Astral Pet Store Chapter 396

Chapter 396: Double 9.9

In a flash, the next day.

Su Ping returned from the demigod meteorite. Although he only went one afternoon and added an overnight, he stayed in the demigod meteorite for half a month.

His changes are extremely obvious, his momentum is stronger than before... his eyes are deeper than before, and his face value has risen a step further on the extreme road.

And the shaved beard was grown again.

In these half months in the half-gods, Su Ping did a lot of things.

The first is to strengthen the star pattern with the previously mastered power, and strengthen his whole body all over again. Now he is not only the arm, but the strength of the whole body is doubled!

In addition to himself, he also strengthened the Dark Dragon Dog, Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, and Purple Green Gun Python one by one, so that their combat power has once again increased!

However, it made Su Ping regret that the combat power of Infernal Candle Dragon Beast and Dark Dragon Dog is still stuck at the limit of 9.9, and failed to break ten!

Before the power is strengthened, they are already 9.9, and after the power is doubled, it is still 9.9.

Su Ping doesn't know how many decimal points there are behind this 9.9, it can only be said that it is too ugly.

In addition to the strengthening of power, in these half months, Su Ping took them to rub two waves of sky-tribulation.

He and the dark dragon dog, and the purgatory range of the infernal candle dragon beast also became wider and wider, and this time, Su Ping also let Ziqing Gun Python come out to rub together.

However, Ziqing Gun Python is a combat system, and failed to comprehend the flying skills. Each time he was thrown into the Heavenly Tribulation area by the purgatory candle dragon beast to be able to rub it.

This is also the favorite thing for purgatory dragon beasts to rest in the sky.

After a few zhe (mo) powers, the combat power of Ziqing Gunya also smoothly increased to the level of 9.8, which is a relatively strong presence in the upper rank of the ninth rank, approaching the limit of the ninth rank.

In addition to ruining the sky, Su Ping learned the Seal of the Star Seal with Joanna in her spare time, but it was a simplified version.

The full version is too esoteric, plus the requirement for cultivation as the realm, it is difficult to learn with Su Ping's current star power reserve. This simplified version can seal the star power under the legend. For Su Ping, it is currently barely enough use.

In addition, Su Ping okay with some true gods or god-level guards to learn some weapon skills like swordsmanship and marksmanship from various schools.

I learned a lot, but I know a little bit.

Su Ping hasn't found a weapon that really suits him at present. If he has to say something, it is probably his fist.

Probably because of the influence of the demon **** fist, he is not too keen on ordinary weapons, but prefers fists.

"In the sixth-order realm, when the combat power is ten, the qualifications are estimated to be top-grade, and the shop can also start the cultivation of advanced war pets."

Su Ping secretly said.

At present, the cultivation requirements of the store can't keep up with him.

This is why he desperately wants to promote the Dark Dragon Dog and the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast.

Through Thunder Dao's perception and strength enhancement, he has used all the means he can use, but their combat power is still stuck at 9.9, or they can only accumulate slowly by continuing to wipe the sky, and then they will come to fruition. , Or rely on a strong stimulus to give them a huge boost at once.

For now, Su Ping can only slowly wipe the sky.

Maybe another one or two waves will come to pass, and the combat strength will break through ten?

This kind of thing is anxious and can't come. When I returned to the store at this moment, Su Ping glanced at the time, it was already more than 9 o'clock in the morning.

He calmed down his mood and asked Joanna to do the preparatory work first, sort out those nurturing beasts, and then turned back to the customers who came to collect them.

On his own, he shaves and trims his face.

After finishing, he looked at the handsome guy in his glasses with great satisfaction, turned back to the store, opened the scroll, and two figures jumped out of it.

"Ready to open."

Su Ping said to Tang Ruyan, then glanced at Yan Bingyue who came out with her, and said indifferently: "If you have nothing to do, go back and stay inside."

Yan Bingyue's face changed slightly, and she glanced at Tang Ruyan, with a meaning in her eyes that only they knew: If you have a chance to escape, don't forget to take me!

Tang Ruyan understood her eyes, wanted to fight for her, and said to Su Ping: "The store is so hot in business now, let her come to help me too. I am too busy to come alone."

