Astral Pet Store Chapter 415

Chapter 415: Stay

Seeing how they look, it doesn't seem to be a bargain, Su Ping frowned: "Are you sure, don't you want her?"

Tang Mingqing took a deep breath and nodded, "We are sure!"

Su Ping thought for a while and said, "If there are too many five treasures, I can also reduce it. How about four?"

Tang Mingqing looked at each other, and finally shook his head.

The four top secrets are too expensive.

And their words have been said, Tang Ruyan's identity has been exposed, and sooner or later it will spread, causing other families to doubt, she has lost the masking effect of the mask, there are too many four treasures!

"three item?"

The three still shook their heads.

"Two pieces?"

Still shaking his head.

The girl next to her face became paler.

"Isn't it worth it?"

Su Ping finally said, his face cold.

Tang Mingqing and the three people saw that Su Ping looked displeased, and they were frightened. Tang Mingqing laughed and said: "If you want, we can redeem her with other things, such as money, or ninth-order war pets. What do you think? "

Hearing this, Su Ping finally felt that it was a little weird.

"Isn't she the true young master of your family?"

Su Ping said.

Tang Mingqing's expression was a little awkward, and he reluctantly said, "It's really not."

As of now, he can only admit it, even if he doesn't admit it. Jie Gange and Dao Zun next to him are not fools, they can guess something, it is better to admit it directly.


Su Ping was a little speechless. For a long time, Tang Ruyan was actually a fake.

However, it was just a counterfeit. This Tang family battle came as if his own mother had been arrested. Anyone who didn't know really thought this was the young master of their Tang family.

"So, her life is not as valuable as the three of you?"

"you could put it that way."

With this answer, Su Ping could only sigh, glanced at the girl next to him, and saw the latter's pale face. His eyes flickered slightly, shaking his head slightly, and said to Tang Ming in front of him, "Since she is not , You made me catch the wrong person, how do you compensate me?"


Tang Mingqing and three people were stunned.

Immediately, he looked at Su Ping incomprehensiblely, which made them surprised.

Did you catch the wrong person?

This, this can dump the pot? !

However, now that Su Ping is sitting, they are standing, and those who sit are more capable of speaking, they dare not argue.

Knowing that Su Ping was deliberately finding fault, they could only admit it, Tang Mingqing smiled bitterly: "So how do you compensate?"

"Aren't you reluctant to secret treasure, then give me five pieces." Su Ping said indifferently.

Tang Mingqing's cheeks twitched slightly.

This Su Ping wants to eat them!

Regardless of whether Tang Ruyan redeemed it or not, he had to dig up the five secret treasures for her, which is simply a snatch!

"This, together with our three old lives, is a total of eleven secret treasures, I am afraid that the number is a little more..." Tang Mingqing said quietly, if you add the three secret treasures in Su Ping's three requirements before, it is 14 secret treasures, This is enough to cover all the top secret treasures of their Tang family's secret treasure trove.

Although they can falsify and put away treasures and treasures, Su Ping is not a fool, and Su Ping also said before that he has tortured a lot of information from the Tang family from the mouth of Tang Ru. In their view, this secret treasure house Su Ping has basically known everything about it, and he cant be confused if he wants to be confused.

"Take a fraction of you, ten treasures, otherwise, you don't want to go."

Su Ping said directly that he didn't particularly need secret treasures, but just taught the Tangs a lesson. If they really couldn't get it out, he wouldn't mind tearing the ticket directly.


Tang Mingqing saw that Su Ping was so unreasonable, and some did not know how to persuade.

The cold light flashed in Su Ping's eyes.

The small skull beside him suddenly flicked out, and the bone knife in his hand waved instantaneously, pointing to Tang Mingqing's forehead. The tip of the knife had cut through his forehead, and blood slipped down.

"Promise, or die!" Su Ping said.

Both Tang Mingqing and the two old men's faces changed, and Tang Mingqing's pupils twitched slightly, trembling: "I, I agree, but I don't know if the family will agree."

"Contact your Tang family immediately."

Su Ping said.

The figure of the small skull shook, and returned to Su Ping again, sat on the sofa next to him, and looked up at Su Ping.

Tang Mingqing felt cold sweat from the shadow of death. He gave Su Ping a laugh and hurriedly pulled out the communicator. Soon, he contacted the opposite party.

"Clan, patriarch."

Tang Mingqing had a hard time speaking.

"what happened?"

There clearly felt that Tang Mingqing's voice was a bit wrong.

Tang Mingqing glanced at Su Ping and had no choice but to repeat what happened here.

When I heard that the Feiyu Army and Qianji Army had been completely annihilated, and there was a legend in this shop, it was difficult to keep calm on the side of the communicator, and there seemed to be something overturning.

After a moment, Tang Mingqing made the situation clear.

The communicator fell into a dead silence.

