Astral Pet Store Chapter 392

Chapter 392: Unreal Movement Thanks To Homer's Femal's 100000 Rewards


Yan Bingyue was shocked.

She felt her brows slightly warm, and the star power in her body suddenly couldn't be sensed. It suddenly disappeared from her body. This feeling made her a little frightened.

What means?

She looked at the suffocating blonde woman in front of her. From the latter, she could sense an extremely dangerous feeling, but besides this feeling, she also had a feeling of instinctive awe, it seemed that the other party had a feeling The extremely noble charm makes her instinctively close and fearful.

When Tang Ruyan stayed in the store, he had long seen that this Joanna was extremely terrible. It was definitely not as simple as the appearance of a seventeen or eighty-year-old girl. At this moment, he glanced at the dark golden lines, and his eyes showed Watchful, fortunately, Su Ping did not let her take action against herself, otherwise she would be more constrained.

"nailed it?"

Seeing the golden streak disappearing on Yan Bingyue's forehead, Su Ping surprised asked, feeling so simple.

"This is the seal of the star seal. The star power in her body has been sealed and can't be used, but she has good physical quality and still has some mobility. Do you need to interrupt her limbs?" Joanna asked.

This is an understatement, it seems to be asking, should we eat green pepper fried meat at night?

Tang Ruyan next to him was startled.

Yan Bingyue also shrank her pupils, and her heartbeat trembled twice.

Su Ping shook his head and said: "Forget it, without star power, she can't summon the beast. With this physique, she can't find any waves."

In other people's eyes, Yan Bingyue's physical fitness is extremely strong, and his physical skills are extraordinary. However, in his view of practicing the demon war body, it is just like this, and it is slightly stronger than the battle pet master of the same rank.

It can only be said that the buddies on Blue Star are too weak.

Like the true gods he met in the demigod meteorite, they all mastered the method of refining the body, with a strong body and more terrible than ordinary monsters.

I don't know if it is the same in that vast interstellar federation.

Su Ping shook his head, the Interstellar Federation was still a little bit far away, he still dealt with the matter before him.

"From today on, you have one more task, just to take care of her." Su Ping said to Tang Ruyan next to him.

Tang Ruyan froze and suddenly reacted. Su Ping asked Joanna to block the star power of the girl. Could it be that if she did not block her star power, she could not take care of herself?

She was a little angry in her heart. Look at Miss Ben too!

"Who is this man, and where did he come from?"

Tang Ruyan's tone was polite, and by the way, he showed himself as an "old man" in front of this "new man" friend.

"You talk, go in." Su Ping ignored her tone and opened the picture.

Although his question was not answered, Tang Ruyan was still very proud, humming like a triumph, then obediently stepped into the picture.

And Yan Bingyue didn't respond, Su Ping was impatient, and she carried her by the neck and threw her in.

After the two of them entered the scroll, Su Ping put away the scroll and looked at the helper Joanna next to her, smiling and saying, "What kind of star **** and seal are you able to teach me?"

Joanna raised her eyebrows and glanced at him. The real face of the profiteer was exposed again.

"It's no problem, but you have to have divine power in your body." Joanna said indifferently.

Anyway, its the skills, and she doesnt lose anything if she teaches it. Its not a rare resource.

Seeing her promise, Su Pingxi smiled, and he had some kind of divine power. He was able to break the boundary with a punch. Except for his arm, he used the power he had just drawn to increase the star pattern when watching the battle under the stage. In addition to the permanent increase, it is the divine power that is poured in to burst out a punch that is close to the legendary threshold!

That punch is naturally a fist of magic.

If you practice to the first level, you can kill the ninth order with one punch!

This can only be done with the arm that has increased his strength, and the Golden Crow God body, plus the increase in divine power.

"The last piece of material is still there. The first layer of the Golden Crow God's body can be truly managed. By that time, with physical strength alone, you can compete with the ninth rank title. If you then cast the town demon fist, the power will be stronger, and the title The level of physical fitness, the speed of practicing Demon God Boxing will also be faster!"

"After the first level is finished, it's the second level. Let's see if we can find some materials from the pockets of the five big families tomorrow."

Su Ping secretly calculated.

He didn't immediately learn this star seal from Joanna here, and waited until the world was nurtured to learn, which would save time and save divine power.

Thinking of the mother at home, Su Ping asked Joanna to keep busy with her. He went home first, and there were still some things to come. He had to explain to his mother and Su Lingyue.


At the same time, in the picture scroll.

Tang Ruyan and Yan Bingyue sat under the Xingyun Spirit Tree.

When I first saw this spirit tree, Yan Bingyue recognized it on the spot, a little shocked, but when he found that there was no fruit on the tree, he became a little bit at a loss.

