Astral Pet Store Chapter 428

Chapter 428: Qualified First Class

Su Ping was a little curious about the mysterious technique mentioned after the Dragon King passed down. He sat on the back of the dark dragon dog and glanced at it with identification technique.

Dayan Guilong

Attribute: Dragon Beast

Level: Sixth order

Combat strength: 14.2

Qualification: First class

Ability to control: Dayan true dragon roar (legendary skill), shadow slaughter (legendary skill), dragon soul elegy (legendary skill), dragon shape technique (legendary skill), dayan dragon shield (legendary skill)...


Su Ping was stunned. He looked at it twice more, but the result was still the same.


14.2 combat power? !

Qualification...Superior? !

Su Ping is a bit weird. The dark dragon dog's previous combat strength was 9.9. As a result, it passed down and actually increased the combat strength by 4.3, and directly crossed the obstacle of the combat strength of 10!

This combat power is almost approaching the small skull!

Moreover, its qualifications have reached the top level!

The supreme qualification that Su Ping dreamed of!

Even the small skull failed to reach the top qualifications. Among his few pets, the dark dragon was the first to reach it.

Taking the sixth-order repair as the legendary level existence!

Su Ping feels terrible when he thinks about it. This is too evil. No one dares to believe it. Even if he saw it with his own eyes, he felt incredible!

Generally just stepped into the existence of the legend, not even the opponent of the dark dragon.

Its funny to think about it, but its hard to break through to legend, but its just a little bit unreasonable.

Su Ping glanced at a large number of new skills it added, and immediately knew the reason. These new skills are all legendary skills, and there are twelve legendary skills!

The scores of these legendary skills are high and low, and the highest score is a skill called Da Yan Swallow Heaven, which is scored 65. In addition, there are three skills with a score of more than 50.

"All of them are intermediate and advanced skills, no wonder the combat power will soar to such a high level." Su Ping secretly said.

However, he was also puzzled. This old dragon king is beyond the existence of legends. Shouldn't there be higher-level secrets in the secrets passed down?

Could it be that other secret techniques are temporarily sealed in the body of the dark dragon dog, and haven't been comprehended by it?

Su Ping thinks this is more and more possible. After all, some high-level secret techniques are not immediately understood, and even if they are realized, they cannot be exhibited, which means that they are not, so they cannot be seen.

Thinking of this, Su Ping was relieved, no matter how specific, the Dark Dragon Dog had such a change, which has greatly exceeded his expectations and made him very satisfied.

Moreover, the qualification of the Dark Dragon Dog reaches the top level, which also counts for him to solve a big problem.

The store is finally able to unlock the service of nurturing advanced pets.

In this case, the store will accumulate money... The efficiency of making money will increase more than ten times!

In general, the harvest of this trip is absolutely generous, even the legend will be maddened.

Su Ping was in a happy mood, stroking the horns on the top of the dark dragon dog's head, and said, "Since your bloodline has been transformed into the Dayan beast, and it has also been divided into dragon beasts, then give you a new name. , Just... How about Er Gouzi?"'

The dark dragon dog immediately uttered a low dragon roar, which seemed a little dissatisfied.

Su Ping received its feedback and thought about it, he should be democratic.

"Since you say you have the blood of a dragon, then I will give you another surname. Dragon is king among us humans, and you will be surnamed Wang in the future, that's it!"

"Wang Wang Wang..."

The dark dragon dog was punched by Su Ping because the language was too fierce, and he came down honestly.


Flying along the wild road, Su Ping quickly followed the route back to the pioneer base outside Longjiang base city, then transferred from the pioneer base and returned to the base city.

When he entered the base city, Su Ping was stopped by the guards and had to log in to the official website of Pioneer with a communicator, and prove his identity from the user background of the official website.

When he saw that Su Ping was the top Jinxun pioneer, several guards were a little ignorant. He had never seen such a young Jinxun pioneer.

However, although Su Ping was a pioneer of Jin Xun, the guard told Su Ping that he could not ride a large war pet in the base city, and the two dogs at the moment, a body of more than ten meters, were already considered large war pets.

Upon seeing this, Su Ping had to let the two dogs perform the dragon-shaped technique, changing from a land pet to a flying pet.

The dragon shape technique is a legendary skill. After being cast, the body of the two dogs changed significantly. The limbs contracted and the body was elongated, turning into a giant dragon nearly 30 meters long, and it was a large Yanyan dragon without wings.

Although it looks a bit different from the real Dayan Zhenlong, it also has six or seven points.

In the form of the dragon shape, the two dogs can display many basic abilities of Dayan true dragon, such as Tengyun.


The two dogs roared low, and soared directly into the sky, like a flying snake, flying to the sky in a blink of an eye, disappearing in the sight of a stunned guard.

"In a certain sense, Ergou you are now a legendary flying mount." Su Ping looked at the base city at his feet and said with emotion that the legend still existed far away for him before, but now, Already within reach, and being riding under the crotch, I have to say that the change is really fast.

The two dogs growled and responded. Although they sounded perfunctory, they seemed to be nagging about the name.

Soon after, Su Ping came to the slum area on the outer edge of the base city. When he saw Taohuaxi Street, he put Ergou into the beast space. After all, its current size is a bit inconvenient for entering and leaving the store.

