Astral Pet Store Chapter 379

Chapter 379: The Stubborn Of The Weak

Suddenly, the super-large stadium with hundreds of thousands of spectators was quiet.

No cheers, no shouts.

At this moment, all the viewers inexplicably felt a sense of oppression of the storm, it seems that the next battle will be extremely unprecedented!

Watching the audience, Su Lingyue walked down the steps and stepped towards the stage.

The huge stadium, getting closer and closer in her eyes, has become bigger and bigger, it seems that a new world is opening her arms.

The light blue phosphorescent junction channel opens.

Under the guidance of the staff, Su Lingyue entered the border formation along the passage.

After she stood in the area where she was, she raised her head. In an instant, the whole world seemed to revolve around her. Numerous faces in the venue, countless media photography, and countless lights shone here.

Everyone's attention!

With his vision just after breaking through to the fifth level, Su Lingyue can see the faces of some front-row audiences.

Many of the big names in the title-level seats are unattainable, but at the moment they all look dignified and seem to be thinking about something.

At the top five seats, Xu Kuang, Qin Shaotian and others were all looking at her, and there seemed to be some expectations in their eyes.

At the back of the audience, faces filled with tension and excitement seemed to be waiting for the next great battle.

Her eyes circled around, and finally, she looked at the family area in the middle area. Soon, she found the figure. When she saw him, her heart suddenly seemed to settle down.

Just one more win.

She pondered silently and prayed at the same time.

"Is there your friend there?"

Suddenly, a cold voice came, not deliberately indifferent, but it gave a very lonely feeling.

Su Lingyue's thoughts were instantly pulled back to the arena, but she looked forward, but saw her opponent, Yan Bingyue had already played, and was already standing in the calling area she belongs to.

Seeing [funny novel www.youquxiaoshuo.com] her gorgeous and arrogant cheeks, deep in Su Lingyue's eyes, a flash of envy flashed.

Seriously, she admires this kind of person who can ride in such a field on her own.

This is a real genius!

Based on the true ability!

And she is not.

Although she has worked very hard and paid much more effort than others in her class, her first age is already her limit.

If it weren't for the fighting favor given by Su Ping, mortals like her would not be able to get on the table at all in such games, and she has always understood this deeply.

"not friend."

In the face of Yan Bingyue, Su Lingyue also said, "I am a relative."

Yan Bingyue raised her eyebrows slightly, loved ones?

This is a very distant word.

She doesn't feel much.

It is also difficult to experience the other party's feelings at the moment.

"That's really regrettable."

Yan Bingyue said indifferently: "Your loved ones must be looking forward to your victory. Unfortunately, in my opinion, although your pet is strong, but you yourself seem very weak!"

She spoke very calmly and seemed to be narrating a fact.

This remark made Su Lingyue's heart sway.

She was slightly silent and did not answer.

"Thirty seconds, prepare for each." The referee's voice sounded, which was preparation for the pre-war call.

You can release your pets in the summoning area in advance to avoid being attacked and caught off guard.

Hearing the referee's words, Su Lingyue's glare quickly converged. She looked up and looked at the beautiful girl in front of her again.

What I saw from that face was just indifference and a touch of disdain.

She slightly touched the corner of her mouth, but her eyes didn't change. She still raised her hand and made the same movement as she did before.


With the low dragon's breath, the towering figure of the Silver Frost, Xingyue Dragon appeared, stepped out of the summoning space, and stood beside Su Lingyue like a mountain.

Su Lingyue summoned again, called out the Phantom Flame Beast, and guarded himself.


Su Lingyue raised her head and looked up at the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon beside her.

A smile appeared suddenly on her silent expressionless face.

"give it to you."

She grinned.


Yinshuang Xingyuelong let out a low growl and seemed to be responding to her.

She smiled slightly and looked up at the girl opposite.

