Astral Pet Store Chapter 374

Chapter 374: Fly In The Palm

Qin Shaotian's face changed slightly.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the other person came up, he poked him directly at the painful place without giving him a face.

He didn't see a smile on his face, his eyes chilled and said, "Since the visitor is a guest, let me teach you what is the rule of being a guest!"

Yan Bingyue's face was indifferent, and she didn't speak anymore. She seemed to disdain to compete with Qin Shaotian.

The referee saw the two of them "talking together", did not wait any longer, and immediately announced the start of the game.

At the moment when the referee's words fell, Qin Shaotian suddenly emerged four vortexes, and he directly summoned all the pets he had previously exposed.

Bloody Demon Acolyte, Meltwing Tyrannosaurus Beast, Earth Dragon, Nature Guardian!

Four majestic figures crawled out of the summoning space and stood on the huge stadium, and the majestic majesty swept out instantly, leaving the audience a little breathless.

All are top pets!

In addition to the extremely rare and almost extinct fighting pet such as the Bloody Devil, all other fighting pets are also first-class tier 9 pets. If ordinary people can get one, they can be regarded as elite strongmen in the same tier. At the moment, these three pets are only Qiao Shaotian's deputy pets!

Senran's magical energy was tumbling, and the **** devil's grisly body made many viewers feel uncomfortable.

Surrounded by summoning beasts, Qin Shaotian's star power surged, and his black hair fluttered slightly. He took a deep breath and opened a summoning vortex again in the back.

Roar! !

From this channel of summoning, crawl out a dragon beast again!


The ninth order pet of the wind attribute, the peak period is the ninth order upper rank!

In a blink of an eye, Qin Shaotian stood behind the three-headed dragon beast, the majestic posture like three mountains, surrounded Qin Shaotian, and countless audiences were stunned.

The strong wind element surged, and the increase was applied to the other dragon beasts and **** demon waiters. Similarly, Qin Shaotian also added a blessing of wind.

This is the enhancement skill of the Pterosaur Dragon Beast, the effect is an enhanced version of the increase in the blast. At this moment, the seventh-order blast succubus used by Qin Shaotian had no part at all here, and the latters energy could not be supplied at the same time. To increase so many powerful pets, only the huge energy reserve of Pterosaurs can be achieved.

Surrounded by the blessing of the wind, Qin Shaotian felt light and fluttering at any time.

However, his pre-war preparations are still not over. The earth dragon and the nature guardian simultaneously applied their respective skills of increasing speed. Within half a minute, Qin Shaotian was ready.

At this moment, he is in the highest state.

Yan Bingyue narrowed her eyes.

Seeing Qin Shaotian behind the **** demon waiter, her indifferent expression slightly changed, but she quickly returned to calm. Looking at Qin Shaotian's preparation at this moment, three whirlpools suddenly appeared behind her, and three war pets, two devil pets, and a dragon beast emerged from inside.

This dragon beast is a crystal Hanhai dragon ranked fourth in the dragon rank!

Very rare, it is a variant of the water dragon beast!

The two devil pets are also in the top ten of the Devil Order. One is the Shura Demon Snake. Its physical defense is comparable to the dragon beast. It is good at melee violent attacks. The other is the dark nightmare Warcraft. , Are the existence of the ninth order limit.

In an instant, the empty stadium was filled with these rare top pets.

The audience watched silently.

These pets are rarely seen in peacetime, and they are here at the moment.

Only today's first opening battle was so intense!


Qin Shaotian saw the latters favorite pet, his eyes narrowed, and he was a little afraid of the crystal Hanhai dragon. The defensive power of this crystal Hanhai dragon is abnormal. Even the earth dragon that is most good at defense may not be hard. If the latter has mastered many of the secrets of Crystal Hanlong, it will be even more difficult!

Without waiting any longer, Qin Shaotian let the Blood Demon Servant and Melting Wing Tyrannosaurus be the first to attack.


The **** demon waiter rolled the evil wind, suddenly flew out, and then the body flickered suddenly, sprinted from the original straight line, and suddenly disappeared, disappearing like a ghost.

On the front side, the melting-wing tyrannosaurus still rammed straight past like a tank, and the whole body burst out of strong magma, burning the ground out of the hole, and the venue was constantly changing on the way.

Bang Bang!

Several fireballs squirted out of the mouth of the melting-wing tyrannosaurus beast to do a probing attack.

The crystal sea dragon was crystal clear and translucent, just like a dragon beast carved out of crystal. It was incomparably beautiful. When the fireballs rushed, a deep anger suddenly appeared in the dark golden dragon eye, and a dragon roared suddenly!

Roar! !

This dragon roar was terrifying, and with the sound wave impact, it actually intercepted several fireballs and smashed them directly.

At the next moment, sharp crystal blades condensed from the front of the crystal Hanhailong dragon and burst out like a burst of arrows.

A wall of rock suddenly appeared in front of the Melting Wings Tyrannosaurus Beast, which was the handwriting of the earth dragon behind.

But at this moment, a harsh scream issued, Qin Shaotian and his pets all fell into a short pause, only the figure of the **** demon waiter was not affected.


