Astral Pet Store Chapter 432

Chapter 432: Ninth Order Cultivation

After talking with the mayor, Su Ping was in a good mood.

If in the future, Xiao Naughty's neighborhood really becomes the economic center of Longjiang, then the surrounding industries are blooming everywhere, which is definitely a good thing for his shop.

The more luxuriant the surroundings, the better his shop's business will be, and it will be normal for every day to be full.

And in this way, he can also turn his mind to his cultivation.

Through the suppression of the Tang family, the retreat of the stars, and the trembling appearance of the five major families, Su Ping felt the importance of power more and more.

If there is power, everything will be uninvited.

No power request, just begging, fart is not.

After sending off the mayor, Su Ping sent off the five family leaders one by one.

Before Mu Shuang Wanlin went out, she saw that Su Ping didn't look at her more. Her heart was relieved, and she was inexplicably lost. It seems that the other party had forgotten her little role.

On the other side, Qin Shaotian, who left the shop and returned to the car, almost gritted his teeth with a very low voice and said: "Grandpa, I'm going to Zhenwu Academy, I want to become stronger!"

This scene today is too exciting for him.

Including his most awe-inspiring grandfather, he had to tremble before the Su plane.

It all comes from the power in the other party's hands!

He wished he could possess such power immediately, and he could immediately practice to the limit of the title, and then attack the distant legendary realm!

Once it becomes a legend, it is completely different!

Hearing the words of Sun Tzu, Qin Duhuang was slightly silent, and then nodded slightly.

He brought Qin Shaotian here today, just to expect what would happen here, just to stimulate him.

Other families dare not bring their young masters over, worrying that Su Ping will be in trouble, and will wipe out their family's old and young, but he knows that Su Ping will not do so.

On the contrary, let Qin Shaotian come over, just to stimulate him.

Young people just need stimulation.

Only by constant stimulation can we continue to be motivated to challenge the limits and desperately!

And Qin Shaotian's reaction proved that Qin Duhuang was right. He knew that the place of Zhenwu Academy was far more competitive than the famous schools in the base city of Longjiang!

That is the place with the most genius in the entire Asian region!

Major families, forces of all parties, including the starry sky organization, and children of some old monsters with extreme titles, will send their juniors there to practice.

There, not only can you learn extraordinary combat skills, but you can also get in touch with different networks.

However, the competition there is also very cruel, it is difficult to persevere there without a firm heart.


In the store.

After the five major families left, Jie Gange and several Tang family elders also bid farewell to Su Ping.

After Xie Qiange left the shop, he flew away directly.

Several Tang clan elders said goodbye to Su Ping and left.

Looking at their figure disappearing outside the shop door, Su Ping glanced at Tang Ruyan, who was standing beside him, and stretched out his hand to shake it in front of her, saying, "Don't watch it, you're all gone."

Tang Ruyan came back, startled, and barely smiled: "I know."

Su Ping saw the ugly smile she squeezed out of her, and thought of the attitude of the several tribes of the Tang family before she left, she could not help but shook her head.

"Do you still want to go back to the Tang family? If you want, you can go." Su Ping said.

He can feel that the other party's heart still cares about the Tang family.

Perhaps that is my own home, the only root in the world. Without caring about it, you cant find something in your heart.

Tang Ruyan stunned.

She looked at Su Ping, and she didn't seem to expect that Su Ping would say this.

Let her go?

Before switching, this was what she had always dreamed of.

But now, she suddenly couldn't speak.

Back to the Tang family...

But she was just a mask.

And it was a broken mask, which lost the meaning of cover.

What's the use of going back?

A few clan elders never asked her if they wanted to go home, so they just left.

There, is anyone really expecting her to go back?

If there is a home, if no one in that family looks forward to seeing you, does it make sense to go back?

Tang Ruyan didn't know, she had no answer in her heart, or she had an answer faintly, but she was afraid and didn't dare to think deeply.

She bit her lips slightly, then shook her head slightly.


The indescribable low in her voice was like a suddenly deflated balloon.

Su Ping looked at her for a moment, patted her on the shoulder, and said, "Since there is your home, and since your surname is Tang, then you should go back, but... you should let them come to you at all costs, Come and pick you up, and go right back!"

Tang Ruyan shivered, looked up at Su Ping staring blankly, and tears suddenly burst out.

"You are no longer a mask, but a person with a surname."

"You don't need to cover who you are, and you don't have to be a substitute for you. You are you, you are what you call it!"

Su Ping stared at her and said in a word.

Tang Ruyan felt a heart suddenly tear.

The tears she endured could no longer be stretched, and suddenly the **** broke down.

She fell on Su Ping's shoulder at once, and howled to cry.

Su Ping's rare silence did not push her away, letting the hot tears moisten his clothes.

He raised his head, listening to the crying cry in his ears, looking at the clear sky outside the store, and fell into a long spell.

After a long time.

Tang Ruyan was gradually crying, and she also recovered, releasing from Su Ping's shoulders, her cheeks flushed red, reaching for the crying swollen eyes and saying, "Thank you."

Su Ping's thoughts floated back and looked at her.

"Thank you for your comfort." Tang Ruyan looked at him and looked at him, not evading at all, but very sincerely.

Su Ping saw her sincere appearance for the first time.

This moment does not seem to be disguised, nor is it unruly, but rather sincere and clear.

Su Ping was slightly silent, and then said: "I am not comforting you, but serious."

Tang Ruyan showed a smile and said, "I know, I will work hard."

Su Ping glanced at her, and said nothing more, everything was in the intersection of eyes, no words.


With the departure of the five big families, the Tang family, and the starry sky organization, calmness returned to Taohuaxi Street.

Soon, the blockade outside the street was also lifted.

