Astral Pet Store Chapter 377

Chapter 377: Win Easily

During the halftime break, the staff took the stage and cleaned the arena with elemental pets. The previously ruined arena was restored to its full appearance.

After fifteen minutes of cheerleading, the second round of competition began.

This time it was Su Lingyue playing against Ye Longtian.

Hearing the referee read his name, Ye Longtian's face changed slightly, and he turned to glance at the girl next to him, but he saw the latter's expression very dignified.

He twitched his lips slightly, thinking he should worry about me.

"You have to control your dragon beast."

Standing up, Ye Longtian said coldly to Su Lingyue.

Su Lingyu was stunned for some reason.

Ye Longtian didn't say much and went directly to power. The only thing he worried about was that the dragon beast became mad and out of control. He didn't want to be as embarrassed as Qin Shaotian, so he almost lost his life.

Su Lingyue saw that he had left his head without saying a word, and thought he was a little strange. After thinking for a while, he couldn't figure out what he meant, so he came to power.

"Auntie, ignore him, come on!"

Xu Kuang gave Su Lingyue a fist blow.

And the words fell into the ears of Muyuan Shou who was not squinting next to him, making him frown slightly.

Su Lingyue was too lazy to correct this arrogant name again, nodded and came to power.

As Su Lingyue came on stage, the cheers of the audience suddenly became warm, such as a landslide and tsunami, and the entire venue fell into the sea of cheers.

Su Lingyue was also frightened by this cheering, but did not expect that his popularity suddenly became so high.

Ye Longtian's face is slightly gloomy, but he knows that this girl is now a hot title to win the championship, and her cheers are bigger than herself.


"This is the one who defeated Qin Shaotian?"

On the title-level seats, Yan Bingyue looked at the girls on the field, and the deafening passionate cheers coming out, the indifferent eyes showed a little look.

Qin Shuhai next to him frowned slightly, and he saw that the girl seemed to be a little careless, but such a straightforward word always made people uncomfortable, and he was unwilling to adapt.

Before waiting for him to speak, Qin Duhuang next to him said with a smile: "Yes, Shao Tianji is not as good as others. She lost to her. She is also a popular champion this time. If Miss Yan wants to win the championship, you may wish to take a good look. "

Yan Bingyue glanced at him, said nothing, and turned to look quietly at the stage.

Yin Feng, sitting next to her, heard Qin Duhuang's words, squinted slightly, and gave him a deep look.

This once angry **** has now become an old fox.

Qin Shuhai glanced at Qin Duhuang, and when he came to his mouth, he didn't say anything, just looked at the stadium silently.


On the field.

After Su Lingyue came to power, another referee came outside the court and entered the enchantment.

In this battle, there are two referees.

Seeing the appearance of the second referee, Ye Longtian's eyelids twitched slightly.


One of the referees opened his mouth and glanced at Su Lingyue.

Su Lingyue knew her weight and was worried about Ye Longtian's sneak attack at the beginning of the battle. She stood in the red line area and immediately summoned the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon.

"I'll give it to you, Xiaobai."

Su Lingyue passed on to Yinshuang Xingyue Dragon.

Yinshuang Xingyuelong seems to be in a good mood today. She glanced at her and flapped her wings, as if to say, let me rest assured.

With the appearance of Yinshuang Xingyuelong, the two referees also looked dignified.

In the distance, Ye Longtian's face changed slightly, he took a deep breath and said coldly again: "Remember, you must control your dragon beast!"

Hearing this, Su Lingyue was puzzled, "What do you mean?"

Ye Longtian snorted coldly without explanation.

Isn't this a question?

If you dont control your dragon beast, what if I cant beat him? !

Seeing Ye Longtian's cold and proud look, Su Lingyue was a little speechless and felt like this person was sick.

When the two referees heard Ye Longtian's words, they all looked weird. They felt that this kid was a little funny, ruthless and counseling. If you really want to be afraid, you can just concede the defeat and stay here.