Yan Bingyue frowned slightly. She glanced at this strange scale of the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon, knowing that this is a mutant dragon beast, which can make dragon beasts with such a high dragon rank mutate, or that the dragon beast lived in a very special environment. Either it has undergone extremely special training, no matter which kind, the dreaded combat power of this dragon beast, she has already seen before.

Without any movement, behind Yan Bingyue, three black whirlpools suddenly appeared.

Immediately after that, claws and dragon scale limbs protruded from the three vortexes.

The appearance of the three majestic figures are all the darlings of Qin Shaotian's previous battle.

Two devil pets, one crystal Hanhai dragon.

After the pets of both sides were summoned, the referee looked at the stopwatch, waited for the countdown to end, and immediately announced the start.

At the same time as the start, the two referees lifted off at the same time, handing over the hollow area within the enclave to the two below.

it has started!

The audience held their breath slightly.

Yan Bingyue's eyes became focused, and there was a sneer in the corner of her mouth. At the moment when the referee announced the start, the crystal Hanhai dragon beside her suddenly stepped out, the area where the foot stepped on, quickly condensed into ice, and quickly radiated to the surroundings. Out.

From the dragon level, Crystal Hanhailong is stronger than Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon, and both are just water dragon beasts. With the same cultivation, Crystal Hanhailong can easily crush Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon!

On the other side, the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon completed the guardianship of the Goddess of Ice almost instantaneously, covering Su Lingyue and the Phantom Flame Beast inside.

It stood in front of the guardian of the goddess of ice, and gave his back to Su Lingyue. She wanted to hurt Su Lingyue and passed it.

The temperature in the field plummeted rapidly, and a strong cold spread from the side of the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon. The ground beneath it also quickly condensed, and the ice extended to the back, freezing the bounds like the water fluctuations. Covered with thick ice, it looks like a huge steep **** of ice wall.

On the ice wall, a huge ice gun slowly extended.

An attack prelude to the world of ice prison!

Just like in the previous battle, you can go all out with one shot!

Yan Bingyue's eyes narrowed slightly, as if expecting this scene, the crystal Hanlong dragon beside her suddenly slapped on the ground, the frozen ice rolled up quickly, and turned into an oval crystal shield, and it and Yan Bingyue , And two other devil pets are all shrouded in it.

Ice gun, launch!

The ice gun just frozen suddenly burst out like a missile, hitting the crystal shield as much as possible.

The whole venue was shaken violently. Although this trick appeared for the third time, the effect is still shocking. Each ice wall is more than ten meters long, which is terrifying.

All the audience were shocked. Some people's eyelids jumped, and they dared not look at the crystal shield.


Yan Bingyue, who was standing behind the crystal shield, felt the vibration of the stadium under her feet, and also heard the violent impact sound from the crystal shield in front of her. Deafening, she stared at the crystal shield and suddenly found that there was something faint on it. Cracked marks.

This power...

A touch of color flashed in Yan Bingyue's eyes. She felt that she still slightly underestimated the dragon beast. Although this ice prison world is not as ruined as the nineth-order peak dragon beast exhibited, its strength is almost close to the ninth-order, even if it is average The title level, may not be able to resist any of the ice guns!

If it werent for the defense of the Crystal Dragon, it was outstanding, and it was more terrifying than the earth dragon. At this moment, this guardian shield is mostly broken.

Can't wait any longer!

The cold light flashed in Yan Bingyue's eyes, and suddenly a vortex appeared next to her, and a figure slowly climbed out from inside. The vortex was very small, and the figure that climbed out was extremely small, only two meters high. This height is absolutely a dwarf among the monsters.

Or a lower-level monster.

But it is clearly not.

When this figure climbed out of the summoning space, the two demon pets next to them evaded back a little bit, seeming to be extremely afraid.


Yan Bingyue whispered.

The little figure was completely dark, but a pair of eyes were blood-red. After hearing the words, she suddenly turned into a shadow and slammed into her body. Then, the rich dark breath slowly overflowed from Yan Bingyue. Then it overflowed more and more and enveloped the whole person.

