Astral Pet Store Chapter 383

Chapter 383: Sixth Order Median


Hearing Su Ping's words, Yin Feng was suddenly angry and said, "You are going to play against our young lady in a title class. Is it true that you have no face and no skin, are you afraid of being ridiculed?"

The title class that was persuaded by the side was also stunned by Su Ping's words, and immediately smiled bitterly: "Boss Su, our elite league is only limited to the younger generation below the seventh level. You are a strong person in the title class. You are just afraid of nobody Can be your opponent."

"Who says I am a title grade?"

Su Ping looked at him and said coldly: "On my terms, to participate in your elite league, it is fully qualified! Since you allow her to airborne, I have no problem in airborne!"

The title was stunned, "Boss Su, you..."

He didn't understand the meaning of Su Ping's words, isn't it a title?

How is it possible, so terrifying power, but also mastered the ability to fly, how could it not be the title level?

Could it be like Yan Bingyue, flying with special secret skills?

But, even if it is so, how to explain the force that just broke the enchantment? This is difficult for even the top powerhouse in the title level!

Unless it is some well-known characters like Dao Zun, or the angry **** Qin Duhuang on the field, it can instantly burst out a power comparable to the legendary blow, but such a power is extremely costly to them and cant be used much. Times.

Moreover, they are all the strongest titles, this can be done.

In the distance, Yin Feng smiled when he heard Su Ping's words, and his eyes moved slightly. He glanced at the enchanting equipment under the field, and his eyes flickered slightly.

"Ridiculous! You said you were not a title, did you openly treat us all as fools?"

Zhao Wuji sneered.

His burly figure matched a wide face, and he looked serious and upright, but he said every word with ulterior motives. This was deliberately borrowing Su Ping's words for others.

Hearing Zhao Wuji's words, everyone else frowned at Su Ping.

It shows such a strong power, but it is not a title level, but even if you are not a title level, it is at least an eighth-order limit. Such a state is like no way to participate in the elite league.

Su Ping glanced at Zhao Wuji, and the cold light in his eyes suddenly became strong, and said, "As long as you speak to me again, you will die!"

Zhao Wuji was stunned, and he was suddenly threatened by Su Ping. His face flushed red and said angrily: "You just said that you are not a title. Since you are not, the person who speaks badly here should be you Right!"

"You don't deserve to talk to me!"

Su Ping glanced at him coldly and said to the title of the municipal government around him: "Do you have any equipment for testing and repairing to the realm, what realm I am, you will know it at once!"


Zhao Wuji was completely despised by Su Ping, violently angry, and his forehead was raised with blue tendons, but he finally resisted the attack. The punch of this young boy was as if imprinted in his mind, always reminding him to let He was terribly fearful, and if he really played, he was not sure of winning.

The middle-aged middle-aged man who was persuaded by the side heard Su Ping's words, and he was a little dumb and immediately smiled bitterly. He didn't know what the boss Su wanted to do. What was the significance of this test?

However, since Su Ping said so, he suddenly wanted to see what level of Su Ping's realm was.

"That's good, according to boss Su's words, only that the realm must be below the seventh level before they can participate in the competition. Otherwise, there is any contradiction. I hope boss Su will wait until the game is over." The middle-aged person in the title class said.

After he finished speaking, he saw that Su Ping did not say, neither denied nor agreed, so he had to call the staff outside the field to fetch the instrument that was previously tested by Yan Bingyue.

Soon, the instrument that had been put on the ground before was sent to the field.


Su Lingyue also stood beside Su Ping at this time, looking at him with some doubts and worries.

"Humph, more than one thing!"

Zhao Wuji sneered.

Yin Feng smiled, but his face was cold, and he didn't speak a word.

Yan Bingyue, who was behind them, covered her broken wrist and frowned at Su Ping.

"Boss Su."

The middle-aged man in the title class took the instrument, smirked at Su Ping, and then found that the dark dragon dog beside Su Ping grunted, raised his head, and seemed to allow him to approach.

He was weird in his heart. This was obviously Xu Kuang's darling. How is it now that it is Su Ping's darling.

