Astral Pet Store Chapter 387

Chapter 387: Close

Beside, Xu Kuang and Qin Shaotian who saw this scene were all shocked.

They didn't expect that Su Ping was so cruel and brutal!

If you say murder, you will kill!

There is no sign!

Although Su Ping said hello, can that kind of hello be a precursor?

Looking at the headless corpse at the title level, they felt that this scene was too exciting and unforgettable forever. A powerful person at the top of the title level actually died like this.

Ordinary people want to practice to the title level, it is difficult to reach the sky!

In front of him, Su Ping actually beheaded the title level, just like killing an ant, it will be completed in an instant!


The words Qin Shaotian and Ye Longtian came to mind.

This guy is a monster!

Compared with him, their arrogant killing spirit in the past is simply a child playing house, this is the real murderer!


far away.

Yin Fengxiao and Zhao Wuji, as well as Yan Bingyue and Jian Shi Xiaojue behind them, were shocked to see this scene.

They did not expect that Su Ping really dared to kill!

Really want to be here, endlessly! !

This is under the spotlight!

"This guy"

Yin Fengxiao reacted first, looking at the beheaded corpse, his eyes showed extremely dreadful light. Although the death was unprepared, it was his carelessness. I didnt expect Su Ping to dare to shoot, but he could kill him instantly. The title is high, such a force cannot be underestimated!

Moreover, the killing has already begun, this young man will never easily stop!

After all, his real goal is them!

"Miss Protection!" Yin Feng smiled immediately.

This is for the gun demon Zhao Wuji.

The swordman Xiaojue beside him also nodded vigorously and stood nervously in front of Yan Bingyue. He didn't expect such a brave person to appear in such a poor and remote base city!

The major families under the stage were also shocked to lose their voices.

Zhou Tianlin of the Zhou family, his pupils tightened, and he suddenly knew that this maniac was going crazy again!

I dared to kill the Zhou family alone, but now I am here again, beheading the title of the city government in public!

And this is not counted, his goal is that Yin Fengxiao and Yan Bingyue and others!

They are all members of the Starry Sky Organization!

It's crazy!

The patriarchs and elders of other families were also shocked by this scene. I thought this young man just spoke bad words and wanted to get justice, but I didn't expect that he was really coming!

Roar! !


Suddenly, angry beasts roared in the field, and the sound was terrifying!

The seven pets that the old man just summoned were all mad after the old man died, and after a little pause!

The contract concluded in their sea of knowledge is released with the death of the old man. At this moment, they are no longer constrained, suppressing the fierceness of the original monsters and beasts in their bones, all released at this moment.

A qualified pet is absolutely cruel and tyrannical.

Cowardice, or docile pets, are prone to cowardice when they encounter a strong enemy.

And this old man's pet is undoubtedly very well trained, all of them are brutal and brutal.

Roar! !

Seven tier nine monsters are out of control at this moment!

This scene made the two title ranks on the field change their face again!

They have no ability to block this old man's favorite pet. The opponent is the strongest of the three of them, especially the ninth-order limit of the Cangjing Frost Dragon. The power is almost ruined, if there is no strong man blocking it , Even a base city will be trampled and destroyed by it!

When these seven-headed pets were mad, the entire venue was in chaos.

Everyone was frightened. The title-level old man was instantly killed, and the seven-headed battle became a fierce monster. No one knows what will happen next, but a disaster will definitely break out here!

Countless people got up and fled, all scared by this scene!


One of the tier-nine combat armored fierce tigers, the fierce light flashing in his eyes, suddenly rushed towards the nearest Yan Bingyue, sending a low tiger roar.

Deterrent technique!


Yin Fengxiao, who was standing in front of Yan Bingyue, suddenly roared with rage, and his body was full of star power. Two vortices appeared behind him, and two figures were suddenly drilled from inside.


The whole battle table was shocked down!

A huge demon pet like Roshan is the first to appear, and it is the abyss blood beast of the ninth order!

As soon as the abyss flesh-beast appeared, the fierce abyss demon raged out, causing the fierce tiger to stop suddenly, the fierce light in his eyes flickering and full of fear.

On the other side of the field, Nacang Jinghan Frost Dragon was the closest to Su Ping, and it suddenly burst into a loud and loud dragon chant, full of anger.

The contract that disappeared in its consciousness made it seem to have lost something it cherished extremely, but it did not know what was lost.

This feeling makes it mad.

At this moment, this raging flame directly vented to the tiny human in front of him.


Su Ping raised his eyes.

A pair of blood-red eyes stared at the dragon beast.

