Astral Pet Store Chapter 416

Chapter 416: Blood Vessel Association

The huge box docked against the wall of the Beast Room.

Su Ping saw that Joanna had returned to her foster care and practiced with her eyes closed, but as he entered, she looked over with her eyes open.

"You are busy with you."

Su Ping said something, and then sat down to open the box.

After entering the password, click, and I saw a red light shining out of the box. Inside is the last material of the first layer of the golden black **** demon body, the **** Yan Lie crystal!

Feeling the rich flame energy above, Su Ping's eyes also reflected two groups of fire.

No more waiting, Su Ping did not avoid Joanna, just picked up the **** Yan Lie Fire Crystal, wrapped it with the star power in the body, and smelted quickly.

The scorching radiant energy spread along his palms to his arms, followed by his neck, chest, and even the whole body.

Like bright red blood vessels, it penetrated all over the body.

With the spread and smelting of fiery energy, Su Ping felt that his whole body was cut by a hot blade, and from the finger to the whole body, it broke into pieces. This pain was enough to faint.

But Su Ping knew that once fainted, the effectiveness of this material was greatly wasted.

He gritted his teeth slightly and endured the pain of the burning and splitting. According to the method of quenching the golden black **** demon body, he used the star power to guide this hot energy, smelt the body, smelt the impurities in the body, and then imprinted the energy on the original wall of the cell. On the portrayed the blood brand of the Jinwu Shenmo family!

Once the brand is formed, it is the real entry of the Golden Crow God!

In that case, his body is equivalent to a young golden black demon!

When Su Ping was immersed in the portrayal of the bloodline, Joanna in the foster position opened her eyes again, and there was a little surprise in her eyes. She knew that Su Ping was using this long-sought material to practice, but this practice The fluctuations that emanated made her feel a little heart palpitations, which was extremely old.

I saw that in front of the box, Su Ping's clothes had been burned and melted by himself, and he didn't even know it.

The flames of ordinary clothes burning seemed to be unable to hurt him.

He was sitting cross-legged, and there was a blood-red stripe spreading across his body like a tiny scarlet viper, entwining his body.

The place with the densest lines is Su Pings back, where two palm-like flames faintly gather.

"This... what is this secret?"

Even the well-informed Joanna was shocked in her eyes at this moment. As Su Ping's blazing energy became more and more intense, the vast and reckless, extremely ancient and magnificent breath became more and more dense, spreading in The whole foster room.

In other foster care places, the pets fostered by customers are all creeping on the ground at the moment, some of them are shaking, some of them have been scared, and some of them have squirted out of their urine.




In the fiery ocean of consciousness, Su Ping forgets the pain and immerses himself in the final step of tempering.

When the last ray of fiery energy also turned into a brand, filling the brand of the blood of the Golden Crow God, Su Ping suddenly opened his eyes. In an instant, two hot red lights burst out from his eyes, opening and closing, Like two swords, it has a breathtaking momentum.

His pupils turned dark red, like blood staining.

But in the inner ring of the dark red pupil, there is a touch of gold, that is the ancient blood of the gods!

A heavy and vast majesty emerged invisible from Su Ping. At this moment, his body seemed infinitely elevated, becoming an ancient deity sitting in the middle of the world!

Joanna, who was in foster care, shrank her eyes sharply, her eyes slightly horrified.

She was extremely keen on the breath of the Protoss, but from Su Ping's body, she actually felt a trace of the ancient Protoss' breath. This kind of breath, she had only felt in the most high gods in the half-gods.

And those supreme gods, the years of life, are comparable to the demigods, and they are gods in the ancient **** realm!

"The breath of an ancient god..."

"There is something else, a demon..."

Joanna was more terrified in her eyes and felt incredible. The demon had already disappeared. How could Su Ping in front of him become a demon?

At this time, Su Ping's consciousness had been awakened, and the vast breath of his body gradually faded away. When he was refined into blood, Su Ping felt that there was some information coming from the sea of knowledge, like... inherited.

Among the broken memory messages are the figures of the Jinwu Gods and Demons.

But it looks vague.

Su Ping saw countless golden and black gods and demons, chasing toward a bright day.

The light shining from that big day was hot and dazzling.

In countless Jinwu's chasing afterwards, the bright and dazzling day was gradually covered by light. At this time, Su Ping suddenly saw that this dazzling light was not a big day, but... a big one To incredible, unimaginable fingers!

The light from this finger is so intense that you can still see fingerprints on it!

Su Ping was completely shocked by this scene, and his blood was hot.

Just like the blood of the Golden Crow God who just concluded in the body, it suddenly boiled and rioted.

The memory soon disappeared, but the big day like a finger was deeply imprinted in Su Ping's heart, making him a little ignorant.

It took a long time for Su Ping to recover, and opened his eyes, still in front of the beast room.

Everything is like a bubble, an illusion.

Su Ping suddenly felt a little cool.

Looking down, I found myself a perfect model-level body, exposed to the air.

Su Ping turned his head to look around, and saw a pair of wide eyes.

"You, what do you see?" Su Ping said in horror.

Joanna was awakened by Su Ping's cry and recovered. When she saw Su Ping's panic-stricken face, she almost turned her nose upright. She gritted her teeth, snorted coldly, turned around, and turned her back up. Su Ping.

"You have to compensate me." Su Ping said in a grudge, while taking out new clothes from the storage space and putting on.

Joanna: "Go!"

"You have eaten clean and wiped your mouth to deny it!"



Su Ping got up, closed the box and closed it, and carried it out.

Closing the door of the Beast Room easily, Su Ping suddenly felt that the **** smell in the air was more than ten times stronger than before! With every breath, there seemed to be blood pouring into the nasal cavity, and some suffocation.

But soon, he got used to it and even felt the smell was sweet.

Looking out of the shop, I saw that Liu Jia Er Lao was cleaning the street with some people, and Tang Ruyan was standing at the door, a leader-like party, pointing around, shouting and let Liu Jia Er Lao go to clean.

This guy will show off his strength.

Su Ping raised an eyebrow. At this time, he found that Tang Ruyan and Liu Jia Erlao had a bright red blood line all over their bodies.

Su Ping gazed slightly, and this bloodline deepened a lot.

This seems to be... a blood vessel?

Su Ping was stunned, could he see the blood vessel distribution on them?

In addition to the blood vessels, Su Ping also found that each of them exudes light red heat vapor.

The heat dissipated by Tang Ruyan was weaker, and Liu Jia Er Lao was obviously much stronger, and some other people who were also cleaning the street also emitted the same heat as Liu Jia Er Lao.

"It seems that this is the effect after the entry of the Jinwu God Magic Body."

"Is it sensitive to heat?"

"However, this heat is just ordinary heat dissipation, there is no way to measure the strength of a person's combat strength."

"If you encounter some cold-blooded creatures, you should not see any heat. So, this kind of vision seems to have no effect, etc..."

Su Ping suddenly noticed one thing.

Just now, the heat behind Tang Ruyan's hips fluctuated significantly.

That is

Farting? !

! !

Su Ping dumbfounded.

Looking at Tang Ruyan, who was still in charge of cleaning the old Liu family, his mouth twitched uncontrollably.

He suddenly discovered that this vision does not seem to be useless. At least, if it is in an elevator, he can find out the real murder...

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