The news of being blocked on the Internet has also been reported one after another. For example, when the Tang family came, some nearby residents and the pictures taken also appeared on various video sites.

Without the blockade from the city government, many blocked news appeared again.

And these video pictures and news once again made the small naughty shop famous.

As for the authenticity of the video, controversies on the Internet, and polarized comments, some people believe firmly, and others dont believe it. After all, what happened in the picture is too shocking. Many people think that the video is fake and cannot happen in reality.

In any case, the naughty shop, once again, appeared in the sight of everyone overnight, extremely hot.

On the other side, the extraordinary Beast Shop announced that it was closed.

All branches in Longjiang are closed!

And when it closed, an announcement appeared on the store's official website, saying it was more like an apology letter, and the object of the apology was a small naughty store.

This news caused an uproar again.

Thinking of the previous bets, no one expected that the extraordinary pet shop was so big that it lost the entire store.

That evening, Taohuaxi Street became lively again.

The streets are overcrowded.

Countless reporters are surrounded by the street, and there are many people who come here, who want to see this mysterious shop.

Su Ping contacted the former customers and asked them to come to collect the beasts to make room for new customers.

With more and more customers, Su Ping also wrote the shop's price list directly on a bulletin board, which was posted on the wall of the shop door.

Su Ping is also preparing to build a photo wall in the store, take some old customers and pets, and hang it on the photo wall as a memorial.

And after his idea appeared, he got the system's consent immediately.

Before Su Ping found someone for construction, a photo wall stood up at the entrance of the shop and appeared directly.

Of course, when this scene happened, there were no customers around, only Tang Ruyan and Joanna were in the store.

Although Tang Ruyan was surprised at this bizarre scene, he knew that some pets of the rock system could be able to do it, but he didn't think much about it.

"Boss, is the online video real?"

"I heard that there are legendary strongmen in your shop, is it true?"

Many customers who came to this place could not help but inquire about the news with Su Ping.

Some of these regular customers are also very curious and excited.

Su Ping chuckled and didn't answer.

At this time, some customers were shocked to see Su Ping's price list posted on the announcement.

Although it has long been rumored online that the cultivation cost in the Suping store is extremely high, I did not expect it to be so outrageously high.

Cultivate advanced beasts, professionally cultivate one hundred million at a time? !

What is the concept of one million, even if you buy an adult ninth-order war pet, it is enough!

And here, it is just the cost of nurturing!

Even the old customers in the Suping store are frightened by the cost of this advanced professional training, which is too exaggerated. Many people here have a net worth of 10 million, even if it is good, there are very few. It would be extravagant not to be willing to go bankrupt to cultivate a pet of war.

Soon, someone thought of the collapse of the extraordinary pet shop, and suddenly the perception of Xiao Naughty became extremely poor.

When the extraordinary pet shop was closed, the one-size-fits-all started to raise prices, which was too dark!

Many new customers are leaving indignantly, but although they are angry, they dare not show up in the Suping store too obviously, and are ready to return to the Internet to punch again.

And some old customers, although shocked, have slowly accepted the price. They have experienced the cultivation service in the Suping store. Compared with the money spent, the cultivation effect is absolutely unmatched by other pet shops. Value for money!

Many old customers are a little curious, not knowing what effect this nurturing worth of 100 million RMB has.

It's a pity that they don't have so much money in hand, otherwise the old customers really want to try it.

Under the influence of this expensive price, many of the customers who came here admiredly retreated, but some old customers still insisted on continuing their original cultivation services.

Su Ping did not explain anything, and continued to entertain.

Before long, a familiar face suddenly appeared in front of him.

At first glance, Su Ping was actually Qin Shuhai.

Qin Shuhai looked at Su Ping with a smile and said, "Boss Su, I'm here to patronize your business."

Originally he was called "Brother Su", but now Su Ping's status is extraordinary, and he dare not call it that way anymore. At this moment, the name "Boss Su" is also somewhat tentative.

Su Ping shook his head and said, "You are finally here. I've waited for you for such a big money for a long time."

Qin Shuhai froze for a moment, thinking of Su Ping's words of doing business seriously during the day, he couldn't help laughing, and said: "In a little while, the king's league will start, don't you go?"

Su Ping suddenly thought of what he said before, if he participated in the championship to win the championship, he would get a talent stone, and his heart suddenly got a little interest, said: "It will start, then call me again, I might go."

"it is good."

Qin Shuhai agreed.

If Su Ping goes to the competition, it will definitely be interesting.

"I heard that the technique of cultivating pet beasts in your shop is very powerful. I will also try it. Are you cultivating advanced pets?" Qin Shuhai asked.

Su Ping nodded, "Of course, you are right. It was not cultivated before. Only today is the cultivation of advanced war pets."

Qin Shuhai heard the words and hesitated, did not cultivate before, is he not sure?

Then opened today, could it be that the Liu Family's extraordinary pet shop was closed, the market was good, and it was deliberately opened to gather money?

He looks weird and changes to other people. He may not think so, but Su Ping, who likes business as a hobby, has to suspect that the other party is a wealth fan.

Think about it, but since you are here, if you go back like this, you will offend a little bit.

"Then I will experience the service of Boss Su." Qin Shuhai said with a smile, but he was bitterly smiling in his heart. He did not dare to give his main battle pet to Su Ping, but called out a relatively small body, only The fourth-five-meter-tall ninth-order inferior pet.

This is his deputy favorite, the dragon of the rock system, and the burrowing turtle.

The greatest feature of the underground turtle is its high defensive power and thick skin, which is the "shield" of Qin Shuhai's battle.

"In another week, the Kings League is about to open. Could it be rushed to cultivate before the League?" Qin Shuhai asked carefully. When he joined the Kings League, he would definitely use this place to hide the dragon turtle. At the end, he was embarrassed.

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