Astral Pet Store Chapter 399

Chapter 399: Five Gather Together

Tang Ruyan suddenly discovered that he had never really understood this young man.

There is a saying, I try to overestimate the results or underestimate you!

These words are used to describe the mood of Tang Ruyan at the moment, but it is suitable. First, there is a title level to come to Su Ping to transport things, and then there are two title levels to give gifts to please. Before that, there was Dao Zun and Su Ping called brothers...

The more she thought, the more she was shocked, and there was a confused look in her eyes.

"Nothing but this?" Su Ping asked.

Zhou Tianguang and the old man next to him looked at each other, two tubes of legendary dragon beast essence blood, this is already extremely expensive, Su Ping was not satisfied?

"This, boss Su, what else do you need?" Zhou Tianguang restrained his inner dissatisfaction and laughed with him.

He knows Su Ping's combat strength, this guy is enough to suppress a family alone, no matter how tossing such a monster, they can't afford to offend, they can only please.

"I don't need this dragon blood, you take it back and change something else." Su Ping said.

The two stunned.

Tang Ruyan next to him is also wide-eyed, don't you want the blood of this legendary dragon beast? This is an invaluable treasure for the war pet master who has pets of dragons and beasts!

Seeing Su Ping's disgusted look, unlike the intentional temptation, the two elders were a little confused.


Zhou Tianguang could only promise to be careful.

Just make trouble in your heart, change something else? It would be difficult to find something comparable to the dragon beast's essence and blood, unless it is the top secret treasure that their Zhou family is scarce.

But those things are used by the town people, how can it be sent out.

Both of them had a headache.

"The two of you are here, let's sit down and wait for the other families to be here, let's have a meeting." Su Ping said, not too pretentious, after all, they came first, compared to other families, it is considered to have Sincerely, and the blood of this legendary dragon beast is indeed a rare commodity. If it is not for the cultivation of the world, this is what he needs most.

I don't know where the family got it this week, but it seems to have given up some effort.

"it is good."

"Boss Su hasn't eaten yet, it seems that we came a little hastily."

The second old man saw Su Ping's easy-going attitude, and his heart was filled with a sigh of relief. He saw the rice bowl in Su Ping's hand and smiled and said with a smile.

Su Ping nodded and said to Tang Ruyan: "Entertain them and don't run around. I'll go to dinner first and come back later."

Tang Ruyan recovered, and immediately agreed.

Er Lao noticed Tang Ruyan next to him. This look suddenly felt a bit familiar, and suddenly, Zhou Tianguang seemed to think of something. His pupil shrank suddenly, and his eyes showed shock.

But soon, this shock quickly covered up, his expression was pretending to be natural, and there was no disclosure.

Su Ping carried the rice bowl and was about to leave the store to go home. When the black man at the door was still there, he was surprised: "Is there anything else?"

"Uh, it's fine."


Without further ado, Su Pingzao slipped and turned away.

As soon as he arrived at the house, Su Ping found sadly that there were not many meat dishes left on the table. These guys were all carnivores.

This delivery came so badly, don't you know that noon is when people eat? !

"What's going on outside?"

After Su Ping returned, Dao Zun asked in surprise, he and Wu Guansheng both felt the title breath outside.

"Nothing. I ordered something. The courier brother just arrived." Su Ping said.

Dao Zun and Wu Guansheng glanced at each other, and they were a little surprised. It didn't feel that simple.

Su Ping ignored them and quickly pulled and quickly finished eating. Seeing that other people had already put the bowl to eat, he glanced at Su Lingyue and saw that her broken finger had regenerated, but it grew a little slowly, like The size of a four or five year old child, with short and fat fingers, is inexplicably a little cute.

With Wu Guansheng's ability to heal, amputation of amputated limbs will do, not to mention the regeneration of amputated fingers.

"Mom, I'm back at the store."

Su Ping got up and said.

"Well, be polite to customers." Mom habitually asked.

Su Ping agreed, and got up and left.

Seeing that Su Ping was leaving, Dao Zun followed him up, said goodbye to Li Qingru, said goodbye to Wu Guansheng and Su Lingyue, and followed Su Ping to the store.

The man in black who was standing in front of the shop had already left with the golden feather crown eagle king.

Su Ping and Dao Zun entered the store together, and they saw Tang Ruyan sitting next to the two titles of the Zhou family, talking to them, and they were very familiar.

When he saw Su Ping coming in, Tang Ruyan's words came suddenly, and he smiled at him.

