Astral Pet Store Chapter 413

Chapter 413: Deterrence

In the blood mist, Joanna's voice sounded clear and indifferent, and there was a naked feeling of looking down.

The three elders of the Tang family looked at the blood around them, and their bodies were shaking and trembling. This was the thousand flying feather army and thousand army army they had cultivated with countless efforts!

Full of two thousand pet masters, so dead!

Not to mention two thousand, even if ten darling masters die all at once, in the general base city, it is enough to cause a sensation and make the top news list!

In the past ten years, the Tangs have lost a lot of talents who have fought all over the place, not adding up much today!


Die so fast!

They were almost too late to stop.

Even, there is no way to stop!

Among the three elders, the oldest lady felt the deepest. Her teeth were old, her lips were trembling, and there was some air leakage. The pets in her hand were all killed at that moment!

None stayed!

The only thing that survived was the flying pet at her feet.

Because she carried her, she didn't go to help.

But because of this, he survived.

Despair, fear, pain, fear... and so on.

These negative emotions have reached the extreme, and are filled in the old woman's mind. They are the emotions that came from her darling before her death.

Hearing the clear voice, the old lady shivered slightly, and looked at the blond girl, seeing a suffocating face.


Even if they are both females, the old lady also finds it difficult to pick. This is a face like art!

However, the appearance of this face is not like the Asian people.

This is... a legend from other continents?

The blood rain was still falling, and the whole world was covered with a red rain curtain.

Bleeding water gradually gathered in the pits on the ground.

The strong, smelly smell permeated the air, which was disgusting.

Some reporters outside the store, some psychologically fragile people, have been scared to faint on the spot, and others, the residual limbs and internal organs that were dropped in front of them, were so shocked that they urinate and collapsed to the ground, with very few psychological qualities Stronger people can still stand barely, but their legs are trembling like sieve chaff.

The moment before, this sunny street was like purgatory at the moment!

Endless blood, corpses of stumps everywhere.

It's **** on earth!

Even Xie Gan Ge and Dao Zun, clan elders of various major families and other people who have experienced the frost have been shocked by this cruel purgatory scene.

Su Ping shattered the Dark Feathers!

The mysterious girl strangled a thousand troops with one shot!

The Tang Dynasty army, which was still imposing, had only three old guys in the blink of an eye. Although these three old guys were the strongest, they were like three old hens. Anyone can see. Their fear seems to have another straw, which is enough to crush them!

This is... legend!

Xie Qiange looked at him stunnedly, and even he didn't have the opportunity to see several legendary shots in person, but the legendary shots he had seen before, although extremely powerful, were far less shocking than the scene I saw today.

More than two thousand eighth order pet masters, so empty!

They didn't even have time for pets and abilities!

Without the slightest chance of performance, there is no room for struggling!

In the face of absolute power, they are no different from ordinary people, and they are crushed into powder!

Dao Zun's complexion changed. When Joanna nearly shot the old man last time, he shocked him to the extreme. Seeing this at the moment, although it was still beyond his expectations, he was mentally prepared, before anyone else. After a reaction, I was silent for a while, but my fingers could not help but clenched, the more urgent I was in my heart, I wanted to take that step!

As long as that step is taken, he will also be a legend!

Although there are not many titles, the legend is the true apex of the pyramid!

"Feiyu Army..."

Tang Ruyan's body shivered slightly, almost fell, and there was a sudden lack of expression on her face.

The Tang family was famous for the mainland's flying feather army, which made all major families fear the extremely strong air force.

There are a total of five flying feathers, and in a blink of an eye there is one less!

And Joanna, just a shot!

She even said that she didn't shoot, just lifted the gun!

This girl working in the same store as her is actually such a scary monster.

When she thought of Su Ping's usual attitude towards Joanna, her eyes became more and more confused.

Yan Bingyue, beside her, was so shocked that she couldn't close her mouth. At this moment, she finally understood why Jie Qiange would have such an attitude towards Su Ping.

It turned out to be a legend hidden in this shop!

Legendary! !

The entire Asia-Asia region is only two, and this is the third!

The existence standing on top of the blue star mankind!

Can fight against the king beast, a truly extraordinary character!

After froze for a long time, Yan Bingyue recovered, and his eyes suddenly collapsed.

She actually fell into the hands of such forces. Even if she was taken back by the organization, it was only because she represented the face of the organization and could not be reused in the future!

Even if the organization is willing to fight against Su Ping for her, it is difficult to say, unless it is costly to redeem her!

When everyone had their own thoughts, the Tang family's three elders in the sky, under the pressure of Joanna's great divine power, gathered together. They looked at each other, and they all saw each other's ugly faces.

