Astral Pet Store Chapter 362

Chapter 362: Heavenly Tribulation Of The Dark Dragon Dog

After arriving at the Demigod Land, and not long after waiting at the random teleportation site, a **** will be rushed over by Joanna's dispatch and **** the two to the temple.

As soon as he arrived at the temple, Joanna called her cronies and asked about the trip.

The reply received made Su Ping relieved.

Have not yet passed through.

However, he has already been called to Heaven Tribulation, and it can be triggered at any time.

The title limit is waiting for them.

This is Joanna's previous order!

In addition to this news, there is also an unexpected good news, that is, during this time, there are two people with the title limit, who are called to Heaven Tribulation and want to come here to break through.

After all, in the previous news from Joanna, all the people who come here to break through will not only be rewarded by Chongbao, but also have other rewards. This also makes many strong people with the limit of the title willing to come over. Appreciate, who would dislike the benefits of giving?

However, some cautious people chose to cross the robbery themselves.

Worried about any conspiracy.


Seeing that things were going so smoothly, Su Ping said nothing more, and went directly to meet them with Joanna.

Soon, they came to the place where the three captains who wanted to cross the roost lived.

This is a partial temple on the mountainside of the temple.

The three title limits are on the Yanwu Field outside the side hall. What are they talking about? There are only a few real **** guards around here, lest they run around, after all, this is the temple ground.

The three titles are all sub-protoss, mixed race with other races.

The middle-aged man at the beginning was a mixed race of the Protoss and Meizu. Meizu is a family born in a long time with a half god, and is good at charm.

The other two sub-protoss, one with a horn on the head, a burly figure, and a sturdy figure, with a cyan wind pattern on his body, the breath is very restrained, has reached the limit of the title, and can break through the bottleneck at any time.

When Su Ping and Joanna came here in the company of the gods and a god, all three titles were startled. They stood up quickly and looked at Joanna diligently.

"Your Highness..."

"your Highness."

All three were at a loss.

Su Ping saw their existence on the Blue Star enough to sit on one side, but at the moment it behaved like a child who ate candy, and there was also a little speechless in his heart, but this was just a momentary thought, he was in this half **** After falling for a long time, the horizon has also improved a lot, and has gradually adapted to this.


Joanna nodded slightly and said, "Are you ready?"

"Ready, Your Highness."

The three of them hurriedly said that they couldn't help tightening their bodies when they spoke.

Joanna turned to Suping and said, "When are you going to start?"

"Just now, is it convenient here?" Su Ping asked.

"Of course." Joanna smiled indifferently, said: "There is no place, it is more convenient than here, no one will break in here, I will let them back down later, to avoid their breath to lead to heavenly disaster."

Su Ping didn't know much about these things. She listened as he said and nodded: "Then here, let me give you the rest."

Joanna hummed, and passed on her words to the **** next to him.

Soon, on the top of the entire mountain, all the gods withdrew and retreated back to the mountainside, and the three limit of the title to be robbed, followed Su Ping and Joanna, and the **** general , Came to the top of the mountain.

"There is a defensive formation of the temple here. This formation can't block the robbery for you, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of the Heavenly Tribulation. You are going to robbery in the sky. Have you brought all the treasures I gave you?" Three titles of crossing robbery.

"It's all brought, thank you, Your Highness."

The three Asian gods nodded again and again.

"Okay, then start with you, go first." Joanna said to the middle-aged man at the beginning.

The middle-aged man saw that he was named, nodded, and saluted Joanna respectfully. Then he took off, his expression gradually became more serious, and his mentality was adjusted to return to the state when he was in the robbery.

Crossing the robbery is not a joke. At this moment, only his own power and beasts and treasures can rely on. What power position does not make sense at this moment.

He felt a little relieved at the thought of the treasures given by Joanna.

Seeing the middle-aged man flying high into the sky, Su Ping immediately summoned his darling. The dark dragon dog and the purgatory candle dragon beast jumped out of it. As for the small skeleton, the state has reached the seventh level, and it is impossible to cultivate. Here If you die, you are really dead. This time the energy is refined, so you have to take it away.

This time, Su Ping's main focus was on the dark dragon dog and the purgatory candle dragon beast.

As for the Purple and Green Magnus, Su Ping also intends to wait for the first time, and practice the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and Dark Dragon Dog first.

"Heavenly Tribulation..."

Su Ping looked up, this was the first time he watched the crossover.

This is a torture when breaking through to legend!

On Blue Star, this is a rare sight in a century!


When Su Ping looked up, there was a thunderous sound in the blue sky with no exhaust pollution, and the thunder was deafening. It seemed to suddenly hit a heavy hammer from the void and oscillated in the sky.

Su Ping was startled by the thunder, and the thunder shook. Suddenly, the thunder that he had seen in his mind when he absorbed the experience of the lower thunder.

Suddenly, a lot of Thunder Dao came to mind

In a trance, he seemed to feel something.

However, this feeling passed by quietly for only a moment.


