Astral Pet Store Chapter 419

Chapter 419: Campaign Heritage

Is Ru the human being who wants to inherit my inheritance?

Hearing this, Yuan Linglu was a little dazed.

The man in front of him...this is like a human...is the real dragon soul inherited from this secret realm? !

She has heard some interesting childhood stories from her grandfather, such as some advanced creatures, who like to mimic the appearance of human beings and live in human beings.

After stunned for a few seconds, Yuan Linglu suddenly noticed something, her eyes widened slightly, she said in amazement: "You, are you the challenger before?"


"I have waited for tens of thousands of inheritors like Ru here..."

Su Ping looked at his face, ready to continue fooling.

But at this moment, the wreckage of the dragon king next to the bone skeleton suddenly appeared a bright and vast golden light, and a sacred atmosphere was exuded. Then, from the dragon skeleton, a golden flutter slowly flew out. The towering dragon soul lay between the world and looked down at the pair of men and women in front of them.

Su Ping froze.

Yuan Linglu was a little shocked to see this dragon king's true soul, which was too imposing.

But soon, she thought of Su Ping in front of her, her eyes suddenly showed vigilance, and looked down at Su Ping, saying, "You are the challenger Grandpa said before, when did you come here?"

She was a little vigilant. Grandpa had laid the Tianluodi net outside the secret realm and guarded it heavily. If this man wanted to enter the secret realm, he could not sneak in.


Su Ping did not expect that the Dragon Soul would be revealed so quickly that it would cause him to be dismantled in person, but he didn't have any embarrassment on his face. He chuckled and said, "Is the grandpa you said the legendary old man outside?"


Yuan Linglu's eyes widened and he suddenly drew his sword, coldly saying, "You are not allowed to insult my grandpa like this!"

"Insult? Isn't your grandpa the legendary old man?"


Yuan Linglu was anxious and ready to attack, but at that moment, the mighty dragon soul beside him suddenly issued a long chant, and then a golden light flew from his mouth, covering Yuan Linglu.

Yuan Linglu froze and suddenly thought of inheritance. His eyes suddenly showed a little excitement. Could it be that the Dragon Soul had already seen that she had a higher qualification, and she would be chosen as the inheritor?

Su Ping was also a little surprised to see this scene. Didnt he say that he was running for election?

But soon, Su Ping discovered that the golden light had converged, and in the forehead of the young girl, an arc-shaped dragon was branded.

It is a pre-selected mark.

Scared a handsome baby.

Su Ping patted his chest and exhaled.

At this time, he saw that the girl's eyes were a bit dull, and seemed to be immersed in other pictures. He thought about the vast scroll he saw when he got the pre-selection mark. His heart moved. At this time, the girl was unprepared.


Su Ping didn't keep his hand and directly attacked.

Boom! !

His fist slammed into the girl's face.

But the fist failed to touch her face, but was resisted by a golden light. The dim golden light that enveloped her had a substantial defensive effect.

Su Ping froze.

At this time, Yuan Linglu had opened his eyes.

The two looked at each other.

Su Ping coughed slightly and let go of his finger, saying:

"You have gray on your face."


Yuan Linglu's eyes were gloomy. Grandpa said that this man was extremely insidious and sinister, as it was!

She was also fortunate in her heart. Fortunately, the dragon soul blocked her, otherwise she was afraid that she would be succeeded.

Through the pre-selection mark she just got, she also knows the rules of the inheritance of this secret realm, and also knows how the person in front of her came to this secret realm.

No wonder the grandpa's guards stationed outside have not moved at all.

Her star power was slightly rippling and her eyes narrowed. Now she has confirmed Su Ping's identity. The murderous intention in her heart is not concealed. This dragon king inheritance, she must get it!

Su Ping also stepped back a few steps and called out the small skull and the purgatory candle dragon beast.

Just as they were preparing for the war, suddenly, a hot message came from the foreheads of the two.

Dragon Scale Area... Unsealed.

The last two pieces are unsealed at the same time!

