Astral Pet Store Chapter 368

Chapter 368: 800 000

Su Ping did not stop, the energy in the body continued to depict the star pattern of the power increase on the inner nucleus of the cell of the remaining fingers. At the same time, his mind returned to the store and glanced at the wall clock on the wall. Too.

"Today is the final..."

Su Ping smiled slightly, and this league selection battle finally came to an end.

After the selection battle in this base city ended, it was a battle in the Asian region, but that didnt make much sense to Su Ping. When that time, Su Lingyue, as the representative of Longjiangs championship, went to the battle to get what rank, He didn't care.

After all, even if you get the championship of the global elite league, the rewards are nothing more than that.

If you are looking for legendary advice, Joanna can do it.

There is no need to deliberately waste energy for this.

As for the reputation of the shop... After Su Lingyue won the first place in the base city of Longjiang, her declaration of escort, including her endorsement, was enough to let Xiao Nao's reputation spread throughout Longjiang.

At that time, the passenger flow will be full every day, and it will not make much sense to have a higher popularity. A Longjiang base city is enough to feed the current stores.

Thinking of these, Su Ping felt full of energy, and today is the final check for Su Lingyue.

He put the customer beasts cultivated in the half-goddess into the foster care, and then took out the scroll and called Tang Ruyan to open the store and operate it.

Tang Ruyan seemed to be used to this kind of life. After coming out of the scroll, he saw what time it was on the wall, and knew what he was going to do. Without Su Ping, he went to the bathroom in the store and washed himself and dressed. After being prepared, when she returned to the store, Su Ping was already open for business.

Outside the shop door, there are only seven or eight old customers.

Su Ping glanced at it and entertained everyone.

Most of these old customers came to collect the beasts cultivated yesterday. Su Ping found that the number of customers today has dropped slightly. He guessed that most of them were because of todays finals. Most of the customers were staying at home or running to the venue. Going, after all, it is the final, and everyone does not want to miss it.


Soon after the hospitality in Suping, a figure outside the shop ran in. When he first entered the store and saw Su Ping, he beckoned.

Su Ping looked at it, it was Xu Kuang, he took his gaze back again, without reason.

Several old customers were surprised when they saw Xu Kuang. When he heard that Xu Kuang called Master Su Ping, he was even more stunned. One of the students at Fengshan College knew Su Pings identity, not only this shop. The boss is also a senior mentor in the college, and the rest of the old customers do not know the identity of Su Ping.

For the gentle and easy-going teenager, they only knew that it was the owner of the shop, and the other was some... watching the money and talking.

"Isn't... that crazy?"

"The top five?"

"I seem to have heard that his darlings were bred by Xiao Naughty Shop, and they are also the top five candidates on the Xiao Naughty official website!"

"Really it?"

Several old customers were a little surprised, including the student. He knew that Su Ping was a mentor at a young age, but this was a madness, but the existence of the top five. Yesterday even the pet of the title-level referee was crushed. If it is lost in Fengshan College, it is estimated that its ability is overwhelming all other advanced tutors.

Such a genius, actually called Master Su Ping?

"Master, I'm here again." Xu Kuang ran to the counter and said excitedly, "I still have to rent today!"

Su Ping glanced at him, "queuing up behind."


Xu Kuangle happily turned back to the back team.

He stood at the end of the team, but the old customers in the front turned back frequently. After all, this shocked the entire genius of Longjiang on TV. It is so thrilling that he is so close to himself now.

Soon, several old customers took the beast from Su Ping's hands. With the emergence of Xu Kuang, some old customers who were going to test the room to test the effects of the beasts also refrained from going to the test and directly contacted Su. Ping Han Xuan left.

Some of Su Ping's actions to these old customers are not understandable. He doesn't care whether they will go to the test or not. After all, this test room is used to make it.

"Master, I have to rent."

Xu Kuang finally waited for himself. As soon as he came to the counter, he couldn't help but say to Su Ping.

Su Ping expected his purpose, but did not respond very much, saying: "Aren't you already in the top five, what else do you want to rent?"

Xu Kuang was stunned, listening to Su Ping's tone, he didn't seem to want to rent too much. He quickly said: "Master, today is the top five finals. If you don't have your dark dragon dog, I will probably be at the bottom!"

"The bottom five is also the top five."

"This... is right, but now everyone's expectations are not very high. I think I can win the championship or the runner-up. If I only have a fifth, this..."