After recovering the two dogs, Su Ping directly fell from the sky and fell outside the shop. When the ground was about to fall, energy burst from the soles of the feet, a wave of dust rose, and slowly fell.

There are no people on the street outside the shop.

Su Ping was a little surprised, but many reporters came to watch before.

Moreover, he found that the blood stains on the streets were all cleaned up. Many of the buildings that were affected by the collapse of the fighting were also rebuilt, and the materials of the buildings appeared to be special rocks, which were more solid, obviously It was the creation of a rather advanced life style rock pet.

Looking at the store door that was not completely closed, Su Ping thought, and immediately felt Tang Ruyan and Su Lingyue sitting on the sofa in the store. The two were eating snacks while talking about something.

These two people seem to be in a good relationship.

Su Ping went up the stairs and pushed open the door.


Both were alarmed by the sound and turned to look.

When he saw Su Ping, Su Lingyue was full of surprises, and ran over, "Where did you go, disappeared for five days at once, if Elder Tang said you had something going out, I thought you had something wrong. "

"Five days?"

Su Ping was shocked. He felt that he was inheriting the world, and he didn't stay long. How about the past five days?

"For so long, hasn't mom worried?" Su Ping asked quickly.

Su Lingyue shook her head and said, "I explained to Mom that you have something to do when you go out."

Su Ping was relieved and rubbed her head, "Good job."

Tang Ruyan looked at Su Ping with some curiosity. She could feel that in five days, the breath on Su Ping's body was thicker than before, and there was an unspeakable feeling. If you want to describe it, it is a noble feeling. It is like having a kind of majesty and nobility developed in a high position.

"Did your Tang family send the secret treasure?" Su Ping asked Tang Ruyan immediately.

Tang Ruyan nodded and said, "Sent it, it will be delivered the day after you leave, but if you are not there, you will leave things behind, and people have temporarily lived in our base city, which is the city government. If you want him to come over at the hotel arranged by the side, I can call someone to notify you now."

Su Ping nodded, "What about the starry sky?"

"It's the same, all came the next day." Tang Ruyan said, and looked at Su Ping strangely. In this world, Starry Sky and the Tang family can send gifts to the home, but also respect the people waiting, in addition to the legend, It is no longer possible for someone to enjoy such treatment.

The Su Ping in front of him, although not a legend, is comparable to a legend!

Su Ping nodded, it seems that they are still interesting, otherwise, they really want him to come to the door to ask for it, or they will have to move their hands and feet, killing and bleeding.

"In the past five days, there has been no reaction from the families in Longjiang. Why is there no one outside the store? Is there something wrong?" Su Ping sat down on the sofa and asked the two.

"These families in Longjiang are also the next day. The patriarchs of the major families have come to visit, but you are not here, so they have to go back, but leave a lot of gifts."

"Moreover, your mayor of Longjiang has also come and visited you."

"Your battle caused too much movement. Now the entire Longjiang knows that you have super powers in your shop. Many people guess that it is a legend, but there is no news to confirm."

"The mayor also asked me to bring you a message saying whether to block the news for you."

"This street has been turned into a forbidden land. Most people can't step in. The mayor did it. I'm afraid ordinary people will offend you."

Tang Ruyan told the general situation again.

Su Ping understood that he was speechless.

This street is blocked from ordinary people, so how does he do business?

The mayor is really good at doing bad things.

"By the way, the news about your organization with the starry sky has not spread, but your battle with our Tang family has been known to some other families."

Tang Ruyan's expression suddenly became a little bit complicated, saying: "It is the other three big families who share the same reputation with our Tang family. They all sent you invitations, hoping to invite you to visit their family and want to make friends with you."

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and shook his head: "Even if you make friends, I just want to be quiet and do a little business."

Tang Ruyan froze, his mouth twitching slightly. You also called An Jing to do business quietly? Your offending forces are enough to turn your Longjiang bottom upside down three times!

However, when Su Ping said this, she was relieved in her heart.

Although the things of the Tang family made her feel very down, but after all, it was the place where she lived for more than 20 years, her home, the only root in the world.

Although this root is not so ideal, she always misses her from time to time.

In her heart, she still regarded herself as a Tang family and could not be erased.

So if Su Ping makes friends with other families, then their Tang family is bound to be hit. Other families will use Su Ping to constantly eat away the Tang familys territory, and even secretly provoke Su Pings conflict with the Tang family again. For the Tang family, it is very dangerous.

"Oh, one more thing."

Tang Ruyan suddenly thought of something. He took out a letter and said, "This is an invitation letter sent to you by the Association of Breeding Masters. The thing about the breeding of beasts in your shop has spread all over the Longjiang Intranet. Teachers Associations attention, they hope to invite the incubators in your store to cultivate war pets, go to their headquarters to do the next lecture, and intend to invite them to join them."

Breeders Association?

Su Ping was taken aback, receiving the letter, the paint on it was still there, and had not been unsealed.

The envelope is dark gold and has a sense of luxury. It says the headquarter of the Asia Lu Cultivation Association.

After opening the letter, Su Pingfei read it quickly, probably similar to what Tang Ruyan said, mainly inviting him to attend the nurturing teacher exchange meeting.

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