Astral Pet Store Chapter 412

Chapter 412: One Shot A Thousand Troops

All of this is slow to say, but it actually happens in a blink of an eye.

Joanna glanced at the dark plume phoenix bursting underneath, and the figure of the teenager standing in the blood rain of minced meat, a deep meaning flashed in her eyes, then she raised her eyes, cold and murderous golden eyes, Looking down at the old man in front of him and the many figures behind him.

Fingers clenched slightly.

On the blazing magic gun, the free breath of magical power instantly bursts out!

Three Thousand Worlds-Reflection! !

call! !

A tremendous momentum suddenly erupted, and a tremendous gleam of golden light radiated from the sharp gun, illuminating the entire world, and a clear sky above everyone's head suddenly burst into a golden light, like an overhanging golden sea.

An indescribable force that oppresses everything and suppresses sentient beings emanates from this golden sea.

In the terrifying eyes of the Tang family, a golden gun shadow slowly penetrated from the golden sea, and in the blink of an eye, thousands of ghost gun ghost images appeared.

The old Tang family standing in the sky suddenly woke up from the shock, and there was extreme terror in his eyes. From this golden sea, he felt the strong breath of death. This power is by no means the title limit. Yes, this girl in front of me turned out to be... a legend? !

When he was frightened, Joanna had already shot.

kill! !

The golden sharp gun in her hand suddenly waved and pointed forward.

According to the spear, there was a silence that made the world and the world silent, such as the invisible sharp edge, which immediately enveloped the thousands of purple thunderbirds behind the old Tang family, as well as the flying feather army and the thousand aircraft army on the back of the purple thunderbird. .


It was like a ten thousand Dao Li arrow suddenly fired, and the spear tip exposed in the golden sea suddenly shot out, instantly covering the finch.

Countless sharp gun phantoms fell, as fast as lightning, with an unmatched power of destruction.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the air, the purple thunderbirds were in a panic. Soon many purple thunderbirds were hit, and their bodies burst into a thick blood mist. The master pet warrior on his back could not escape it, and was also caught. The magic gun phantom runs straight through!

Some people who responded quickly summoned other pets.

Thousands of black vortices emerged quickly in mid-air, and a rogue or fierce fighting pet was drilled from inside. Various angry and roaring roars sounded.

However, as soon as these pets appeared, they were penetrated by golden sharp guns, and even without seeing anything around them, they turned into blood mist bubbles.

Even if some of the ninth order pets appear, it is difficult to resist a gun shadow!

This is the reflection of the magic gun in Joanna's hands. Although each ghost image has only one percent of the strength of the magic gun, it is not an ordinary ninth order pet that can resist!

Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang...

Countless blood mist bursts, countless screams!

The entire sky is dyed blood red.

A small number of stumps fell down, and most of the body of the Purple Thunderbird was directly smashed into blood mist by the destructive power of the sharp gun, and nothing was left!

This scene is like supernatural power!

The girl who radiated the golden light like a **** of war at the moment!

That gazed at everything, and despised the momentum of all things, undoubtedly manifested in its body!

The three Tang clan elders, including the following Jie Gange and Dao Zun, were all stunned and speechless.

The power of a shot is like the end!

Is this legendary means?

Even a legend may not be easy to do? !

Xingang Ge and the starry sky title brought by him are shocked and a little bit sick. Is this the strong man hidden behind this store? If their starry sky organization is not stable enough, the army will come, and it is estimated that the same will end now!

A legend, actually sitting in this store!


This is absolutely great news! !

"no no!!"

The toothless old woman standing on the back of a tier nine war pet saw the swarm of purple thunderbirds shrouded in golden gun shadows, and saw a cloud of blood mist exploding. In addition to horror, her eyes were more frightened.

Eight black swirls suddenly appeared behind her.

Roar! Roar!

The roaring sounds drilled from the inside, all of which are tier nine pets, only one of them is the tier nine upper pet, and the rest are all tier nine limit!

As soon as these darlings appeared, they rushed towards the Purple Thunderbirds under the will of the toothless old woman, trying to resist the golden gun rain for them.

When Joanna saw this scene, the cold light in her eyes slightly thickened.

In the golden sea, a few sharp gun reflections that appeared to be thicker suddenly appeared!

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

Several sturdy sharp guns suddenly rushed out.

It's as fast as a golden lightning bolt, and it falls down instantly!

Roar! !

A silver snake thunder dragon beast of the ninth order peak, suddenly screamed screaming, the back was penetrated by the golden sharp gun, and the gun body did not enter its body. Looking outside, he could vaguely see the golden gun shadow in his body. It's like swallowing a very hot light bulb, the light emitted by it is difficult to cover even the dragon body.

The pupil of the toothless old woman shrank, horrified.

From the thoughts of the dragon beast, she felt a strong sense of despair.

Do not! !

Boom! ! !

The screaming of the silver snake thunder dragon beast did not last long, and he wanted to turn his head and cast his gaze on the old lady who had lost his teeth. But soon, his body suddenly expanded, and it suddenly filled up and burst out!

A dragon beast of the ninth order limit is just dead!

Blood and rain!

Everyone sees and loses voice, and the whole street is silent!

After this Silver Snake Thunder Dragon Beast, several other ninth-order extreme pets were once fierce, but none of them could resist the shooting of the golden sharp gun.

No matter what defensive skills they exert, they are all penetrated!

In front of this horrible supernatural power, they are no different from the Purple Thunderbird.

All this happened quickly, after all, Joanna's brewing time is very short, which is not a big move for her!

It happened fast and ended quickly.

Just a few seconds later, there was no longer a golden spear in the golden sea, and the mid-air, except for the blood mist that exploded, exploded!

Masses of blood mist gathered with each other, pulled into each other, and turned into a blood cloud, which slowly diffused into the air.

The eight war pets summoned by the toothless old woman also became one of the blood mists, and they were not spared.

Heaven and earth are all dead.

Only the blood rain fell down, and made a noise, unaware of this mighty killing!

In this deadly silence, the golden sharp gun in Joanna's hand gradually condensed the divine light, and then slowly faded away into a ray of golden light that dissipated in the white and jade-like palm.

Her eyes also regained her indifference, as if she had just done a trivial thing.

Glancing at the remaining three, she said indifferently: "Every ants, take your pets and kneel down for me!"

As a pure-blooded god, even the legendary true **** has to kneel down to see her, let alone these mortals who are not all legends.

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