Astral Pet Store Chapter 431

Chapter 431: Future Longjiang Center

Qin Shaotian and others have already known what happened in the small naughty shop. Qin Shaotian, as the young master of the Qin family, knows more about things than Ye Hao and others nearby.

Legendary town!

Beheaded two thousand masters of pets of the Tang family!

Either way, its a horrible thing.

This is far beyond the ordinary people's perception, and it is not that their five big families can afford it.

Looking at this young man who is a few years younger than himself, Qin Shaotian's expression is complex, and he is more determined to work hard to become stronger. This time in the Longjiang League, he was greatly stimulated and hit hard.

Whether it was Su Lingyue who first appeared or Yan Bingyue who appeared later, he could easily defeat him and crush his pride.

The young man in front of him was so terrified that he couldn't even catch up with his heart.

The gap is too big!

Beside, Mu Shuang Wan's eyes were full of fear and tension.

She had previously sat down with the young man to talk about the endorsement contract. Unexpectedly, now, the head of their herdsman had to stand in front of this young man and was not qualified to take a seat. As a result, she finally broke the contract, although she paid The compensation is good enough to be scattered, but it is an indisputable fact to abandon this store in times of crisis.

She only asked Su Pingneng to be open-minded, and would not care about small people like her.

Otherwise, she has a few lives that are not enough to compensate.

As for her behind, the companys CEO who pressured her to cancel her contract has long been cancelled by her family. From the personages in her family, she has been reduced to a casual person with no job, and she has also been banned from going out. .

All this shows the terrible youth in front of him.

She felt very regretful in her heart. She knew that if she persisted, then her herdsmen would follow her line and take Su Ping. She would even become a hero of the herdsman. She will also be exposed to her because of her family's attention and favor.

As a result, she was picked up by Su Ping, and Su Ping handled it. Even the pulse behind her was not seen in the family and was pushed out to the edge.

Ye Hao and Zhou Chuan, both next to each other, dare not breathe and were frightened by the solemn and terrible scene in front of them.

Why have they seen so many gangsters come together.

All are title-level powerhouses, and all are patriarch levels of major families.

Usually they want to see their heads of family, it is difficult to see one side, after all, they are not the most favored peers in the lineage.

This time it was because the family investigated that they had contact with the Suping shop, and they brought them over, but I didn't expect it but saw such a suffocating battle.

The Liu family, Liu Tianzong took a clan elder, and Liu Jianxin, and Liu Yuan stood beside them, all standing hand in hand, daring to look up at the young man.

Liu Tianzong's face became extremely ugly when he saw Jie Gange and several Tang family elders present, especially when they were standing beside him, he was afraid of Su Ping, and he was frightened. What happened outside the small naughty shop, he heard from his family's old mouth, this shop has a legendary town, who can think of this?

After learning the news, Liu Tianzong finally understood why he had repeatedly inquired about the shop over the city government, but no response was received.

It turned out that the mayor guy had long known about the horror of this shop!

In the choice of Legend and Liu Family, the other party chose Legend without hesitation.

Not even dare to easily leak the news of this store, so as not to be held accountable by the legend in this store!

He regretted it and knew that if it was a legend, he gave him a hundred guts and dared not fight for business with this store.

At this moment, he was on the verge of despair and collapse, and could only pin his hopes on the kindness of this young man.

At this time, Su Ping finished reading the secret treasures organized by the starry sky, and selected several secret treasures from the inside, and then handed them to Jie Gange, saying: "Can you deliver them tomorrow?"

Xie Gange took a look, endured the heartache, took a deep breath, and said: "Yes!"

"it is good."

Su Ping nodded.

Then he looked at the patriarchs of the five big families present, his eyes narrowed.

I asked them to come here before, and I only sent the old people to come, but now I didnt call them, but I went to the door one by one.

Sure enough, without power, you would not be valued.

"It turned out to be the head of the five families. Are you here?" Su Ping asked, knowingly.

After all, Qin Duhuang has seen the big scene and still smiles, saying: "Boss Su, you came to invite me last time. The old man was unwell and was unable to participate. This time he came to ask for sin."

He said it very directly, no more excuses, just come up and say guilty.

While speaking, he also took out a gift and handed it to Su Ping.

Su Ping glanced at the gift box and didn't pick it up, but gave a glance to Tang Ruyan next to him.

Tang Ruyan understood, and took it forward.