Although the tree is precious, the condensed star fruit above it is the most precious. This fruit can only be formed for hundreds of years. When the fruit comes out, it is estimated that everyone will die.

"You were also tied up?" Yan Bingyue asked Tang Ruyan. She could see that the latter's situation was similar to her.


Tang Ruyan shrugged, meaning you look at me like this, do you have to ask?

"How did you get **** and provoke him?" Yan Bingyue asked.

"Of course not. Do you think such a beautiful person as me is someone who will provoke others casually?"

"Not like."

"You have a good vision, how did you get tied up, did you provoke him?"

"Also? Of course not. Do you think people like me will provoke others casually?"

"Not very similar."

"Do you want to go out?"

"Of course."

"Then do you have a way?"

"Of course not, otherwise I will be gone."


Both are silent.

"Should we be regarded as people on the same boat?" Yan Bingyue said silently for a moment.

"Yes." Tang Ruyan's eyes also shone.

It is rare to have someone who is also in trouble, and if he is done, he can be an ally or a pathfinder!

"Then get to know, my name is Yan Bingyue."

"My name is Tang Ruyan."

"I am level six."

"I am level seven."

"Have you heard the stars?"

"Have you heard of the Tang family?"

"Tang Family? Was it the Tang Family who had made legends in his early years?"

"Starry sky? Is that the starry sky organization that the legend has just died?"



The two looked at each other, and they all saw the consternation in each other's eyes. Obviously they didn't expect that the other party's background was so big!

After a brief silence, Yan Bingyue spoke again.

"Look at your age, so young is the seventh-order cultivation, right in the Tang family?"

"Looking at your age, a few years younger than me, there is a sixth-order cultivation, should it be a seed-level genius in the starry sky organization?"

Yan Bingyue nodded slightly, undecided.

"You were caught, do you Tang family know?"

"I didn't know it before, but now, I will know it soon." Tang Ruyan said, her eyes gleamed. She had been a waiter in the Suping shop for almost a month. What happened, the news of her here should have spread. Right.

"You were caught, do you know the Starry Sky organization?"

"I don't know, but I will know soon." Yan Bingyue said.

After all, what Su Ping did was in front of hundreds of thousands of people in full view. This news cannot be covered!

After the two had finished speaking, they glanced at each other.

The air soon fell silent again.

"If you come from the Tang family, can you take me out with you?" Yan Bingyue spoke again, this time staring at Tang Ruyan with a serious look.

Tang Ruyan also looked at her, "Of course, you are a member of the Starry Sky organization, you can help you, and you can sell you a relationship. If your organization comes first, save you, you can take me by the way. Are you going?"

"Of course, you are a member of the Tang family, and I will not die."

"That's good."


The topic ended again.

Looking at the grass touched by the breeze, the two women sighed in unison, with sad expressions on their faces. They didn't know when the person behind them would come.



Just after stepping out of the store, Su Ping frowned.

A picture suddenly appeared in his mind, which is a vast territory.

"Dragon King's Secret Realm?"

In this map, there are 108 dragon scales, vast and boundless.

And at this moment, one of the seals of the Dragon Scale region was actually unlocked!

"The Secret Realm has opened again? Why haven't you heard any news?" Su Ping raised his brow, suddenly thinking of another possibility. The previous legend of escape was to kill him.

The reason for slaughtering him is that he got the mark of the heritage of the Dragon King.

This legend wants to kill him, not to allow him to inherit this secret realm, but in order to obtain the inheritance, in addition to passing the test of the Jiulong bone, he has to wait until the seal of the dragon scale area is unlocked!

Only in this way, the dead dragon king and the remaining dragon soul can carry on the inheritance!

"This secret realm is controlled by the legend. Now the seal of the dragon scales in the secret realm has been unlocked. Could it be that he is sure to fight with me for inheritance?" Su Ping's eyes flashed slightly.

This legend is clearly ready.

However, the dragon tower he sensed did not move, and no one sprinted yet.

His eyes flashed for a moment, and Su Ping smiled coldly in his heart. This Dragon King inherited that he was about to decide. For the time being, let them go to solve the seal of the Dragon Scale area. When the last few pieces are solved, he will come forward.

Anyway, there is the inheritance mark of the dragon king, he can be sent directly to the secret realm with his thoughts.

Even if the secret realm is not open, you can go straight in.

"However, before this, we must pay close attention to the preparation of the materials to complete the first weight of the Golden Crow God." Su Ping secretly said, his mood was slightly more urgent.

Although the strength of the small skull is now enough to kill the legend.

However, the other party had been silent for a long time, but suddenly opened the seal of the Dragon Scale region, indicating that the other party also understood the Dragon King heritage quite well, and most of them would have ambush.

Su Ping does not dare to underestimate the existence of a legend. After all, in reality, there is only one life. When fighting for inheritance, the stronger your own strength, the better.

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