Astral Pet Store Chapter 404

Chapter 404: Six Extremes

With doubts and curiosity, Dao Zun did not stay, but also got up and followed.

The major families nearby saw Dao Zun followed, looked at each other, and all followed with courage.

Perhaps, in that room, they can see the strong man standing behind Su Ping?

Xie Gange's face changed when he saw Su Ping's movements. He also thought of this, would this be a trap?

Otherwise, what is the difference between that room and this shop?

Really fight, still slap the whole building!

Moreover, in that room, his perception could not penetrate half a point before. If the strong man in this shop was hidden inside, if he went in, he would be completely caught in the urn, and the risk was great!

Xie Qiange's complexion changed, and he finally made a decision.

"You two, you go to the place I said before. You are at the door. If something happens inside, don't try to save me. Send a signal immediately. You evacuate immediately and send the news back to the organization immediately."

Xie Qiange whispered to the two behind him.

Both titles have changed their faces.


"Listen! No need to say more." Jie Qiange's face was cold.

The two saw each other and looked at each other. They had to gritt their teeth and walked out of the store. One of them flew directly to the distance, and only one person was left at the door, so as not to have other strong people in the store. Sneak attack.

Xie Qiange saw that they were all ready, took a deep breath, and walked into the room.

"How about your two followers?"

Su Ping saw no one behind Xie Gange, raised his eyebrows slightly, and soon thought of something, with a touch of ridicule in his eyes.

Xie Gan Ge snorted and didn't answer Su Ping's words directly, saying, "Is this right? I'll tear down your shop by accident later, don't blame me!"

Seeing that he did not answer, Su Ping didn't care, and after a little brainstorming, he knew where the two had gone.

The other families and Dao Zun also did not know what to say. They didn't see any strange look on their faces. They just looked at the room.

And the area is not so large, at least can not accommodate the title level of combat.

"With your power, I can't demolish my shop yet."

Su Ping smiled softly, and it seemed a little ridiculous, he said casually: "Don't say I bullied you, what venue do you want?"

Xie Ge's brows fluttered, and no one dared to tell him that for many years.

Moreover, he is also a little unclear about Su Ping's remarks.

Isn't this venue already set in this room?

"I am free."

Xian Ge coldly said that when he entered the room, he saw that there were no other title-level powerhouses in him. He was relieved in his heart. At this moment, he just wanted to make a quick decision and was too lazy to talk to Su Ping.

"Really, then I pick what I like."

Seeing him like this [Yuyoushu www.uutxt.co], Su Ping told Tang Ruyan next to him, "Give me a place in the style of an undead."

Tang Ruyan was already very familiar with the test room. When he heard Xie Ge's words, it was a pity in his heart that choosing a suitable venue would always improve his chances.

For Su Ping, she had to obey and came to the side switch to turn the wheel.

Soon, the room began to change from the blank, and gradually, the sky and the earth appeared, and the horizon became infinite and wide.

Immediately afterwards, dense dark clouds appeared, and dark brown soil appeared on the ground, like the color of blood hardened.

Scattered bones appeared on the ground, and soon, the room turned into an ancient corpse fighting field.

There are bones scattered all over the battlefield, there are still a ray of dark soul mist floating in the air, and there is a mysterious whisper of voice, like being in another world.

All the major families and Xie Qiange shrank their pupils and were shocked.

Is this a special effect?

This is too realistic, it doesn't look like it was made with special effects!

Moreover, their perception can be extended to extremely far places, as if this is an independent world, can be extended to the end of the field of vision-their limit of perception.

Xie Gange couldn't help but look at the young man next to him, and then he knew why Su Ping let him choose the venue.

It turned out to be a real choice!

And now this death-filled venue is obviously very suitable for that skull battle!

After being shocked, Xie Gange quickly withdrew his thoughts and felt cold in his eyes. Although he was not in a suitable venue for him, when he reached their level, the restraint of a venue in each area did not have a great impact.

On the contrary, it was this magical room, which made him a little uneasy, which was beyond his cognition, saying that it was technology, but it was not like it. There is no such technology on Blue Star, but if it is not technology, it will be more terrifying. !

"Let's go in." Su Ping said, his voice cold.

Xie Gange recovered, looked at Su Ping deeply, and then flew from the blank space at the edge of the room into the battlefield where the environment was gloomy.

He has a feeling of stepping into another world.

This battlefield is extremely vast and can fully accommodate some of the top tier 9 pets.

Xie Gange thought of the two Feng Hai outside the store, who were still waiting for his news. He wasn't wordy anymore, his whole body exploded in star power, and six dark vortices suddenly appeared behind him.