But after ten or more seconds, the overflowing dense black mist quickly contracted again, turning into a strange energy line, covering the surface of Yan Bingyue's body.

A strange, dark black pattern covered her cheeks, neck, wrists and other places like a tattoo.

There was a hint of dark red in her dark pupil.

kill! !

The violent idea of killing instantly attacked her mind.

But she did not lose her calmness and reason. Commands came out quickly. Crystal Hanhailong and the other two demon pets quickly moved. The ground shook, the Shura demon roared, and jumped out from the side of the crystal shield towards the silver. Frost Star Moon Dragon hurried away.

An ice gun shot at the Shura Demon Snake, but it evaded dexterously, and it could not avoid it. It also threw its huge tail and smashed it directly.

The dark scales of the Shura Demon Snake are covered with transparent crystal scale armor, which increases its defense to the maximum extent, even if it is a hard-connected attack, it is safe and sound. This is the terrible place of the Crystal Hanlong .

And this ice gun failed to hurt the Shura demon.

Feeling the magic snake rushing in, the silver frost star moon dragon's eyes suddenly appeared a touch of gold, and his eyes gradually revealed the grim and murderous intention.

The strong wind suddenly rolled around its body, and a huge transparent phantom appeared behind its dragon body, the arrow of Fengshen!

The Aeolus of nothingness pulls the arrows, and a cyan arrow bursts out.

At the moment when the arrows were condensed, the violent winds suddenly stopped, and then, a blasting sound suddenly sounded, and the arrow broke out quickly.

Roar! !

The crystal Hanhai dragon in the rear suddenly roared, and suddenly a huge crystal wall was erected on the way of the Shura demon snake.

Boom! !

The arrows hit the crystal wall fiercely, and the entire stadium was shaken. The violent impact was deafening.

However, without smoke and dust, the arrow of Fengshen broke up!

And the crystal shield is still intact! !

The audience was shocked.

The arrow of Fengshen, the silver frost star moon dragon, failed? !

Yin Fengxiao and Zhao Wuji, who were sitting under the stage, were relieved to see this scene, and then a smile appeared on their faces. They glanced at the head of the Ye family next to them, and the meaning in their eyes was self-evident.

This arrow can scare the young master of your family into fear, and admit defeat directly.

But in front of our young lady, it is nothing!

The head of the Ye family did not look at them, but stared at the field closely, frowning.


The Aeolus Arrow has no effect. In this scene, the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon did not seem to expect it. It looked at the Shura demon snake that was approaching and approaching the crystal wall. Suddenly, it felt a trace of crisis.

This crisis does not come from itself, but it feels that the other party will cause danger to Su Lingyue behind it!

The killing is like a flame, burning out of it instantly.

Roar! !

The violent idea quickly occupied its consciousness, and its dragon head rose red in an instant, bright red like blood, full of tyrannical killing intention.

The Fengshen phantom behind it has not collapsed, but has become more staring. This time, there is a hazy golden light on Fengshen phantom!

Raise your hand and pull the bow!

This time, the arrow of the unreal wind **** pulled is pure gold!

The entire field suddenly rolled countless gusts of wind, all the wind, all gathered on this arrow, it seems that even with the air outside the enchantment, they are also evacuated!

This dazzling golden arrow is dazzling!

Feng Yinxiao and Zhao Wuji stunned the audience at the same time, and soon changed their complexion.

The patriarchs of the major families are all dignified.

This is the arrow!

They have watched the video before, and it feels even more shocking at the moment.

Hanmao stood upright and creepy, even when standing outside the field, they could feel the terrible sense of destruction on this arrow. In addition to the murderous power and strength, the feeling attached to this arrow gave them a kind of instinctive awe!

Seems to be the arrow launched by the true Fengshen!

Arrows, potentials!

The unspeakable murderousness condensed on the arrow, and the swiftly advancing Shura Demon Snake suddenly closed its big mouth, and the blood-red snake's eyes showed a terrified look.