Without much thought, he quickly came to Su Ping, handed the instrument to Su Ping, and beckoned the two staff members in charge next to the test to give Su Ping the test.

Soon, two staff members carefully strapped Su Ping to the test instrument.

"Please release Xing Li." One of the staff members said in awe.

As he said, Su Ping immediately released a ray of star power.

Everyone in the audience looked over here, and the patriarchs in the title seats under the audience couldn't help but stood up and looked up here.

In particular, the two Zhou families are extremely curious about Su Ping's state of cultivation.

They still remember this guy alone, almost breaking down their family.

The former Yin Fengxiao and Zhao Wuji also stared.

Soon, the lights on the instrument turned on.

The lights follow the grid and climb up one by one.

In the blink of an eye, it was the sixth quarter!

Then, the lights suddenly stopped and began to change colors.

Finally fixed on orange!

Green is the lower position, orange is the middle position, dark purple is the upper position, and red is the limit!

According to the results of this instrument test, this cultivation level is... the sixth-order median!

Seeing that the color was fixed, there was no change, the two staff members next to them were both stunned, and Su Lingyue, who was standing next to Su Ping, was also stunned.

The middle-aged man who was persuaded to take a few steps away was stunned.

In the distance, Zhao Wuji and Yin Feng smiled, their pupils shrunk, and their faces were incredible.

Yan Bingyue, who was standing behind them, stared at the test instrument stunnedly. If she hadn't worn it before, she doubted whether it was bad.

The major families in the distance are all stunned.

Among them, the two who responded most were the Zhou family, with a somewhat stunned expression.


At this moment, Qin Duhuang, who has always been irritated and angry, also stood up suddenly. The long and narrow eyes that were smiling all year round were completely opened at this moment, revealing a pair of extremely glorious eyes, and looked at the test in shock. instrument.

Qin Shuhai beside him was also stunned.

The audience in the audience were stunned to see the close-up view of the test instrument through the big screen.

"Mr. Su..."

Fei Yanbo in the family area widened his eyes.

Many of the students behind them, especially Luo Fengtian, stood up suddenly. He had always behaved indifferently. At the moment, he was extremely disoriented and his eyes were about to burst apart.

Tier 6...Mid-term? !

Is it just the sixth order? ! !

And it is not the sixth-order limit, only the mid-term!

how is this possible? !

The huge venue, like a haunted house at this moment, was silent with no sound.

After a short period of sluggishness, soon, a sound of suspense sounded, and no one could believe it was true.

Among them, the most difficult to accept is the title level. They know what kind of power is needed to open the enchantment with a punch, and this power is displayed by a sixth-order war pet master.

This is too exaggerated!

They are not unseen geniuses.

Monsters like Yan Bingyue have also seen them and seen them in previous global elite championships.

However, even those previous champions and those guys who are not as strong as humans can't explode with the power of a legendary blow at Tier 6!

This is absolutely impossible!

This point has broken their cognition. If this is true, their previous cognition will be overturned!

"No, this is never possible!"

Zhao Wuji reacted and called out first. He looked at Su Ping with a frightened face and said, "There must be something wrong with the test. Is it something wrong with this instrument? He is only a sixth order? I don't believe it!"

The middle-aged middle-aged man who was persuaded next to him also recovered. His thoughts were the same as Zhao Wuji, but of course he couldnt directly say that. He turned his head and glanced and found the expressions of everyone in the audience. It seems to be like his heart, full of consternation and daze.

"This..." The middle-aged man in this title class couldn't help but glance at Su Ping, saying: "Boss Su, this instrument may have a problem..."

Su Ping looked slightly cold and said, "The instrument is okay. I am indeed a sixth-order midterm."

The middle-aged person in the title class was stunned. Seeing Su Ping's cold face, he didn't seem to be joking, but what he said was obviously a joke.

He smiled bitterly, and said: "Boss Su, this instrument should have been a problem when testing Miss Yan before, otherwise, shall we change the instrument again?"

Seeing him like this, Su Ping didn't seem to believe it again and never believed it. He said, "Yes, you have to test as many times as you want, until you are satisfied!"


The third is around 10 o'clock~

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