These six vortices are large and small, exuding an indescribable breath from inside.


There was a deep gasping of the dragon.

There is also a grunting sound of the devils sticky slippery body fluid, which is creepy.

There is also a strong, hot breath that warms the surrounding air.

With the expansion of the whirlpool, a battle pet stepped out of it, there are dragon beasts, evil warcraft, and elemental pets, and there is also a humanoid pet, eight meters tall, with a body structure on the surface, like a black There is a warhammer on the back of the armor that is the same as Jie Gange.

However, this warhammer is extremely huge, with a length of more than ten meters. The hammer body is just like a boulder. It is smashed and estimated to be a meat patty.

These six pets came out of the back of Jie Gange and surrounded his body like towering mountains, exuding the spirit of shock.

The major families outside the court, including Tang Ruyan, were shocked by these top darlings.

These six pets, without exception, are all the ninth-level peak beasts!

The majestic momentum of the mountains and rivers emanated from them, and the pressure on the audience!

Any pet of war is extremely terrible and dangerous, let alone the limit of six nine ranks!

Coupled with the words of Xingang Ge itself, it is the limit of seven ninth orders!

This is the combat power of Xiange Ge, the famous king of weapons! !

The major families outside the field looked at each other, and they all saw the shock in each other's eyes. This alone was enough to suppress them all!

It is also a title level, but the gap is like a rift.

Qin Shuhai's eyes flashed extremely bright light, rising a strong fighting intention and yearning.

He is on the top of the title, and also has a distinguished name, but compared with the limit of the title, he is still too far away, it looks very young!

If he wants to go further, he must also achieve the same fighting power as this, but he knows that his current gap is still too big.

He also has a lot of darlings, and also has the title of limit cultivation, but there are only two, that is all his family!

Two and six, the gap is not three times, but more than ten times!

While everyone was amazed by these six ninth-order peak pets, Zun Zun's eyes fell on the humanoid pets carrying giant hammers, and his eyes were extremely dignified.

The ninth order limit is also different.

This humanoid darling, named Thunder Hammer, is the strongest darling of the king of weapons, Xie Gange!

Su Ping looked at the six ninth-order limits in the field and raised his eyebrows slightly. Unexpectedly, there were still a lot of battle pets, and his strength had reached the limit. It seemed that his savings were quite deep.

His eyes fell on the dragon beast. This dragon beast is a bit interesting. It is an extremely rare variant of the dragon beast. It looks like it is a variant of the silver-winged dragon beast of the ninth dragon order. The structure of the dragon body is similar. It's just that a pair of dragon wings turned into a dead gray, and a huge set of dragon armor was still on his body. The dragon armor was forged at first glance, and I don't know what metal to use.

This is the first time Su Ping has seen War Pet wearing equipment.

To be precise, it is in addition to the humanoid pet.

After all, humanoid darlings, most of them have weapons, mainly relying on weapons and fighting skills to fight, just like strengthened humans.

"There is no legendary class."

Su Ping glanced a little strangely in his heart. Is this the limit of the famous mainland title?

"I'm ready."

In the field, Xie Gange stood on the ground, and a splendid star power had already appeared on his body. He was slowly building a special star shield. He stared at Su Ping outside the field, his eyes cold and cold.

Su Ping nodded, looked at the little skull next to him, touched his small head, and passed on the idea.

The small skull looked up at him, seemingly incomprehensible, but nodded, and then flew to the battlefield.

Its figure stood in the sky, and the short bone hand slowly pulled out the saber from the waist.

Need a knife?

The Zun Zun outside the field looked startled. In his impression, although the Skeleton's knife technique improved rapidly, he did not learn the master level after all. You can't do it yourself, let alone the knife is far inferior to his small skull.

Xie Qiange looked at the little skull with a cold flash in his eyes.

If he wants to defeat this skull species, he has only 70% certainty, then if he has to hold it in front of it for three seconds, it has 12% certainty!

One idea after another passed quickly.

Roar! !

The mutant silver pterosaur roared suddenly, and a metal wall rose from the ground, turning into a metal fortress, covering the body of Xian Ge in it.

At the same time, the devil's pet, including several elemental pets with different attributes, also released a defensive skill.

All are defensive skills.

Arranged one after another, it seems that the skills do not need money, and the layered defense barriers cover the Qiangge firmly.

It only said that it would survive, but it did not say that it would win.

This is too simple!

The major families and Dao Zun outside the court didn't expect this solution to completely abandon the attack and chose to defend.

However, Su Ping said that it lasted for three seconds, which did not violate the rules.

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