Astral Pet Store Chapter 411

Chapter 411: One Punch Clear Sky

Joanna glanced at Su Ping, and she knew that this guy was not only an insatiable profiteer, but also a fierce murderer.

"it is good."

She promised.

She is not inferior to the fierce and fierce.

War and bloodshed are things that she has long been accustomed to.

Not to mention the number of opponents in this area, not to mention "war"!

As her words fell, a rich and sacred vast breath slowly flowed out of her, a golden hair without wind and automatic, the momentum rose gradually, stronger and stronger, in a blink of an eye, it directly surpassed Ordinary titles, reaching the limit of titles!

Then, without hindrance, it instantly broke through the threshold and reached the legendary level!

Her true posture and strength are revealed at this moment.

The golden breath of the outflow emerged from her body and the bottom of her feet like a tide, and the whole person was dim in a divine radiance.

The stunned people standing around, all their pupils shrunk fiercely, looked at the girl in horror, and couldn't help but step back.

Even Dao Zun, who was mentally prepared before, felt a terrible sense of oppression at the moment, like a giant mountain with no visible peak pressed on his shoulder, and a kind of trembling feeling that wanted to creep.

This feeling is several times stronger than he felt in the original old man!


Tang Ruyan's face was horrified.

She stayed in this shop for so long, knowing that Joanna had a special status and strong strength, but she didn't expect to be so exaggerated, feeling the vast breath of the latter like her body, and she felt soft legs.

Yan Bingyue beside her, her expression was dull and her brain was buzzing.


The rich golden light gathers in the palm of Joanna. With the condensation, a spear gradually reveals. This is a golden light-shining magic gun!

As the spear emerged, a mighty momentum surged, and Joanna raised her head, her crystal clear golden eyes, and looked at the dark plume of the Phoenix and the swarm of purple thunderbirds over hundreds of meters.


A murderous intention broke out. She set off an unparalleled momentum and pushed all the others around. Only Su Ping's body was not affected and was protected by the power of the shop.

The two title limits of Dao Zun and Jie Gange, could not resist Joana's momentum, could not stand beside her, and was shaken aside.

Knee bent slightly, then Joanna's body suddenly shot up!

It is like a golden light rushing to the sky and illuminating the whole world under the dark clouds!

Under the recoil of her feet, the ground shook badly, but the steps at the door were not broken, still safe and sound, but the street outside the safe area of the shop, but cracked along the surrounding area of the safe area of the shop Crack, this crack runs along the safe area and surrounds the entire store.

It's like the area where the shop is located, which is disconnected from the surrounding ground and is crushed by stepping on it!

It's hard to imagine the speed and momentum!

Joanna didn't use the legendary realm of instant kill, but chose to kill it directly.

But her speed is not inferior at all!

On the neck of the Dark Feather Phenix, there is a huge wound of bone visible in the **** forest. This was cut by the small skull, and the neck was almost cut off, but because of its special defense skills , Weakened the power of this knife by more than 70%, which saved my life!

However, such a serious injury has rarely appeared for Dark Feather Mingfeng.

In his eyes, he was startled and angry, before he could attack again, suddenly, a creepy breath jumped up.

The pupil of Dark Feather Mingfeng is illuminated by a golden light!

Boom! !

The golden light arrived in an instant, directly under the head of Dark Feather Mingfeng, and burst out of the head!

Blood runs through the entire Dark Feather Mingfeng!

The brain plasma and blood in its head were all squeezed up and down at this moment!

head shot!

In the fierce eyes of Dark Feather Mingfeng, it is incredible.

At the same time, the huge sonic boom that was delayed due to the speed of sound suddenly exploded in its ear!

Instant kill!

Dark Feather Mingfengs eyes are full of unwillingness, but the dead gray gradually spreads two huge eyes, its huge wings are gradually lowered, and the feathers that stand up slowly slow down at this moment, and then the body is like a giant suspended in midair The mountain gradually sloped, head down, straight down towards the streets and buildings below!

With its volume of hundreds of meters, falling from such a height, a twelve-magnitude earthquake will erupt throughout the street, collapse and collapse!

Su Ping, who was standing in front of the shop, saw this scene. His eyes flashed cold, his energy suddenly injected into the prism star core, and an extraordinary breath came out of him suddenly.

This momentum is extremely strong, not even inferior to the title of the strong!

These days rubbing the sky robbery in the half-god meteorite, Su Ping's cultivation base is still the sixth-order median, but his star power has been purified, and its strength is comparable to that of the seventh-order upper rank. The strength of the ninth-order upper rank has greatly increased two realms!

However, this increase is instantaneous, like all the energy, burned out in an instant!

Dao Zun and Xie Gange next to him, sensing Su Ping's momentum, looked at him in shock.

The elders of major families, such as Tang Ruyan, were also horrified.

Su Ping's age, after all, is a teenager of about twenty!

Although the strength previously shown is the limit of the title, but that is the power of leapfrog combat, and now, this is a naked title superior star power! !

This is Su Ping's real cultivation? !

When they were shocked, Su Ping roared violently, and he suddenly rose into the sky. In the half-god, he strengthened the entire body. At this moment, the power doubled, and a bright golden **** broke out on his arm. Light, that's divine power!

Demon fist!

Deification! !

Boom! ! !

It was like a nuclear bomb suddenly exploding above everyone's head!

The huge blasting sound, at the moment of the outbreak, everyone had a sense of instant deafness, and then the huge sonic boom that was set off, rolling around, sounding in all directions!

The haze over the heads of the people suddenly broke apart at this moment.

The light shone in.

The body of the dark plume phoenix that fell straight down, turned into countless broken limbs, such as falling stones, scattered randomly, smashing the streets outside the shop into deep pits, and fell on the shop. Instead of crushing the shop, the minced meat was ejected.

All of a sudden, the whole street was covered with devastation and scattered bones.

In the air, blood rain soon fell!

Although some non-shop buildings were collapsed by a flesh of flesh and blood, causing no small damage, but the damage is much smaller than the fall of the entire Dark Feather Phoenix.

Looking at the bones everywhere, as well as a few large residual limbs, Jie Gange and Dao Zun were shocked to be speechless.

The ninth-order limit of the Dark Feather Mingfeng, even under Su Ping's punch, his body was beaten alive!

What power is this? !

The major families all have a horrified expression on their faces, and the Liu family's old man is even dull, letting the blood rain fall on their faces, they forget to use the star power barrier to resist.

Tang Ruyan and Yan Bingyue were completely dumbfounded.


At the moment, the backs of the teenagers in the sky are a humanoid beast in their minds.

Su Ping stood in the air and gasped slightly, feeling that his whole body was exhausted at this moment.

Looking at the broken pieces of meat all over the place, he was relieved in his heart, and he was able to make such a powerful and effective effect with one punch, mainly due to the death of the Dark Feather Ming Feng, the energy of the dead Dark Feather Ming Feng stopped flowing, no It is not surprising that the ability to resist, rely on the physical body to hard connect, and the hard joint without defense, is beaten.

Looking up, Su Ping saw Joanna above, she was shrouded in golden light, holding a sharp gun, like a female **** of war, exuding invincible momentum!

In front of him, there was an old man standing in the sky, his expression a bit dull, it was the old Tang family man on the back of Dark Feather.

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