In its mind, felt a strong breath of death!

Roar! !

Stimulated by intense fear, it suddenly burst into a sharp roar, and the original swimming body suddenly hovered, burying its head deep in the coiled snake body.

The crystal Hanhai dragon in the back also seemed to be tense and rushed out of the body at the same time. At the same time, a crystal wall was erected in front of the snake body of Asura.

Boom! !

A burst of sonic boom sounded, bursting in front of the arrow, and at the next moment, the air exploded instantly, and the golden arrow ejected instantly.

At the moment of launch, a strange scream sounded on the field, but was suppressed by the sonic boom.

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

At the moment when it touched the crystal shield, the indestructible crystal shield burst instantaneously, and the arrow's momentum continued, penetrating through four or five crystal shields, striking **** the snake body coiled by the Shura demon snake, bang There was a huge sound, and the huge snake body hundreds of meters long of the Shura snake was blown up and flew up. The coiled snake body turned into three or four bodies and flew backwards.

One of the snake bodies was taken from behind by the dark nightmare Warcraft.

And the rest of the paragraphs fell to the ground, still twitching!

This arrow penetrated the body of the Shura Demon Snake through several sections and directly blew through.

However, I don't know if it was finally blocked or missed. The head of the Shura Demon Snake remained intact, but the seven or eight meters below the head broke and the blood was surging.

Roar! !

The killing intention in the eyes of Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon is not limited, the second golden arrow condenses out again.

However, when condensed to half, its body suddenly shook hard, and then, it suddenly turned back, and its golden red eyes fell on the guardian of the goddess of ice behind.

There, a hole was broken! !

Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon froze.

Its dragon head instantly shrinks like a pinhole!

At the same time, a figure in the family area suddenly stood up!

Roar! !

Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon instantly roared like crazy, and suddenly turned to save.

In the cave, Su Lingyue also looked at the figure suddenly appeared in front of him, it was Yan Bingyue!

She even broke the guardian of the goddess of ice in an instant, and killed her!

what happened?

She was a little confused.

But from the latter's strange dark red pupil, she felt the bitter murderous intention.

Will it die?

She thought instinctively, but soon realized that killers were not allowed in the game.

And as soon as this thought appeared, she thought of something that made her chill everywhere.

Although it will not die, but are you going to lose?

Her heart seemed to be clenched, almost still, at this moment, she even wanted to cry.

"I said, you are too weak, without this dragon beast, you are nothing." Yan Bingyue looked at her indifferently, his body suddenly rushed out, wielding his sword and slashing.

That Ling Yun's murderous intention was reflected in his sight.

Su Lingyue showed despair in her eyes, but at the next moment, she suddenly bit her lip and her thoughts suddenly came out. At the same time, her whole body exploded in star power, blessed with the increase of the necessary skills of the students.

"Hold on!"

This is her only thought at the moment.

Through the broken guard, she can sense the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon, it didn't happen, as long as it is still...


The blood suddenly bloomed in sight.

Su Lingyue's thinking almost stopped.

Her pupils were wide open, and blood fluttered in front of her eyes, splashing on her face.

Phantom Flame's puffed body fell in front of her, and a very deep wound was scratched on her furry belly, and internal organs and other organs fell out.

The Phantom Flame Beast, which is comparable to the eighth order, fell down without even supporting a round?


Yan Bingyue's figure appeared in front of Su Lingyue with a sword, with a contemptuous sneer on her face. At this moment, she is equivalent to a ninth-order melee monster, even if she encounters the previous **** demon waiter, she can cut it off kill!

"You are too weak, and only pray for the refuge of the beast. Is this also a war pet master?"

Yan Bingyue sneered, raised the blade, and when the deafening roar came from behind, she put the sword on her neck and neck, "You lost!"

This indifference is like sentence.

Su Lingyong froze.

But at the next moment, she suddenly raised her head and burst into a smile on her pale cheeks.

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