Astral Pet Store Chapter 367

Chapter 367: Two Skills


"It was detected that the hosts favorite pet achieved Energy Enhancement and Attribute Enhancement."

"[The junior educator's task progress is 30% completed. Now the host has obtained the second and third stage lottery opportunities. Please host the host within three minutes, be sure to complete the lottery."

The sound of the system suddenly sounded. Su Ping was mentally prepared this time, but was not scared.

"Attribute enhancement?"

Su Ping was a little surprised when he heard the second prompt, and immediately thought of the increased lightning resistance of his body, as well as the improvement of his comprehensive qualities in various aspects such as strength and defense. I did not expect these to be the third part of the attribute enhancement.

Seen in this light, this time the Sky Tribulation completed two tasks for him at a time.

Then there is only the spiritual mission, which can be completed directly after mastering the spiritual map.


Su Ping said, lest three minutes pass.

A familiar lottery roulette surfaced in front of him, and many prizes flashed dimly.

Su Ping's meditation began, and the roulette quickly rolled up. After waiting for a while, Su Ping shouted.

The roulette gradually stopped and a skill book jumped from above.

Huang Yan refining method (lower).

Su Ping is stunned, the tempering method?

"Please withdraw rewards."


"use or not?"

"Not for the time being," Su Ping said, and he would continue to draw the second reward.

The Huang Yan refining method in front of him turned into a beam of light, which was extracted into his storage space. Su Ping glanced at it and continued to start the second lottery.

The wheel turns again.

Soon, Su Ping shouted.

A skill book jumps out again.

Strengthened (lower).

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly. It seems that these three lottery draws were all drawn in the corresponding prizes. For example, the first time you completed the skill enhancement, you got a low-level Lei Dao experience. This can cultivate other pets. Skill strength.

And this refining method should be the reward of energy refining, it is estimated that it can also refining the energy of pets.

This power enhancement is obviously a reward for attribute enhancement, and the effect is mostly the same.


After extracting this low-level power, Su Ping looked at the two skill books in the storage space without thinking, and directly absorbed it.

The first absorption is the Huang Yan smelting method.


This Huang Yan refining method suddenly turned into an energy light and shadow, which did not enter his eyebrows, and countless messages immediately flowed into his mind.

In a trance, Su Ping seemed to faintly see a phoenix soaring and flying in the sky and earth. This is a monster that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the dragon beast, and there are fewer than the dragon beast, because the reproduction ability of the phoenix is extremely low. Low, almost endangered monster.


The blazing flames, as the phoenix flew, swept the world and burned.

Countless substances in the world are dissipated, decomposed, and quenched by the burning of flames, and finally only a few substances are retained, shining bright light.

Su Ping can clearly see the composition of each flame and the scene where every substance is decomposed.

This felt very strange, and also opened his eyes.

After a long time.

Su Ping recovered and returned to the store in front of him. He found that the time in the store was less than half a minute. The previous long period of time seems to have evolved in a blink of an eye.

"Huang Yan...Quenching."

Su Ping muttered to himself.

According to the information previously learned, Su Ping knows that this method of huangyan smelting uses huangyan sacred fire to quench energy, and huangyan is some legendary phoenix, which can condense the true fire of the natal life, which is extremely pure and temperature. Extremely high.

Each phoenix will use this power only when it encounters a life-and-death catastrophe.

Every time it is used, it is self-destructive.

If you use it once more, the lifespan will plummet, so even if the phoenix leads the long lifespan of other species, you dare not use it easily.

In the same way, the power of Huang Yan is extremely terrible, and it can almost burn and capsize forever!

Su Ping does not have Phoenix's physique and cannot master this Phoenix Yan, but through this Phoenix Yan's secret refining skills, he has mastered the principle structure of this Phoenix Yan and can simulate artificial Phoenix Yan in his body!

Of course, the power of artificial Huang Yan is relatively weaker, but the purification and quenching effect attached to it is almost the same as that of the real Huang Yan, and if it is exhibited, it will not consume its own life, but it will consume a lot. Energy alone.


Su Ping's thoughts moved, the energy in the body gathered, and a very tiny flame quickly condensed in the body.

