, he felt a strong breath of death, and all his escape routes were locked!

will die!


Just when the referee and Liu Qingfeng behind him were desperate, suddenly the fangs of flames stopped.

The moment I touched them, I stopped.

Unpredictable and extremely abrupt.

Then, the movement of the dark magic flame giant wolf stopped.

At the same time, the dark dragon dog guarded in the back by heavy ninth-level defense skills, the rage in his eyes quickly faded like a tide, he raised his head, a pair of restored sight, passed through many defense skills, and looked at the audience somewhere.

At that moment, an icy voice appeared in his mind.

At the moment of hearing this sound, all the killing intentions and all the violent factors in his heart seemed to be frozen by the ice for a moment, and they cooled down in an instant and woke up.

"What do you want to do?"

The voice asked.

There is no emotion, and the coldness is more thorough than the ice.

Like sitting in the clouds and looking down at him indifferently.

The sound of the dark dragon dog could not be more familiar, and it was carved into the depths of its soul.

The blurred contractual power became clear again at that moment, but when the voice disappeared, it was blurred again.

However, the consciousness of the dark dragon has returned to sobriety, and it can once again vaguely feel the existence of that thing.

"Stop, dark dragon dog, stop now!"

At this moment, the dark dragon dog heard the cry of Xu Kuang crying anxiously in the back.

"Quick stop!!"

Xu Kuang's anxious voice sounded as if he begged.

This voice is transmitted to its consciousness through the contract, it can understand, because of the contract, it knows that it will obey the words of this voice.


Its thoughts were relaxed, and the dark magic flame giant wolf that stepped on the head of the Pterodactyl in front, quickly shrank into a fire, and then returned, passed through five defense skills, and flew back to the body of the dark dragon.

The skills are recovered. Although not much energy is recovered, it is better than nothing.

It is extremely frugal in terms of energy, unwilling to waste a penny.

A series of defensive skills also dissipated, turning into energy and returning to the body of the dark dragon dog, and the field appeared empty and huge again in an instant.


This scene made all the staff outside the venue and the old Liu family look dumbfounded and relieved at the same time.

The referee was also stunned, feeling that the horror ghost in front of him was dissipating, and the sun was shining again through the dome of the stadium, and there was a feeling of being reborn.

He glanced at the Pterodactyl that was propped up from the ground next to him. His mouth twitched slightly. On the half of the Pterodactyl's head, there were still traces of burning flames. The scales were burned off and scorched black. weight.

Just came out for a face-up and was completely suppressed. What the **** is this?

Liu Qingfeng, who stood behind the referee for a moment, also recovered, and could not help swallowing hard. Even if he had always calmed down, he was almost scared to pee his pants just now. This is so terrible!

Thinking of his awkward posture just now, Liu Qingfeng's teeth clattered and clenched his fists, which is too shameful!

At this time, the enchantment had been opened, and the old Liu family quickly rushed to the venue to check the situation of Liu Qingfeng.

Later, the old Liu family glanced at the referee again. When he saw the half of the head of the referee's wind pterosaur being burned, his pupils shrank violently.

"It's over..." The referee saw the old Liu family, a bitter bite in his mouth.

He also felt ashamed.

Tangtang title level, almost failed to keep Liu Qingfeng, and almost lost himself.

Hearing the referees words, the Liu familys old face is extremely ugly. This is the top ten sprint battle. Liu Qingfeng lost, which means that he is directly out of the game, and there is no chance to challenge again!

Thinking of his Liu family as one of the five major families in Longjiang, his young master, not to mention the top five, did not even enter the top ten. This spread was simply ridiculous.

The young master of the shepherd did not make it into the top ten, and it was justified. After all, he was a student at school and still young.

But Liu Qingfeng has long since graduated. At this age, he can sprint to the top ten in the league, enough to be laughed at.

However, he also knows that this is not to blame Liu Qingfeng, this opponent is too perverted.

Thinking of his opponent, the Liu family couldn't help but look at the dark dragon dog in the distance, and then looked at Xu Kuang who ran past, biting his teeth slightly, who could think that a sprinter has such terrifying power, such strength, even Not worse than the monster girl before!

This dark dragon dog is enough to be comparable to that scary dragon beast!

There is even more than that!

The only thing that pleased the Liu family is that fortunately, Xu Mang took control of this dark dragon dog in time, otherwise, if it was really out of control, it was extremely dangerous at that moment, if Liu Qingfeng had an accident, it would be a great deal for them. The big blow means that the Lius' next term can only select young masters from the shortlist.

But the alternative... naturally not as strong as the first choice.

This means that it takes more financial resources and resources to cultivate!


The old Liu family responded to Liu Qingfeng's end. Since they lost, there is no need to stay here and be ashamed.

Liu Qingfeng came back, glanced at Xu Kuang in the distance, and the terrifying dragon dog beside him, his eyes fell into a brief loss of mind, but soon, he withdrew his gaze, his face was a little lost, and he was fighting. Fold away and follow the old Liu family to leave.

He also has a fifth pet, and other secret skills.

But he didn't show it, not because he didn't think about it, but because the other party didn't give him a chance.

He had planned to keep Qin Shaotian in the back, or Ye Longtian of the Ye family. He didn't expect to lose here directly...


Liu Qingfeng lowered his head and followed the old Liu family.

The figure of the loser always seemed so bleak, he bit his lip, let the blood slide between his lips, this humiliation, he was willing to do everything to scrub!

That college...

He gritted his teeth slightly, and he would go there for training anyway!

After Liu Qingfeng left the court, the referee also put away his dragon beast, a complex color flashed in his eyes, and said to Xu Kuang: "You won, but fortunately you controlled your beast in time, otherwise, Even if you win, you will be disqualified."

Xu Kuang nodded again and again, he was just too scared in his heart.

If he loses control, his game qualification will be cancelled directly.

After all, the out-of-control pets are not under the control of the pet masters, nor can they prove the power of the pet masters, which violates the rules of the game.

"so far so good"

Xu Kuang was very fortunate in his heart, but fortunately his call worked.

Otherwise, it will be out of control!

Looking at the dark dragon dog, his mood was complicated and exciting, and he was full of awe. Is this the master's favorite pet, and it was really strong enough to explode.

However, it is difficult to control!

Does the master usually control such a pet to fight?

Xu Kuang couldn't help but glanced at the direction of the auditorium above, revealing the light of admiration in his eyes.

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