Astral Pet Store Chapter 426

Chapter 426: Federal Interstellar Academy

"There is still nothing outside."

Lin Ziqing said with a smile: "It seems that the guy named Su Ping should not have noticed here. He thought he could get the inheritance through the keel tower. I don't know when he came, I saw that the inheritance had been taken by the young lady. , What expression will it be."

"Haha, that must be wonderful!"

Everyone else laughed.

This yin wave of people's feeling is very cool.

Although they know that there are legendary strongmen in Su Ping, and they are more powerful than the original, they can't afford to offend.

But now it is different. Once the old granddaughter is inherited, he will be able to enter the Federal Interstellar Academy. If he graduates in the future, he will be a legendary strongman. There is even a hint of hope beyond the legend!

Such super potential stocks are worth investing in.

Hearing the laughter around him, Dao Zun and Wu Guansheng glanced at each other, their eyes a little weird, and glanced at Lin Ziqing.

I don't know how he will look when he knows what happened in the little naughty shop three days ago, and he can't laugh?

Although the inheritance is now in the hands of the old granddaughter, the potential is unlimited, but the potential also needs to grow. At least so far, Dao Zun and Wu Guansheng are more optimistic about Su Ping.

That grumpy guy, they can't afford to offend.

Of course, on the old side, they can't afford to offend them, so they can only listen quietly, without making a voice, and don't make a statement.

Step on one by one, but if you step on it crookedly, it will collapse in the future, but you will ask for bitterness!

at this time.

In front of the keel tower, there was suddenly a golden light rippling.

Everyone laughed and all looked away with breath.

I saw a slender figure, a delicate azure blue armor, looks small and exquisite, and very clear, it is the original Linglu.


"Miss is out!"

The guards behind were a little shocked.

Dao Zun and others also changed their faces slightly, gazing at them, and immediately noticed that the breath on Yuan Linglu's body was thicker than before, and had a strange charm, which seemed to be a fierce beast hidden in the body.

Surely inherited the heritage?

Although it was previously expected, when things really happen, everyone still has a feeling of surprise. This is a peerless genius, and it is the person who may become the master of the Asian land in the future!


When Yuan Tianchen saw her granddaughter, her eyes filled with relief were even more delighted, and said, "How do you see your cultivation behavior? It seems that there is not much improvement. Is the power of inheritance sealed in you?"

The inheritance of some peerless strong men is too strong and will be sealed in the body of the inheritors. Such things are extremely common.

Hearing Grandpas words, Yuan Linglus thoughts also awakened from the gap in the transmission. She saw Yuan Tianchens happy and happy eyes, and suddenly bit her lip.

Ashamed, guilt!

Her mood is extremely complicated.


Seeing the expression of her granddaughter, Yuan Tianchen suddenly burst into the bottom of her heart, and she had a bad hunch. This was not the normal reaction she should have.

"Why?" Yuan Tianchen easily placed a star power barrier to isolate everyone else, and asked with a condensed voice.

Seeing the surrounding noise barriers, Yuan Linglu couldn't hold back anymore, and burst into tears, saying: "Grandpa, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for you! I didn't get inherited, I failed, and the inheritance was robbed."


The original Tianchen felt his head exploded, somewhat blank.


The heritage was robbed? !

Okay, how could it be robbed? !

But he saw the time, the first time after she sprinted the nineth bone, opened the seals of the remaining two dragon fields!

At that time, she was the person closest to inheritance. How could she fail and be robbed? !

"Who grabbed it?!"

Even the castle of the former Tianchen was stunned for a few seconds before he responded. He couldnt help asking. When he was talking, he couldnt help but exude a terrible murder. Although there was an answer in his heart, he was very Underwhelming and extremely angry!

"It's the man you said before. When I passed the Jiulong bone test, he was already there." Yuan Linglu bit her lip with the same sorrow.

Yuan Tianchen's pupil shrank slightly.

Already inside?

Could it be said that he planned the secret, and it leaked out, and was learned by that person?

And the other party has been lurking in advance without knowing it?

So... is there an inner ghost? !


A terrifying and terrible murder suddenly erupted, and the original Tianchen's eyes were a little stubborn.

Yuan Linglu was a little scared when she saw what Grandpa looked like. Seeing him seemed to have misunderstood, he quickly explained it.

Soon, she will repeat the things that were inherited locally.

Including some of the abilities she only possessed to get the pre-selected mark, she also said it.

After Yuan Tianchen listened, the whole person froze.

Then there was a feeling of tremendous suffocation that made him angry to make a fist.

He felt that he was not calculated by the kid, but by the dragon soul of this secret realm!

Can it be sent directly to the place of inheritance?

Can you still perceive the seal status of Longyu?

So, the operation of this time, the other party has long known, just waiting for him to unlock the remaining Dragon Seal for him? !

He was exhausted and exhausted for a long time, and it turned out that Quan Te was the bride's wedding dress!

Damn it! !

Yuan Tianchen was so angry that his face was blue and green, he had not been so angry for many years, but recently this time, he has been extremely angry!

First, the trouble with the kid was almost killed.

Now it's hard to count the wave of the kid, and the result is that he has been working in a hurry for a long time.

"So, the orthodox inheritance is with that kid, and the inheritance you get is only a very small part of it?" Yuan Tianchen said.