Speaking of flame, it looks more like a cluster of small flames.

The shape of the flame has a faint outline of the Phoenix. As his mind pulls, the Flame Phoenix immediately makes a cheerful cry. If it is spiritual, it spreads its wings and soars in his body.

Where the flame phoenix soars past, the star power in the pronucleus of countless cells boils with it, and very shallow and very light steam emerges from it, which is a sign of the impurities after being burned and purified.

Su Ping was a little surprised. He didn't expect that his star power after being baptized by Heaven Tribulation could be purified and refined again in front of this Huang Yan refining method.

So, there are still many impurities in his star power?

Surprised, Su Ping suddenly realized that perhaps the pure star power he is currently seeing is just the purity in his eyes. This is like a microscope. At different magnifications, he sees different scenes.

The existence above those legends, their energy will be more pure!

This energy is tempered, not overnight, but a long way to go.

Su Ping put away his thoughts, and at the same time stopped the flame Phoenix in his body, and did not continue to refine. Just after this moment of refinement, he felt that his energy was rapidly being consumed, and his mental pressure was also increasing. Hours, his star power will be exhausted, and his spirit will be weak.

This energy refining is hard work.

Today I have to go out and send Su Lingyue to the stadium. In the event of a dangerous ambush on the road, Su Ping is still the safest to maintain the heyday.

After all, this method of smelting has been learned, and it is always necessary to smelt in the future.

Next, Su Ping continued to absorb that low-level strength-enhancing skill book.

Although there is a label with the word "low" on it, Su Ping didn't treat it as a low-level item at all, and Su Ping was already accustomed to the perverted vision of this system.


After a few minutes.

Su Ping has digested this power strengthening skill book. This power strengthening is a bit like the most basic energy combing skills mastered by the trainers on Blue Star.

But the difference is that the strengthening of power is not entirely energy combing. The concept inside is very esoteric. In addition to combing, there are energy stimulation and energy increase star patterns.

Energy stimulation is stimulated from the root cell pronucleus to stimulate the cell's potential.

The energy increase star pattern is directly applied to the inner wall of the pronucleus of the cell to increase the force star pattern. This is similar to the strength increase of the war pet master on the surface of the war pet body, but the difference is that the power star pattern on the surface of the war pet is increased. It is easily dispelled by some skills within purification, and it is temporary.

And this power increase star pattern is directly formed on the inner wall of the cell's pronucleus, which is equivalent to the formation engraved on it. It will allow the star force in the cell's pronucleus to operate accordingly and continue to strengthen, unless it is severely damaged and the cell's pronucleus is destroyed. Otherwise, it is impossible to disappear, which is equivalent to permanent.

After all, the prokaryotic breakdown of the cells in the whole body is equivalent to the disappearance of smoke!

This power strengthening is one of the attribute strengthening techniques.

In addition, there are several types of mental strengthening, speed strengthening, and defense strengthening.

The strength that Su Ping draws is strengthened, only the strength star pattern increases, only the strength is increased.

After digesting, Su Ping's first idea was to engrave the surface star patterns on the four basic foundations of the Federation, including the speed increase and solid increase star patterns, inside the pronucleus of his cells.

In this case, you can increase the three attributes.

However, when describing the first speed increase, Su Ping encountered obstacles.

The increase in the speed depicted in the pronucleus of the cell cannot resonate with the star power at all. In short, the star pattern with this increase in speed is too simple to be sufficient to constitute the effect of pulling the star power.

Su Ping was discouraged when the test failed.

It seems that these other three kinds of increase can only be drawn by the system here, or the store has refreshed the purchase.

"However, this increase in power just doubled the strength of the cells in one finger!"

Su Ping slowly stretched out an elegant middle finger.

At this moment, the power of this **** is far superior to several other fingers.

Although it is only double the strength, this multiple is increased with the strength of his own fingers. When his strength is 100 kg, the increase is 200 kg. If the strength grows to 500 kg, then the increase Its a thousand pounds, double the permanent increase!

"If my entire arm is engraved with the strength increase star pattern, then come to cast the town demon fist..."

Su Ping smacked the bus, and some dare not imagine that might.


It's late, Sao Au Rui~

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