A flash of lightning burst from the clear sky, and I saw thunder and lightning suddenly sprang up in the air.

These thunder and lightning surrounded the middle-aged man. Above him, a dark cloud gathered in the sky. This dark cloud gradually expanded, and in the blink of an eye, all the light and shadow of the peak of Shenshan were covered!

The diameter of this dark cloud is less than a kilometer!

"The intensity of the Heaven Tribulation is quite average..."

The **** who follows will smile slightly.

Su Ping withdrew his gaze from the sky-trim scene born above the sky, turned his head and looked around, curiously asked, "Sky-tribulation intensity? How can this be seen?"

The **** will take a look at Su Ping. He knows that Su Ping is a distinguished guest of His Highness Joanna and is also an extremely mysterious person.

"Mr. Su has no idea. The strength of the Sky Tribulation can be seen from the range of the Sky Tribulation Thundercloud. The stronger the power of the Sky Tribulation, the greater the Thundercloud's range. Thunderclouds also require energy. On this day, thunderclouds are equivalent to energy levels."

"Heavenly Thundercloud?"

Su Ping looked up, a little suddenly, thunder cloud robbery reminded him of the ninth-order skill, Thunder Cloud Storm.

However, the range of the thunderclouds on this day is much larger than that of the thunderstorms, and he can feel that the energy intensity inside is also different, and there is a special breath inside, like... the feeling of destruction. .

This is the energy that absolutely cannot be brewed in the thundercloud storm!

"Is everyone's intensity of the Heavenly Tribulation different?" Su Ping asked curiously.

The **** will smile slightly and say, "This is natural. The strength of the Heaven Tribulation is judged according to the strength and qualification of the robber. Although they are all the ninth-order limit, the strength will be strong and weak. For those who are proud of the sky, the thunderstorm will reach ten kilometers, and for those who are, one kilometer will be considered qualified."

Su Ping was stunned for a long time, but he didn't expect so much attention in the Heaven Tribulation.

Suddenly, he thought of a key question and quickly asked: "The strength of this man's heavenly catastrophe is ordinary. If I rubbed his heavenly catastrophe, would the result be ordinary?"

God will be stunned and speechless for a while. He really didn't know how to answer this question. After all, he didn't even know why Su Ping wanted to let his pet of warfare go to the sky.

When Joanna heard Su Pings words, she glanced at him and said, "The strength of the Heavenly Tribulation only affects the torturers. If you rub the Heavenly Tribulation, you will only get the baptism of the Heavenly Tribulation, and you wont get the aftermath. 'Gift', so for you, it doesn't matter how strong or weak this day is!

This is like big water and small water. If you wash things, small water will wash as well. Besides, the intensity of this day's catastrophe is enough for your darlings to submerge them and'wash' thoroughly! "

Su Ping froze and understood.

Although the strength of this catastrophe is average, it can also play a quenching effect. The strength and the quenching effect are the same.

"Then what is the gift after the robbery?" Su Ping asked again.

Joanna was helpless and said: "This will be understood when you break through the legend. It is equivalent to a reward for strength. It is a godsend."


As the two talked, the sky-thundering thunderclouds gathered in the sky became more and more violent, and a few meters of thunderlight flashed inside, bringing a great sense of oppression.

Su Ping stood below and could feel this deep sense of depression. This was not depression in the face of a fierce beast, but a solemn and faint sense of fear that could not be said, and it was difficult to speak.

This sense of fear will make people feel awe.

Su Ping raised his head and felt as if he was facing "God"!

"It's about to start." Joanna said.

When Su Ping heard the words and moved her mind, the dark dragon dog rushed up first.

According to Joanna's previous instructions, Su Ping did not let two pets rub against each other at the same time, which would directly increase the strength of the Sky Tribulation by three times!

His plan is to rub one by one, taking turns to replace.


When the dark dragon dog broke into the range of the Heavenly Tribulation, the Heavenly Tribulation Thundercloud hovering in the sky seemed to have a giant hand inserted into it. Increased, in a blink of an eye, it doubled again, from the original kilometer range, instantly increased to a two-kilometer range, even the mountainside light of Shenshan was blocked.

"You dark dragon dog, the energy intensity is almost close to legend." Joanna saw this scene and said calmly.

Su Ping nodded. After the Dark Dragon Dog's skills were strengthened, its combat power did increase a bit. Now it is 9.8 combat power. This combat power exceeds the average rank nine monster, comparable to the rank nine limit. But in the ninth order limit, it is still the normal kind, not the most limit.


At this moment, suddenly, the sky-robed thundercloud above the middle-aged man's head stormed again, and the edge of the thundercloud extended again without stopping!

In a flash, Thundercloud reached a range of three kilometers from two kilometers!

Joanna was slightly startled.

The **** will be stunned.

"This is... its potential?" Joanna stunned slightly, frowning slightly. In addition to judging by the current power, the Sky Tribulation Thundercloud also sensed the potential of the existence of the robbery. The higher the potential, the more The power of Heavenly Tribulation is greater, so there has been such a saying as "Sky Jealous Talent" since ancient times.