Su Ping was stunned, but soon relieved that, as he had previously guessed, the last two areas had fallen under the control of the legendary old man and could be released at any time.

I was afraid that the first time the girl passed through the Jiulong bone, he would let the order be released.

This also means that the competition for the inheritance of the secret realm officially began at this moment.

However, Su Ping did not rush to start, the golden light on this girl was still there, he just contained the strength of the whole body, and the punch superimposed on the Devil's Demon Fist failed to cause half of the movement, only to show that the dragon soul of the old dragon king Power, far beyond his imagination, must have existed above the legend during his lifetime.

Yuan Linglu received the hint from the imprint and understood that she knew the grandpas arrangement and her eyes became dignified. To Su Ping in front of her, she knew some of the other partys messages from the grandpa. Legends exist, and they are extremely powerful.

Even her grandfather was unsure of victory.

The people cultivated by such legends will not be inferior, she dare not underestimate.

Just when the two were hostile, suddenly, a brilliant dragon chant came from the side. The infinitely huge golden dragon soul suddenly burst into a tremendous golden light, and the dragon body rose into the sky, circling in this reckless ancient ancient sky. , After returning to the ground for several consecutive flights.

Its body shrank rapidly, but the golden light on the dragon's body became more and more radiant and rich, like pieces of pure gold casting.

In the end, the golden dragon soul shrank to a dozen meters or so, and a majestic thought came out of its long mouth: "You two are the inheritors who we wait for hundreds of thousands of years."

Su Ping raised her eyebrows and gave a squinted look at the girl next to him.

Look, my brother's previous line is correct, it's just that there is a missing "ten" in the year.

When Yuan Linglu heard this dragon soul idea, a strange expression appeared on Qiao's face, glanced at Su Ping next to him, and was still highly alert to him.

"You two have passed the test, and both have the inheritance of inheriting me. Now, I will pass the final test and choose one of the two. You will be ready to wait." Dragon soul said.

Yuan Linglu nodded.

Su Qingping waited for the Dragon Soul to continue.

"The final test is divided into two items, which test Ru's ambition and strength!"

The voice of the Dragon Soul is ancient and vast, and the language that it confided was not understood by Su Ping and Yuan Linglu, but it did not prevent them from understanding the meaning of the Dragon Soul through Shen Nian.

With the words falling, the dragon soul suddenly burst into a bright golden light, the ancient wild world around was suddenly swept by the golden light, disappeared, and then the golden light also disappeared, Su Ping and Yuan Linglu appeared in a dark universe, only around See a little starlight.

At this time, the figure of the golden dragon soul appeared in front of the two.

"The first hurdle is a test of heart. Please ask you two to climb the keel steps in front of you. After climbing ten bones, you will be qualified."

The body of the golden dragon soul gave way, and in the original dark universe behind it, a golden keel suddenly appeared. This keel appeared from the dark bottom, extremely large, exuding a bright and solemn atmosphere.

The keel is meandering, and you can't see the head at a glance. There seem to be thousands of keels.

Su Ping and Yuan Linglu both looked surprised. With such a long keel, you only need to climb ten bones to be considered qualified?

"During the test, the two of you must not fight each other, the test begins."

Dragon Soul said, after the figure had shrunk to nothing, in this empty universe, only the huge dragon bone and Su Ping were left.

Since the Dragon Soul had said so, Su Ping had to put away the small skull and the purgatory candle dragon beast.

Yuan Linglu saw that Su Ping had put away his pets, glanced at him, and walked towards the keel first.

Although she hadn't fought before, Su Ping's Infernal Candle Dragon Beast still let her pay a little attention. This is an extremely rare dragon pet. As she walked, she thought about the next way to defeat this Infernal Candle Dragon Beast.

However, when she stepped on the first step of the keel, she was suddenly taken aback by her thoughts, only to feel an indescribable sense of oppression, and faced her.

In his eyes, in front of the keel, there seemed to be countless evils emerging.

Palpitations, horror!

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