"Go ahead," one of the referees announced.

Hearing the referee's voice, Su Lingyue immediately tightened his heart and quickly conveyed to Yinshuang Xingyuelong, "Protect me, defeat him!"

To be a normal pet of war, it would be a little crazy to hear such contradictory instructions, but Yinshuang Xingyue Dragon suddenly realized the meaning of Su Lingyue, and suddenly a goddess of ice guarded at the foot of Su Lingyue .

This is another trick!

Seeing this opening, Ye Longtian's eyelids jumped in the distance.


Also intend to shrink the turtle shell, let the beast come to fight!

He was angry, but a little weak, so he had to focus on the dragon beast in front of him. He wanted to see if the dragon beast was really as horrible as the one he saw outside.

Soon, Ye Longtian summoned all his pets.

All are darlings of the ninth rank blood, standing next to Ye Longtian, like mountains and mountains, imposing.


Ye Longtian snarled and immediately ordered the war pet to attack.

The Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon also summons a frost storm, sweeping out, and at the same time a wall of ice is erected. Behind it, the skills of the ice world are slowly condensing.

Seeing that the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon threw a big move, Ye Longtian's face changed, and immediately manipulated his pet to attack from different directions, trying to interrupt its brewing.


"Ice's strongest group attack skills?"

On the title-level seats, Yan Bingyue's indifferent eyes narrowed slightly.

Yin Fengxiao and Zhao Wuji beside her also changed their faces slightly, and their expressions were a little dignified, but this is the strongest group attack skill of the Ice Department. Base City!

The patriarchs next to him had previously known the skills of the Silver Frost, Xingyue Dragon, and their expressions were calmer at the moment, but the light in their eyes flickered, and they didn't know what they were thinking.

The audience outside the venue, however, was excited cheers.

When you come up, you lose a lot of tricks. Is this a quick decision? !


Bang Bang Bang Bang!

On the field, ice guns condensed out of the world of ice prison, and shot like missiles. The entrainment was extremely terrifying. Every huge ice gun fell, and the whole stadium was shaking and shaking!

More than a dozen ice guns shot out in a row, and Ye Longtian's pet was suddenly injured.

"It's all destructive!"

Ye Longtian saw his heart trembling, and he yelled at it.

Just then, a ray of wind suddenly appeared in the field, and then, more wind rushed.

Gale is more than that!

Behind the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon, a huge Fengshen phantom appeared, and at the same time, a cyan arrow with fierce murderousness slowly condensed out.

Arrow of Fengshen!

In the previous battle with Shaotian Qin, the Fengshen Arrow that blew off one arm of the title-level referee!

Ye Longtian's pupils contracted.

He felt locked by the arrow.

There is a feeling of avoidance.

To be shot!

will die!

His scalp was numb and his hair covered with cold hair. This is how Qin Shaotian felt at the time? !

"I, I admit defeat!"

Ye Longtian hurriedly shouted.

The dignified referee in the upper air, when he heard Ye Longtian's words, was relieved, and immediately hurriedly said to Su Lingyue on the other side: "The other party admits defeat, please stop attacking!"

In order to fear that the latter did not hear, the referee deliberately used star power to send sound directly to the guardian of the goddess of ice.

The Fengshen Arrow, which is brewing by the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon, gradually stopped.

The violent winds around were also still.

At the back of the frozen enclave, the ice world of ice and snow has also ceased to continue to brew.

The goddess of ice guarded a small gap, and Su Lingyue looked at the probe, "I won?"

The two referees landed and smiled bitterly, saying: "Yes, you won."

Su Lingyue was relieved and won again!

And this time she won faster than last time. When she dealt with Qin Shaotian at that time, she felt that the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon used that special power.

She heard Su Ping say that it was divine power.

This time, he won directly without using divine power to strengthen his skills.

After glancing at the opposite Ye Longtian, Su Lingyue put away the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon and turned to end.

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