Astral Pet Store Chapter 371

Chapter 371: Yan Bingyue

"They are the heads of our five families in Longjiang."

A strong municipal government standing beside the girl introduced to the girl and others.

The girl's eyes glanced, and her eyes did not fluctuate. The old man walking next to her slightly looked at the people on the seat, and there was a slight smile in the corner of her mouth. "Is that the sword king?"

The three city government officials gave him a glance, but he did not expect him to know Qin Shuhai's title, or that Qin Shuhai would be known by them.

"Yes." A city government nodded.

"I used to come to school, but unfortunately the qualifications are not enough." The old man chuckled and did not continue to say more, but the words fell in the ears of the three city governments, but their pupils shrank slightly.

Studying? Not qualified enough?

Qin Shuhai also went to that place and was eliminated?

The three did not question, but just glanced at the girl next to them, and became more and more worried. If nothing unexpected happened, the girl in the future would probably be more terrible than Qin Shuhai.

At this time, they approached the seats. The three city government titles all smiled on their faces, greeted several homeowners familiarly, and introduced them to the people around them.

Although they do not need to be introduced, most of these owners are also aware, but the process still has to go.

"This is the Dragon Knight, Yin Feng laughs."

"This is the gun demon Zhao Wuji."

"This is Miss Yan, Yan Bingyue."

"This is Miss Yan's maid, Xiaojue."

After introducing the four outsiders, the three city government titles also introduced the five masters one by one. The order of introduction is from Qin Duhuang, which seems to be a random introduction. In fact, it is very particular, not Dare to mess up the order.

"Qin Duhuang? Was it the Qin Duhuang, the angry **** I heard that killed three of the ninth-order monsters?" The old man named Yin Fengxiao narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at his age. Qin Duhuang's eyes flashed a bit deeper.

The burly middle-aged man next to him, Zhao Wuji, a gun demon, also had a dignified face, and apparently heard of the name.

Qin Duhuang smiled and said, "It's all a past when I was young. It's not enough to mention, I have heard the name of the Dragon Knight for a long time. Please sit down."

Yin Feng smiled at him deeply, said nothing, and said to the girl next to him, "Miss, please."

Yan Bingyue nodded slightly. After hearing the old man's words, he also glanced at the old man Qin Duhuang. After looking at him with his eyes, the indifferent colors in his eyes converged, his eyes flashed slightly, and nodded to him. , Then took a seat in the seat next to it.

And she was seated at the edge of Qin Duhuang.

Sit on equal footing!

This one made several people in the top five seats pay attention. Xu Kuang and Su Lingyue were all surprised. This young girl, who was about their age, could even sit on par with the heads of the five big families?

Muyuan Shou and Ye Longtian, and Qin Shaotian, seemed to know something, but their faces became dignified.

After Yan Bingyue was seated, Yin Fengxiao also sat beside her, and the burly middle-aged man and the maid stood honestly behind them.

Each family has only two seats, and they only get two seats.

Only the three city-level strongmen of the municipal government have seats. This is a kind of silent announcement. In the base city of Longjiang, it is still the municipal government that counts!

Other homeowners glanced at Miss Yan Bingyue, and then at Yin Fengxiao beside her. They had long heard of the title of the Dragon Knight. Even if they were in the entire Asian region, they were well known.

Seeing that the latter only talked to Qin Duhuang, the four homeowners were a little bit disgusted, and their hearts were uncomfortable, but they didnt show their faces. They also knew what kind of old guy Qin Duhuang was, but they didnt expect that even this The Dragon Knights seem to value him very much, it seems that Qin Duhuang is hiding deeper than they thought.

"Miss Yan, how did you think of coming to participate in our Longjiang competition? In your capacity, if you want to go to any other large base city, you will be greeted by them."

Soon after sitting in the seat, Liu Tianzong looked enthusiastic and spoke very familiarly.

Yan Bingyue frowned slightly and did not answer.

Yin Fengxiao beside her knew the temper of the young lady and took the words, laughing: "This is the Mayor of the Liu Clan, you don't know, our elders of Miss Yan have had some friendship with your mayor. Come here on behalf of you in Longjiang."

Liu Tianzong didn't expect his words to be taken away by others, his face was slightly ugly, he was somehow the head of a family. Although this girl was distinguished, Qianglong still didn't suppress the snake, let's say that the simple principle of guest and master also needs to be taught. , Dare to ignore him directly, too arrogant!

However, he was not angry, and now their Liu family faced that unknown little mischievous beast shop, and it was already a little tricky. If they provoke the girl again, then they will be in trouble.

"Oh, that's what it is."

Liu Tianzong gave a smirk, but it looked real. He suddenly shook his head and sighed: "Unfortunately, Miss Yan is not here this time. Our elite selection this time has produced a lot of evil geniuses. The people in the top five in the previous session did not enter the top ten in this session."

What he meant was naturally Liu Jianxin who missed the top ten and lost.

The other patriarchs heard his words, and there were strange colors in their eyes.

Liu Tianzong, very active today!

The first five have nothing to do with your Liu family, so many words.

Some people seem to guess what, their eyes show a playful color.

Qin Duhuang glanced at Liu Tianzong interestingly, with a smile in his eyes.


Hearing Liu Tianzong's words, Yin Feng smiled and raised his eyebrows slightly. That Yan Bingyue still looked as usual, and didn't seem to hear anything.

"Is the Chief Patriarch Liu meaning, does it mean that our lady is not able to enter the top five?" Yin Feng squinted at Liu Tianzong with a slightly condensed smile on his face. Although he still laughed, he felt a bit harsh. .

"Where and where."

Liu Tianzong hurriedly said: "Ms. Yan's strength is naturally known to the old man. There are no problems entering the top five, but there will be some hard work.

In this session, we have one or two evildoers, and we dont know where to get the fighting pet. It is extremely powerful and easy to get out of control. If unfortunately encountered by Miss Yan, I hope to pay more attention to safety. After all, it is just a small quota. The body is not good. "

Yin Feng laughed when he heard this, he was almost ridiculed.

Enter the top five strenuously?


Really encountered, you know who's misfortune!

"This old thing said this deliberately, did you want to irritate us, hum, borrow a knife to kill us and lend us to the head, almost to death!" Yin Feng smiled angrily, but his face did not show much.

Although he saw that Liu Tianzong was yin and yang, he was not well-intentioned, but he could not really say anything. Although the five big families seemed to be hostile to each other, they were outsiders after all, and they just borrowed the Longjiang base city as a springboard. Yes, it wont be long. Its really troublesome here. Whether other families will sit by and watch, he is not sure.

Perhaps, the other party also saw this, and dared to say so.

Thinking of this, Yin Feng snorted in his heart, too lazy to ignore it.

Seeing that Yin Feng did not speak, he was obviously angry, and Liu Tianzong smiled in his heart, regardless of whether his radical act had been discerned.

At this time, Yan Bingyue, who had not spoken, suddenly spoke.

Her voice was very indifferent, and also very sweet, like a clear spring.

"I'm here to take the first place. No matter who is standing in front of me, I won't be polite. If there are geniuses from your family, then I'm sorry in advance here."

Hearing her words, the patriarchs were stunned for a moment, not expecting that she would suddenly speak, and even more unexpectedly, what she said was so straightforward and so arrogant!

This is obviously excited by the old guy Liu Tianzong!

Thinking of this, several people cast a glance at Liu Tianzong. This guy has no one in his family, so he is here to be a **** stick!

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