Astral Pet Store Chapter 388

Chapter 388: Furious Even Cut

Everyone was shocked to be speechless.

At this moment, even Qin Duhuang couldn't stand, his face changed color.

Even Su Ping's beating the ninth-order limit on the spot was not enough to make him so distraught, but Su Ping's hand raised the hand and solved the two pets of the ninth-order limit with no effort. This is really terrifying!

This is the ninth order limit!

The strongest fighting power under the legend!

Even this kind of top level can be easily solved. Does this mean that Su Ping has no rivals under the legend? !

On stage.

Yin Fengxiao and Zhao Wuji had already seen their heads full of cold sweat and madness, and Yan Bingyue behind them was also pale, with a bit of daze in their eyes.

She was well-informed in the organization, and she knew nothing about it, but she didn't know anything about it, but she couldn't explain such a weird thing in front of her.

In this projectile land, there are such monsters and such terrible things!

"All suppressed!"

After conquering the two pets of the ninth-order limit with the trapping ring, Su Ping immediately passed it on to the purgatory candle dragon beast. The remaining pets of the remaining war pets were enough to deter with their dragon power!


At the end of Su Ping's imagination, the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast suddenly took a step, revolving in the infernal flame, turning into a strong dragon flame, and its pair of dragon eyes contained the ultimate rage, just rubbing the sky from the cultivation plane The robbery is over, and it has not fully recovered from that painful experience.

Appeared here at this moment, seeing this group of darlings in front of him, his eyes showed a bloodthirsty rage.

Kill kill!

destroy! !

Roar! ! !

It opened its mouth and burst into an extreme dragon roar!

The dragon roared through the clouds and spread throughout the venue. The audience rushed to the exit of the hall, all of them were soft and trembling legs, some timid, already scared urine pants, and even fainted!

Bloody, tyrannical, extreme negative emotions accompanied this dragon roar, the dragon came to the world!

Intimidate the audience!

Even the patriarchs of the major families were shocked by this bloodthirsty dragon chant, and their hearts throbbed, and there was a feeling of blood boiling and burning.

This dragon roar, unheard of!

This is the purgatory candle dragon beast outside the naughty? !

Is this a young dragon beast? !

I thought that the silver frost star moon dragon that I saw earlier, in the same size of dragon beast, is already a monster level, enough to crush the same rank, but I did not expect that this purgatory candle dragon beast is more violent and more cruel, More extreme!

The five pets, including the armored violent tiger standing in front of Yan Bingyue and others, were all shocked by the violent roar of the mighty dragon, and some kneeled down on the spot directly. , Trembling trembling, and other eyes dull, the fierceness in his eyes completely disappeared.

At this moment, they feel that they have become prey.

And it is the prey that has fallen into the mouth of the hunter.

Shivering, not daring to move!

With Longwei, the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast glared at the audience, suppressing five high-ranking tier 9 pets.

While it was frightened, Su Ping did not stay, and passed it on to the small skeleton, killing it directly!

What he wants to kill is not these darlings, but the target that was locked in before!

The small skull received Su Ping's idea, and the scarlet light spot suddenly appeared in the dark and hollow eye socket. It slowly pulled out the bone knife in the waist hip, and then the whole body was dark and misty, an unimaginable The terrifying weather emanated from its small body.

At this moment, in addition to watching the second Zhou family, the rest of the audience also looked at the little skull.

When the little skull quickly caught up with the ninth-order demon pet, it made people see its extraordinary, but at this moment, this terrifying magical energy was released, and everyone felt terrified. , Like a peerless demon resurrected at this moment, woke up!

The figure shrouded in dark demonic energy, like an emperor!

Although the body is not big, there is a kind of upright ground, even if the sky falls, it can stand upright!

kill! !

The body flashed suddenly.

The skeleton's body moved, and it disappeared as soon as it moved.

Seeing this scene, the pupil of Yin Fengxiao's pupils contracted suddenly, and the horror in his heart had reached its extreme point. I never thought that this young boy had such a terrible pet!

The results of the mid-sixth order of the previous test is a joke!

How can there be such a terrible sixth order in this world? !


Yin Fengxiao burst out of energy in his body, tearing the space in an instant, and vortexes appeared, he could not wait for anything, and called out all the pets of war.

"Send Miss to leave!!" Yin Feng grinned in a grin and snarled.

The gun demon Zhao Wuji was terrified, and when he heard Yin Feng's words, he glanced at him, and gritted his teeth, quickly grabbed Yan Bingyue, "Miss, let's go!"

As for Xiao Bing, the maid next to Yan Bingyue, he didn't take a look.

The situation at this moment was extremely critical and he could not be tolerated to read more.

He never thought that in such a small place in Longjiang, he would encounter a life and death disaster!

Yan Bingyue didn't resist. When Yin Fengxiao opened his mouth, he had already recovered, and her face was still pale, but her eyes were no longer confused, and she had exercised life and death from a young age. Shi Xiaojue glanced, a struggling color flashed in his eyes.

However, Xiao Ju also saw the situation in front of her, and her round face showed a nostalgic look, "Miss, Xiao Ju can no longer serve you, I... to protect you!"


Yin Feng roared with laughter.

Zhao Wuji gritted his teeth, tearing the summoning space instantly, and drilling out several pets from inside.

Among them, there is a wind mount pet.