Su Ping glanced at her, and this one seemed to see the depth of her heart, which made Tang Ruyan feel a bit dazed.

"If you're too busy, you can move a little, and don't make any calculations."

Tang Ruyan opened his mouth slightly, daring not to say more.

Seeing this, Yan Bingyue obediently returned to the scroll.

Su Ping put away the scroll and said, "I'll give you five minutes to sort out your clothes and start business."

Without Yan Bingyue being around, Tang Ruyan returned to the feeling of going to work every day, nodded, and quickly ran to the bathroom to wash and clean up.

Su Ping found the register and was ready to open a store.

Although the store door was not open, he could feel that there was a lot of breath outside the store. After yesterday's events, the store was probably going to be famous, and the business that he wanted to come in the future should be very hot.

"I don't know if these five families will come over today." Su Ping narrowed his eyes.

He was not in a hurry to open the store. While waiting for Tang Ruyan to wash, he took out the communicator and went online to first understand the situation in the base city.

Although he only left for a short night, he spent a half month in the half-god, making him feel a bit far away.

Soon, I saw messages on the Internet.

It's all about little mischief, and his.

Su Ping looked at them one by one, and the mood quickly returned to the time when the previous league was over, and he knew what was going on outside.

The league is over, and the events that broke out yesterday brought the reputation of the store even more popular than he thought!

In addition to the fire in the shop, he actually also caught fire.

Su Ping didn't expect it, but he didn't feel it.

"It seems that it is worth killing a few people." Su Ping smacked his mouth, thinking in his heart.

If Yan Bingyue heard Su Ping's thoughts at this moment, it is estimated that he would vomit blood on the spot.

Soon, after reading the news, Tang Ruyan also sorted out his manners and walked out cleanly.

There is a natural beauty, which does not require any makeup, just clean the face, it is very beautiful, Tang Ruyan belongs to this kind.

But in Su Ping's eyes, looking at her eyes is no different from looking at ordinary passers-by.

"Go open the door." Su Ping said, and he put away the communicator himself.

Tang Ruyan obediently stepped forward to open the door and was already very skilled in his work.

The door was just opened, and the outside was full of crowded customers. It was in the shape of a queue at the door, and there was a mess at the back. In addition, there were some reporters and media beside them.

Seeing the shop door suddenly open, everyone looked at it, and after a brief stun, they all awakened and rushed to hurry up.

The frontmost ranks were almost washed away by the people behind.

And a young man standing at the front was pushed by the back, rushing into Tang Ruyan's arms.

At the moment of passing, two nosebleeds came out, his eyes became heart-shaped, and his mouth was wavy.

But the next moment, his face was suddenly held down.

It's like cherishing goodness and slamming into reality.

Tang Ruyan squeezed his face in one hand, controlling his forward body, while looking at the crowded people behind, inhaling slightly, and slammed with a slam.


The momentum of the Tier 7 war pet master immediately covered the audience.

And her voice was also lingering in everyone's ears, and she was shocked for a moment. I didn't expect this girl to look young, but she had such momentum.

"Old rules, line up to enter the store, come one by one, who dares to squeeze, don't blame me for being welcome!"

Tang Ruyan loosened the hand holding the young man's cheek in front of him, rubbed his nosebleed on his shoulder, and said coldly.

Hearing her words, the crowd at the back looked at each other, only to know that they really had to wait in line.

One of the middle-aged people glanced lightly at the surroundings and said leisurely: "This lady, is a master of the eighth-order war pet underneath.

"Speaking of queuing, can't you hear, is your ear deaf?!" Tang Ruyan glared at him.

The middle-aged man was shocked.

Other people around looked at this middle-aged person, and they were all surprised. They didn't expect this Mediterranean Sea, but they were actually the eighth-order masters of war pets.

Under Tang Ruyan's order, everyone had to line up.

After the crowd was no longer confused, Tang Ruyan withdrew his gaze, and suddenly his face changed into a smile for a second, and said to the teenager who had not cleaned his nose blood before: "Mr. Xiao, welcome, please come in."

The speed of this change of face made everyone in the back line stunned.

The teenager was also a little distracted, scratching his head with a smile, and walked into the shop with her call-in gesture.

"Please, don't worry, take your time." Tang Ruyan had a professional smile on his face, and he smiled authentically.

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