Astral Pet Store Chapter 386

Chapter 386: I Suping Kills People Not Picking Places second More

"Boss Su!"

The titles of the three city governments all came to Su Pingping. The middle-aged person who was discouraged earlier said quickly: "Dont be impulsive, there are so many people in this hall. If you are fighting here, only I'm afraid that it will involve the innocent audience outside the venue, and, the origin of Miss Yan Bingyue..."

"Yeah, boss Su, the origin of Miss Yan is beyond your imagination. Until now, I don't hide from you that Miss Yan is from the'Starry Sky' organization." Another title said in response.

"Not bad."

There is also a titled old man who nodded slightly, looked at Su Ping seriously, and said in a deep voice: "If you are here, we have to intervene. Boss Su might as well listen to the old man's persuasion, this matter will stop, look back for an opportunity , I invite you to gather together. If you have any grudges, lets sit down and talk slowly."

"Sit down and talk slowly?"

Su Ping's eyes were seen from the faces of the three of them, and he slowly opened his mouth and said, "I advise you not to be troubled. I Su Ping kills people and never pick places. If you block, you will be at your own risk!"

Seeing the chill in Su Ping's eyes, the three people's faces changed.

They all saw that Su Ping had decided to kill!

"Boss Su!"

The old man's eyes were filled with a look of anger, and his body was suddenly released, and he was a title-level superior!

His majesty is like a huge sea, sweeping the entire field instantly, so that the audience outside feels a great pressure. It seems that the old man's rickety figure has soared to hundreds of feet instantly, and there is a feeling of looking up.

"Since boss Su insists on doing things alone, don't blame the old man. I'm welcome to intervene!"

The old man's face was dignified, and a vortex emerged from the back. A majestic figure like a mountain emerged from the inside. Some of them were elemental pets, some were dragon beasts, and some were demons. A total of seven!

These seven pets, the lowest realm, are all the ninth rank median!

And most of them are the realm of the ninth order!

There are two of them, which are the ninth order limit!

And, one of these two is still the overlord level pet of the same rank, Dragon Beast!

It is the Cangjing Frost Dragon with 23 dragons!

The bloodline of the ninth-order limit, and now it has grown to its peak, is the cultivation of the ninth-order limit!

This is a truly fully grown dragon beast with a majestic dragon body and a height of more than 30 meters. If the dragon wings are stretched out, they have a length of hundreds of meters, enough to cover a quarter of the field!

In front of this peak of the crystal cold frost dragon, the purgatory candle dragon beast just stepped out, only more than ten meters tall, looks very immature, like a little dwarf.

With the emergence of the seven pets, the entire arena was occupied. The physique of these beasts made the stadium almost unable to accommodate, let alone fight.

This is the horror of the upper title level!

At this moment, the audience reacted, shocked, and terrified!

This is a title-level battle!


Some people have already reacted, no longer looking at the excitement, and hurriedly rushed into the hallway of the venue to escape from this terrible venue.

When the audience was rioting outside the stadium, the light above Su Ping's head was completely blocked on the stage. He raised his head slightly and looked at this domineering frost dragon looking down at him.

His expression did not change at all, his eyes fell on the old man in front of him, and he slowly said, "I am very reasonable."

"I have complied with the rules of the league you set."

"So we take part in the competition step by step, according to your process."

"I have the ability to break your rules and win the championship directly, but I didn't do it because I'm not special and I don't want to bully people."

"Like the Liu family, I can understand the competition with my shop, business competition, so even if I can make the whole Liu family shut up, or even completely disappear, but I did not do so!"

"Although I know that only children in this world can reason, I am willing to be a reasoner."

"I have been reasoning with you, or reasoning with this world, including now..."

"I have greeted you and you are at your own risk, but you still have to block it, I hope you can bear it!"

Hearing Su Ping's words, the old man frowned slightly, and did not know what Su Ping said, but the feeling the boy gave him at the moment made him feel inexplicably upset.

He didn't see the dignity and surprise in his face from the young man's face.

The latter saw the power he showed, but his expression was extremely calm. This calmness made his pores shrink slightly, and he took it seriously in his heart.

At the same time, Liu Tianzong, who was under the stage, was frowned upon by Su Ping's remarks, and his face became particularly gloomy. Feeling that this guy's remarks were too arrogant, let them shut their mouths? destruction?

What do you think you are!

Reasonable, who will reason with you? !