Su Ping did not have a good air: "You still want to win the championship?"

Xu Kuang was startled, knowing that he had said the wrong thing, and quickly said: "No, master, I know the champion must be the aunt. If I meet the aunt, I will admit defeat directly, and I will never talk to the aunt. Enemy, I promise!"

Su Ping ignored his pledge. After all, even if he really wanted to, it was impossible. At a critical juncture, he could still secretly foul and control the dark dragon. Although it was a bit of a shame, the champion he appointed Su Lingyue. , Then no one can take away!

"The runner-up is no different from the fifth, all forgotten." Su Ping said.

Xu Kuang smiled bitterly and said, "It is no different to you, but it means too much to me. You can rent it to me, please."

Su Ping glanced at him and sighed, it seems that this guy's pretentious heart can't be suppressed.

"Forget it, just rent you for the last time. If there are no special circumstances, don't expect it in the future. Cultivating your own beast is king." Su Ping said.

Seeing Su Ping's promise, Xu ecstatic was overjoyed, and nodded again and again, "Master, rest assured, when the league is over, I will definitely work hard to improve myself, and strive to be able to hit the fifth with my own skills without the help of external forces in the future! "

"This is your own business, don't tell me."

Su Ping said indifferently: "The rental price of the Dark Dragon Dog has risen today, this time is 800,000 star coins for an hour, have you considered it?"

"800,000?" Xu Kuang was stunned. It used to be more than 500,000. Now it's 300,000 at a stretch?

"That... Master, why did the price increase?" Xu Kuang asked cautiously.

Su Pingdao: "I am happy."

Xu Kuang was dumb and a little sad in his heart. He guessed that he had been too eager to perform before, so Su Ping took the opportunity to increase the overweight.

He sighed, in this respect, the master is indeed more spicy.

"Okay, 800,000 is 800,000!" Xu Kuang gritted his teeth and said with determination, but he thought in his mind that after winning the fifth place yesterday, many advertisements endorsed everything and the deposit Paid, the money he gave was more than the money he rented from Su Ping's pet, and he already paid for it.

Even if it is one million, he can afford it, and the value of the rent!

Su Ping glanced at Xu Kuang, whose expression seemed to cut out. This guy's acting was still too clumsy.

Although the price rose to 800,000 star coins, Su Ping was not embarrassed and embarrassed at all. After all, the rental of the dark dragon dog brought much more to Xu Kuang than he rented, and earned a reputation. This can't be bought at any other pet shop!

It's cheap this guy.

However, the price is set by the system, and Su Ping can't change it, and he has long been accustomed to such "good quality and low price".

"Pay it," Su Ping said, raising his hand and summoning the dark dragon dog.

Seeing the dark dragon dog, Xu Kuang immediately paid.

It is still the same today, renting for eight hours directly.

Su Ping took the lease contract to him, and then received additional money.

"The energy of sixty-four thousand is credited..." After glancing at the harvested energy, Su Ping felt a little more comfortable, and conveyed a thought to the dark dragon dog to let it behave honestly today, and stop making too much noise.

Before the dark dragon dog got out of control and almost killed the referee and player, Su Ping worried that Xu Kuang could not control it today.

The dark dragon dog thought of the previous Heaven Tribulation baptism, and felt more afraid of Su Ping, his head lit like chickens pecking rice.

After the lease contract was concluded, the contract between the dark dragon dog and Su Ping suddenly became a little blurred. This feeling made Su Ping a little uncomfortable. Sure enough, it was a bit uncomfortable to rent his own beast.

At this time, Su Lingyue also came to the store, still holding the insulation box in his hand.

Seeing that there was no one in the shop, Su Lingyue was surprised, and glanced at Xu Kuang, and the dark dragon dog squatting next to him, and said, "I heard that this is my brother's favorite pet?"

Xu Kuang grinned, "Yeah, I'll rent it temporarily."

Su Lingyue nodded, glanced at the dark dragon dog again, turned his head and handed the insulation box to Su Ping, "Breakfast."

Su Ping was polite and opened to eat.

After quickly eating, Su Ping saw that there was no business today, so he planned to close the store directly, so he would not leave Joanna to guard him.

"lets go."

When Su Lingyue was waiting outside, Su Ping put a grieving Tang Ruyan into the scroll, and let Joanna practice in the foster care, then she closed the store directly.

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