After a full minute or so, the other side spoke again and asked Tang Mingqing to hand over the communicator to Su Ping and wanted to talk to Su Ping in person.

Tang Mingqing conveyed this to Su Ping. In fact, he did not need to convey it. Their communication can be heard clearly by everyone in the store. After all, they are not ordinary people, and their sense of hearing is very sensitive.

"I only need one answer and don't need to tell me, you ask him whether you agree or disagree!"

Su Ping said, too lazy to talk to her mother-in-law.

Tang Mingqing looked ugly, so he had to repeat Su Ping's words.

Without repeating it, Su Ping also heard the words on the end of the communicator. After a moment of silence, he finally chose to agree.

Hearing this answer, Tang Mingqing breathed a sigh of relief, and the two old men beside him also breathed a sigh of relief.

"Our patriarch agreed."

"Okay, then let him send someone to send you the list of the secret treasure trove. You must arrive tomorrow."

"Well, let me talk."


After a few minutes.

All the negotiations were completed, including Tang Mingqing, the three old guys were all taken hostage in Suping store, waiting for the treasure to be delivered, and then redeemed.

After the incident ended, Su Ping didn't say more, and sent away the Zun Zun, and Xie Gang Ge asked him to do what he should do. The other family members were old, and Su Ping didn't keep it, but just caught him. Among them, the second elder of the Liu family asked them to call someone to clean the street outside the store.

The mess on this street, including the destruction of some buildings, was handed over to the Liu family to repair it for him.

To the command of Su Ping, the second old Liu family did not dare to refuse, and promised in a hurry, hoping to take this matter to please Su Ping and avoid hostility towards the Liu family.

After everyone had dispersed from the Suping shop, there were only Liu Jia Er Lao and Tang Jia San Lao, and Tang Ruyan Er Dao.

The second old Liu family stayed outside the store, waiting for the Liu family to send over, ready to work together to clean the streets and nearby buildings for Su Ping.

The Tang family's three elders had to stay here honestly.

Su Ping didn't have a good face for the three Tang family elders, so they stayed in the test room and temporarily used it as their cell.

"Now, I am worthless. If you want to kill, just kill it."

After the Tang family's three elders left, Tang Ruyan's face was ashamed, and he was expressionless to Su Ping.

Su Ping glanced at her, "You are a fake, why don't you say it earlier, then I will let you go."

Tang Ru's mouth twitched slightly. How could she say that earlier, and she remembered that she had said it earlier, but Su Ping didn't believe it at all, only when she was making excuses to get out.

"Forget it, since you know that you are worthless, just work here and create some value. Anyway, the Tangs don't want you anymore, so stay here and do things.

Su Ping shook his head and sighed.

Hearing Su Ping's words, Tang Ruyan froze.

"You... don't kill me?"

Su Ping is a little speechless, "Am I a murderer? Why don't you kill me?"

Tang Ruyan froze, "But, I have no meaning for you."

"Who said it didn't make sense, can you still greet guests for me?"


Tang Ruyan was silent.

greet guests?

This kind of thing, with Su Ping's financial resources, can easily hire thousands of people, no one lacks her.

"For the time being, let's just keep it. It happens that my store has been doing good business recently. Joanna can't greet me alone. You can run errands and wait for me to entertain the right staff. You can be free." Su Ping chuckled lightly.

Tang Ruyan pursed her lips slightly, the mood at the moment is indescribable.

Taking a deep breath, she looked directly at Su Ping and said, "If you want, I can be an employee in your shop, always!"

Yan Bingyue next to him was stunned, but did not expect Tang Ruyan to stay here.

However, she can also see Tang Ruyan's situation.

There is no place in the family, an old clan is worth three treasures, but she is not worth any.

It is insulting enough to use a treasure to measure a person's value, but if even a treasure cannot be compared, it is completely ruined.

She can understand Tang Ruyan's choice.


Su Ping looked at the sincerity of Tang Ruyan's eyes, and was obviously moved by his words. He raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "You misunderstood. You want to be an employee in my shop. You are still too far away. I can understand the mood, but you dont want to be too beautiful, its good to be a temporary worker."


Yan Bingyue next to him froze.

Tang Ruyan was also stunned.

When she was just moved, she was suddenly beaten, and she was a little ignorant.

Yan Bingyue also looked at Su Ping strangely. What terrible straight man is this?

"Okay, just go and help clean the outside of the store, and supervise the Liu family by the way." Su Ping said, then glanced at Yan Bingyue, opened the scroll, and said, "Go in by yourself."

Yan Bingyue: ...

Under Su Ping's watch, she obediently got into the scroll.

After ignoring Tang Ruyan's dumb face, Su Ping turned to enter the beast room, and the troublesome things were all dealt with, and now he was ready to absorb the material of the last Golden Crow God.

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