Roar! !

Yin Fengxiao roared behind a dragon beast fighting pet, rushed in front of him, set up a shield of protection on the ground, trying to resist.

However, the figure of the small skull appeared more than a dozen meters away in front of Yin Fengxiao. In the dark mist, only two cold red blood rays could be seen.

Cut out and cut!

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Seven or eight erected guard shields collapsed in front of the dark black dragon-like sword.

"Fantasy Space!" Yin Fengxiao's pupils shrank, more and more roaring roaring.

Behind him, a demon pet specializing in the spiritual realm, instantly released a wave of spiritual waves and rushed to the audience.

However, this spiritual fluctuation has not yet radiated in front of the small skeleton, and suddenly, a great shore emerged behind the small skeleton, like a ghost image shining from another world.

Skeleton King of Wei An!

Roar! !

The huge Skeleton King phantom, roared suddenly!

A trembling roar sounded, which was more powerful than the previous Dragon Scream!

And the roar with an unusually strange cold breath, full of twisted strange horror feeling.

The demon pet was dull and stopped, and Yin Fengxiao was shocked by the roar.

Zhao Wuji and Yan Bingyue, who jumped up next to their mounts to escape, were shocked by the roar. The ninth-order mount under their buttocks was famous for their fierce bloodthirsty. Under roaring, his limbs were trembling, and he seemed to be holding ten giant mountains on his back, which was difficult to support.

cut! !

A thick black as ink, stunning knife light, suddenly shining into the world.

Like a splash of ink.


The sword flew across, and the dragon beast standing in front of Yin Fengxiao suddenly broke his chest scales and burst out a large blood, while the other two pets beside him were also cut with a sharp bone mark!


The body of the small skull disappeared in an instant, and when it appeared again, it was shrouded in the dark mist, and it was already in front of Yin Fengxiao.

The small body, just a short distance in front of him, landed slowly.

Yin Fengxiao just woke up from Skeleton King's roar, and as soon as he recovered, he saw two scarlet rays in the dark mist, staring at him.

His heart was pumped fiercely!

The pets and sounds around him instantly moved away from him for thousands of miles, unable to hear and perceive.

The whole world, only him, and this horrible figure in front of him.

Time seems to be still at this moment.

The great fear of death surpassed all the battles that Yin Fengxiao went to fight together.

Do not

He wanted to open his mouth and howl.

He didn't want to die, really didn't want to die.

Life is so precious, but when death stands in front of it, it seems that there is no other way than to realize its weakness.

Do not

puff! !

When the knife light passed by, Yin Fengxiao's head broke instantly, and the energy shields that he arranged around his body in advance instantly shattered like glass.

As the blade passed over his neck and neck, a dark black scale armor suddenly jumped out of his collar, wanting to resist, but in front of the bone knife wrapped in dark energy, this scale did not have any effect, even blocking Can not be reached, directly cut!

A head full of fear expression rolled down.

All the pets around stopped their movements.

Zhao Wuji and Yan Bingyue, who had just sobered from the roar of the Skeleton King in the distance, saw this scene, and their pupils contracted, and their faces showed extreme horror.

How long does it take, less than half a minute!

Yin Feng laughed, this once-famous Blue Star, a famous dragon knight in the whole title-level circle, was so killed!

In front of his dragon beast, under the guardian of his war pet, he was so beheaded and cut off his head!

Looking at the skull ghost that turned around, Zhao Wuji looked horrified. Under the stimulation of despair, he suddenly thought of something and hurriedly looked at the many families under the stage.


"Save us!!!"

Zhao Wuji issued a cry for help, frightened and said: "Our young lady can't die, otherwise, the starry sky organization won't let you go to Longjiang, you can't just sit back and watch!!"

At this moment, Yan Bingyue also completely lost her composure. She looked at the Qin Duhuang under the stage and shouted: "Senior Angry God, save me, I can give you the chance to become a legend!"

As soon as this remark came out, the audience was shocked.

The chance to become a legend?

Qin Duhuang was also shocked, and his pupils contracted slightly.

At this time, the small skeleton has turned and killed.

Almost instantly, he approached Zhao Wuji.

Zhao Wuji turned his head and looked in horror. He hurriedly pulled out the long gun behind him, and the flash of the gun flashed instantly. He became a gun demon, and he was extremely obsessed with the gun.


Countless guns suddenly shattered, and a dark black blade crushed down, directly chopped from Zhao Wuji's head, and the whole body, even the ninth-order battle pet with him sitting down, was divided into two!

The blood spewed out from Zhao Wuji and the horse pets, and Yan Bingyue was splashed.

Her almost insane expression instantly froze.

The hot blood was flowing down her hair, cheeks and other places, with a strong **** smell.

And in the distance, Qin Duhuang saw this scene, his face slightly changed, and finally bit his teeth, no action!

I have to say that Yan Bingyue's words were extremely stimulating to him.

Become a legend!

These four words are fascinating to any top powerhouse!

Enough to let him abandon everything to pursue!

However, he finally refrained!

The reason why he could hold back was because he felt that Yan Bingyue's words were spoken in a hurry. The woman's thoughts are not as simple as ordinary people's. They can poke the deepest part of his heart nest in one sentence, which shows the deepness of the mind.

Secondly, the terrible power displayed by the skull species left him unsure!

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