Astral Pet Store Chapter 393

Chapter 393: It's Heard All Over The World Thanks To Homer's Non Horse Leader 100000 Rewards

Su Ping returned home.

Su Lingyue was still with her mother, calming her gently.

Su Ping knew that this time his mother was a little irritated. After all, he had been concealing his true cultivation behavior in front of his mother, and suddenly she was informed of such things. The impact is too great. It is estimated that there are countless problems waiting. Holding him.

Thinking of these, he also had a headache.


Entering the door, Su Ping whispered.

The two people who were talking were shocked when they saw Su Ping's probe probing their brains.

Su Lingyue was also surprised. She hadn't seen Su Ping so cautiously for a long time. Suddenly, the feeling of familiarity was back.

After seeing Su Ping, Li Qingru immediately got up and walked over, with anxious and nervous expressions, and one by one question was thrown on Su Ping's face.

Su Ping smiled bitterly, first brought her mother to the sofa and sat down, let her not worry, and then slowly talked to her.

Before coming, he had thought about the explanation.

For example, he lied before, but in fact he had already awakened.

I was awakened when I was in elementary school.

It was just that at that time, considering the economic conditions at home, he was not allowed to cultivate two war pet masters, so he was silent and kept secretly practicing...

Only halfway through the story, Su Ping saw that his mother was in tears, which made him suddenly unable to edit.

Su Lingyue was staring at Su Ping next to her. I didnt know whether Su Ping said this was true or false. Suddenly water mist appeared in her eyes. I thought that after entering the Xing Chong Professional College when she was very young, He began to instruct Su Pingyi, and bullied him casually. Who would have thought that he has been enduring silently all these years...

Suddenly, she felt that she was not a thing.

Su Ping, who was comforting her mother, saw Su Lingyue's sad expression, and she was suddenly dumb.

Sure enough, a lie requires countless lies.

With a bitter smile in his heart, he had to avoid the heavy and take the light. He quickly took the reason and turned back to the main thing he was about to say. He said to his mother: "Mom, you know this thing, there is still power behind Yan Bingyue. Because this matter comes to your door, but dont worry, there are experts in my shop who sit in town, as long as they dare to come to find things, let them not go back!"

"During this time, Mom, you can stay at home with peace of mind. As long as you are on this street, no one can hurt you. Usually you buy food or something, you can just let the delivery take it. We have money now, just spend it, Use whatever you want!"

"In short, no matter who finds you and asks you, don't leave here."

Seeing that Su Ping was so solemn, Li Qingru turned his head to wipe off his tears, and when he turned around, his face showed a calm color, and said to Su Ping: "Are you sure, that person can airborne the game, the background should be very large, if it is Im not sure. You and Yueyue run first. I can stay here."

Su Ping suddenly saw the strength in her eyes, suddenly stunned.

Just mother.

Unexpectedly, the usual weak mother, at this moment, behaved so calmly.

He took a deep breath and said, "Mom, you can rest assured that as long as there is me, no one can hurt you unless I die first!"

"No nonsense!"

"You talk nonsense!"

Li Qingru shouted, and Su Lingyue also hurriedly retorted, seeming to break up the musty words he said.

Su Ping looked at them and suddenly smiled, not saying this again, but in his heart, he was more determined.

Everyone's life, there are always people who want to protect.

The family is!


After explaining with his mother, Su Ping told Su Lingyue a few words to stop her from running around recently and then returned to the store.

In his opinion, this starry sky was organized, and it was mainly for him.

He does not directly touch his family or use his family to intimidate him. Such a method is less effective and may not be effective.

After all, the existence of some titles up to the title level is relatively indifferent to family members, and the mind is focused on cultivation, and it is obviously unrealistic to try to use others' lives to intimidate a title level.

On the contrary, it will play the grass and startle the snake.

Unless it is the kind of strong man who meets the very few, and has a strong sense of love.

The higher you are, the more things you see, and the more indifferent your temperament is. This is reality.

After returning to the shop.

Su Ping took out the communicator and contacted Lin Ziqing who was looking for materials for him.

"How about the materials?"

As soon as he connected, Su Ping asked directly, his tone was very cold.

He has given enough time to the other party, but he hasnt found it. At the beginning, he was also the title of the extreme strongman. The enterprise groups under his hands are both black and white, and the relationship channels are extremely wide. As a result, they have not been settled for so long. Blindly, he felt a little tolerant of it!


At the other end of the communicator, as soon as Lin Ziqing saw the number on the communicator, he knew that Su Ping had called, but he did not expect that Su Ping's tone was so bad.

His face changed slightly, and he remembered the impression of the boy very clearly. After all, the scene of the original embarrassing escape of the original Tianchen from the Suping shop was too impactful!

