Astral Pet Store Chapter 422

Chapter 422: Spike Two Inheritance


The small skull pulls the knife out of the blue and suddenly explodes with full force!


Its figure disappeared out of thin air, and when it reappeared, it had already passed the protection of heavy pets and came to Yuan Linglu, appearing on top of her head.


Blazing flames burst out of the dark blade, and suddenly fell down in the face!

Yuan Linglu hadn't had time to react yet. She was horrified and spread across her cheeks, looking at the infinitely wide blade of the stalk in the sight. At the near moment, she suddenly screamed like something stimulated. Flash, the body rushed back quickly.


The blade is empty, but the blade is like a rainbow, turning into a dark dragon roaring towards the original Linglu.

At the same time, the figure of the small skull flashed again, and appeared in front of Yuan Linglu again, slashing towards her neck and neck.

Yuan Linglu's pupils squeezed, and his body suddenly burst into light.


After a sweep, Yuan Linglu's neck and neck were cut off, but the next second, her body suddenly burst open, and countless electric lights flew to the small skull.

It's an illusion!

And it still has the illusion of self-destructive destruction!

The small skull was not injured by this illusion, the scarlet light in its eye socket turned, and suddenly looked to the left, and flashed past.

There, as soon as Yuan Linglu's body appeared, he saw a knife cut off suddenly.

There was a little panic in her eyes. It was too fast. The skeleton's shot was like a storm, leaving her without a chance to breathe.

Roar! !

Just when Daomang was about to touch Yuan Linglu, a dragon roared out suddenly, and it was Yuan Linglus Star Silent Dragon that had reacted and gave a deafening roar.

Longwei, oppression!

With the roar, Long Wei cracked down instantly.

However, the body of the small skull seemed to be unaware, unaffected, and still slammed down!

Do not!

Yuan Linglu is desperate.

Boom! !

A golden light suddenly appeared, blocking the dark blade.

The golden light oscillated slightly and rippled.

Yuan Linglu's eyes were open, looking at the golden light that suddenly appeared in front of him, a little ignorant.

In countless exercises, she has already corrected part of her body instinctively. For example, in a desperate situation, even in the face of death, she will not be scared to close her eyes, but will open her eyes harder.

Because of this, she saw a scene between life and death.

This golden light... doesn't seem to be her darling skill.


At this moment, the old dragon soul, who had previously been outside the field, suddenly flew over and appeared in front of the small skeleton. Its clear golden dragon eyes took a deep look at the small skeleton and said to Su Ping, "Ru Sheng has won." "

Su Ping was a little surprised. Unexpectedly, the old dragon soul would come forward to rescue the girl. He had planned to cut it directly.


Since the old dragon soul came forward, Su Ping did not insist anymore and called back the small skeleton.

The killing in the eyes of the small skull converged, and the scarlet light in the eyes faded away. He glanced at the old dragon soul, and then the figure flashed back to Su Ping, looking up at him.

Su Ping touched its small head. The battle ended so quickly. He was not surprised. After all, the combat strength of the small skull reached 16, if he really wanted to fight with all his intent to kill, the darlings under these legends would be too late. Reaction and precautions, even the monster who has just stepped into the legend, may be instantly killed by it!

It is for this reason that he proposed to the old dragon soul to directly inherit the heritage. After all, the strength test has no suspense for him, just a waste of time.

Old Dragon Soul looked at Su Ping for a moment, not knowing whether to say joy or fear, if it did not feel wrong, from the skeleton species, he felt the breath of the Skeleton King family.

The Skeleton King family... This is the Skeleton King family equivalent to its realm!

In other words, if this skull grows to its peak, it will be comparable to its lifetime!

And such a guy is the darling of its inheritors, meaning that its inheritance will be passed down!

When the old dragon soul thought about it, the original Linglu behind it had recovered, she stared blankly at the teenager in front of her and the skull species beside him.

Only a pet of war directly defeated her.

She didn't have time to cast the ban.

Her darling did not have time to react.

She didn't have time to play some top advanced skills and some special tactics.

Just lost.

Being directly crushed, she had no chance of performance.

If she was not showing her body skills, she had just been killed instantly!

This kind of battle, Yuan Linglu has not experienced for a long time. Except for being arranged by grandpa when she was a child, she was forced to deal with some title-level strongmen. She felt absolutely crushed. Later, when she was sixteen, even She can fight against those titles and fight back and forth.

Even, when she became more and more proficient in her body skills, even if she had just entered the title level, she could think of several ways to defeat it!

She asked herself that such a record is already a rare rival among her peers.

And the fact is the same.

She entered the First Academy of Asia and the Pacific. With her outstanding record and strength, she can easily leapfrog and jump to graduation in only one year. Even in the place where she only gathered on that day, she is still the most eye-catching existence, leaving a paragraph Undefeated legend.