The Cangjing Hanshuang Dragon's angry dragon head looked at this pair of blood eyes. Suddenly, its dragon head shrank slightly. At that moment, it felt an extremely strong and terrifying killing intent.

This human...

The anger in his eyes disappeared, revealing a look of panic.

With the keen sense of the Dragon family, it felt extremely dangerous from this human.

This feeling made his angry brain wake up compulsively, and the huge dragon body could not help taking a step back.

From those eyes, it saw endless death, endless violent violence, and even more terrible magical power!


Extremely dangerous! !

The Cangjing Frost Dragon keeps retreating, making a low roar, with the nature of demonstrations and warnings.

Su Lingyue, Xu Kuang, Qin Shaotian and others who stood beside Su Ping saw this scene, and they were all shocked to be dull. The dragon beast that reached the peak of the ninth order, was shocked by Su Ping!

Did not do anything, and even scared it back!

They can feel that Su Ping exudes a terrifying sense of murderousness and danger, which makes them a little dazed and unfamiliar.

However, because Su Ping did not target them, they felt far less intensely than the Cangjing Hanshuang Dragon, so they could not imagine that the Cangjing Hanshuang Dragon would be frightened by this and only retreat!

Su Ping did not intend to let the Cangjing Hanshuang Dragon just leave.

A ninth-order extreme pet is out of control, as much as dropping a nuclear bomb in the base city, I don't know how many casualties it will cause!

This audience alone will be trampled to death.


He suddenly raised his hand, flipped his palm, and a halo suddenly flew out.

When the Cangjing Frost Dragon saw something flying, he immediately roared, releasing a Frost Dragon projectile, almost instantaneously!

However, this aura directly penetrated through the Frost Dragon Bomb, as if it were an illusory thing, and directly hit the chest scales of the Cangjing Frost Dragon.


Very slight, without any pain.

But at the next moment, the aura suddenly shattered and a huge black hole collapsed!

A strong attraction emerged from this black hole, covering the Cangjing Frost Dragon, dragging its body and swallowing into the black hole!

This scene made the major families outside the court look shocked again.

What is this? !

On the other side, Yin Fengxiao, who was fighting against a few out-of-control war pets, and others also cast their gazes, and they were very surprised. With their experience and knowledge, they did not know what the **** it was!

Roar! !

The Cangjing Frost Dragon roared in anger. It felt that it couldn't move. It was bound by an unspeakable force. The energy in its body was suppressed by the strange attraction and could not be used.

Its sole rubs on the field, and its claws are nailed to the ground, but it is pulled to draw a deep groove!

While it was desperately resisting, all of a sudden, several chains burst out of the black hole, as dark as ink, like a chain of souls flying out of the abyss, quickly entwining the body of the Cangjing Frost Dragon.


The large dragon body of the Cangjing Frost Dragon was suddenly pulled out of the ground, dragged by the lock and pulled directly into the black hole.

Then, the black hole shrinks and gradually becomes smaller until it closes.

After the black hole was closed, the metal ring appeared in mid-air, and the object quickly flew towards Su Ping and fell into its hands.

This Cangjing Frost Dragon with a height of more than thirty meters, completely disappeared in the whole game!

If it werent for the trace of the dragon foot left on the ground, everyone even suspected that it never appeared!

A dragon beast actually disappeared like this!

What is that attack?

Everyone was shocked, surprised and suspicious.

Roar! !

Beside, another roar sounded at the same time, is the old man's second ninth-order extreme pet, this is a demon-type pet, ranked in the devil ranks more than fifty, don't underestimate only fifty More, arranged in accordance with the many ninth-order demon war pets that have appeared on Blue Star, this is also extremely terrible.

After all, many demons who have been short-lived, some have disappeared, and now more than 50 ranks of demons can be found, in addition to relationships and channels, but also luck!

Seeing the disappearance of the Cangjing Frost Dragon, the demon pet was obviously frightened and gave a horrified howl, his body suddenly turned into a shadow and rushed out of the game.


Su Ping's eyes were cold and he took out a ring again. This time he didn't throw it out because it was too late.

He handed it directly to the little skull around him.

This is not the first time the small skeleton has done this for Su Ping. He instantly understood the meaning of Su Ping. His body flickered suddenly, flashing several times in the air, but within a second, he was close to the devil's pet.

Aura thrown!

The demon pet attacked reflexively, but the energy directly penetrated the aura.

The aura smashed on the devil's pet, making a crisp sound, and then began to judge.

This judgment only happened instantaneously, the black hole opened immediately, and the terrible suction poured out from inside, covering the demon pet, and soon, in the stubborn resistance of this demon pet, the chain suddenly extended from the black hole and dragged it directly Go in!

Another pet of the ninth order limit is gone!

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