Astral Pet Store Chapter 436

Chapter 436: Set Off

Joanna, as a clerk, can also visit Su Ping's shop.

Such as receiving customers and collecting money for him.

As for the cultivation of pets.

Joanna has no right to enter the nurturing world without permission, unless Su Ping takes her into it.

However, Joanna can cultivate and put up the shadow avatar for Su Ping.

Su Ping only needs to select the plane selection of the shadow avatar cultivation before leaving the store, and then let Joanna take the bred good pets for him, and remove and replace it from the storage space of the shadow avatar cultivation function.

In this case, even if Su Ping is absent, Joanna can still do business for him.

Although it can only complete the general cultivation of customers, it is also some income.

After explaining some of Joanna's matters, Su Ping glanced at Tang Ruyan again. This time, she didn't include her in the scroll. By relying on Joanna alone, it would inevitably be a little busy.

"You help her well." Su Ping told Tang Ruyan.

Tang Ruyan didn't need to enter the scroll. He was very happy and nodded.

After seeing Joanna's combat power, she never dared to fight each other's eyes.

After glancing at them, Su Ping was still more at ease. Joanna was also in charge of the existence of the party in the semi-goddess, and the management ability was leveraged. There was basically no big problem for him to visit the store for him.


Instructed to take care of the things in the store, Su Ping took advantage of the opportunity of lunch to go home and told the mother and Su Lingyue about the matter.

He is going out.

It may take several days of effort, and you can return at most five days.

The reason for five days is because the task time is seven days, and he has almost spent two days.

After listening to Su Ping, Su Lingyue was just a little curious, but she didn't ask much. She knew that Su Ping was different from the past, and it was inevitable that there would be something she could not be involved in.

And if she wanted to know, she could only work harder so that she could follow him closely.

As the mother of the family, my mother asked Su Ping long and short, but Su Ping was fooled by her.

Su Ping did not feel bored, after all, only one person would care so much.


After having a good lunch, Su Ping is going to leave today.

Just leave.

Take the underground railroad in the afternoon and head to the base city where the headquarters of the Naya Lu Breeders Association is located.

As for why you dont ride the beast yourself, the speed will be faster, the reason is very simple, Su Ping does not know the way.

So far, Su Ping has only stayed in the base city of Longjiang, and has not yet set foot in other base cities. In this era, such things are very common.

Only some extremely lively and active people will run in each base city.

Although there are underground rails, ordinary people can travel to other base cities, but most of them still prefer to stay in the base city where they live. After all, underground rails are not 100% safe, and something will happen every few years. , Causing some casualties.

Some mobile underground monsters are invincible.

Knowing that Su Ping was about to leave today, Li Qingru immediately ran to prepare Su Ping to go out to change clothes, filled with a bag full of snacks to eat and drink.

Su Ping saw that she had already packed up, and it was difficult to refuse, so she had to carry this bag.


Su Ping said goodbye to her mother and Su Lingyue.

This was the first time Su Ping had traveled far away, and both of them were a little uneasy. They were going to send Su Ping to the station, but Su Ping refused.

It's just a way out. Although Su Ping hasn't been to other base cities, he has no fear in his heart, and he has the strength to break free.

However, in the eyes of the mother, no matter whether it is a title or something, they are all children.

Su Ping can only let Su Lingyue drag her mother, and he himself just left in a taxi.


The cross-city rail entrance is in the most lush area of Hongyue District, and there is only one entrance for the entire slum area.

After taking a taxi for two hours, Su Ping came to the entrance of the Hongyue Station Line. Although it is still a slum area, the surrounding construction is quite lush and a bit like the feeling of being in the city.

All are high-rise buildings, and the streets on the ground are also very clean and tidy.

Su Ping saw a lot of tourists around, all carrying big bags and small bags, most of them were ordinary people without Starpower, and some of them also had a team of Starpower fluctuations, it seems that they want to go to other base cities to find a way out The admirer of adventures.

Su Ping wore a mask to disguise. Now he is also quite famous in Longjiang. Once his identity is disclosed, it will inevitably cause traffic jams.

Follow the crowd into the underground ticketing area.

On both sides of the underground aisle, many posters were posted, and Su Ping saw Su Lingyue's figure, as well as her darling Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon.

The residual heat of the league has not retreated here.

When he arrived at the ticket sales area, Su Ping saw that there were several types of fares.

There are ordinary hard seat cars, hard and soft sleeping cars, single-room cars, and private suites in four levels.

For ordinary hard seat cars and hard and soft sleeping cars, the fares are several hundred and several thousand respectively, which are the range that ordinary people and ordinary elites can afford. The single-room car is a bit ridiculous, even more than one hundred thousand!

According to the long-distance base city to go to, prices have also dropped.

As for the top private suites, it actually costs millions!

Su Ping thinks that it is just a way to go. Generally, few people are willing to spend so much money.

Even he felt a little bit distressed and spent millions to ride in the car, but it was a loss.

However, in addition to enjoying the difference, these cars have another advantage, that is, the materials of the cars are different, such as the private suite, the whole car is made of special alloy materials, and the defense is extremely high, even if it is bombed by missiles. The effect can withstand the attack of monsters around the eighth level underground.

Although the carriage will be dragged out of joint, the carriage will not be torn directly. It is really an accident, and the people inside can also have some chances of survival.

Su Ping feels that this kind of private carriage is prepared for ordinary people.

After all, some titles that are willing to spend a million cars, even if they encounter a ninth-order monster, may not be in trouble, and they do not need this car to protect them.

In order to avoid trouble, Su Ping chose a single-room car.

This is a compartment, there are several private rooms, in the private room, it is a separate room, so that he can also practice along the way.

Anyway, he is not short of money. Of course, it is not necessary for him to spend millions of bags on the whole car, which is too wasteful.

"Please sir to get your ticket."

The lady behind the desk saw a sweet smile when she saw the ticket purchased by Su Ping.

Su Ping took the ticket. The ticket was dark blue, with some texture. Su Ping saw the ticket in the hands of others and could easily bend it, as thin as a piece of paper.

Leaving the ticket counter, Su Ping followed the display on the ticket and looked for the waiting room.

In the single-room waiting room, the number of people is significantly less than other waiting rooms, and the environment is also better. They are all sitting on sofas.

When Su Ping saw the people here, he was either a savage darling or a well-dressed ordinary person.

He casually found a place to sit down and closed his eyes to recuperate.

Before long, a jet of sound suddenly came from far and near, followed by an oppressive whistling wind, Su Ping opened his eyes, and through the transparent bulletproof glass in front, he could see the darkness before the glass block In the tunnel, there are two bright lights in the distance.

The ground rail is coming.

Su Ping looked at the track curiously.

It feels like a subway, but there are some differences from the subway. The front of the car is a fierce beast face, extremely realistic, as if directly connecting a demon head to it.

The width of this underground train is as wide as four or five high-speed rails.

There are special vibrators at the wheels below. If you dont need to distinguish with the naked eye, for the monster, you will only feel that this is a huge monster walking on the ground and will instinctively dodge.

The ground train quickly entered the station and stopped.

Su Ping saw a lot of people in the carriage, and some in the carriage, but only a few figures.

He found that his eyes could penetrate some cars that were blocked by metal and saw the heat figure inside, just like thermal imaging.

However, there are some cars that Su Ping can't see through, and the materials of the cars seem to be special.

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