Astral Pet Store Chapter 418

Chapter 418: Hara Girl

Did this begin?

Su Ping's eyes flashed, his thoughts moved, and a golden mark appeared on his eyebrows. There was some kind of power recovering from it, and he seemed to drag his body away.

But soon, the golden brand seemed to encounter some obstacles, and then slowly silenced.

Su Ping:? ?

He just felt that he seemed to be teleported away, but that power suddenly disappeared again.

Transmission failed?

He was a little uneasy at once, saying that wherever he is, he can send it all at once.

Suddenly, he thought of something, and shot his head, the area of this shop, it is estimated that the old dragon king did not expect it.

He quickly walked out the door.

"Where are you going?" Tang Ruyan, who is commanding the second old Liu family, looked at Su Ping in surprise.

Su Ping subconsciously glanced at her delicate buttocks and coughed, saying, "Go out and do something. You and Anna will take good care of the shop and don't run around."

Tang Ruyan is now considered homeless, and the three tribes of the Tang family are still in his shop. Su Ping is not worried that she will run away. She simply did not include her in the scroll.

Tang Ruyan raised his eyebrows slightly and said nothing, only said: "Then go quickly."

Su Ping yelled, took a step, and the figure came over the street opposite the shop, which is outside the field of the shop.


The thought moved, and the golden mark appeared again on Su Ping's brow. At the next moment, a golden light suddenly covered his body, and with a whine, his body suddenly disappeared out of thin air.

This scene made Tang Ruyan stunned at the door.

The second old Liu family who is cleaning the street, and some Liu family members who have been sent over, also have their eyes rounded. What means? !


Open your eyes.

Su Ping saw himself standing in an ancient desolate place. In front of him, there was a huge white boned dragon bone, exactly the old dragon king.

There is no skin on the keel, only a pair of hollow eye sockets, but there seems to be something in the eye sockets, watching him.

this is

The area above the ninth level of the keel.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly, but did not fear the keel in front of him, but he wanted to see the man's challenge in the keel tower.

When his thoughts appeared, a bubble-like thing suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, and a place was projected in it, which was really the Dragon Bone Tower.

In front of the Dragon Bone Tower, stood a war pet master dressed in black armor.

It seems that the momentum is quite powerful, all of them are high-level war pet masters, among which there are several titles, standing at the forefront.

Standing at the door is a familiar figure of Su Ping, the legendary old man who was killed by Joanna in the store.

Seeing this legendary old man, Su Ping's eyes slightly dignified.

Joanna could kill the old man with a single shot, but that doesn't mean he can do it.

Although the small skull's current combat power has already broken ten, reaching 16 points, according to the combat power, it can easily kill the existence of the legendary just entered, but the combat power of this legendary old man, Su Ping did not see it.

Joanna is also a legend, but her combat strength is 29.6, and now she has 30.

Legend is a big realm, Su Ping guesses that the strongest existence in the legend has an estimated fighting power of hundreds!

This is estimated by Su Ping based on the score of the legendary secret technique.

But if this is the case, the gap between the peak and the junior level is more than ten times simpler than the gap between the title limit and the first entry title!

The title limit can easily kill the existence that has just entered the title level, even more so in the legendary realm. For this legendary old man, Su Ping did not dare to underestimate. After all, he did not personally deal with it. In this reality, the life is once, there is no need. Under the circumstances, he will not easily take risks to face the game.

After all, in case this legendary old man is a 20-power legend, it is necessary to cross the small skull to kill him, the small skull may not be able to resist!

However, there is also a possibility that the legendary old man's combat power is only in the early 10s. In that case, the small skeleton can easily kill him.

For Su Ping, these two possibilities are half the probability.

"Has it reached the fifth floor..."

Su Ping's eyes narrowed slightly, and he saw the light appearing on the Dragon Bone Tower. At this moment, the fifth floor was already lit. From the time he sensed that someone had entered the Dragon Bone Tower, it only took a minute or two to see the person rushing to the tower. The speed is extremely fast, almost no stay.

The fifth-level keel tower is difficult enough to block most of the arrogance.

Even the qualifications like Tang Ruyan have been very difficult to reach the fifth floor.

On the sixth floor, Tang Ruyan fights with his old life, which is difficult to get through.

As Su Ping thought, the sixth layer of the keel also lit up.

So fast.

The first place in the list of dragon bone arrogance, and only came to the sixth keel, this record was easily refreshed.

However, there is no strange name on the Dragonbone Tianjiao list. It can be seen that this person's record is not included in the Dragonbone Tianjiao list. After all, this list is not set by the Dragon King Heritage, but by the consortium behind this secret realm. Use this inheritance test as a qualification test to attract geniuses.

However, what attracted them were all the substitutes such as Tang Ruyan.

For example, the Tang family only sent Tang Ruyan to come, and most of them were aware of the activities behind this secret realm, so they did not let their real young master come over.

It didn't take long for the seventh keel to light up.

Su Ping looked at the communicator, only two minutes passed, and it was about the same speed as his original sprint.

The many figures outside the keel tower, with a bit of discussion, seem to be shocked by this amazing sprint speed.

"Unfortunately, I can't clearly see the challenge process inside."

Su Ping regrets.

He tried to move his thoughts a few times, but the strange bubble in front of him did not convert the scene inside into the keel. It can be seen that it is not exactly what he wants, and it may be the person who protects the tower. Successful sprint is Su Ping's competitor.

If Su Ping sees his sprinting battle, it will be unfair to the latter.

Su Ping had to wait patiently, and also prepared for the next competition. By the way, he estimated that after the young girl's rushing to the tower, the two dragon scale areas would be unblocked soon.

Even now, the seals of the two Dragonscale regions are already stationed under the legendary old man.

As long as the young girl's challenge is successful, she will immediately unblock it, so that the young girl can seize the opportunity and make him unable to take precautions.

However, the specific effect of the inheritance mark he got, this legendary old man should not know.

Perhaps at the moment outside this secret realm, it is already heavily guarded, wanting to block his entry, so that this young girl can enjoy the inheritance alone.

At this time, the eighth section of the keel also lights up.

Su Ping looked at the time again, or two minutes.

His eyes were dignified, and it seemed that the guys who challenged him inside had more power!

When the eighth keel lighted up, the many figures guarding outside were obviously a little shaken, and many people showed excitement on their faces.

Su Ping's eyes narrowed, and the girl had stepped into the ninth bone. He felt that the latter would pass at any time and came to him.

Time elapsed in one minute and one second.

In an instant, five minutes passed.

Suddenly, dazzling golden light appeared above the ninth bone in the bubble.

The ninth floor is also lit!


Su Ping's eyes moved, turned to the left, where the air was rippling, and then, a slender figure came out from inside, a delicate azure blue lady's armor, holding a sword, and the steps came out staggering, gasping , Look at it, only about seventeen or eighty years old.

Su Ping frowned, but not too surprised.

After all, the higher the cultivation level, the more difficult it is to pass the Ninth Jiulong.

This keel test, after all, is qualification.

This girl's breath, Su Ping can feel vaguely, similar to him, it is all sixth-order cultivation behavior!

If it is true, then this girl can easily defeat the title level by virtue of sixth-order cultivation, and can match the upper rank of the title level!

If such qualifications are to participate in the global elite league, they will be the winners!

When Su Ping looked at the girl, the girl gasped for two breaths and suddenly noticed something was wrong. She looked up and suddenly saw Su Ping standing not far away.

Her expression was a little dumbfounded, a little stunned.

Su Ping saw her stunned face, and suddenly stood upright, her voice low and majestic: "Is Ru the human being who will inherit my inheritance?"

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