Astral Pet Store Chapter 406

Chapter 406: Want To Learn? Let It Teach You

In the face of this power, time calculation is meaningless.

It's just a knife, and six nine-tier extreme pets are difficult to resist, and they are prepared in advance.

This is definitely a legendary power!

What is the concept of a legendary war pet?

It means that other title-level powerhouses, no matter how top-notch, are difficult to resist unless they are true legendary powerhouses!

In other words, this young man is the strongest under legend! !

Compared to this matter, the three-second agreement is almost insignificant, and only this young man will come over and show him time in a casual manner.

Xie Qiange's eyes became complicated, and his mood was a little unspeakable.

Off the field.

The major families, Dao Zun, Tang Ruyan and others all had dull expressions.

As Su Ping jumped into the field, they came back to their eyes, showing a shocking look in their eyes that could not be controlled with just a knife. !

The king of weaponry, the title of the hall, was defeated by a knife?

If it's a move, it's just a move!

One move spike!

Even Dao Zun, some were unable to react, and looked shocked.

Xie Gange's strength is comparable to him, he has not played, he is difficult to say the outcome, but the latter became famous for many years, the title limit, this is a fact!

In such a prepared situation, it will be defeated instantly on the front, which is unimaginable!


This skull is actually a legendary pet!

Dao Zun's eyes are shocking and incredible, this skeleton species that learns from him is actually a legendary fighting pet! !

Tang Ruyan, standing behind, looked dull.

Lose in seconds?


If its a legend, isnt their Tang family...

Thinking of this, she shuddered at the bottom of her heart, her legs trembling uncontrollably, her eyes showing despair.


"May you gamble to lose, have you taken it?"

Su Ping put down the communicator and looked up at the burly figure.

Xie Gange was awake from his confused thoughts, and his face twitched slightly. This is the first time that people have dared to talk to him like this for so many years.

clothes? In exchange for his hot temper when he was young, it is estimated that another 300 rounds will be played on the spot.

But because of this hot temper, he had suffered a lot of losses and had already tempered his temper.

"Can I choose the first one?"

Xie Qiange grinned bitterly, his tone has turned into a kindness, not only the stunning sword of this skull species shocked him, but also because, so far, what he saw was still the iceberg exposed by this shop A corner!

It's just that the exposed corner is more terrible than they had imagined!

This reminded him of how terrifying the sunk underwater would be? !

Can't provoke!

Can't mess with it!

A seed cultivated in an organization is sacrificed.

There are many seeds!

If the whole organization is built in because of a good young man, it is a brain disability.

He secretly thanked Su Ping fortunately to let the skeleton species close in time, otherwise, if he had an accident here, the nature would have completely changed!

He is one of the "flags" organized by Starry Sky!

If he is going to die here, the starry sky organization is bound to suppress the army and fight hard!

At that time, in case the store behind this store is a legendary existence, it will definitely be a serious injury to the Starry Sky organization, even a disaster!

From all the information he has seen so far, there is a legendary possibility behind this store, almost 90%!

He had kept in mind the previous request of the speaker, and if there was a legend, he would admit it!

Lose to the legend, not disgraceful!

"Choose the first one?"

Su Ping seemed to expect that he would say so, and looked at him with interest, saying: "I let you star out of the starry sky under the public attention, but you came alone, now, have you got the answer you want? "

Xie Qiange's complexion changed, his heart darkened, but he didn't expect the purpose of his coming.

This guy is really a teenager in his twenties?

"It's Xie's previous recklessness and disrespect."

Xie Gange had a smile on his face, and he apologized very simply. This attitude had already answered Su Ping's question. If he had not pointed the sharp blade of his eyebrows, he would like to shake hands with Su Ping.

Su Ping saw that he was so interesting, so he didn't say much, and let the small skull put down the knife.

"Then talk about the first question."

Su Ping turned around with the small skull and returned to the outside of the field, leaving the test room.

Dao Zun saw Su Ping coming, but he felt a trace of oppression in his heart. He had never felt this kind of feeling before. He only had such pressure when facing the old man.

"You darling..."

Dao Zun kept up with Su Ping, his face changed a bit, and his attitude was not as casual as before. He asked nervously, "Is it legendary?"

Su Ping had sat back on the sofa, took two cold drinks from the refrigerator, handed him the sweet cone, and shook his head: "No."

He couldnt say that the little skull is currently only a seventh-order cultivation. After opening the shop for so long, he also has some understanding of the psychological qualities of ordinary people. I really want to say it. Dao Zun will definitely think that he is kidding or teasing him, so Say it in vain.

Sure enough, after hearing Su Ping's words, Dao Zun just grinned reluctantly, embarrassed but not polite.

Not legendary?

What a ghost!

That kind of ultimate overwhelming power, he only felt from the legend.

Moreover, this is not the first time that a legendary class has appeared in this store. The mysterious blonde girl was a monster in the legendary class, as well as the original old man who is a legend!

After taking the sweet cone, Dao Zun had already eaten enough. After all, he had eaten one before, but he took it apart again and ate it with a fragrant look.

"The last time I taught it the sword technique, it seemed that the sword technique was not yet..."

Dao Zun looked at Su Ping while eating, with a bit of temptation. The previous knife was like eternity, and was deeply imprinted in his heart. It was too amazing to forget.

He is obsessed with knives and obsessed with knives. This feels like seeing a peerless beauty. He has an impatient feeling of scratching his heart. He wants to know more about it.

Su Ping glanced at him and seemed to see Dao Zun's thoughts, saying, "Want to learn, let me teach you."

In the past, with the small sword's medium sword realm, there is still a lot of things that the sword venerable can teach it, but after the teaching and edification of the true gods and gods of the demigod, the small skull's sword realm leaped forward and mastered. Recruiting legendary swordsmanship, but not very deep, just getting started.

Otherwise, just with that knife, not just cut off one arm, but his six pets and himself, will be annihilated and completely disappeared!


Dao Zun was stunned when he heard Su Ping's words, and there was a strange feeling in his heart.

Former apprentice, now want to be a master?

However, thinking of the stunning knife of the small skull, he hesitated and nodded, "OK!"

Su Ping was a little surprised. He didn't expect him to agree. After all, he was also a titled extreme strongman. After learning the combat skills with a pet, it was a bit ugly.

It is estimated that there is no such courage to be an ordinary person.

However, if it is replaced by Su Ping, he will also learn.

Power is everything! This is what he has learned from countless times of life and death, and what is famous, only deserves to be alive!

"Okay, wait for time, and then make an appointment with you."

Su Ping nodded, and at the same time gave a high glance to this knife lord, it is not just any title limit, which can get this face.

Dao Zun saw Su Ping's agreement, obviously relieved, a little surprised.

At this time, the elders of the other families followed Jie Gange and returned to the shop.

Looking at the two people sitting on the sofa, the elders of the major families are all tense, and the awe cannot be concealed in their eyes.

Come to this trip today, the harvest is too great!

Legendary pets!

Even when looking at the entire Asia, few people like Su Ping dare to offend!

After all, the ceiling above him is a real legend!

Old Liu family's face was pale, his body was like sieve chaff, and his legs could not stop shaking.

With their practice, it is impossible for their legs and feet to be so soft that they tremble, but at the moment they can't help trembling.

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