Astral Pet Store Chapter 407

Chapter 407: Compensation

The second old Liu family wants to cry now.

Even with the starry sky organization, the fighting power of this skeleton species of Su Ping may not choose shopping.

If the starry sky organization can't help Suping, then it is their turn to face the monster boy with the Liu family.

While the second family of Liu family was wandering, the other families didn't want to gloat over their situation at the moment, and they all felt uncomfortable. Longjiang came out with a character like Su Ping. If Su Ping was willing, he could even integrate all their families!

By then, only one voice will appear in Longjiang, that is Su Ping's voice.

This is not a good thing for their major families.

However, they were unable to stop this incident. The only thing they had hoped for was Xiangan Ge, who was defeated by a stroke before. This star organization was not a fool. Such a powerful role, it is impossible to ask Su Ping for a junior. Trouble, what to maintain the face... also depends on the cost of maintaining the face.

"Why are you all standing, sitting?"

Su Ping saw the big family pestle in front of him, shouted.

The old people of the tribe jumped at their hearts and saw Su Ping's unconscious appearance. They couldn't help but smile secretly. In exchange for the fact that they were still able to sit calmly. After all, they don't think they are much worse than Su Ping. The old title, and no matter what Su Ping, is a junior, a rising star.

But now, this rising star is so beautiful!

They show their scalp tingling, why dare to sit with him.

The major families didnt move, and Xie Gange didnt bother to look at the old guys in front of him. His mood was also extremely complicated. The task he came to was completed, and he probably knew the details of the store and the teenager, but the result was The worst kind.

Taking a deep breath, Xie Ge came to Su Ping and took a chair from there to sit down and said, "Mr. Su, let's talk about the first condition."

Su Ping sees that the clan elders of other families continue to be pestered. They are helpless and have nothing more to say. Apart from the Liu family, the performance of other families is not picky, nor hostile, so they are willing to say hello, if only the Liu family Then, just stand and stand, and he was too lazy to take care of it.

"Let's talk about your sincerity first." Su Ping said to Xiegan that he would make a reserve price first.

Xie Gange hesitated and said, "Mr. Su, what do you need? You shouldn't care about money, secret treasure or pet of war?"

"War pets are not necessary, you see it, I just opened the pet shop." Su Ping said.

Xie Gange nodded, he guessed that even if Su Ping really wanted it, the opening was definitely an extremely rare top pet, even rarer than the purgatory candle dragon beast.

At that level, they have very little starry sky, and even if they have, they are all greedy. After all, they are nurtured as top pets of the nineth-order extreme warfare. They are extremely fierce in the same rank, and they can even hope to shock the legend!

"Secret words..."

Xie Gange is thinking about it, and secret treasures are not cheap things. If you give general secret treasures, Su Ping may not want them, but good secret treasures, no matter which force is lacking.

"Secret treasures are not urgently needed." Su Ping said that he was not interested in secret treasures or anything. In the Dragon King secret realm, he harvested many secret treasures. Some of the secret treasures overlapped and were weapons. He didn't need to use them. In the future, I still have to find an opportunity to sell to an auction house.

Seeing this solution, Ge seems not to know what to give, Su Ping directly said: "My request is only three points, you think about it."

"First, I will give you a bill of materials later, and your starry organization must get all the above materials for me within six months!"

"Second, give me a list of the secret treasures of your starry sky organization, and let me choose a few of my interest."

"Third, if I need something in the future, I can arbitrarily mobilize some of your star organization to do things for me."

He finished speaking in one breath, looking at Jie Gange.

Su Pingge's face changed, although Su Ping did not say much, but the requirements were not low.

"This, your first request, we can do our best to satisfy you, but if you need something, we have found it everywhere, and I hope you can forgive me."

Xie Gange hesitated and said, after all, someone like Su Ping would never ask for anything, and it would never be a small thing. Most of them were extremely difficult to find, even extinct, and he did not dare to agree.

Su Ping narrowed his eyes slightly and stared at him. After a while, he nodded slowly. This request is also reasonable.

See Su Ping agree, let go of Ge Song, said: "Your second requirement, we will try our best to meet, but the number of selected treasures can be controlled, for example, within three, or there is a standard number?"

"No problem, just three pieces, but it must be all the secret treasures of your starry sky organization. If I find any secret treasures that you hide, then it's no wonder I." Su Ping said.

Xie Gange immediately said: "You can rest assured that we will fully open the treasure trove for you. All of our treasure trove will record information, and I will mobilize the information within six months for you to read, no fraud."

Su Ping snorted, he didn't know whether he could make a fake, but the other party promised to be so simple, and most of them were capable of doing tricks and hands. At that time, it looked like the starry sky was unclear, if he was really a fool He moved all the good secrets away, leaving only something to destroy, and he shot again.

He is also not greedy, as long as he can pick up a few rare functional treasures.

For example, like a picture scroll, although it has little combat power, it is very useful.

"As for the third point, Mr. Su is assured that as long as you go to our starry territory, you will definitely receive the most distinguished treatment."

Xie Gange said that this is the easiest he promised.

Su Ping nodded.

The knife next to them saw that they reached an agreement, and they sighed secretly in their hearts. Even the first starry sky standing on the mainland chose to retreat in front of the Su plane.

Obviously came to the door to ask for the person, but the result was heavy bleeding, but also had to promise Su Ping three conditions to compensate.

This is to overwhelm people!

To have power is to do whatever you want!

The major families next to them, when they saw that Xiegan Gefu was soft, were all extremely complex.

Who would have thought that in the base city of Longjiang, in such a humble shop, the first force of the mainland will surrender here!

Seeing Su Ping nodded, Jie Qiange was relieved and a smile appeared on his face, saying: "Mr. Su, since that's the case, can anyone let me take it away now?"

"take away?"

Su Ping gave him a strange look. "You haven't given me anything yet and you want to take someone away?"

"This one"

Xie Gange also realized that it's a little difficult to get people right now, and had some headaches. He wrinkled his eyebrows and said, "Otherwise, it's okay for people to show me a glance first."

Su Ping frowned a little, and finally sighed, "It's troublesome, wait here."

After he finished, he got up and went to another room, the storage room.

After entering the room, he opened the scroll and shook Yan Bingyue out of it.

As soon as Yan Bingyue came out, he was alert and waited to see the surrounding environment before he stood up and looked at Su Ping without expression.

Su Ping said: "Your starry sky is coming for someone."

In a word, Yan Bingyue's dead expression on his face instantly recovered, and his eyes suddenly burst into expression.

Someone coming?

Is she going to be free again? !

She glanced around. No wonder Su Ping would let her out in this small room instead of in the store. Do you still want to hide the magic of the picture scroll?

She sneered secretly in her heart. After she left, she would definitely tell the organization about the matter in the Suping shop.


With a cold snort, Yan Bingyue's face regained its luster, and once again became cold and arrogant frost, commanded: "Open the door."

Su Ping gave her a strange look, but opened the door for her.

The light shone over, and Yan Bingyue seemed to see the light again, her eyes glowed with infinite brilliance. Only through despair and imprisonment could you know how sweet freedom is.

"It's Senior Qi Wang!"

As soon as he walked out of the room, Yan Bingyue saw Xie Gange sitting on the sofa.

There was excitement and excitement in her eyes, but she did not expect the organization to value her so much.

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