Astral Pet Store Chapter 424

Chapter 424: Blood Burst

"Dragon, Senior Dragon King?"

Su Ping was also a little ignorant.

I was a little frightened by the appearance of the old dragon soul. It looks like a surprise.

"Ru, there is the bloodline of Archaic Devil in Ru..."

Old Dragon Soul's voice was a little trembling, and there was no half of the previous majesty, and it was terrified.

The higher the cultivation level is, the deeper the fear of the ancient gods and deities is. The creatures that existed in the ancient times have long been extinct. How can there be bloodline reproduction?

The old dragon soul couldn't believe it, but although the breath was faint, only a wisp, it gave it a feeling of tremor. If it had just exited quickly, its soul consciousness would all be swallowed!

Damn! !

When Su Ping and Lao Long Soul were forced, Suddenly, there appeared a seemingly screaming scream in the internal organs of Su Ping, which seemed to come from another time and space, full of anger and killing breath.


Su Ping felt that his body was burning fiercely with flames. The flames were golden, and the air was distorted. The surrounding dragon soul was gradually burned and collapsed, and a hole vortex appeared.

Behind Su Ping's invisible, the golden black **** rose in flames, and suddenly turned into a golden black **** bird, looking down at the old dragon soul in front of him, exuding the spirit of the ancient beasts, a pair of golden pupils full of anger and murderousness, and squinting. The spirit of everything.

The dragon body of the old dragon soul shivered, and its semi-melted body collapsed more and more.

It shouted suddenly, turned and rushed to the side.


Old Dragon Soul got into the dark dragon dog closest to Su Ping.

The dark dragon dog was squatting at Su Ping's feet, looking at him flatly, suddenly surrounded by the old dragon soul's origin Dragon Soul, suddenly stunned, the next moment, its pair of dog eyes suddenly turned into golden, full hair, They all floated, and their bodies were bathed in sacred golden light.

Su Ping looked dumbfounded.

What... what? !

With the influx of the old dragon soul, the golden lake connected behind its tail, like the hanging ocean, was all sucked into the body by the dark dragon dog.

The huge lake disappeared in just a few moments.

The dark dragon was shrouded in golden light, which was extremely rich, and soon turned into a golden silkworm cocoon [www.81zw.info], on which a strand of golden thread could be seen!

This silkworm cocoon is extremely huge, tens of meters, like an oval golden egg.

Su Ping was a little embarrassed.

What about inheritance?

Could it be spread to the dog? !

Looking at this huge golden silkworm cocoon, Su Ping couldn't recover for a long time.

At this time, he felt his body temperature quickly drop, and the burning sensation behind him also dissipated. The previous fierce cry with his ears also slowly silenced.

Is it really the Golden Crow God...

The corners of Su Ping's mouth twitched slightly, the body's reaction was very clear just now, and the golden fire covered by his body was definitely caused by his golden black **** demon body.

The Jinwu God Demon Body is the mysterious technique of the Jinwu family. Su Pinggang just finished the first layer and refined a ray of golden black bloodline. Unexpectedly, at the moment of inheritance, this golden black bloodline actually ran away, and the power of the golden black lurking in the bloodline They were all inspired to scare this old dragon soul, and turned directly to the dark dragon dog next to it, which was so ridiculous and funny!

Su Ping couldn't help crying, but sad and happy.

When Su Ping smiled dumbly, the voice of the old dragon soul suddenly came out of the huge golden silkworm cocoon. The voice revealed incomparable tiredness and pain. ?"

Su Ping dumb, why didn't I tell you earlier, you didn't ask.

Besides, I always think I am a person...

"Senior Dragon King, are you now... Did you give your heritage to my pet?" Su Ping asked cautiously, wanting to confirm.

Hearing Su Ping's words, the old dragon soul suddenly made a sorrowful roar, this sound came out from the golden silkworm cocoon, and the whole red gold world was shocked slightly.

Su Ping felt that his ears were almost deaf, and quickly covered her.

"Ru, ru hurts me..."

After roaring, the voice of Old Dragon Soul appeared weak and hopeless.

Su Ping hurriedly said: "Senior Dragon King, I don't mean to harm you. Even if you can't pass it on to me, you can take it back, so why...I can't think so."

These words seemed to stimulate the old dragon soul, it sent two deafening roars, but when the roar was over, it fell into a long silence.

Su Ping tried to feed a few times.

No response.

He wondered if the old dragon soul had already hung up, the inheritance was over, and the dragon soul died out?

Just as he waited for boredom, the voice of the old dragon soul sounded again, low and low: "Once the inheritance is opened, my original world will burn, if it cannot be passed down, it will burn out and disappear completely, otherwise, Ru thought I would love... a dog?"

Su Ping was stunned for a moment, and thought about it too.

But the words seem to insult his darling.

Seeing this miserable part of the old Dragon Soul, Su Ping thought about it, or gave up the theory of finding it, and said: "Senior Dragon King, what is your situation now, and you pass on all your power to my darling, it Would it be possible for cultivation to explode? Isnt it difficult for me to control it?

If the Dark Dragon Dog is inherited, so the cultivation base is increased to the ninth level, then even Su Ping's strong spiritual power is a great burden and it is easy to get out of control.

The old dragon soul fell silent.

As the saying goes, there is no absolute empathy in this world.

It has collapsed so desperately, but the inheritor, in fact, has a heartless look and cares about his broken things.

Can that be a problem?

It waited hundreds of thousands of years here to set up the qualification of the Dragon Bone Tower test, just to find a qualified inheritor. In the end, it turned out to be a dog.

This is the result of hundreds of thousands of years of waiting? !

Compared with its miserable situation, Su Ping's thing is simply not worth mentioning!

If it werent for the old Dragon Souls consciousness is strong enough, plus there is not much energy to anger in the process of inheritance at this moment, it has the heart to go crazy.

"Fortunately, there is a flame in..."

This is the last bit of comfort in the heart of the old dragon soul.

It is always right to keep one hand.

This is its experience of countless battles.

"Senior Dragon King?"

Seeing no response, Su Ping called out.

Old Dragon Soul remained silent and was not in a mood to speak.

Su Ping called a few more times, seeing that there was still no response, he could not help but sigh and said to himself: "Senior Dragon King, you are doing this, I am a little bit lost, and now your second inheritance is not given to me, I On the contrary, you must abide by your previous contract and send your true soul back to the Dragon Realm. Did you say that I am doing something?"

Old Dragon Soul: ...

If the time could be reversed at this moment, before returning to the selection of the lineage, the old dragon soul swears that it does not care about any **** test or any results, and directly chooses another human being.

As for this guy in front of me.

Tenderly die him!

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