To be reasonable, why are everyone in this world working hard to be a normal person?

Trying to climb up, is it not to make yourself unreasonable and exercise your privileges? !

"Boss Su, don't be impulsive. We didn't intend to be an enemy of you. I hope you don't embarrass us!" The title grade of another municipal government next to him frowned, and at the same time showed his breath, the median title!

Behind him, a vortex also appeared, but only two war pets were summoned, but they were also the pets of the peak period, and they were all high-ranked nine ranks!

With the emergence of those two pets, the stadium became more crowded, all of which were huge and fierce figures. In front of these pets, Su Pingren's body became extremely small, like ants.

"Ha ha"

Su Ping suddenly smiled lightly on his face, but at the next moment, the smile suddenly disappeared, and in his dark eyes suddenly endless blood red tyrannical light burst out, like a violent demon hidden deep in his heart, suddenly rushed out of the shackles , Occupying the entire soul!

"Stop me, die!!"

With the fierce and fierce voice, the air seemed to be filled with the smell of bleeding.

The old man standing in front of the Su plane had his pupils contracted suddenly.

He felt that Su Ping, who he saw in his eyes, did not seem to be a teenager, but turned into a demon, and, in the field of vision, suddenly disappeared into a darkness.

This murderous, was already strong enough to make him hallucinate!

This strange situation reminded him of a mysterious realm that was extremely distant and extremely legendary.

Potential! !

It is rumored that this is an artistic ability that is difficult for legends to comprehend. It is only recorded in some ancient secrets. He also accidentally obtained the ancient secrets and learned from them.

how can that be? !

The old man was very shocked, looking at the magic shadow in his eyes getting bigger and bigger. He felt that his whole body was deprived of his body. He bit his tongue sharply and suddenly woke up under the stimulation of pain. The field and the real space in front of him returned. He still stood on the field, but he felt like he was isolated!

Yes, it is isolated!

He was clearly surrounded by his pets, but he felt alone.

Alone [biqugewwww.biqugew.me] faced...the boy in front of me!


Su Ping's eyes were cold and boneless, saying one word.


The small skull behind him suddenly disappeared like a ghost, and immediately, the old man standing in front of the Su plane suddenly radiated a dazzling blue light on the surface of his body. This blue light was a star power shield, but As soon as it appeared at the moment, it shattered like layers of glass!

This is his secret guardian skills, instinctive defense!

At the moment when the guardian secret broke, the old man was terrified, and a **** character suddenly appeared in his mind--

dead! !

"Do not!!!"

The old man was frightened, and the thoughts and instructions in his mind rushed in an instant, sending him the pet of war at the fastest speed in his life!

He did not expect that he really did not expect that Su Ping would actually shoot!

And the first one took him, the first move was a trick! !

"Save me!!!"

too fast!

This is too fast!

Although the pet of war is beside you, it is within easy reach, but it is as far away as the horizon!

All thoughts, everything, all end in an instant!


A head suddenly flew up and fell into the hands of a small skull.

The expression on his head is still full of horror, as well as panic, the tightened pupil and the fear in his eyes are frozen at this moment.


A shadow flashed, and the figure of the small skull carried the beheaded head, and flashed back to Su Ping. The small hand of the skull grabbed the hair of this head, handed it to Su Ping, and looked up at him.

Su Ping took it, the palm star power suddenly exploded, and his head burst with a bang!

This senior man in the rank of title is dead!

All this happens only in a flash.

The seven pets ready for action, the contract was also broken when the old man died, and his body suddenly stiffened, as if digesting the sudden feeling in his mind.

It's like suddenly losing something very important.

Beside, the titles of the other two municipal governments were dumbfounded.

They opened their mouths, and the horror on their faces almost opened the corners of their mouths, so shocked they couldn't be more complicated!

Su Ping actually shot!

It really took action against them who represented the municipal government!

Moreover, the shot was successful, killing in one blow! !

Among the three of them, the old man with the highest cultivation status and the highest identity was beheaded on the spot!

This is the existence of the upper rank of the title level! !

Just one step away, it is close to the limit. Even if the old man is well received in the city hall, even the mayor should be polite to him, and the patriarchs of major families must sell a thin noodle in front of him. But at this moment, in front of Su plane, he was beheaded in a blink of an eye!

Too cruel!

too crazy!

It is lawless! !

The point is, this maniac has such terrifying power, what kind of ghost is that skull, what just happened? !

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