Su Ping was a little surprised to hear Joanna's words, and the potential will also affect Tiancai? Isn't this the higher the qualification, the stronger the power of Heavenly Tribulation?

Thinking of the qualifications of the dark dragon dog, Su Ping couldn't help staring.

What kind of apocalypse will be attracted by the superior qualifications of the dark dragon dog?

That day, the thunder cloud was rolling, seemingly endless. In a blink of an eye, it dramatically increased from three kilometers to four kilometers, followed by five kilometers... six kilometers, seven kilometers!

Still not stopped!

The middle-aged man standing in the air was just full of confidence, but when he saw that the Sky Tribulation Thundercloud was constantly rolling and spreading, from two kilometers to five kilometers, his body shuddered involuntarily.

He felt shaking all over.

The heart, liver, blood, spleen, etc. are all trembling and terrified!

In an instant, the range of Sky Tribulation increased to tens of thousands of meters!

It is more than ten times larger than the range of the original Heaven Tribulation!

However, this has not stopped! !

The middle-aged man's breathing was rapid and extremely difficult. His eyes were staring, covered with blood, and he looked extremely scary and horrible.

He turned his head and looked at the black dog not far behind, using the wind feather skill to fly in the air, his lips were trembling, and suddenly he wanted to cry.

He naturally did his homework on the Heaven Tribulation.

Before seeing his thunderstorm, only about a kilometer, he was still disappointed in his heart, but he also knew that his qualifications were average.

However, he didn't expect that after the black dog appeared, the Heaven Tribulation suddenly became violent!

Looking at the tens of thousands of meters of the Heavenly Tribulation Thundercloud gathered above this head, he simply collapsed. What is it about to bomb him alive!

What's more, the qualifications of a dog are all so unfavorable, is there any reason for it!

"Ten kilometer of ten days..."

Joanna was stunned. Although she knew that the dark dragon dog of Su Ping had been cultivated many times and had extremely high qualifications, its combat power was hundreds of times stronger than that of the ordinary dark dragon dog. It can reach the level of the Tianjiao level, but looking at the entire demigod meteorite, it is enough to be tied with the existence of those **** domain Tianjiao list!

The **** next to him would also be shocked to see this scene, a little stunned.

A beast, has such a high qualification? !

However, in their astonished eyes, the spread of the Heavenly Tribulation and Thundercloud still did not stop...

After reaching tens of thousands of meters, the Sky Tribulation Thundercloud was still stirring madly, spreading larger and larger, and in a blink of an eye, the light of the entire Shenshan was blocked.

Fifteen thousand, seventeen thousand... twenty thousand...

Thunder Cloud Thundercloud is still skyrocketing, it seems there is no limit!

When the range of the thunder cloud increased to 20 kilometers on that day, Joanna's face also changed. She suddenly thought of a thing. If she continued to grow like this, the treasure she gave to her might not be able to protect the person who survived the robbery. Now!

Thinking of this, she glanced at Su Ping. Her eyes were a little complicated, and she wondered whether she should be angry or helpless.

Actually, such a monster darling, has caused her trouble!

"It seems that the Shield of Asus is going to be used." Joanna took a deep breath, stroking her bracelet, and suddenly a palm-shaped oval shield appeared in the palm of her hand, and the shield was engraved with a handsome statue.

She passed on her idea and wanted to give the thing to the person who had crossed over.

At this moment, the middle-aged man waiting in the midair to wait for the robbery, looking at the thunder cloud that is growing larger and larger, is almost scared and comatose.

His mind is completely blank, and his life has never been so fearful.

His intestines are regretful, if the time goes back and he is here again, he will not come to death, this is really a conspiracy!

When he was desperate, Joanna's thoughts suddenly came to his mind. The despair and anxiety in the middle-aged man's heart were instantly empty. He froze for a moment, turned his head to look around, and saw a golden shield fly by.

When seeing the appearance of the shield clearly, the middle-aged pupil's pupil contracted violently, a little horrified.

It was this shield!

The legendary shield of Asius!

The most famous artifact in their domain!

The middle-aged man stared blankly, until the shield flew in front of him, then he subconsciously caught it, and then he heard what Joanna said in his mind, and told him about it.

He was stunned and reacted, his eyes suddenly turned red, and tears collapsed on the spot!

From death to life, in this short process, he has experienced thoroughly!

grateful! thank! Thanksgiving! Moving! !

The middle-aged man took a deep look at Joanna below, the beautiful and impeccable face, deeply imprinted in his eyes, at this moment, he was even willing to give everything for his highness, Including the most important life!

After taking a deep breath, the middle-aged man turned his head and his face returned to be determined and serious again. He quickly used the method taught by Joanna to associate this shield with himself.

Come on, Heaven Tribulation! !


Come on, subscribe, recommend tickets, monthly tickets~! !

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