If the response is not good, the three of them are afraid to stay!

I thought that the three of them would come together and take care of each other. Even if there is a hidden strongman in this shop, they can work together, but I did not expect that this hidden is actually a legendary level!

In this way, let alone three of them, even if there are three more, it will only give food.

Joanna waited for half a minute, seeing that the three of them didn't respond, and gradually showed impatience in her eyes, saying tiredly: "Want not to kneel, then do you want to choose to die?"

Hearing this, the old womans face changed, and she had the deepest awe for the girl. After all, her pets of war were killed, and she was killed without resistance. At this moment, she cant care about anything else, what face, what Tang The majesty of the family has become worthless in the face of its own life and legend.


She quickly passed on the message to the two old men, and at the same time she had taken the lead in bending her knees and kneeling down.

Kneel in the void!

Seeing this scene, the two old men looked ugly, but they both gritted their teeth and knelt down. In front of the legend, they had no ability to resist.

Joanna snorted without looking a little further. She didn't care about the kneeling of several mortal ants and their surrender in dignity. All she needed was a signal and attitude, which meant they surrendered and lost Aggressively, she can also give it to Su Ping with confidence, believing that she has completed the task of protecting her shop.

Turning around, Joanna flew to Su Ping and said, "I'll give it to you. I need my help and call me again."


Su Ping nodded and glanced at her.

He did not expect that Joanna's shot was so overbearing and powerful, and he thought there would be some fierce fighting. Who knows that it is by his own power to directly suppress it!

Worthy of being a legendary protoss!

And Su Ping feels that Joanna should not be doing her best.

After Joanna went down, Su Ping's body flew to the sky and came to the three Tang clan elders, protected by the power of the shop. He was not afraid of them attacking him.

"Is the Tang family?"

Su Ping said.

The old lady had sensed that the horrible girl had left, and she was relieved to see that it was Su Ping. In front of the girl, she had a breathless feeling, and Su Ping's sense of oppression was obviously less A lot.

She was about to stand up, Su Ping saw her move, sneered, said: "Who allows you to get up?"

The old woman was stunned and her face became ugly. "Are you the little mischievous master?"


Su Ping said coldly: "You come here, do you want to ask your Tang master young master?"

The three of them saw Su Ping agree, and their faces changed slightly. If Su Ping is the owner of this store, what was the horror girl before?

I cant figure it out, and they dont have any extra thoughts to go deeper. Anyway, this girl is on the side of Su Ping and guarding this store, which is enough.

A legend, such a weight, is enough to make their Tang family retreat, and even serve soft!

"I, we're just here to shop." The old man in the middle grinned reluctantly. He is the master of Dark Feather Mingfeng, the second elder of the Tang family, Tang Mingqing.

"Go shopping? There are special ways for you to go shopping."

Su Ping sneered and said, "I'm too lazy to talk to you nonsense. It's not impossible to return to the young master of your Tang family. Anyway, it's useless to leave that rice bucket in my shop. You're asking for a price. I think it's appropriate. , You can return her to you."

All three were stunned, somewhat stunned.

Unexpectedly, Su Ping would treat their Tang family's young master directly as a bargaining chip with them.

This is too rampant!

However, thinking of the power of the legendary girl, they suddenly smiled bitterly in the heart, and the other party did have such a rampant capital.

Ordinary people provoke their Tang family and will only find a way to reconcile. Why would they hold the young master to deal with them?

Obviously, this Su Ping is not afraid of revenge from their Tang family.

This is indeed the case.

As long as there is the legendary girl behind, their Tang family will not easily come to retaliate against this store, unless one day, the store is down, the legend is not, and by that time, their Tang family will retaliate back hundreds of times, but As long as the legend is there, they will not act rashly.

However, I really have to wait until the shop is down. It is estimated that more than one of them will be the Tang family.


The three looked at each other and never thought about the price of their young master, if they were counted as goods.

After a moment of hesitation, Tang Mingqing cautiously said, "Do you want money or a treasure?"

"Tell me, what are the secrets."

Su Ping said.

Tang Mingqing thought for a while and said: "Our Tang family has two very top secret treasures, which are thousands of kaleidoscopes, and Tiangang broken heart swords. Kill the title! And the latter is invincible, even the top rock family pets can be easily split!"

"That's it?"

Su Ping did not look at him deeply and said, "Your young master of the Tang family has been staying with me for so long, telling me everything, are you fooling me? You have anything in the Tang family, she has already told I told you, I will give you a chance, dont cherish it!"

Tang Mingqing's complexion changed, and the two old men beside him also had ugly faces. A flash of anger flashed in his eyes, and he glanced at Tang Ruyan at the shop door below.