But I didn't expect...

In this place, she was crushed when she met the girl in front of her who had never heard the name!

It was a mess!


Yuan Linglu's heart began to ache a little bit, and then became stronger and stronger, her whole expression was difficult to control, and there was a feeling of despair and collapse.

In this secret world, when she was ten years old, her grandfather planned and prepared for her.

Until now, she finally has the ability to get the inheritance of this secret realm, but was robbed by others, and she has no power to fight back!

Both tests, she was crushed!

Thinking of what Grandpa did for her, and what she paid, she felt crazy.

And the loss of inheritance means that it is even more difficult for her to enter that place!

"Why don't you let me kill her directly."

Su Ping curiously asked the old dragon soul.

Hearing his words, Yuan Linglu suddenly woke up from the blow that had just lost her inheritance qualification, and suddenly chilled everywhere, looking at the young man in front of him like a devil.

The latter's tone is like asking, why don't you let me eat a chicken leg?

It's an understatement, it seems to have become accustomed to murder!

Yuan Linglu couldn't help looking at the Dragon Soul that was standing in front of her. She was a little nervous. According to the rules of the Dragon Soul, she was no longer eligible for inheritance. The Dragon Soul and the other were standing on one side. Her current situation is extremely dangerous!

"You can get my orthodox inheritance by passing the test. She passed the dragon bone test and is qualified to get inherited. I have a secondary inheritance here, which I will hand over to her." Lao Longhun said.

Su Ping froze.

"She failed, and there are inheritances?"

Yuan Linglu was also stunned when he heard Dragon Soul's words. His heart suddenly relieved, and her inheritance meant that she would still be sheltered by Dragon Soul here. Su Ping couldn't shoot her.

"It's a secondary inheritance." Old Dragon Soul said: "It's a small gift to me."

Su Ping was a little speechless and said: "Senior Dragon King, you have to think clearly, she is my competitor, she will not kill her now, she has failed in the competition, she must be resentful, and she went out, maybe she will murder me insidiously. , Im your orthodox inheritor, arent you afraid that I will be killed by her?"

The old Dragon Soul seemed to anticipate Su Ping's concerns, and said indifferently: "It is because of this that there will be two inheritances. In case Ru falls down accidentally, and she is alive, my inheritance can continue, as for her Revenge, you dont have to worry about it. When you get my inheritance, you will be far beyond the present. She has no ability to revenge."

Su Ping almost vomited blood.

What brain circuit is this old dragon soul?

Could it have been dead here for hundreds of thousands of years, silly? !

Even if you are worried that the eggs will be crushed in a basket, you dont need to let the two eggs touch hard!

And he is still a "pro-son".

Doesn't this obviously make him an enemy?

With this kind of IQ, you are really dead!

Su Ping was powerless to vomit.

Yuan Linglu was completely relieved when she heard the words of Old Dragon Soul, and at the same time a jealousy flashed in her eyes. The second half of Old Dragon Soul made her a little jealous.

Be inherited, far beyond her?

If this inheritance is hers, how good!

Damn it!

She secretly gritted her teeth, but soon concealed her murderous intention, daring not to expose it, so as not to attract the attention of the dragon soul.

"As it is said, if there are five pre-selection marks, and finally the orthodox inheritance, don't you have to face the trouble of four competitors?" Su Ping raised a little strength and said to the old dragon soul again, trying to correct him. This is a wrong idea.

The old dragon soul said indifferently: "I only prepared two secondary inheritances, the excess can be obliterated."

Su Ping: Ha ha.

So you still thought about it? !

"Ru please be prepared, I will take you to the place of inheritance." Old Dragon Soul said.

Su Ping sighed, looking at this posture, there was no way to correct it. He glanced at the girl and remembered her appearance. It seemed that he could only go out and find opportunities to get rid of this enemy.

"What's your name?"

Su Ping asked.

Yuan Linglu saw the killing intent in Su Ping's eyes, and his heart was slightly cold, snorting coldly: "Close your farts."

"Battle the dragon to bully people, don't let me touch you in the future." Su Ping hummed softly.

Yuan Linglu turned a white smoke and ignored him, but he was secretly vigilant in his heart. This guy was so terrified that he had not been inherited. Wouldnt it be more terrible if he inherited it?

As she turned to think, the old dragon soul shone with golden light, enveloped Su Ping, and took him away from the place.

On this big battlefield, only Lingling Lu stayed here.

After she waited for a while, suddenly a dragon soul appeared again. This time, the dragon spirit was much weaker than before. It glanced at the original Linglu and slowly said: "Ru come with me."

After that, a golden light broke out all over him, covering the original Linglu, and disappeared from here.

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