Yuan Linglu felt faceless facing him, daring not to look at his eyes, but lowered his head and nodded.

Yuan Tianchen almost crushed his teeth!

After a while, he took a deep breath and controlled his emotions on the verge of runaway, saying: "In a little while, the Federal Academy of Stars will come to assess the acceptance. You are well prepared. Now that the inheritance is gone, I will think There is no other way to increase your potential. In any case, you have to enter the Star Academy. It is not possible to stay on Blue Star!"

Yuan Linglu looked up at him, tears pouring into his eyes, but he didn't expect that he failed so much. Grandpa still didn't give up on her.

She felt more guilty and painful in her heart!

She would rather grandpa scold her at this moment, or even punish her, so that she will feel better.

"Grandpa, can I really do it..." Yuan Linglu couldn't help asking, she was completely crushed by Su Ping in the last two inheritance tests, plus this inheritance, they planned for a long time, but The failure ended with a double failure blow, which made her extremely disappointed in herself.

Hearing this discouraged words, Yuan Tianchen's face changed, clenching his teeth, and looked at her fiercely, saying: "It's not possible, but it must be! It must be! Do you know how your parents died? On this Blue Star, if you are alive and dead, you have to go, you must get out of Blue Star!"

Yuan Linglu looked at his angry eyes, suddenly stunned.

She woke up all of a sudden, and suddenly felt that her previous disappointment, shame, and other emotions were ridiculous and sad, which made her even more embarrassed!

She took a deep breath and her eyes became firm again.

"I know, Grandpa, I will!"

Yuan Tianchen took a deep look at her, and said nothing more, only said: "Dry the weak tears first, that will not do you any help, it will only make you look ugly."

Yuan Linglu wiped tears hard.

"it is good."

Seeing her mood recover, Yuan Tianchen raised her hand and waved, and the surrounding barrier was suddenly lifted.

The previously quarantined Dao Zun and others also saw the figures of the original grandson and grandson.

Dao Zun and Wu Guansheng looked at each other, and they both saw the doubts in each other's eyes.

The situation just now seems strange.

What happened to the inheritance?

Lin Ziqing, who was originally standing on the side of the old man, stepped on Su Ping's knot, and felt a little uneasy at the moment. side.

If something went wrong, he would be wrong!

"Inheritance has ended, the secret realm is closed, everyone go back." Yuan Tianchen calmly said.

Everyone was stunned.

Shouldn't it be a joyous celebration at this time?

However, since the old man said so, they can only obey.

Seeing the appearance of the original old waves, many people secretly admired the legend. Legend is legend. It is so indifferent that such a big thing is inherited. It is a model for my generation.

Only Dao Zun and other titles are aware that the situation is different, but Yuan Tianchen doesn't say that they are not good to ask, they can only put their doubts to the bottom of their hearts.


Yuan Tianchen turned around and took Yuan Linglu's hand, teleporting away directly.

Although he knew that Su Ping was in this secret realm, he was accepting inheritance, but he had no intention of staying here. After all, no one knew what Su Ping could get from the inheritance. To lose yourself.

To the blonde girl in Suping's shop, Yuan Tianchen had always been apprehensive.

Earlier, it was said that looking for Su Pingqiu to settle the accounts was also to find some face for himself, and it was also based on the fact that the granddaughter Yuan Linglu could be inherited.

If you get this secret realm inheritance, even if you enter the Federal Interstellar Academy, they will be regarded as genius characters, and will be valued and focused on cultivation.

As long as the college pays enough attention to it, even before they graduate, they can make many relationships in the college, and it is easy to report a recovery.

But now, we can only withdraw temporarily for a while, and then talk about it for a while.

Seeing Yuan Lao leave, Dao Zun and others looked at each other, and had to send everyone back, each buried their thoughts in their hearts, and left the secret realm together.


Dragon Soul in the world of origin.

The golden silkworm cocoon has been shrinking with the passage of time. Now it is only more than ten meters in diameter, and it is still an ellipse with a width of seven or eight meters.

"The energy here is all Dragon Power, and the physique seems to have been strengthened."

Su Ping is sitting next to the cocoon and practicing. He has reached the peak of the sixth order and can step into the seventh order at any time.

In addition to the improvement of the cultivation base, Su Ping felt that his physique also seemed to be slightly strengthened, but because he himself was the Golden Crow God Warrior, the effect of strengthening was not so obvious.

However, if you change to other pet masters, the physical growth is doubled.

Su Ping didn't deliberately suppress the realm and consolidate the foundation. His foundation is deep enough, and there is a purification of the Sky Tribulation. Even if he is upgraded to the title level in one breath, he can use the Sky Tribulation to suppress the virtual realm. Real.

He glanced at the golden silkworm cocoon. Apart from his previous experience of being a Jackie Chan, he didn't feel anything later.

And through the experience of being a Jackie Chan, Su Ping also realized several dragon skills, and was still on the way of flames. He was a little bit aware and was able to squeeze a small fireball or something.

Just as Su Ping was going to continue to practice, suddenly, golden silkworm cocoons came up with a click.

Su Ping looked up and saw a golden light burst out.

When Jin Guang had converged, Su Ping suddenly saw the appearance of the dark dragon dog, but at the moment, it may not be called the dark dragon dog, but... the golden dragon dog.

Seeing its appearance, Su Ping was a little stunned.

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