Astral Pet Store Chapter 366

Chapter 366: Shock..return

Joanna took over the umbrella and the shield of Asius. The gratitude to the middle-aged people just nodded gently, looking very indifferent and fanciful.

"Do you want to continue?"

Joanna turned to look at Su Ping.

Su Ping narrowed his eyes, took a deep breath, and nodded, "Continue!"

Joanna slightly touched the corner of her mouth and said, "They can continue to suppress the realm and wait for the robbery tomorrow. You can take a day off."

"No, just today, let me solve it in one breath." Su Ping said.

Seeing his stubborn gaze, Joanna's eyes fluctuated slightly, and she sighed, without further persuasion, and said to the burly and strong man with a horn on his head: "Come to you, prepare it, this is for you."

Throw the Shield of Asius in his hand at random.

The horned man was stunned and waited for the shield of Asius to realize it. He couldn't help but glance at Su Ping. He was not stupid. From the previous account of Joanna with them and the scenes he saw before, He knew that the three of them who had come here for the robbery were all prepared for this human being.

This human is rubbing their sky-tribulation!

As for why he did this, he didn't understand it. Perhaps, this is the experiment of the big men?

Thinking of the previously gathered Baili Heavenly Tribulation, the horned brave man took a deep breath and clenched the Shield of Asius in his hand. Without this artifact, he would not want to go to the robbery to kill him.

Now, there is a reason for the success of the middle-aged man in the past. Although he expected what would happen next, he did not have much burden in his heart.

"Yes, Your Highness."

The horned man respected Yingnuo respectfully, and then he took off and rushed into the sky.


While the bull horns were pulling the sky, Su Ping also took advantage of this time to feel his own changes.

Before patrolling the Sky Tribulation time and time again, he didn't have time to take a good look at himself. Under careful inspection at this moment, he immediately found that the changes in his body were not small.

He is still in the sixth order, and his realm has not changed.

However, the star power in the pronucleus of all the cells in his body has been reduced, only less than half of the original!

However, the remaining half of the star power is crystal clear and extremely pure!

Su Ping felt that his body, as if he had removed thousands of kilograms of baggage at once, became extremely relaxed and light, and seemed to be able to float on the spot.

Every pore reveals the feeling of breathing.

Light and powerful!

"Is this the star power after the Sky Trib..."

Su Ping felt it for a moment, and suddenly thought moved.

There was a thunder, and a sudden thunder came out of his palm, crackling, like countless flying birds singing.

So fast!

Su Ping was shocked and almost scared by himself.

Too fast. This energy release rate is almost two or three times faster than before!

If the speed of energy flow was an ordinary bicycle, then it is now a sports car class!

Su Ping tried again to release other thunder skills.

Lei left.


The electric light covers the body instantly, stimulating each pore, and in an instant, he feels that he can blink a kilometer with just a touch!

Thundercloud storm!

The energy gathered in Su Ping's body, and the next second, dark clouds appeared gradually above his head, but just after they appeared, they were forcibly shredded by an irresistible force.

Su Ping also awakened from the cracking of his skills, and when he looked up, he discovered that the brave horned man above had already drawn the Sky Tribulation, and a Thunder Cloud was breeding and spreading slowly.

The thundercloud storm he brewed invaded into the range of the Sky Tribulation Thundercloud and was absorbed as a nutrient.

Su Ping did not care, but showed excitement in his eyes.

"The previous release of the Thundercloud Storm was almost instantaneous and only took about a second!"

He was in a state of excitement, and if he changed it to his previous, such group attack skills must be brewed for at least three seconds!

The strengthening of energy can actually speed up the release of skills by several times!

You know, in the battle, the speed of the skill release is just like the speed of the sword. The sword is quick, and you can even kill the enemy before the sword is drawn!

Su Ping felt that his previous star power was like an iron rod.

Now, it is as light as fluff.

However, the power to fight out is the same weight!

On the contrary, because of its lightness, the "waving" is faster and the impact is stronger!

This is the effect of energy after being refined?

The light in Su Ping's eyes flickered, and he felt the pain he had suffered before.

"is coming."

At this time, Joanna's voice came.

When Su Ping looked up, he saw that the catastrophe drawn by the brave man with horns had tended to take shape, about 1,500 meters, which was slightly larger than that of the middle-aged man.

He took a deep breath, his eyes showing perseverance.

"Ready to go!"

Su Ping told the two guys.

The dark dragon dog and the purgatory candle dragon beast saw the re-emergence of the Sky Tribulation, and the body that had just relaxed relaxed suddenly crawled up again.