Qin Duhuang glanced at the young girl and knew that she was the false young master who was overwhelmed by the army of the Tang family. It was this young girl that made the Tang family in the Suping shop, which damaged the two thousand masters of pets. Not to mention the Tang family, even if he heard such figures, he felt a heartache.

The entire Longjiang base city may not be able to get 2,000 masters of pets.

In the Suping shop, he was killed by a shot.

It is estimated that the Tang family was so angry that they vomit blood!

"Its not necessary to ask for guilt. Im uncomfortable and understandable. Last time I also said, I need something. I hope you can help me find it. Im not suspicious of Su Ping. Who can help me find it, The secrets I have discussed can be given to you as much as possible." Su Ping said indifferently.

These secret treasures are of some use to him, but compared with the secret treasures, Su Ping values his own power more.

If he can step into the second layer of the Golden Crow God's body earlier, his physical strength can be comparable to the legend, then he can be regarded as truly powerful, and even can spread across the world!

Hearing Su Ping's words, several of the Tang's tribe elders and Xie Qiange's face changed slightly, a little embarrassed, and also a little shocked.

Hearing the meaning of Su Ping and the secret treasures from them, Su Ping does not seem to particularly value it, which only shows that Su Ping has something better.

Moreover, they didn't expect Su Ping to value such materials so much that they were willing to exchange so many top secrets.

Hearing Su Ping's words, Qin Duhuang and several other patriarchs were slightly stunned and soon understood.

They are all elites and immediately knew that Su Ping was a pragmatic person.

It didnt matter if I offended Su Ping before. Its okay to have a little holiday, but Su Ping now needs those materials urgently. If he can find them for him, he will definitely be able to get closer to each other.

This is a rare opportunity!

"Boss Su is assured that my herdsman will surely do my best to find what you need for Boss Su." The head of the Mu family, Mu Beihai, solemnly said.

It is definitely not easy for him to be the master of his family and say "you".

Seeing that he was so willing to let go, Qin Duhuang couldn't help but glance at him.

Both the Zhou family and the Ye family also changed their faces slightly and immediately followed their positions.

After the five major families expressed their opinions one by one, Su Ping looked at the Liu family and directly said: "Do you have anything to say about the Liu family?"

Everyone looked at the Liu family.

Several tribes including Tang family, as well as Jie Gange also looked forward. After the last defeat from the Suping shop, they mobilized their power and penetrated into Longjiang to inquire about Suping shop from other channels and gather information. .

I also knew the Liu family's grievances with the Suping shop.

To the Liu family, they all felt a little funny.

A local family in Longjiang will actually provoke the legend in its base city. This is simply steaming shrimp with a steamer. What a blind!

Feeling Su Ping and the many eyes around him, Liu Tianzong was cold and sweating on his forehead, feeling great pressure, his body could not help but tense up, under the tension, his throat tightened and his voice spoke It also became slightly nervous and trembling.

"Su, boss Su, the old husband, I didn't know Taishan before. My Liu family was willing to compensate half of the property and calm down your anger. This matter was also investigated by the old husband. This is the shop that our Liu family is responsible for the extraordinary pet shop Long, I brought it specially, let boss Su dispose of it."

Liu Tianzong said, carrying Liu Yuan next to him in front of Su Ping.

Liu Yuan's body was trembling and his face was ashamed.

Since Liu Jianxin missed the top ten in the league, the extraordinary pet shop has suffered a lot.

His identity also fell.

Then it plummeted. Until five days ago, all his duties were suddenly cancelled and taken to the family's custody.

Including his veins, they are also closely monitored by the family.

Such a battle, with a clear posture, made everyone in his line self-defeating.

It wasn't until after knowing things that Liu Yuan knew that the store he was competing for was actually legendary, which made him stupid on the spot.

Liu Yuanzong was pushed out at this moment, Liu Yuan's heart was desperate.

He knew that he must die.

However, he also knows that his death can be exchanged for the safety of his line, which is the promise of the patriarch to him.

"Boss Su, it's the villain's fault. You are going to kill him. The villain listens to your orders." Liu Yuan thumped and knelt in front of Su Plane, bringing his head to the floor, humbled.

Su Ping glanced at it, but didn't feel much, and had no intention of killing.

This is a substitute for death.

The competition may be provoked by this person, but behind it is the support of the entire Liu family.