Tang Mingqing looked ugly and said, "So what do you mean?"

"I know what is the treasure of the town clan of your Tang family, and now you use the treasure of the town clan to change a young master, what do you think?" Su Ping asked.

The three people's faces changed at the same time.

"Impossible! No...me, I said no."

Tang Mingqing said flatly, but he quickly thought of his current situation, and his voice immediately weakened. He said: "The treasure of the town clan is the treasure of the suppression of the clan transportation. The young master serves the family. Lord, I believe that the young master of our Tang family would rather sacrifice himself, hoping... I hope you can change other conditions."

Su Ping also expected that they would not readily agree, and said indifferently: "One young master is not enough, then add three of you?"


The three of them were stunned, and their faces quickly became ugly. Their current situation is indeed in the hands of Su Ping. After all, with the power of the legendary girl, if they want to kill three of them, they... run Not off!


Tang Mingqing's complexion is uncertain. He knows why this young man will leave the lives of the three of them. This is to treat them as a bargaining chip.

"This, I still need to ask the patriarch. The patriarch wants it or not, and we don't know." Tang Mingqing gritted his teeth.

The two old men next to him looked at him with complicated eyes.

"The three of us old guys are worthless and have an old bone. They have devoted themselves to the family for so many years, and they will die even if they die. The patriarch will not exchange us for the treasure of the town." The old lady suddenly bowed her head, The eyes were slightly reddish, but his eyes became very determined.

When Tang Mingqing and another old man heard her, they were both startled and suddenly understood what she meant.

It is better to die in battle than to drag the family into the water.

The family treasure of the town family, once properly arranged, can kill the legend!

Such a treasure is the root of the Tang family standing for four years!

Anything can be sacrificed, including them, even the young master, and even the patriarch, but only the treasure of the town clan cannot be lost!

At this point, the old woman's performance is more sturdy than them, and she is ready to die.

Feeling the old ladys will, Tang Mingqings face changed a bit, frustrated and took a deep breath, said to Su Ping: "Yes, I hope you can use other exchanges, otherwise, we know that we are in a catastrophe, but we three old guys Ive lived enough to make the last dedication for the family, and its like a bow to my heart!"

Su Ping raised an eyebrow.

Unexpectedly, these old Tang families are quite sturdy.

But is it enough?

He sneered slightly, enough to live, he would not kneel obediently.

However, it seems that the treasure of the town family seems to be the root and bottom line of the Tang family. It is unlikely that they want to rely on them as chips.

In this case, Su Ping had to change something else.

"Three of you, come with me first."

Su Ping said.

It takes a long time to decide exactly what you want. Standing here is a bit striking and a bit silly.

Seeing that Su Ping was not angry, the three of them were stunned for a moment. They were all relieved and immediately stood up, following behind him honestly.

Watching Su Ping give them their backs generously, the three looked at Su Ping's back, their eyes flickered, but they finally resisted the impulse.

The young man's performance made them unpredictable and dared not take risks easily.

After all, the legendary girl is below. They dont know much about the legendary realm, and they dont know what the legendary means are, but at least one thing is that it is the flash of space. This is the ability that the legend basically masters!

They can't succeed in sneak attacks in front of legends, they are not sure.

As Su Ping drifted down, the three Tang clan elders also landed outside the store.

Looking at the blood rain still falling outside, these blood rains were condensed in the blood mist above, Su Ping glanced, and turned around, the star power in the body exploded again, and suddenly burst out with a punch!

Boom! !

There was a sonic boom in the air, and then a fierce force came out violently, and the cloud of blood gas gathered over the street suddenly burst.

Fist away!

The light was rebuilt between heaven and earth, and the floating blood rain dissipated.

Only the blood on the street floor, the blood flowing into the drain, and the residual limb.

Seeing the sun pouring down again, Su Ping felt that his mood was also clear. He retracted his fist, turned around, and walked into the store on his own.

Next to him, Joanna followed her, and returned to the shop without haste, and then returned to the beast room, where she slammed the door.

In her view, the matter has basically been dealt with here, and there is no need for her to shoot again.

In this case, she was too lazy to live in a room with these people, only Su Ping was in her eyes, detached from the existence of mortals, and other mortals were all ants in her eyes.

Seeing Joanna's figure disappeared, everyone was relieved, feeling that the depressed mountain had disappeared from his heart, and his body was a little lighter.

"You are"

At this time, the three Tang family old men saw Dao Zun and Jie Gange standing at the door of the store, and they were surprised.

The two hidden subtle atmospheres they had previously sensed were unexpectedly theirs!

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