They looked at Su Ping pitifully, their bodies trembling slightly. However, their begging eyes did not change anything. After receiving Su Ping's order, their bodies shivered, their eyes suddenly dim, and all thoughts vanished.


With the invasion of the Dark Dragon Dog and the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, the Sky Tribulation, like being irritated, expanded sharply again, followed by Su Ping's invasion. The Sky Tribulation increased directly to a diameter of hundreds of miles, as before.

However, the keen Joanna found that the scope of the thunder cloud that day was gradually expanding again.

Previously it was 127 kilometers, now it is 133 kilometers!

In these short moments, Tianjie detected that Su Ping's potential has increased again?

Joanna's eyes flickered slightly, her heart smiled secretly, and she had endured so many baptisms of Heavenly Tribulation. Su Ping didn't grow up before he was damned. In front of Heavenly Tribulation's baptism, the energy in his body was tempered to the highest degree, just afraid it was enough Comparable with the true God!

A sixth-order person has the energy clarity of the true **** level. This is a disaster level for the same level!

"This guy"


Under the resurrection and impact again and again, it didn't take long for the horned man's heavenly disaster to end, also ending in the sixfold heavenly disaster.

After the robbery of the horned man, it was the blue man.

Like the previous two, the blue man also got a shield from Asius to defend himself.

And Su Ping, like before, relies on the resurrection to keep rubbing the sky.

Two hours later, the blue-grained mans torture also ended successfully. This time, the range of the sky-thundering thunder cloud reached a diameter of 135 kilometers, two kilometers more than before.

Joanna noticed this, and knew that the true God-level Heavenly Tribulation's quenching effect on Su Ping has been getting lower and lower, after all, energy quenching has limits.

However, although this day's help to Su Ping gradually weakened, the thundercloud with a diameter of 135 kilometers is still somewhat exaggerated and horrible.

Thinking of being in her early days, Joanna felt a little stuffy.

Her qualifications are rare in the entire Divine Realm for thousands of years. However, when she met a monster like Su Ping, she could only be crushed properly.

Moreover, Su Ping is currently only Tier 6 and will grow later. When he really reaches the Tier 9 limit, who knows whether the potential will increase to a higher level?

Shaking his head, Joanna was afraid to think about it.

Although she was somewhat discouraged, she was not completely hit. After all, the potential was only the potential. If she wanted to, she could slap Su Ping now.

No matter how high the potential is, it has not grown up, and it is also a weak chicken.

Heavenly jealous!

If she had not been sheltered by the deity herself, she would have died before long.

Its a genius now, maybe tomorrow is a dead body, its hard to say whether it can grow up...

Thinking of this, she was somewhat relieved.

However, she suddenly thought that Su Ping seemed not to be afraid of death at all...

Her face twitched suddenly.

"His Highness, are you uncomfortable?" the **** next to him quickly asked.




With the end of the three-person robbery, Su Ping also got a chance to rest completely.

These three people, Su Ping gave Joanna to settle in, now he just wanted to find a place to take a good rest.

Although every time he was resurrected, his state would recover, but the feeling of tiredness in his heart was difficult to erase.

Called the Dark Dragon Dog and the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, Su Ping thought of the God Spring, and only the comfortable feeling released by the soul in the God Spring can relieve the fatigue in his heart.

After saying goodbye to Joanna, Su Ping found Shenquan lightly and soaked it in.

The dark dragon dog and the purgatory candle dragon beast saw that the training like **** was finally over, and they were all relieved, and happily entered the **** spring and enjoyed it.

While Su Ping was resting, Joanna was stunned and was dealing with news from all parties.

It's a big deal!

Three consecutive tens of miles of Heavenly Tribulation gathered on the Shenshan Mountain.

This vision not only shocked all the guards above and below the **** mountain, but also alarmed the residents of the **** city outside. Some strong men in the **** city rushed from their homes or cultivation places to stand on the **** city and looked at the two miles behind. Thunderstorm situation.

A hundred miles of thunderbolt is a world of the world!

Three in a row...Nima's peerless genius are all gathered together? !

Everyone was shocked to be speechless. One such genius in the past appeared randomly, and it will spread throughout the God Realm. It is famous in all directions, but now it comes out three at once, still in the same place. This is incredible!

Soon, the news here quickly spread out from the city of God, less than half a day later, it spread like a hurricane throughout the entire God Territory!

The top forces of all parties have paid attention to it.