Otherwise, where did the two titled top pets that competed with Infernal Candle Dragon Beast outside the extraordinary pet beast shop come from?

However, Su Ping did not have a deep plan to pay half of the property, and the Liu family was already half ruined.

As for the replacement of the dead ghost, Su Ping did not have the idea of shooting dead. Such talents are naturally left to the Liu family. They will do whatever they want, even if he is to succeed him as the patriarch, it has nothing to do with him.

"Okay, I don't want to see blood today. You all go back. Your Liu family's property can be calculated directly as money. I am not interested in managing those enterprises." Su Ping said.

Hearing Su Ping's words, Liu Tianzong slightly stunned and quickly said: "Thank you boss Su for your generosity!"

If it is just exchanged for money, the loss of their Liu family will be reduced a lot, after all, the enterprise is still there, as long as it survives the crisis of shortage of funds, it can rise again.

Others glanced at Liu Tianzong, and it was a pity that if the Liu family was destroyed, they could also eat the corpse of the Liu family to make up for the losses in this incident.

As everyone prepared to say goodbye to leaving, there was another chariot outside.

Soon, a middle-aged figure led three title-level strongmen and came to the door.

"It's the mayor."

"Mayor Xie."

"This guy"

When the heads of the five families saw the middle-aged figure entering the door, their faces changed slightly, and they were secretly annoyed.

If the mayor told them the horror of this store earlier, they would not offend the store, and in turn, they would stop earlier.

Seeing the crowd gathered in the store, Xie Jinshui was also a little surprised, but when he thought about the five big families and Su Ping, he was relieved. He glanced at the head of the five families and saw the anger in their eyes. His face did not change color. With a smile on his face.

Concealing the legend of Su Ping's shop, he offended these five families in one go.

But, compared to the legend, what are the five big families?

Besides, what can be done to offend these five big families? They can also merge the five families without collective resistance?

After all, its all capital, and the only thing that can unite them is interests, not hatred or friendship.

"Boss Su, Xie Jinshui, our mayor of the base city of Longjiang, is also a parent official. I have long heard that Boss Su is working as a mentor at Fengshan College. Counting, we are still a bit related."

As soon as Xie Jinshui entered the door, he enthusiastically said to Su Ping.


Su Ping saw this man in front of him, this is the leader of Longjiang?

"My daughter's cousin friend, studying at Fengshan College, may have heard the lessons taught by Su's tutor, but it is regrettable that the boss Su rarely goes to lectures." Xie Jinshui laughed.

Everyone else beside us looked weird.

Friends of daughter's cousin?

Does this relationship matter any further?

Su Ping is also a little speechless, but although this is a bit of a lie, he can see the heart of the other party coming together, saying, "Mayor, please sit down."

Xie Jinshui was a little surprised. He looked around the people who were standing in the house. He didn't expect that Su Ping would invite him to take a seat. It seemed to have a good sense for him.

"Thank you boss Su."

It was just a face-to-face, a few words, Xie Jinshui saw that Su Ping was not a person who liked false politeness, nor was he polite to entertain, and sat down directly.

"Mayor, I heard that this street is blocked."

Su Ping said: "You know, I do business, and if the street is blocked, I will have no business."

Xie Jinjin's face changed slightly, so he couldn't help but want to stand up.

But seeing Su Ping's face did not mean to blame, he still didn't get up and looked too abrupt.

"Boss Su said that I ignored it. I thought Boss Su was in business, just for fun." Xie Jinshui responded quickly and said with a sincere apology.

Su Ping is helpless, why does everyone feel that he is just playing for business?

Isn't he as handsome as a business man?

"Actually, I do business seriously."

The five major families were all there. Su Ping said seriously: "If anyone influences me to do business, he will fight against me. On the contrary, who will take my shop and who will be my friend of Su Ping."

The heads of the five families looked at each other.

Including the Tang family's several ethnic elders to reconcile the gods, they were a little dazed.

There are legends sitting in town, and his talent is still so evil, actually told them that he should do business seriously? !

If you dont practice yours, what business do you come to?

Experience life?

I haven't reached this point yet, and I don't want to realize what the road is from my life!

Everyone was a little speechless, but when Su Ping said so seriously and solemnly, he still remembered Su Ping secretly in his heart.

Perhaps, doing business is really just a quirk of this wicked guy?