"It turned out to be Brother Su. I always wanted to ask you a question mark, but I was afraid to disturb you." Lin Ziqing immediately smiled and wanted to say a few words of greeting.

"I ask you, how are the materials prepared?" Su Ping said again.

Lin Ziqing's face changed a bit, feeling the murderous intention in the voice, he felt awkward in his heart, he dared not say anything else, and said: "We have found the material, and there is a slight situation in the middle, but it has been dealt with by me. Well, I dealt with it not long ago, and if Brother Su urgently needs it, I will send someone to you as quickly as possible."

"How fast is the fastest?"

Su Ping asked.

"This... the day after tomorrow?" Lin Ziqing hesitated.

Su Ping sneered and said, "The ninth-order monster beast spans the entire Asian and Asian region, but as long as one day is not enough, I will give you twenty hours. If it is not delivered to me at this time tomorrow afternoon, I will personally Come to you!"

After talking, he hung up the communicator directly.

Lin Ziqing, the materials have already been obtained, and there are still ink marks. It seems that he had exerted too little pressure before, so that he did not pay much attention to this matter at all.

On the other side, one is located in the more remote base city of Longjiang.

In one of the most luxurious rooms, Li heard the blind sound of the communicator. Lin Ziqing crushed the cigar in his hand and his face was ugly.

What character of him was actually threatened by a hairy kid.

"This is for me to send a Tier IX flight pet. This guy is so eager, what could have happened?" Lin Ziqing suddenly calmed down, his eyes gleaming with light, and he suddenly thought of the recent events in the secret realm , Yuan Tianchen convened the various directors in the consortium to develop secrets in secret.

Could this kid know this?

If it is because of this, does it not mean that this kid can grasp the situation of the secret realm?

Thinking of this, Lin Ziqing was a little shocked. This secret realm was carried out secretly. In the consortium, it was obviously impossible to have an inner ghost. With his knowledge of this kid, this kids hand could not be stretched so long. After all, in the consortium The person is not a fool, who will betray a legend and the entire consortium to help a stinky boy?

And those who knew it at first were just a few of them.

Suddenly, he found that he had learned something terrible.

Not through the words of the inner ghost, then it is very likely that the kid is through other means, for example, the kid obtained the secret inheritance qualification.

Thinking of this, his eyes flickered, and after a long time, a glimmer of light appeared in his eyes.

His speculation can be reported to Yuan Tianchen, but Yuan Tianchen's previous performance at the door of the beast shop is really shocking.

It can be said that it is very weak!

The legend in that shop is stronger than the original Tianchen. If he has to make a choice, he naturally chooses to follow the strong.

"This kid..." Lin Ziqing clenched his teeth slightly, annoyed, but finally sighed, "I still don't know if this matter, I will wait until they have the results, and then say, with the old temperament, will not It's easy to let this kid go, and this kid is also very strange, and the origin of the blonde woman is also very mysterious..."

He rubbed his forehead, feeling it was caught between two mountains, so difficult.

And this feeling, he is usually in a high position, it is difficult to realize that the appearance of this kid makes him very headache.

"Anyway, let's send things over and then say, this stupid boy, actually threatened Lao Tzu, Grandma..." Scolding, Lin Ziqing turned on the communicator, and the contact was ready to deliver.


In the shop.

After Su Ping and Lin Ziqing finished the communicator, they called Joanna into the cultivation world. Naturally, he did not expect that he threatened Lin Ziqing, and the latter analyzed many things.

After all, it is the old titled strongman in charge of black and white, with deep thoughts, and Su Ping can hardly be fully prepared.

And when Su Ping entered the cultivation world, what happened in the league venues also completely exploded in Longjiang.

Whether it is live TV or Longjiang intranet, it is all overwhelming related news.

This incident was too shocking. Even some workers who had no vacations for 365 days were informed of the incident and spread the word to the whole of Longjiang.

As the saying goes, there are pictures and truth, this time even the video!

Three titles are falling!

Champion designation!

Behind the scenes of the little naughty pet shop!

A lot of related news quickly made headlines.

As the central figure of these news, Su Ping was instantly known to the entire Longjiang.

His appearance, his figure, and his name were all exposed. In the past, the entire Longjiang knew that in their base city, there was such a mysterious genius figure who died in the sky... Born!

Speculation about Su Ping's age and Xiu Wei has been arguing everywhere on the Internet.

Some people say that it is title level.

But some people have come up with real hammer evidence of the test equipment.

Others directly asked the company that produced the test equipment.

The production company of this test instrument is not local to Longjiang, but to other base cities, but it also has a branch in Longjiang. At the moment, the official website of the branch has been smashed by comments.

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