The Dark Nightmares skills have just been used up, and the Shura Demon Snake crushed the rock wall to get rid of the Winged Tyrannosaurus Beast first, but the body just rushed to half, and the **** demon waiter jumped down like a cloth The sharp blades flicked out in an instant, and after a few clicks, the scales on the Shura Devil's body broke, and several blood openings were torn open.

The dark magical energy wrapped around it was also plundered.

The Shura Demon Snake was like an enemy, the body entrenched, the snake mouth opened, and a low scream like a demonstration.

All of this happened in an instant. The initial face-to-face attack, Qin Shaotian and Yan Bingyue's pets, were evenly matched, or Qin Shaotian had some advantages. After all, the **** demon waiter is too strong, it can be called a melee king. In this regard, it just happened to restrain the Shura demon snake, which is also good at melee attacks.

Recovering from the spiritual screams of the dark nightmare Warcraft, Qin Shaotian saw the situation on the field, snorted coldly, and the idea came out again.


A vine appeared on the ground, drilling out of the ground, turning the ground behind Qin Shaotian into a forest area of giant trees, where weird plants grew, with spiky flowers and enchanting vines.

At the same time, the ground collapsed and the ground in front of the Winged Tyrannosaurus was sunk into it. The magma of the Winged Tyrannosaurus was flowing down the foot, poured into it, and instantly turned into a small rock pool.

Realm has reached the eighth level, several pets want to transform the terrain easily.


The Melting Wing Tyrannosaurus stepped on the magma, and the magma boiled rapidly, bursting out a flame of flying arrows from inside, rushing towards Yan Bingyue.

On the surface of the body of the Dark Nightmare Warcraft and the Shura Demon Snake, a white crystal color emerges. This is the skill of the Crystal Hanhailong, the crystal scale armor.

Under the protection of this crystal scale armor, the fire rain fell on the Shura Demon Snake, unharmed.


The crystal Hanhai Beast growled, the ground on the field quickly condensed, and a spear of ice more than ten meters thick protruded from the ice ground, aiming at the molten tyrannosaurus in front.

The referee dodged to the top of the enchantment while the fighting pets of both sides were constantly throwing skills. The entire enchantment kept vibrating and bursting, which was the mutual consumption of pet skills.

One by one, advanced skills, even ninth-level skills, are constantly being released, so that the audience will be dazzled. Compared with the previous crushing battle, pure advanced skills like this are the first time they see each other. He was so excited and excited.


This gorgeous battle is beautiful!

On the field, Qin Shaotian and Yan Bingyue, who stood on both sides, were quietly waiting for nothing. They just let the pets around them roar and roar, and it seemed that the surrounding battlefield had nothing to do with the two of them.

They are like two generals, just commanding their soldiers to fight.

Both people know that this is just an appetizer.

"Bloody Golem, Golem Strangle!"

Qin Shaotian suddenly narrowed his eyes, a cold flash of light flashed through his eyes.

The temptation is almost the same, it is time to move!

The **** demon who was fighting with the Shura Demon Serpent suddenly became extremely flexible, and the blade swayed sharply, breaking free from the Shura Demon Serpent's windings, and tearing a large wound from his body.


Breaking away from the **** waiter of the Shura Demon Serpent, his body suddenly shook, and turned into a light smoke disappearing.

Then in less than a second, Yan Bingyue suddenly emerged from the cold light in his eyes, and suddenly turned around, only to see in the shadow behind him, a grim twisted figure emerged from the inside.

It's a **** demon!

Directly bypassed the blockade of the Shura Demon Snake and the Crystal Hanhai Dragon, appeared behind her!


The fierce magic shadow, wielding a sharp blade, immediately "hugs" towards Yan Bingyue at the moment of his first appearance.

But Yan Bingyue seemed to have expected that the moment she turned around, her star power suddenly appeared, and a strange star pattern was formed in her palm, and with a bang, the blade of her other hand flashed through thousands of swords instantly A fierce flame was rubbed in the air, and all the sharp blades swept by the **** demon waiter were blocked by parry!

This scene shook Qin Duhuang's pupils under the stage.

The patriarchs of the major families nearby also changed their faces, revealing horror.

With his own strength and swordsmanship, can he parry the **** devil's offensive? !

You know, this Bloody Demon Servant is the eighth-order repair order. Although it is also eighth-order, it is completely incomparable with the previous mechanical pet. The mechanical pet is in front of the Bloody Demon Servant. It is estimated that no one can support it. Tear!

In the moment when everyone was shocked, the moment when Yan Bingyue parryed to block the **** demon waiter, her body suddenly approached, her dark eyes flashed with purple electro-optics, and her pupils turned into deep purple, like two deep amber .

With a loud bang, she condensed the palm of the strange star pattern and slammed it on the chest of the **** demon servant.

Star patterns burst in the palm.


Word lightly.

The **** demon waiter's chest was as if hit by a ten thousand pound sledgehammer, and it suddenly shocked, making a sound of bone fragmentation, and then his body was photographed by this palm, flew backwards, and hit the enchantment hard. on!

With a palm, patted the **** demon waiter! !

The audience was shocked.

The eyes of countless people were almost staring out, and the shock on his face could not be more complex.

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