Many people have some hobbies, for example, some people like to kill people, some people like to steal people, so why can't someone like to do business?

Thinking about this, everyone gradually relieved, and began to think about how to use Su Ping's quirky preferences to draw closer to him.

After Su Ping finished talking, he saw everyone's faces looking pensive, and they didn't know if they didn't understand.

However, that is all.

How much you can comprehend depends on them.

To really understand, hurry up and let his shop have more professional cultivation!

"Boss Su, this time, things are moving quite a bit. To protect your privacy, I blocked the message without permission. Just in the past few days, you have disappeared. I can't find you. If you want the news to come out, I will explain it. Open the blockade, if you want to continue to hide here, I will continue to blockade for you, what do you think?"

Xie Jinshui looked at Su Ping hopefully.

He prefers Su Ping to choose the second kind and continue to live here in seclusion.

This store has been in the base city for so long, and only recently has legends broke out. There are two legends in Asia, and the girl in this store is not one of those two.

It can be seen that the legend in this shop is a hermit.

It's exactly this meaning that he will take the initiative to protect Su Ping's message.

Even if the previous major families came to explore the tone, he did not reveal that he was afraid of offending the legend in the Suping shop.

After all, the most intolerable thing for a hermit is that others make their things known to the world.

Moreover, it is rare that a legend sits in the base city, and Xie Jinshui is reluctant to provoke Su Ping and allows Su Ping to move to another place.

Hearing the mayors words, Su Ping froze for a moment, thinking for a while, and said, "Lets just let it happen, dont block it deliberately."

There is legendary news in the shop, and when it is exposed, it is exposed, and Su Ping does not care.

If exposed, it will also help to increase the reputation of the store.

Xie Jinshui was stunned, and suddenly felt as if he had lost sight of him. The legend in Su Ping's shop seems not to be a hermit? He was puzzled in his heart, but he didn't dare to ask more. He nodded naturally: "That's okay. If there is any need for Mr. Su in the future, you can contact me at any time. This is my communication number. Do you want to remember it?"

"it is good."

Su Ping agreed immediately.

Living in Longjiang, it is inevitable that some things will trouble the other party in the future, and it is most convenient to be able to contact at any time.

Seeing Su Ping enter his own communicator, Xie Jinshui showed a smile in his eyes. Being able to connect with the people around the legend is equivalent to having a relationship with the legend. In addition, talents like Su Ping have a limit potential like the sword Still big, if Su Ping breaks into a legend in the future, the relationship he has built now will be more valuable in the future!

This is a friend investment!

"Does boss Su have anything else to explain to me?" Xie Jinshui said, his attitude was extremely polite, and he didn't have any racket.

Su Ping shook his head, "You can act by unblocking the street. In addition, if it is convenient, repair the road surface around the street so that others can come here and drive more conveniently. By the way, the money for road construction, I Will pass it on to you."

Xie Jinshui nodded repeatedly, heard the last sentence, and quickly waved his hand: "The money for road construction, how can the boss Su get the shot, this Longjiang is my control, the road is not good, this is my business, boss Su rest assured, I The surrounding roads will be repaired as soon as possible, and I plan to transform our Red Moon District into a large war pet center in the future, with boss Su's shop as the core, and the rest of the facilities spread out to the surrounding radiation."

"In this case, boss Su's business in the store will be better than now."

Su Ping nodded, he also had this idea, making the neighborhood a prosperous area.

"Where I need to pay, the mayor told me that I am not short of money." Su Ping nodded.

"Boss Su is polite." Xie Jinshui hurriedly said.

Qin Duhuang and Mu Beihai and others saw the conversation between the two, and they were all a little bit disgusted.

The oldest thanks to this incident is the old one.

All five of their families lost their money. Only the old Xie knew what was going on in the Suping shop from the beginning. Now they are well prepared and have a successful relationship with Su Ping.

There are shops in Su Ping here. In the future, this Red Moon District will become luxuriant sooner or later, and even become the economic center of Longjiang!

However, if the legendary news of Longjiang emerges, Longjiang will also attract a lot of immigrants to relocate.

After all, the monster city is outside the base city, and the base city is not so safe, but if it is a base city with legendary towns, then it is another matter, it will attract a large number of people, and the whole Longjiang will go further and crowded in the future In the first-class A-level base city, this is also the main reason for Xie Jinshuiba to Suping, not willing to leave this big tree.

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