However, considering that Joanna is sitting on this **** mountain, and Joannas true identity, the top presence of all major forces is known, but it is only the existence of the Supreme God, and it is also the female **** of war in the early days. Force straight to the high god, sweeping the domain of the gods, rare adversaries.

Therefore, no one dared to provoke the offense, only to carefully explore the specific situation.

Peerless Wizard of the Thousand Miles!

Three at a time!

Randomly attracted to one, when seed cultivation, can ensure that a top force continues to flourish for thousands of years, or even tens of thousands of years!

After all, the life of the Protoss is long, and ten thousand years is not too far away.

Faced with the temptations of all parties, Joanna smiled bitterly. Except for her and her cronies, who would believe that the people who caused the three hundred miles of thunder were all the same person?

Moreover, this person will definitely not join other top forces, even if he joins...it is also a disaster for that top force!

Thinking of the benefits of Su Ping fishing from himself, Joanna suddenly wondered, would you really recommend him a force?

In this case, he would not stare at himself to blackmail the scourge, but somehow shared it for her.

However, she soon dismissed the idea.

If other forces get Su Ping, they will naturally know the origin of Su Ping and the mysterious shop. In this way, if someone else also works as a shop employee, it is not her who can go to Taikoo God Realm. Alone.

She can let people from other **** realms also go to the ancient **** realm, let them this lost place, through the power of everyone, join forces to return to the embrace of the ancient **** realm.

However, she must be the first to enter the Ancient God Realm.

She must first take the initiative!

Therefore, before she herself did not enter, she would never allow others to get ahead of her and surpass her.

With a sigh in her heart, Joanna had to bite the bullet and continue to clean up the mess for Su Ping.


All the forces of God Realm surged, but they were all blocked by Joanna.

And Su Ping was immersed in the Divine Spring, and after recovering, he would find the true God on the mountain to learn... In the process of learning, the latter would naturally be allowed to "moderate", otherwise he would not be able to directly follow the legendary level The battles, not to mention the true gods, who can guard the mountain for Joanna, are all geniuses among the true gods, much stronger than the legend on the blue star.

Stayed for several days in a row.

Apart from fighting, Su Ping also learned from some real gods that he was making noises. No wonder he hadnt seen Joanna very much for several days. It seems that the latter were busy dealing with the forces of God Realm for him. Too.

Su Ping did not intend to join other gods forces. At present, Joanna is enough to meet all his needs. Looking for other forces, it is not necessary, but will delay him. The plan of the two employees, unless the Supreme God came over in person, was obviously unrealistic.

In a few days of exercise, Su Ping digested and absorbed all the gains he had made during the previous days, and also learned from all aspects the benefits of his days.

In addition to the energy being tempered, his body also gained higher resistance to lightning under the Heaven Tribulation.

Not only him, but also the dark dragon dog and the purgatory dragon beast.

This level of lightning resistance is extremely high. Even some of the ninth-order lightning skills, hit Su Ping, can offset nearly half of the damage!

As for ordinary current, it is even more immune.

In addition to lightning resistance, Su Ping found that his physical strength and defense have also been greatly improved. Although his body looks human, soft and tender, and his beautiful face, he looks weak and can't help but wind.

But the toughness of the skin is comparable to that of some dragons and beasts of the same rank!

This kind of defense, even if the armor-piercing bullet hits him, can only scratch the skin!

Su Ping felt that this day's catastrophe seemed to inadvertently help him complete the task of strengthening attributes.

Ten days later.

All the forces in the Divine Realm have been sent by Joanna. On the surface, they seem to be very calm. No more attention has been paid to Shenshan. As for the darkness, no one knows.

These ten days, Joanna is also busy with a tired look. After all, dealing with some of the top presences of major forces is not as casual as talking to Su Ping.

If it were not for the sake of her deity, these people would have evened down the Shenshan Mountain and came to **** it directly.

However, Joanna knew that this was just the beginning of trouble. Most of these people would still stare here, and she could do nothing about it. Fortunately, as long as the Supreme God did not come forward, these people would not dare to invade.

She can only rely on herself to get more employee points earlier and go to Swire God Realm earlier.

If she could find a way to become the supreme **** there, she would not have to bother about these.

Before leaving, Joanna and several gods told some things to stay behind, then they followed Su Ping and returned to the store where there was no one.

When the two returned to the store, there was already light shining through the window into the store.

It's another day.


Tomorrow Monday, looking at Lao Gu's handsome face, it is good to enjoy a cute recommendation ticket~! ?(?)

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