Astral Pet Store Chapter 394

Chapter 394: Starry Sky Conference

This test instrument company did not expect that test instruments that have been available for a long time without problems will suddenly suffer so many questions and disputes.

Soon, the branch company's official website issued an announcement to clarify the matter.

First, there is no problem with the instrument.

Supings equipment has been recovered and tested without any damage or abnormalities.

Under the announcement, many photos of recycling and testing were posted. The data show that this is by no means a problem with their test equipment.

Secondly, the official website also stated that so far, there is absolutely no secret method that can obscure the verification of the test instrument.

The two declarations that the test equipment pot was dumped cleanly, indicating that this matter has nothing to do with their test equipment.

However, while testing instrument companies proved their own products, they threw a horrifying question to the people who eat melons.

Since the instrument is fine.

Could it be...

Is this Su Ping really only the sixth order mid-term?

This conclusion is too incredible, and once again fry the pot online.

During the fierce discussion among the general public, some teachers of Xing Chong Academy also came to discuss the possibility of a sixth-order battle title from a professional perspective.

However, from any angle, the answers are very uniform and cannot happen!


While talking about the small naughty shop and Su Ping throughout Longjiang, the major families were quiet.

They don't even care if Su Ping is really a sixth order, which makes no sense to them.

The fighting power is already there, and even the pets with the limit of the ninth rank title can be easily subdued. Such a method is enough for them to have headaches and fears.

The biggest problem they face now is whether to go to the banquet tomorrow.

This choice is most likely related to the future rise and fall of the family!


At the same time, the final result of the league was announced on my day.

The champion is Su Lingyue.

The runner-up was crazy.

Third place is Qin Shaotian.

The fourth and fifth places are Ye Longtian and Muyuanshou respectively.

In this list, there is no Su Ping that is hotly discussed today, nor did they come from the air to surprise Yan Bingyue.

Countless people left messages asking and questioning, and the official explanation was that both of them abstained.

Combined with the pictures seen during the live broadcast, although many viewers did not know what was said at the time, they wanted to come to this pet shop owner named Su Ping, most of them abstained, and that Yan Bingyue was dragged away directly , Until now life and death are uncertain, which is equivalent to abstaining.

Although the names of Su Ping and Yan Bingyue are not on the list, this does not hinder the heated discussion and controversy.

The strength they show allows countless people to directly regard them as crownless runners.


at night.

Located in the middle of the distant Asian land, in a majestic base city.

The outer wall of this base city is steep and towering, it is hundreds of meters high, and the width is tens of meters thick. It is magnificent, and the surface is dark brown crystal rock specially refined by the beast, smooth and hard. Even the ordinary ninth-order monster monster's attack is difficult to shake!

In the base city, it is a vast territory.

It is divided into various areas, each of which is like a city in a city, and the economy is very flourishing.

Outside this base city, there are underground tunnels extending in all directions, and an underground railroad leads to the four sides.

At this moment, in one of the areas.

Some iconic buildings in this area are filled with unique flags of dark colors. The flags are nine dark blue star vortices. The stars are extremely bright and bright against the black flags.

This is the flag of Star Organization.

And this whole area is the domain of the starry sky organization!

In the tallest building in the center of the area, this is an extremely magnificent and beautiful building. Thanks to the help of the beast, the infrastructure materials can be greatly strengthened, so the whole building looks a bit against the principles of architecture, mainly divided into three This structure, the bottom layer looks like a super dragon beast crawling on the ground.

The middle layer is the back of the dragon beast, with two giant palms extending upward and ten fingers straight.

Above the fingers, there is a flatter building, like a mirror.

This is a look from a very far place, but in fact, each "finger" has a building height of hundreds of floors, inside the elevator, the glass is transparent, which can overlook the countless areas of the entire area when the elevator rises 'Low' building.

At this moment, on top of these ten finger-like buildings, in the flat building that looks thin, on the third floor inside, there is an oval meeting room.

This is the highest meeting room of Star Organization!

When you need to use this meeting room, it means that many big people will be present, and the things to be discussed are also extremely difficult issues.

At this moment, in the conference room.

In the dim light, there are seven figures sitting around the elliptical long table. In the center of the elliptical long table, the ground is transparent tempered glass, which can see the starlight rotating, which is a special projection effect.

The faces of the seven figures are dim in the dim light, and they look very mysterious.

"Speaker Zu, what's so urgent that called us all."

"Is the seal there, loosened again?"

Two people said, one voice was calm, and the other was a graceful female voice, which sounded about 40 years old.

Sitting at the top was an rickety old man with gray hair and wrinkled face, but there was a dignified majesty on his body.

"I just got news not long ago that a star in our starry sky was caught." The old man said slowly.


Hearing this ancestor speaker, the other six were all surprised.

The previous middle-aged man said: "Just this? Although it takes a lot of resources to cultivate a qualified star, shouldn't we let us all come?"

"Who was caught?" another person asked. The voice contained no emotion, but the voice was hoarse like a viper, which made the scalp numb.

The others were sitting without opening.

They knew that Speaker Zu would make things clear.

"You guys watch this video first."

The old man did not answer the words of the two of them, but swiped his finger on the table, a star passed by, and then a virtual audio and video appeared in the center of the conference table, and a video was playing.

The video is on a field, and at the moment there is a figure standing in the sky.

"This little guy, I seem a little impressed."

"Is that what Yan?"

"Yes, in the training camp five years ago, she and her companions killed all the others who were training together."

"Huh, that's a very good seedling."

"Looks like this place, is this a game, could it be the latest kids league?"


