Astral Pet Store Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Stealing

"She is also practicing?"

Su Ping's heart moved, and the consciousness sneaked past.

I saw that the star-like force along the sand drifted along the wall and the door gap, slowly drifting into Su Lingyue's room, the star force in his room, the speed of the flying fly was significantly accelerated, converging like a vortex.

And the central point of the gathering is a slim figure obscured in star power, which is Su Lingyue himself.

"Also lying down to practice?" Su Ping raised her eyebrows when she saw the figure outlined by Xing Li.

At this time, Su Ping noticed that the other party's way of absorbing star power was completely different from the way he practiced.

In Su Lingyue's room, Su Lingyue's body is like the bottom of an hourglass. All the star forces flying into her room are pulled, gradually showing the outline of a vortex, the closer to her body, The faster the rotation, the last time, Xing Li was sucked into her in a nearly infused manner.

"She absorbs faster than me, and much faster!"

"Can you actually control the speed of absorption of star power?"

"Could it be that this is what the Star Pet Academy teaches?"

Su Ping had tried all kinds of efforts before, and could not speed up the absorption of star power. He thought that the speed of absorption was constant, but Su Lingyue's cultivation gave him new knowledge.

Surprised, Su Ping began to observe carefully.

Soon, Su Ping discovered that Su Lingyue's absorption of star power was mainly concentrated in the abdomen Dantian. In his Dantian, there was a small star force vortex!

This star force vortex rotates rapidly, resulting in a strong traction force. Through the body, the star force that is driven to the outside of the body also rotates, which in turn causes a large external vortex!

The traction force of this external vortex extends widely, so that the star forces outside the range of conscious perception will also be traction, and slowly fly over. When these star forces enter the external vortex, they will become part of them and quickly be taken by Su Lingyue. absorb!

"Actually traction!"

Su Ping suddenly realized.

How simple is this, how did you never think of it before?

Indeed, consciousness cannot control the star power outside the body, but it can control the star power inside the body!

"I try too."

Su Ping retracted his consciousness and returned to his room. The consciousness only extended to the range of the bed.

He controlled the vortices in the pronucleus of all cells and spun quickly.


Suddenly, a hurricane was lifted by Suping's bed, and a wind was generated out of thin air, which caused the sheets hanging down to the bed to flutter.

The free stellar force slowly drifting to Su Lingyue's room beside Su Ping suddenly became disordered, like a group of ants on a hot pot, chasing all over Su Ping's body chaotically.


Su Ping was stunned, and stopped spinning quickly.

"Xing Li's chaos, is the traction too mixed?" Su Ping frowned slightly, and all the vortices in his pronucleus were rotating at the same time. These light star forces were pulled into chaos.

After thinking about it, Su Ping tried to learn Su Lingyue's method, and concentratedly created a large star swirl somewhere in the body.


The star force slowly drifting towards Su Lingyue's room suddenly stopped, and was pulled by a force, flying toward Su Ping's abdomen Dantian in a vortex.

"It's done!"

Su Ping was a little delighted to feel the structure of the outer star spiral.

At this time, he found that the star power in Su Lingyue's room was slowly being dragged over one by one.

"My star vortex is stronger than her?" Su Ping was a little surprised, and immediately stopped absorbing.


In the room, Su Lingyue, who was lying on the bed and practicing while reading a book, suddenly felt that the star in the outer body was slightly shaking, and she couldn't help but be surprised.

When she stopped reading the book and felt it carefully, she found that Xing Xuan had returned to normal again. It seemed that the previous reaction was only an illusion.

"Strange." Su Lingyue was a little puzzled, but when the situation returned to normal, she didn't think about it any more and continued to hold the soft pillow, touching the black charcoal and immersing herself in the world of the book.

The book that can let her pick up a lamp to read at night is naturally not a boring textbook, but her favorite hot-blooded boy.

Unlike other girls, she has no love for TV dramas and movies, comics, and the like. After all, there is such a bad brother, and her illusion of boys has been destroyed to a point!

"Did you notice it?"

Su Ping felt that the other party seemed to have no movement, and his eyes flickered slightly. Since that is the case, he can try another one.

After seeing the training methods of the Su Lingyue school faction, Su Ping's thoughts on the cultivation of Xingli were completely opened.

Since he can create a star swirl inhalation practice in his body, maybe he can also create a reverse star swirl, I wonder what effect it would be?

"Try it."

With previous experience in cultivating "Chaotic Star Attempts", Su Ping is still a bit of a whirlpool. He controlled the range of consciousness around him, not exceeding the range of the bed, and then quickly condensed the reverse vortex.

Soon, a star force vortex appeared again in his Dantian, but this time he did not draw the surrounding star force inhalation. Instead, he quickly pushed the star force around him, causing the body to fall into an energyless zone without star power.


The effect is similar to Su Ping's guess. He is a little excited. Although the energy-free zone he created seems to have no effect, it is a successful attempt.

Seeing that the pushed Xing Li flew towards Su Lingyue's room faster, Su Ping froze for a moment, and suddenly his heart moved, and another conjecture appeared in his mind.

"Just like that, you need to create two star swirls..."

Su Ping's eyes flickered. Although it was a little difficult, it was more challenging.

He tried immediately.

First, a small range...

Soon, Su Ping created two star vortexes in the body, one after the other, one pros and cons!

In the air outside the wall behind him, a large amount of free star power was drawn by the vortex and poured into Su Ping's back. However, this star force was not absorbed by him, but was released from the front of his body.

His body is like a connector that gathers the surrounding star power and sends it out in a bundle.

These transmitted star forces, after contracting in Su Ping's body, condensed relatively tightly, and were drawn by the star swirl in Su Lingyue's room.


Su Lingyue, who was immersed in the comic book, suddenly felt a little warm in the abdomen, very comfortable, and the whole body was warm, as if immersed in the hot spring, she couldn't help but moan gently.

When the voice came out, she immediately recovered, she couldn't help but stunned, she immediately felt it carefully, and was surprised to find that the reason why this warm sense of penetration was because the surrounding star power suddenly became rich several times!

"what happened?"

Su Lingyue sat up in surprise, how could the concentration of star power suddenly increase so much?

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