Su Ping glanced at her and ignored it.

The two elders sitting on the sofa also felt Su Ping, and immediately looked up, and at this look, their expressions froze and their faces were stunned.

"Knife... Zun?"

The two froze, stood up abruptly the next moment, a little shocked.

Behind this store, there is a strong man like Zun Zun?

Was the previous rumor from the herdsman true? !

Both of them were a little shocked. Dao Zun is the top-ranked title in the Asian region. It is equivalent to the young **** of anger Qin Duhuang. Such a character is actually in a small shop in Suping. It is incredible!

Dao Zun didn't expect that, in a flash, there were two more titles in Su Ping's shop, but not those he knew were the same level as him. When they recognized them, they nodded to them.

At this time, a roar of a chariot outside the street sounded.

Soon, the chariot speeded out of the shop.

A commotion broke out again in the group of journalists outside, and immediately afterwards, there were two title-level breaths coming up the steps.

Several people turned their heads to look around, and Zhou Tianguang immediately recognized them as the two old fellows of the Ye family.

Ye Qiu and Ye Zhan.

I saw Zhou's second elder in the store, and this Ye's second elder was stunned, but it quickly reacted, and he secretly scolded the old fox, they went out fast enough, I didn't expect this week's home to be faster.

But at the next moment, they saw the figure beside Su Ping.

This view was suddenly stunned.

They also recognized Dao Zun, but did not expect to see such top figures here.

This is hopeful to become a legendary existence!

The two were suddenly flattered and dared not to carry the rack and walked in quickly.

"Hello boss Su, is this Zun Zun, hello hello."

The two had an excellent attitude and greeted each other.

Dao Zun also politely said, after all, the other party is a title.

"Your patriarch, the Ye patriarch, also has something to do with her?" Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly. The patriarch of the Zhou family did not come, and the Ye family did not come. It seems that they are afraid of the patriarch's coming, what is involved, or a disaster. When it comes to the safety of the patriarch, it is estimated that most of the remaining three families are like this.

His face is not very good-looking, if the patriarch does not come, what can he say to these clan elders.

Hearing Su Ping's words, the Ye family's second old man was stunned for a while, his expression was a little awkward, but they were all old foxes, and he quickly found a reason with a smile.

At first glance, this reason seems really compelling.

Su Ping ignored them and asked them to find a place to sit and continue to wait for other families to come.

Dao Zun next to him also saw that these people seemed to have come by invitation. Today it seems that they did not come by accident. What else is going to happen in this shop.

However, after all, the titles of these small places can't toss about much.

He did not blend in, and wanted to ask Su Ping for a small skull and take it to train.

Su Ping didn't give him the small skull immediately, after all, if he had a chat with these five big families later, he also had to let the small skull crack down on them.

Please respect the knife first, and Su Ping took a cold drink from the refrigerator and ate it on the sofa.

"Brother Leng?"

"Well, that's fine."

Su Ping immediately took out another sweet cone and handed it to him.

Looking at Su Ping and Dao Zun sitting on the sofa eating cones, the four tribes all have strange faces, and Tang Ruyan beside him also feels that this picture is a bit of a drama.

"Boss Su, this is a little care for our Ye family."

The second old Ye family sat for a while and saw that Su Ping didn't take care of them, and he also took out a gift.

Su Ping glanced, "What?"

The second elder Ye family immediately opened. The gift they prepared was an extremely precious and powerful treasure. It was a pendant necklace. The crystal on the pendant had a peculiar effect and could nourish the spirit.

When Su Ping heard it, he was no longer interested. He had the secret to cultivate his spiritual strength.

In the Dragon King's secret realm, he took at least three pieces of this kind of treasure, the best of which was left by him, and the secondary soul lamp was given to Su Lingyue.

"This is the most suitable for Miss Su." Ye Family 2 smiled politely.

Su Ping took it at hand, thinking that the soul lamp could be given to his mother, and this thing was given to Su Lingyue.

"Come on." Su Ping said casually, Su Ping didn't care much and put away the pendant.

Seeing the appearance of Su Ping, the second old Ye family was a little bit puzzled. They couldn't figure out what Su Ping really meant, did they really like it, or did they obviously like it, but it was not enough?

At this time, the sound of tanks continued to sound.

The remaining three big families seem to have negotiated and arrived one after another.

Su Ping found that what he had guessed was correct. They came from the clan elders of the major families. Among them, the Qin family sent a clan elder and Qin Shuhai who had some friendship with Su Ping.

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