When several people communicated, suddenly, the entire video in the video suddenly fluttered, as if shocked by a strong shock wave. Then, the camera suddenly shifted to the boundary at the edge of the field, and a figure stood in the sky. In front of him, a hole was broken!


Several people raised their eyebrows, and the ease on their faces was gone.

If this is the league's stadium, the strength of the enchantment on the spot should be the highest standard uniformly prescribed.

Can the enchantment be penetrated?

Such power, even if compared to them, seems to be no worse.

Without further discussion, several people stared at him.

The video is constantly playing...

for a long time.

Half an hour passed.

The video was finished, and the meeting room fell silent.

This silence lasted for about half a minute, before someone said lowly: "The black iron-like ring in this video can directly pull a ninth-order extreme war pet into it. Have you seen this secret?"

The others were silent, no one said anything.

No one has seen such a horrible thing.

If there is no answer, the room becomes quieter.

After a moment, the speaker of the ancestor said, "According to the information I got, this place is a second-rate base city called Longjiang in the south. The video was sent by a cross-city private company in that base city. I have also sent people to inquire, and the thing is indeed the same as in the video, without disguise, because this incident occurred in the selection of the league places in this base city, and it is easy to figure out the ins and outs."

He glanced at a few people and said, "This guy in the video, what do you see?"

The six of them were slightly silent, and one of them said: "In my opinion, with my experience in body surgery, this person should not be a title class. Moreover, he must have practiced some kind of body surgery and tempered his body. It can be seen in his amazing explosiveness."

"Yes, and I think this person's attack is a bit strange, unlike the title-level method, and the test instruments produced by the Yuansheng Group are unlikely to go wrong continuously. After all, behind the Yuansheng Group, but the original old, he The elderly have collected countless secret techniques, and it is basically unlikely that there will be secret techniques that can conceal this test instrument."

"This person should be a peerless wizard who has never been seen before."

"Terrible seedling."

"It can't be said that it is a Miaozi anymore. This man's own combat power has already surpassed most of the title ranks. In my opinion, he broke the enchantment, it should have used some special power, but unfortunately did not shoot, but this young man At my normal level, I estimate that it will reach the median level at most.

He is really terrible, it should be his darling, that skeleton! "

"Agree, I have never seen the appearance of that kind of skeleton. It should be an unknown kind of skeleton. From the perspective of the erupting power and mystery, it should be the power of the ninth order limit, but the legendary instant Mysterious flash skills are tricky. If you rely on this secret technique, you can easily kill ordinary titles. Unless there are some titles, you can also master legendary secret techniques. However, there are very few such titles. Most of them are old guys like us."

"A sixth-order cultivation practice, combined with physical training, can explode the genius of the title's median speed, and can also attack near the threshold limit of the title. At the same time, there is an unknown skull species, and the other is terrible, it seems that Has the specially cultivated Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, such a character, actually in a second-rate base city?"

Seeing that everyone was discussing, Speaker Zu was silent for a moment, and said: "The reason I called you is not because of this young man, nor because of this skeleton, but...the existence behind him."

Hearing his words, the six of them were all slightly stunned, and then their faces changed.


Although this young man is absolutely stunning, unless the video was clearly filmed, they could not believe what the people said, but the real scariest thing is the existence behind this young man.

Can such a genius be cultivated, is it behind the legendary level?

But as far as they know, there is no such legend in the Asian region, and they will cultivate beasts in such places.

After all, the two legendary people who are to be nurtured, they both know and warned the following people not to provoke them at will.

As for the legends of other continents, it is even more impossible. Those legends want to touch the Asian and Asian regions, and the two legends above them have long gone.

"President Zu means that we want one of us to come forward and explore the bottom?" said one.

Hearing this, everyone else's eyes were dazzled.

Speaker Zu nodded slightly, looked around at everyone, and said, "It's not enough to worry about the boy and the skeleton, but if there is a legend behind him, we can only eat this loss, if not..."

Han Mang flashed in his eyes, "Put me insult to the starry sky in public, kill without pardon!"

Hearing his words, everyone was silent.

The latter dragged Yan Bingyue in public, and indeed slap them on the starry sky organization.

It is believed that this matter will be spread soon and will be known to other major forces.

Now that the legend above them is deceased, if such a thing is revealed, most other forces in the future will also despise them by three points.

But it is different if there is a legend behind the opponent.

There is a legend, that is a legendary thing.

Even if they become turtles, no one will say anything. After all, if you are awesome, you are going to provoke legends.

"This man killed other people, leaving the little girl with the surname Yan alone, should be ready to wait for us to come." A middle-aged man said in a voice.

"Touch the situation first and then talk."

Speaker Zu scanned the six of them, and suddenly looked at one of them, saying, "King, you have a stable personality, how about this matter to you?"

This is called a powerful man with a burly figure. Seeing everyone else, it seemed silent for a moment and nodded, "No problem."

Seeing his promise, President Zu relieved, and said in a deep voice: "If there is a legend, please apologize. We confess to this matter. If not, you should not rush to act. This young mans fighting power, just It is enough to compete with you one or two. After all, in this video, this teenager has not used his full strength, he is completely crushed, he is not sure he has other hole cards, or there are other strong players with the same combat power around him.

You can send back the news first, our starry sky organization, if you want to kill people, you have to play the role of absolute deterrence, and directly level with absolute power, you know? "

"Zu Speaker rest assured that I have a sense of size." Qi Wang nodded slightly.


The old man nodded and gave it to him with confidence.

When others saw him take over the errand, they didn't say anything. They just took care of them.

The next meeting was to talk about other things.

An hour later, the meeting was over, everyone also left, and each had their own "work."

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