Astral Pet Store Chapter 425

Chapter 425: Swire Practice

Although angry, the old dragon soul didn't say anything, and was a bit autistic.

Time flows so quietly that Su Pingping didnt respond for half a day and looked around, but the Dragon Soul's original world is extremely vast, and it seems to have no boundaries. The caves that were burned by the Jinwu Shenhuo before, as the Jinwu Shenhuo dissipated, were also by the Dragon Soul. The original power is restored and restored as before.

Su Ping withdrew his gaze boringly, sitting next to the golden silkworm cocoon, and through his thoughts, perceiving the dark dragon's state at the moment along the contract.

The dark dragon's consciousness is a bit complicated.

At first it was a bit of panic, then comfort and enjoyment, but now, it is completely silent and seems to have fallen asleep.

Su Ping didn't dare to call it presumptuously, so as not to cause the inheritance to fail.

Although this inheritance did not fall on him, which made Su Ping a little bit regretful, it was relieved to think that this dog is also his favorite pet.

The small skull and purgatory candle dragon beast were all surrounded by golden silkworm cocoons, looking curiously.

The purgatory candle dragon beast wanted to pluck the golden silkworm cocoon twice with its claws, but was prevented by Su Ping's intention to pass, it could only give up and turned to sniff with its nose, this looks like a little shadow of a dark dragon dog...

Su Ping glanced at the corner of his mouth.

While waiting for boredom, Su Ping studied the two treasures that the old dragon king gave him, but after a few tweaks, he saw the effect, which was similar to that of the old dragon king and him. As for the specifics, you need to try it yourself. By the way, Su Ping didn't dare to urge this **** dragon tooth horn, and was ready to stay in the nurturing world for a detailed test.

There was really nothing to do, Su Ping simply cultivated.


He sat cross-legged, and Chaos Star tried to work inside him.

As soon as he practiced, Su Ping felt that there was a lot of energy around him, and this energy was extremely pure. If he was practicing outside, he would eat ordinary dinner. There is an extremely pleasant feeling.

Su Ping feels that the star power in the cell nucleus is running faster and faster. The small star inside rotates at full speed, and the strong suction force drives the surrounding energy into his body quickly.

Su Ping was completely immersed in this practice.


"this is"

In the golden silkworm cocoon, the consciousness of the old dragon soul is being passed on with heart. Suddenly feeling the movement outside, he was a little surprised and felt a little. He was almost shocked and almost inherited the chaos.

"Star map cultivation method... Here, this is Taiko cultivation method!"

Old Dragon Soul was shocked and speechless.

How many years have passed since the ancient times?

No one knows, no one even remembers how many times there are in the middle, it is too long!

However, the old dragon soul born in the ninth yang era knows that during the ancient times, heaven and earth bred gods and demons. In addition to gods and demons, there are countless powerful creatures. Those wise men in the spirits understand the trajectory of the sun, moon and stars and create A shining pattern of ancient and modern star charts was produced.

These cultivation methods disappeared with the destruction of the ancient times.

In later times, occasionally appeared, but accompanied by competition, either destruction or loss.

In the era it lives in, let alone the star figure cultivation method, even these things have become legends, just like myth stories.

Unexpectedly, here, the old dragon soul actually saw the legendary ancient star map cultivation method in person.

In its perception, it can clearly "see" the energy trajectories around this teenager, turning into stars, as if sitting in the vast universe and practicing stars.

The speed of absorbing energy, including the speed of refining, is far beyond the ability of ordinary cultivation methods.

"This is simply robbing energy!" Old Dragon Soul's face was changing.

He became more curious and dreadful about the origin of this human teenager.


time flies.

Su Ping was immersed in cultivation and did not perceive the existence of time.

He felt more and more energy in his body, more and more powerful, and then naturally, his realm climbed from the sixth-order median to the sixth-order upper rank.

After reaching the sixth rank, he still did not stop and continued to sprint.

When Su Ping was about to touch the bottleneck of the seventh order, he suddenly felt a burning energy in his mind, which was an extremely vast breath.

Su Ping was awakened from his cultivation state and carefully perceived the past. Only then did he discover that it was not his cultivation that had caused the problem, and that the scorching energy was transmitted through the beast contract.


Suddenly, Su Ping suddenly shook his mind and fell into a blank space. Immediately afterwards, he saw countless memory fragments passing by. At the next moment, he felt something strange in his body. When he looked down, he found his body turned into a dragon body. The scene in front of him is no longer the dragon soul's original world, but a reckless land.

There are giant peaks and huge trees everywhere.

The cool wind is blowing, the touch is quite delicate, Su Ping is a little strange, he turned into a dragon?

Perhaps it is the battle experience that nurtured the world countless times. In front of such incredible things, Su Ping did not panic, but was somewhat novel. At the same time, he also had some speculations in his heart. The old dragon soul made him summon all his pets. It is to clear his knowledge of the sea.

However, now the old dragon soul is passed on to the dark dragon dog, and the dark dragon dog cannot clear his knowledge of the sea.

Because the dark dragon dog can't put Su Ping into the space of the beast, and can't release it, Su Ping is "fixed" in its knowledge of the sea, just like a ship anchor.

At this moment, the inheritance process of this old dragon soul seems to pass along this "ship anchor" to Su Ping, giving him the ability to "participate".

"Is this what Gouzi is going through?" Su Ping wondered.

Su Ping's eyes were weird when he thought of how the dark dragon dog felt when he turned into a dragon beast.

At this time, Su Ping felt that his body was out of control and was spraying flames, exhibiting a dragon skill.

These skills are exhibited from within the body, and the energy trajectory is as deep as that exhibited from Su Ping's own stomach.

Su Ping suddenly took it seriously, knowing that this was an extremely precious opportunity.

Although it cannot be inherited, his ability to learn a few dragons and beasts will increase his combat power.

Su Ping meditation immediately felt the body of "self".

Feel the wonderful feelings of various skills.



In the secret.

In front of the keel tower.

A group of figures stood here, gazing at the keel tower in front of them.

Headed by an old man, it was the former Tianchen who stood beside him with several titles. In addition, the knife ancestor who had previously been in the Suping shop also appeared at his side at the moment, including Su Pings coercion to teach Su Ling Wu Guansheng of Yue Healing is here, as well as Lin Ziqing, Han Yuxiang and others.

"Miss has passed the nineth bone, it has been three days."

"Should be in the inheritance, otherwise, she will definitely come out the first time."

Several titles are looking up, looking forward, and a little nervous.

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